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Larry Dance was named Canadian and International LP Manager for The North West Company. A loss prevention executive with 23 years of experience in the retail sector, Larry previously spent 12 years with Sobeys, holding the positions of Security Services Manager; Director, Security and Loss Prevention Services; and Director, Security and Loss Prevention Services, Retail Claims Auditing and Investigations. Larry held two Regional LP Manager positions, one for Oshawa Foods and one for Bolands. Larry began his LP career at Oshawa Foods, where he was also a Loss Prevention Supervisor. Congrats Larry!

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Walmart bomb threats spread across the Midwest. This weekend 11 different Walmarts in Missouri and Kansas received bomb threats. The Walmarts were quickly evacuated but searches within the stores found no devices. Eight of the threats were received on Friday in Missouri. On Sunday, two Walmarts in Kansas received similar phone calls. (Source

Visible Leadership is becoming more and more important as younger workers and social media users value seeing or hearing from their boss more than older workers. Online technology such as podcasts and webinars, as well as social media channels offer a variety of ways for leaders to stay in touch with staff that can be light touch but effective. A third (31%) of 18-24 year olds said that when they see or hear from their boss it makes them work harder, just 5% of 55-64 years olds felt the same. Thirty-five percent of those who use social media think that when their company’s boss is more visible to staff, the company performs better. With such a clear link to performance, visibility is a key element to successful leadership. (Source

click to watch videoFlash Mob hits Chicago clothing store Midblend Supply Co., and steals $3,000 in jeans Saturday afternoon. A clothing store in a trendy Chicago neighborhood is one of the latest victims of a so-called flash mob robbery — when a large group storms into a shop to collectively rip off a retailer. About 20 people entered the Mildblend Supply Co. in Wicker Park on Saturday afternoon, together grabbing more than $3,000 worth of high-priced denim jeans, according to police. The owner Luke Cho said the theft could have been "a lot worse," but employees locked the store's doors as people began streaming in. Eventually participants in the robbery forced the doors open and fled the scene. The frantic scene was caught on store surveillance, which was posted on YouTube. (Source

Supervalu fires their CEO and their Chairman takes over as CEO Sales in a memo to Supervalu employees Monday morning said he would draw on his experience turning around Canadian Tire, the general merchandise retailer where he was CEO from 2000 to 2006. He said he would take immediate steps to improve sales and cut costs at Supervalu, while improving relationships with independent customers and licensees of its Save-A-Lot discount division. (Source

Walmart adds compliance, audit expertise to board Retired KPMG International chairman Timothy Flynn was named to the Walmart board of directors on Monday amid ongoing investigations into whether the company violated the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act. Commenting on the appointment, Walmart chairman Rob Walton, didn’t mention allegations of bribery in Mexico and the company’s ongoing investigation, but Flynn’s appointment hardly seems like a coincidence given his extensive international experience and compliance background. (Source

National Retail Systems, Inc. (NRS), a leading global logistics services provider, has executed a $1.7M over 5 yrs contract with I.D. Systems' Asset Intelligence subsidiary to deploy its VeriWise(TM) Track and Trace asset management system on a fleet of trailers
. VeriWise Track and Trace provides real-time GPS data via cellular communications and web-based software to improve the security and efficiency of freight transportation fleets. (Source

Follow-up to last weeks article on Egypt's Olympian team wearing fake Nike merchandise - this weekend Nike donates the real sports gear to the Egyptian athletes
. The counterfeit uniforms were sighted by Nike representatives who had been alerted to Twitter messages about poorly made sportswear bearing Nike logos. Nike said it could have pursued legal action against the Olympic Committee but chose instead to provide the athletes with the authentic Nike product. (Source

Security 2012: Prepare for rogue employees before they strike Information stolen electronically by rogue ex-employees can be detected and used in prosecutions if companies take adequate steps to lock down computers and mobile devices involved. "Think about where your confidential data is, how someone is going to steal it and if they did it, how would you detect and investigate it?" Start putting controls in place such as logging and monitoring. Executives should consider installing improved access control systems or data loss prevention offerings to detect when someone's attempting to access information. Have a data breach plan and when a key executive leaves isolate the computers and mobile phones. During an investigation, forensic investigators build a chronology of what happened in the computer including email data and time stamps within Word documents. (Source

With more than a billion people worldwide seeking Olympic info online - cybercrime experts are warning that cybercriminals will be exploiting the games With such a large audience seeking information on the Olympic Games, cybercriminals will seize this opportunity to attack PCs, mobile devices and even tablets. Cybercrime today is so advanced that in many cases users are completely unaware they are being attacked. Be careful! (Source

Cargo Theft number decline 29% from first quarter. FreightWatch International reported that 210 thefts occurred during the second quarter of this year, with an average dollar per theft at $147,440. The theft of metals was down, but the theft of food/ drink product was the most stolen product category in the second quarter, followed by home and garden. (Source

Olympic tourists warned over fake police officer scams. The police have arrested three men for impersonating policemen and attempting to con tourists visiting London for the Olympics. The men, aged between 27 and 35, were charged with impersonating a police officer and conspiracy to steal after being arrested in Russell Square in Central London. They are suspected of tricking tourists into believing they were plain-clothed policemen and attempting to extort money from them. Olympic visitors are believed to have been asked for their cash and even taken to ATM’s to withdraw money to give to these fake undercover police. (Source

Jewelry store replaces window display with fake diamonds, burglars smash and grab. Robbins Bother in Fullerton, California was taking no chances displaying their high end look of diamonds in window displays overnight. The burglars just didn’t know that the real diamonds are switched out at night for fakes. Three store front window displays were smashed, but netted the crooks a very small financial gain. (Source

click to watch videoMelbourne gang using machetes and meat cleavers continue to rob grocery stores. Another Melbourne supermarket has been subjected to a terrifying robbery with three masked men waving machetes and demanding money from the cashiers. Police say the trio entered the Safeway store at the Blackburn North Shopping Centre in Melbourne's east at around 6.45pm (AEST) on Sunday. Two of the men went to the express registers and demanded money from the cashiers, while the other man went to the liquor department yelling for money. After obtaining cash, the men ran from the shopping centre and took off in a light-colored Subaru hatch driven by a woman. Police believe the crime is linked to other recent robberies. (Source

Australian jewelry vendors the target of South American gangs. Seven robberies of jewelry vendors carrying large sums of display merchandise and products have netted a South American gang millions over the last few months. The South American gang members are believed to fly into Australia on student visas, conduct detailed surveillance of the vendors, then hit when the vendor is in a parking garage, restaurant or hotel. One vendor/ salesman’s hotel room was robbed of nearly $1 million in merchandise while he was out to dinner, two sales people from Hong Kong have been hit twice by the gang in the last few months for $640,000 and $740,000. (Source

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Concrete ceiling injures woman at King of Prussia Mall. The concrete ceiling of an overhead pedestrian bridge at the King of Prussia Mall partially collapsed Sunday afternoon, causing minor injuries to a woman who was having lunch outside the Piazza di Giorgio cafe, according to Upper Merion Township police. Police said a 12-foot-by-15-foot piece of concrete came loose shortly after 3 p.m. and fell to the ground. It landed next to the woman, and debris struck her on the head, police said. The other end of the concrete slab was still attached to the structure, just above the entrance to the Court at King of Prussia. (Source

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Wal-Mart shoplifters leave their child behind after a botched shoplifting attempt. Here's the video - The pair was about to get busted for shoplifting just over $50 worth of merchandise: stopped at the door by Walmart security the two bolted leaving the baby and merchandise behind. The pair managed to escape, only to be arrested the next day at a dance club, because police asked that the owner of a vehicle be paged to the parking lot. When the sisters came out of the club to check on the car, they were arrested. The child was placed in the custody of the Department of Children and Families on Friday. (Source (Source

11th Annual VRLPC Virginia Retail Loss Prevention Conference - September 6, 2012


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Gregg Smith, Director Loss Prevention -
The Children's Place - The First Year

"Taking Over a Loss Prevention Department" by Mike Keenan, VP of LP for GAP North America. A Chapter From Retail Crime, Security, and Loss Prevention An Encyclopedic Reference


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National Food Service Advisory Council Conference. August 5 -8.

Disaster Recovery & Preparedness Committee (DRAP) Meeting. Chicago, IL - Sears Headquarters. August 17, 2012. Click here for more information.

11th Annual Virginia Retail Loss Prevention Conference - Virginia Beach, VA - Holiday Inn Hotel. September 6, 2012. Click here for more details.

Canada's Biggest Retail Loss Prevention Event. Mississauga, ON - International Centre. September 11-12. Click here for more information.

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CLEAR's 3rd Annual Training Conference, Dallas, TX. Sept. 18-20, 2012. Learn more here.

8th Annual Impact Workshop. Join other retail executives interesed in LP research on ORC prevention, packaging innovation, video analytics, benefit denial, plus much more. LPRC: October 15-17, 2012. University of Florida Campus. Gainesville, FL

Washington State Organized Retail Crime Alliance Annual Training Conference. Burien, WA. October 18, 2012. To register visit

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"Transitioning to Your New Job as an LP Director" b Mike Keenan, VP of LP, Gap North America

Over the next few weeks the Daily will be publishing Mike Keenan's chapter   “Transitioning to Your New Job as an LP Director” from the book Retail Crime, Security, and Loss Prevention, 1st Edition, An Encyclopedic Reference.

Book authors Chuck Sennewald & John Christman
Published and released February 20, 2008.
Imprinted by Butterworth-Heinemann
ISBN: 9780123705297

 "Transitioning to Your New Job as an LP Director"

by Mike Keenan, CPP, CFI
Vice President of Loss Prevention
GAP North America

If you have a staff that catches shoplifters, most states have statutes that allow merchants to civilly recover damages from adults or the parents/legal guardians of juveniles who shoplift from that merchant. It is usually called Civil Recovery or Civil Demand. The collection of restitution and Civil Recovery/Demand should be pursued in all applicable internal and external cases. The amount that can be collected varies by state and statute. You should make sure you have your legal counsel approve the requested amount of damages in each state.

In situations where employees steal from the company, a Promissory Note or restitution procedure should be in place. If an employee admits to causing a specific amount of loss to the company and they are willing to pay it back, they should be asked to sign a Promissory Note. This form creates a legal agreement with the employee that enables you to pursue them civilly if they do not pay you back in accordance with the terms and conditions of the Promissory Note. Again, you should make sure your legal counsel has reviewed and approved this form.

Many companies use external vendors to handle the collection efforts for them. Some companies have their own internal collection departments. Again, in most companies, one of these processes should already be in place. Either way, review the process to make sure that you are maximizing the collection of Civil Remedy/Demand and restitution dollars. The collected funds can be used to purchase LP equipment and services that will deter future losses. By utilizing the collected dollars in LP deterrent programs, it is easier to justify outside legal challenges that you are using Civil Demand/Remedy as a profit center for your company.

Continued tomorrow -- click here to read what's been published so far

Mike Keenan is currently the Vice President of Loss Prevention for GAP North America. His prior experience includes sixteen years with Macy’s West where he started as an LP Manager and worked his way to Vice President of Loss Prevention. He then held similar LP positions with Ross Stores, Longs Drugs and Mervyns. He started his career with the Federal Bureau of Investigation. Mike has a Bachelor’s Degree in Criminal Justice from California State University, Sacramento. He has served on the NRF LP Advisory Council and was the Chairperson in 2001 and 2002. He is a licensed Private Investigator in the State of California. In addition, he taught Retail and Corporate Loss Prevention classes at Golden Gate University in San Francisco, California.

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2012 International Organization of Black Security Executives (IOBSE) Spring Conference

Part 1: "Never Eat Alone"

Keith White & Suni Shamapande

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"Never Eat Alone" - IOBSE Conference Session - In this three part series filmed at the International Organization of Black Security Executives Spring Conference Suni Shamapande, Divisional Vice President of Loss Prevention for Sears Holdings Corp. & Keith White, Sr. Vice President of Loss Prevention, The Gap Stores address the attendees on the importance of networking - featuring the book "Never Eat Alone" by Keith Ferrazzi. Filmed April 2012. Stay tuned tomorrow for part two.

Season One Episode Release Dates

August 6

Exclusive Interviews with:
Suni Shamapande & two IOBSE student members; George Logan & Oliver Wainwright, two of the IOBSE's founding fathers; and Gene Smith, President of the Loss Prevention Foundation.


August 13

Se-Kure Controls
Meet Roger Leyden President and John Mangiameli VP National Sales for Se-Kure Controls as they discuss their company history, organizational structure and products offered. They also touch upon their company outlook and focus for 2012, including their customer service model and how they support the LP industry.


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Sacramento, CA County Sheriff's high-tech crimes unit bust credit/debit card skimming operation with skimmers found in gas station pumps undetectable on the front of the pumps. Three individuals were arrested Thursday on suspicion of identity theft and burglary after a month-long investigation in which detectives with the Sacramento County sheriff's hi-tech crimes unit uncovered credit/debit card skimming devices, thousands of credit card numbers, hundreds of bogus California identification cards and numerous counterfeit credit cards. Ramos said detectives were notifying banks and their customers about the stolen credit card numbers and ask that gas station operators check all their equipment. If a suspicious device is found on a gas pump, Ramos said to not remove it and instead call local law enforcement. (Source

Oregon quintet busted stealing from a dozen stores by Boise Towne Square Mall and may be connected to other shoplifting sprees
. Joni L. Bewley, Juana Perez, and Phyllis J. Perez are being held in the Ada County Jail on felony counts of burglary and grand theft after Boise police say they caught them participating in a shoplifting spree at the Boise Towne Square Mall on Wednesday. Two teenagers with the group were arrested as well. Police officials say the group came to Boise with the intent to steal and are investigating if they may have done similar shoplifting sprees in the past. Boise police have made a steady stream of similar arrests over the last several years when out-of-state shoplifting rings come to Boise for a few days at a time to steal from local stores and then try to leave. Crum said high end clothes, especially kid’s clothes, are targeted by theft rings since they are easy to fence. In previous similar arrests, police have found "shopping lists" of items the customers of the theft rings have ordered, Crum said. (Source

"Major shoplifting ring" busted in Muncy Township, PA, stealing thousands of dollars worth of DVD's from Sam's Club, Target, and Best Buy to support their heroin addiction
. Three more people have been charged in connection with a major shoplifting ring in which those involved stole several thousand dollars worth of DVDs and then sold them to get money to support their heroin addiction, according to Muncy Township Police Chief Christopher A. McKibben. (Source

Earlier this month Florence, SC, police busted three suspects with 886 bottles of pain relievers and multi-vitamins in their possession after questioning them regarding a CVS drug store incident and it is suspected they may be a part of a shoplifting ring spanning several states
. (Source
In Memoriam: Walgreen ORC Team Member passes. Ed Hawk, Walgreens ORC Investigator, passed away on Friday in LaPorte City, IN. Ed had recently celebrated his first-year anniversary as a Walgreens ORC Investigator after a thirty-three year law enforcement career with LaPorte County, Indiana Sheriff’s Police. His experience and calm nature were great assets to the ORC Division and the company. Though his time with Walgreens was brief, he was instrumental in the successful conclusion of many investigations throughout the country. Our thoughts are with the Walgreens ORC team and Ed Hawk's family.

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I recently attended a conference where many of the LP Executives expressed the need for "partnership" and cross-functional training with different disciplines within their company, and actively recruit from them into LP. Specifically mentioned multiple times were recruiting from disciplines like HR, Operations, Finance and others. Glaringly missing was "marketing and merchandising".

From a "marketer" point of view, it begged the question "why"? I have spent my 20-year career in the marketing discipline, including a decade with a company that invested over 30% of their revenues in building and protecting their consumer brand.

When marketing consumer branded products, we used dozens of ROI models and dashboards that showed how our marketing mix investment increased traffic at stores, unit sales, revenue and profit. Not one of my metrics included "shrink", or "theft", even though we would invest enormous amount of our budget on anything that had the opportunity to provide a marginal lift on our bottom line. We would plan promotions with stated objectives to increase traffic at stores, to convert certain percentage of visitors into shoppers, and we would invest enormous amount of dollars on consumer research consultants who would spend their day just observing shoppers trying to determine their decision process when choosing between "brand A" and "brand B". We would position our "hot merchandise" on endcaps or close to the entrance/exits with the logical goal of attracting more shoppers and increasing sales through impulse buy. Open displays were a no-brainer. We would scheme all kinds of innovative merchandising ideas to increase sales that now I realize caused many of you LP professionals to grow gray hairs prematurely, because we never once considered shrink/theft as a challenge. We were never even aware of it.

As my responsibility now shifts back to market LP tools that protect high-risk, high-theft merchandise, usually branded merchandise similar to the one I used to promote in the past, I have gained new perspective of the challenge both LP professionals and Brand Champions face within a retail chain. There are many standard tools in LP that can help marketers and merchandisers, from video analytics, people counters, secured intelligent display solutions to name a few, that could probably be financed or subsidized with "marketing dollars". I can only imagine how much more effective our marketing programs would have been if we had had access to the wealth of research material available in today’s LP tools. I would even have helped pay for them since most likely it would have cost a fraction compared to our investment in the army of "researchers" at stores. I guarantee we would have made different merchandising decisions.

As the LP profession continues to evolve from catching bad guys into more of a business-savvy role, I encourage you to seek out and recruit talent from the marketing discipline. The experience will only serve to improve your company by providing a critical perspective in the tightrope balance between being shopper-friendly and protecting your assets. It may also save your sanity as the next merchandising scheme is unveiled...

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Dept Mgr Store LP & Safety Lowe's Anchorage, AK Lowe's
RDC LP Mgr Lowe's Adairsville, GA Lowe's
Asset Protection Mgr Sam's G2 Woodbridge, VA Walmart
Asset Protection Mgr David Aplin Group Winnipeg, MB, Canada Workopolis
Divisional Mgr AP Home Depot Toronto, ON, Canada Workopolis
Asset Protection Mgr Home Depot Syracuse, NY Home Depot
LP Supervisor Younkers Des Moines, IA The Bon-Ton Stores, Inc.
Retail LP Supervisor The Bon-Ton Stores, Inc. Hagerstown, MD The Bon-Ton Stores, Inc.
District LP Mgr Big Lots Inland Empire, CA Big Lots
Loss Prevention Mgr Balfour Beatty Construction Charlotte, NC Balfour Beatty Construction
Flagship Regional LP Mgr Abercrombie & Fitch Paris, TX Abercrombie & Fitch
District LP Mgr Sears Indiana/Ohio Sears Holdings Corp.
Loss Prevention Mgr Kmart Greenbelt, MD Sears Holdings Corp.
Regional LP Mgr 99 Cent Only Stores Phoenix, AZ 99 Cent Only Stores
Bilingual Regional LP Mgr Rent-A-Center Miami, FL Rent-A-Center

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Larry Dance was named Canadian and International LP Manager for The North West Company.
Roger Whitmore
was named Regional Loss Prevention Manager for Cotton On Group.

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Faster - Higher - Stronger. Where Do You Fall Short of Olympic Spirit? Citius - Altius - Fortius. Faster - Higher - Stronger. That's the Olympic motto, but it's a motto that we should have about our everyday lives. Likewise, the Olympic Creed is something we should live by too: "The most important thing in Olympic Games is not to win, but to take part, just as the most important thing in life is not the triumph, but the struggle. The essential thing is not to have conquered but to have fought well."  (Personal best)

Bilmey, An Olympic Turnaround! The Leadership Principles Behind Britain's Shot at Soccer Gold British soccer - or football, whatever you call it - hasn't won Olympic gold in a century. To turn the team around, head coach Stuart Pearce has stuck to four guiding leadership principles that any business would do well to emulate.   (Be like Great Britain!)
Last week's most popular articles --

Self-Sabotage: The 20 Ways You Believe Your Own Excuses Ever feel overwhelmed? Stuck? Hopeless? These emotions often surge when we've let go of our personal power. We've either given that power to other people, or we've lost that power because of our own flawed belief system. Step back into your power and take control.   (Just say NO)

Better Way to Coach Employees Coaching is the process of preparing your employees to succeed. Good coaches can create the mental resources, emotional resilience, business skills, and career development that employees need to achieve their goals. Unfortunately, while coaching is a well-established part of the sports world, it's a neglected art in the world of business.  (Five-step process)

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Getting advice from trusted friends, family members, co-workers and former bosses is always a great thing to do and, quite frankly, it can help you to see more clearly. But remember, at the end of the day it's your decision to make and it's your decision that you have to live with. Your friends, co-workers, and former bosses won't be living with the consequences, but your family will be. So you've got to be more sensitive to their advice. Advice is easy to give, hard to follow and almost impossible to live up to. And everyone has a lot of advice to give; it's the easiest thing to give. Just remember, at 5 a.m. after all the advice has been given, the mirror may be where the answer lies.

Just a thought,
Gus Downing

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