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Moving Up

Mark Goloja, Director of Loss Prevention & Safety for North American Retail with Schurman Retail Group has been given extra responsibility for the Clinton Cards Loss Prevention Team in the United Kingdom. In early June, American Greetings acquired Clinton Cards in the UK when they went into administration.

Mark began his career with American Greetings in 1994 as a Loss Prevention Officer. After spending two and a half years with the company, and being promoted to the title of Senior Loss Prevention Manager, Mark became a Loss Prevention Specialist with sister-company Carlton Cards, where he spent the next seven years. In 2003 he became the Director, Loss Prevention & Safety for American Greetings, spending just under six years in that role. In 2009 he was named Director, Loss Prevention & Safety for Schurman Retail Group, the company that acquired both American Greetings and Carlton Cards that same year.

Now, with American Greetings taking over 400 Clinton Cards stores in the UK, Mark's responsibility will expand to cover loss prevention over there as well. He will also now oversee the annual physical inventory process in both the US and the UK.

Along with all the changes Schurman Retail Group will be seeing in the next few months, it will see a new leadership position at the end of July. In order to help with running the UK Operations, Mark created a Senior Regional Loss Prevention Manager position, hiring Denny DeMarcy for the job.

Mark and Denny spent six years together at American Greetings and Schurman Retail Group, where Denny held the title of Regional Loss Prevention Manager for both companies. Before being hired by American Greetings in 2004, Denny had worked at Loehmann's as a Loss Prevention Manager. For the past two and a half years Denny has been at Dick's Sporting Goods as a District Loss Prevention Manager. Denny's new position will start on July 30.

We at the Daily wish both of you gentlemen good luck in your new roles!

Brodrick Williams
was named Director-Loss Prevention, Fraud & Safety for HSN. Brodrick previously spent six years at Lowe's as an Area Loss Prevention Manager and the Manager, Corporate Fraud. He held two LP jobs at the District level, one for Target and one for J.C. Penney, where he had also been a Sr. Loss Prevention Manager. Broderick received his B.S. in criminal justice from Texas Christian University. Congrats Brodrick!

Announcing the rise of the online-only brand. Did you ever think people would be buying razors online? How about underwear? Online-only brands represent a new movement in e-commerce, a second generation that is achieving better margins, stronger brands, and lower prices than it's in-store counterparts. "Traditional retail models are bloated with unnecessary costs. Online just makes more sense: we’re national from day one, we have a single store, we don’t have to cover costs of physical inventory in stores and we don’t have to pass on a 2x markup through retailers," explains Michael Preysman.  (Source

Walmart uses social media to capture back-to-school sales. Walmart did their best to capture every school supply list it could get its hands on to create an online compilation of thousands of lists representing schools in all 50 states. The ongoing project will continue to updated as more school supply lists are available. Walmart also plans to keep an eye on the competitor’s sale prices on items such as pencil pouches, lunch totes, notebooks; they will be offering nearly 100 items for 88 cents. (Source

OSHA Updates Hazard Communication Standard
. This update will provide a common and coherent approach to classifying chemicals and communicating hazard information on labels and safety data sheets. "Exposure to hazardous chemicals is one of the most serious threats facing American workers today," said U.S. Secretary of Labor Hilda Solis. "Revising OSHA‘s Hazard Communication standard will improve the quality and consistency of hazard information, making it safer for workers to do their jobs and easier for employers to stay competitive."  (Source

JC Penney hopes to eliminate employees at the cash register
. CEO and former Apple retail guru Ron Johnson says he wants to eliminate those employees and also get rid of traditional checkout by the end of 2013. In place of that, he plans to have mobile checkout and self checkout. The stores will be 100 percent RFID and wi-fi enabled.  (Source

eBay to sell exclusive designer Christmas collection. The eBay collection is the first offering of its kind and actually helped some of the seven designers get their start in the past. The merchandise (men and women's apparel, jewelry, travel and electronics accessories and home decor items) will be offered exclusively at eBay starting November 12 and will offer 40 gift ideas for under $100 and free US shipping. (Source

Housing market improvements in June lift retail sales. Deloitte analysts indicated that this is the fourth consecutive month of growth in four key categories. According to Deloitte, consumer spending for June was influenced by lower gas prices, offset by unseasonably hot weather; a small decline in jobless claims, although the labor market remains fragile; stabilizing home prices; and expected higher tax rates. (Source

Delaware judge is in no rush to hear Wal-Mart bribery lawsuit
. This week he chastised the attorneys for the California and New York pension systems because they were rushing the court with lawsuits. The lawsuits were over allegations of bribery involving Wal-Mart Stores operations in Mexico.  (Source

Don't go to the mall for "the experience?" Think again
. In today's technologically advanced society, people can buy almost anything online, so why go to a store? Because of this, Glimcher Realty Trust is experimenting with making shopping malls Internet-proof. At their mall, Scottsdale Quarter, more than half of the stores now offer dining or some other experience that can't be done on the web, things such as cake decorating, yoga, or going to a restaurant movie theater. "It’s not just about shopping — it’s multidimensional," said Rick Caruso, chief executive of Caruso Affiliated, "it’s a place you can just hang out and go for a stroll. You’re not doing that in a mall.”  (Source

Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke says if Congress doesn't act, a recession is likely
. Bernanke painted a bleak picture of the U.S. economy on Tuesday, saying that if Congress doesn't reach an agreement soon, tax increases and deep spending cuts will take effect at year's end. He also says that 1.25 million fewer jobs will be created in 2013.  (Source

Victim of a half million dollar cybercrime, takes matters into her own hands. Michelle Marisco handles escrow funds for a real estate company, when she went to check her account online, she discovered that $450,000 had been withdrawn from her account on 20 separate fraudulent transactions. Speaking to the bank, Marisco was told it was going to take a while from the bank to make her whole again, so she took to investigating the money mule transfers herself. (Source

Video: Counterfeit bills sweep through supermarkets across area in Georgia
"Funny money" in Richmond County has grocery stores doing everything but laughing. Three Kroger stores and a Publix supermarket were victim to a counterfeit money scam Saturday. The suspects went through each store within an hour and a half of each other, purchasing large amounts of groceries before paying with fake money. With the help of Secret Service, investigators plan to review surveillance footage in the hopes of catching the suspects.  (Source

Utah man buys a Motor home with a counterfeit check, arrested but makes a daring escape from Police. A couple in Utah accused of theft and passing a counterfeit check to purchase a $30,000 Motor Home, gave police a little trouble during detainment. The female suspect escapes from a holding cell, still unclear how she opened the cell door. The male suspect kicked out the side window of a police cruiser, got out of the handcuffs and stole a Hummer which was parked across from the police department with the keys in the ignition. The female is now back in custody, the male suspect is still at large. (Source

click to watch video

300 teens Flash-Rob a Walmart in Jacksonville; $1500 in damages. Approximately 300 teens entered the Walmart just to create havoc, as the situation continued to develop, produce and other items were thrown around the store. Walmart has estimated the loss of $1500 in merchandise, but believe that total could grow due to possible unknown shoplifting losses still yet to be discovered. (Source

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Philadelphia Jewelry robber arrested after getting locked in the store. First it certainly appeared the robber had the upper hand after punching and tazering his victims. Then, the owner and his brother ran from the store and locked the front door behind them. The robber actually had to buzz the police in. (Source

Rhode Island AT&T store manager charged with theft and fake robbery story. Dejesus told police that he was robbed at gun point then struck in the head, when he woke; $22,000 of merchandise had been stolen. Following the police investigation, now DeJesus is going to jail, charged with embezzlement and filing a false police report. (Source

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Burger King workers fired after gross picture goes viral
. The Ohio employees were fired after one of them posted a picture of himself standing on two bins of lettuce at the fast food restaurant. The employee posted the picture on social media website 4chan, where it then went viral.  (Source

Ice... keeping cool is a big business, as heat soars the ice business is hotter than ever. Keeping up with demand is the only issue in the ice business as soaring temperatures around the country continue. (Source


11th Annual VRLPC Virginia Retail Loss Prevention Conference - September 6, 2012


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Picture: A file photo of counterfeit designer products seized in a raid by federal officials

Investigators say counterfeit goods industry is bigger business than the illegal drug trade
. It is estimated to be a $500 billion a year industry and street gangs, international organized crime groups, and even terrorists are involved with counterfeiting. Because of this, anyone buying such goods could be providing support to other, sometimes much more serious, criminal activities.  (Source

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Mark Goloja, Director of Loss Prevention & Safety for North American Retail with Schurman Retail Group has been given extra responsibility for the Clinton Cards Loss Prevention Team in the United Kingdom.
Brodrick Williams was named Director-Loss Prevention, Fraud & Safety for HSN.
Denny DeMarcy was named Senior Regional Loss Prevention Manager position for Schurman Retail Group.
Doug Carter was promoted to Manager of Loss Prevention & Investigations, Canada, US and Franchise for easyhome ltd.
Jamie C. Arnone was named Executive Loss Prevention Manager for Boscov's.

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The 6 Group Dynamics of High-Performing Teams In an age where all of us are communicating more and more through electronic devices instead of actual conversation, teamwork suffers. As Steve Jobs said, "Creativity comes from spontaneous meetings... You run into someone, you ask what they're doing, you say 'wow,' and soon you're cooking up all sorts of ideas."  (iChat won't cut it)
6 Ways to Inspire a Dull Employee Do you have an employee who goes through the motions of his job? Does he lack inspiration for his work? Is he motivated by completing a checklist and then collecting a paycheck? If yes, his lack of enthusiasm may be slowing down the rest of your team. But before you take disciplinary action, consider these tips.  (Inspire the unimaginative)

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