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Moving Up

Chantelle Quick
was named Senior Director, Audit Services Group for Stein Mart. Chantelle was previously the President of E.C. Quick & Company and the Vice President of Quick Construction. For five and a half years, she was the Shareholder & Director of Audit Services for Ennis, Pellum & Associates. Other positions she has held were Senior Management Consultant for Accretive Solutions, Director of Finance for Morrison Homes, and Senior Auditor for Ernst & Young. Congrats Chantelle!

Daffy’s to liquidate its 19 stores. A total of 1300 employees will remain on the payroll for the next two months, and then Daffy’s will be gone. The 19 store chain based out of Secaucus, NJ was a family run operation since 1961, competing for the designer discount goods market in New York, New Jersey and Philadelphia. (Source

Ace Hardware is counting on the new 'express' store format. Ace Hardware has launched a scaled-down version of itself in nearly 400 locations, the Oak Brook-based company said Monday. The new format, designed for 5,000 square feet or less, stocks more than 11,000 of the retailer's most popular and profitable products. (Source

US retail sales are down for the third straight month this year
. As a weak job market continues to make consumers more cautious, Americans cut their spending at retail businesses, spending less on cars, furniture, appliances, and building and garden supplies. It was reported yesterday that sales fell 0.5% from May to June. Retail sales haven't fallen for three straight months since the fall of 2008.  (Source

BP will pay an additional $13 million in OSHA penalties to abate lingering safety violations
. After the 2005 BP explosion in Texas City, TX that killed 15, OSHA gave BP a $21 million fine in regards to its safety processes. In a 2009 follow-up investigation, OSHA revealed that BP had failed to correct all of its safety violations. BP paid $50.6 million to resolve those issues. The $13 million BP will pay by the end of 2012 is in addition to an agreement to resolve all outstanding OSHA citations.  (Source

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The Minnesota Department of Vehicle Services has found over 23,000 drivers licenses that could possibly be fraudulent
. The DVS began using facial recognition software four years ago, following a federal grant. Of the 11 million photos in the database, nearly 1.3 million were deemed the same by the software. While most have a reasonable explanation, the DVS found 23,705 cases of possible fraud.  (Source

Cincinnati suburban police taking over mall security at Northgate Mall. Cincinnati Colerain was once a $100 million dollar mall, now sales have dipped to nearly $20M. The perception on troubles at the mall, are believed to be keeping away many customers, so the new mall owner took a new approach to security. Tabani approached Meloy and proposed stationing police at Northgate. With a visible presence from police as opposed to security guards, he’s convinced people will feel more secure. Colerain Police are now on-duty at the mall 24/7. (Source

One store left in the Frederick Towne Mall, and the store owner wants to continue to fight. The Hallmark store in the Frederick Towne Mall in Maryland is the only store opened in the 174,000 square feet of retail space. The store owner John Slocum believes he is too young to retire and if he closes the store he will be out of a job. A meeting is set with the city planning commission to see what the future holds for John and the Frederick Towne Mall. (Source

Home Depot thief returns one too many times. The store and Loss Prevention knew the theft and return tactics of Pasquale Raffone. Raffone was charged with third-degree larceny Friday in connection to a major theft from the Home Depot. Fairfield police charged Raffone for the theft of 15 Armstrong ceiling grids, which he allegedly swiped in May. The total loss for Home Depot is estimated at $1,710 for the grids. The suspect was witnessed leaving the store through a side fire door exit. (Source

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Hazard, Kentucky Maurices store the target of burglary. The theft took place overnight, the thieves breaking out a storefront window to gain access. A total of $300 was taken from the register, it has not been determined if any inventory was lost. (Source

Home Depot employee charged with fake robbery. Delaware State Police are charging a Home Depot employee with staging a robbery at the Stanton store. Troopers say Jasmin Rodriguez of New Castle was working a register back in June when she gave cash to a robber. Detectives have figured out the man was a friend of the Rodriguez and the whole thing was a setup. She and Chris Schmidt of Wilmington are charged with theft and conspiracy. Rodriguez is also charged with falsely reporting a crime. The alleged incident occurred at the store about 5:45 p.m. June 10 when Schmidt walked into the garden center and handed the cashier, identified as Rodriguez, a note implying he was armed demanding cash. (Source

Walmart shoplifter in Benton,IL busted on his second attempt in two days. Anthony Keller was stopped at the Benton, IL Walmart attempting to do the same thing he did the prior day, push a loaded shopping cart out the door. Search warrant for the home of Keller revealed nearly $7000 of stolen merchandise. "This is probably one of the largest cases of retail theft in the history of Franklin County," said Police Chief Scott Choisser. (Source

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Martial Arts experts take down jewelry robbery suspects. Eating in a restaurant next to a jewelry store in Long Beach, California are three men in town for a Martial Arts competition. Suddenly they hear a gunshot followed by the scream of a female employee of the jewelry store. One suspect was quickly taken down by one Martial Arts expert; they believe a second gunman may have gotten away. (Source


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8th Annual Impact Workshop. Join other retail executives interesed in LP research on ORC prevention, packaging innovation, video analytics, benefit denial, plus much more. LPRC: October 15-17, 2012. University of Florida Campus. Gainesville, FL

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Bill Titus, VP Loss Prevention & Safety, Sears Holdings Corp.  In this five part series, titled The Face of Loss Prevention - The Accidental Warrior, Bill Titus speaks about the evolution of loss prevention: the people, the processes and technologies, and the bad guys. This presentation was given at the International Organization of Black Security Executives (IOBSE) Spring Conference to current and future loss prevention professionals. Bill discusses how to go about choosing the right kind of career and company, and he compares public and private sector jobs, including salaries and job functions. Filmed April 2012. Stay tuned tomorrow for part three.

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July 16 The Face of Loss Prevention - Bill Titus, VP Loss Prevention & Safety, Sears Holdings Corp.
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The Tri-Cities ALERT system recently brought local law enforcement and retailers together to accomplish the first step in organizing an ALERT group. The ALERT (Area Law Enforcement & Retailers Team) system is an association of loss prevention, asset protection, and law enforcement professionals that work together to combat ORC and ORT. This is done via the web, on a web base provided by the Shelby County Sheriff's Office, however the web base serves all states and cities in the U.S. The ALERT system allows retailers and law enforcement to communicate by email or through the database to provide other local retailers with information on a suspect or any other type of suspicious behavior. There are currently two ALERT groups in Tennessee: the Knoxville ALERT and the Tri-Cities ALERT. The Knoxville ALERT was established through the Knox County Sheriff's Office and includes participants from area law enforcement agencies and retailers such as Food City, Sears, Kohl's, Wal-Mart, CVS, Kroger, TJ Maxx, Target, and Marshals. The Knoxville ALERT meets quarterly. The Tri-Cities ALERT recently held their first meeting at Food City on Euclid Avenue. The meeting included participants from local law enforcement, as well as local retailers such as Food City, Sears, Kroger, CVS, Belk, and Wal-Mart. At the meeting it was decided that the Tri-Cities ALERT will provide networking from Greeneville, TN up to Marion, VA. The Tri-Cities ALERT will hold its next meeting in September.

The above information was provided to the Daily by Joe Fryar, Director of Security and Loss Prevention for KVAT Food Stores.
Click here for more info on the ALERT system.

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Thought Challenge

Sandy Chandler

The Fear of What I Don’t Know...

Submitted by Sandy Chandler, CPP, LPC
Regional Director, Asset Protection at Rite Aid Corp.

As we all progress through our careers, one thing becomes clearly evident... we don’t know what we don’t know.

If we all knew everything, then we’d all be experts on everything, right? So the challenge or fear that I face is, “What do I not yet know?”

I try to stay current on technology, which is advancing at an exponential rate...

I also read trade journals, attend conferences when I can, read the D & D Daily, watch the new LP News Network videos, read the Loss Prevention Foundation’s newsletters and postings, read the Harvard Business Journal, all in hope of learning something new to help both myself and my team.

One thing I’ve discovered on this journey so far is that we all learn through our mistakes, both personal and professional. Learning through our mistakes makes us wiser, stronger, and more forward thinking. Where we truly gain value is when we take our egos out of the equation and truly analyze what we did right, what we did wrong, and what we could have done differently for a more positive outcome. Sometimes a mistake made is not necessarily a choice that was made, but possibly a choice not made because we’d neglected to gain needed knowledge. So, was it a mistake or just the lack of critical knowledge at that specific time, or both?

I have learned to embrace this concept as I grow. Making mistakes is no longer a fear of mine. The real opportunity is, “What do I still not know?”

How can you bridge this gap in knowledge and experience?

A potential answer... Surround yourself with knowledgeable people!

Choose mentors, peers, and friends that can inspire you to be your very best. These people can assist with discussing new ideas and solving difficult issues in a comfortable manner that elicits honest responses, sound advice, and valuable feedback.

Another thought... Knowledge is power! Sounds kind of corny, but really it’s so true!

I recently started teaching a college night class to stretch myself further. My students (working adults with families) challenge me to be a better educator and a better person. One way we learn is through thought-provoking dialogue and active listening. Being a committed sounding board is a crucial piece to this listening exercise!

There is no obvious answer to solving the dilemma of not knowing what you don’t know. But if we are constantly asking ourselves the right questions while seeking out useful knowledge, we hopefully move one step closer to discovering helpful answers and furthering our careers.

Just a thought...

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Chantelle Quick was named Senior Director, Audit Services Group for Stein Mart.
Chris Holbert
was named District Loss Prevention Manager for Sears Holdings Corp.

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5 Ways to Beat Mediocrity The Olympics are probably the greatest recurring example of superhuman effort compressed into a single point in time. A lifetime's practice comes down to a single 100-meter dash. Nanoseconds, or fractions of an inch, separate elation and despair. Running an organization can become the exact opposite.  So how do you make your team Olympics-worthy?  (Going for the gold)
6 Things That Will Make You (And Your Manager) a Better Leader Today's manager must have a more authoritative mindset. They must carry the executive presence of a leader that instills commanding confidence in his or her team. If you are a manager who is not investing in yourself for advancement and leadership roles, your relevancy in your organization will diminish.  (Leap faster, smarter, and wiser)

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 "By working faithfully eight hours a day you may eventually get to be a boss and work twelve hours a day."
– Robert Frost

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Looking at one's career should be viewed as a long-term investment tool that maximizes the individual's return on their efforts. Similar to any other investment strategy, a career is the building blocks for retirement. However, as most studies show, job satisfaction and recognition is as important and in some studies more important than monetary rewards. So how one reaches a balance is the key and making sure you challenge yourself about them periodically is wise.

Just a thought,
Gus Downing

Gus Downing

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