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Moving Up

Sonya Hostetler was recently promoted to Vice President, Asset Protection and Safety for Walmart U.S. In this role, she will lead more than 10,000 Asset Protection and Safety associates who support our Walmart U.S. business across the nation. She will begin her new role effective July 2, 2012.

Sonya is a 23-year associate who started as a store cashier in Eldorado, Kansas in 1989 and has grown with the company serving in various capacities including Personnel Manager, Store Manager, People Director, Divisional Asset Protection Senior Director and most recently as Vice President and Regional General Manager (RGM) of the Arkansas Region.

Hostetler is replacing Monica Mullins who recently retired after providing more than 13 years of service to Walmart. Monica joined the company in 1998 and made countless contributions to the company. One of the most significant contributions Monica made during her tenure was assisting in the development of the facilities protection plan. By creating protocols and coordinating with multiple internal and external organizations, she helped build a comprehensive plan for our Walmart U.S. business that has been adopted by other areas of the company.

Both Sonya and Monica are working together to ensure a seamless transition for the company.

Chris Woodroffe was promoted to Director of Loss Prevention for International Group of Companies in Canada, where he has been working for almost a year.
Previously, Chris spent nine years at Clothing for Modern Times, working in the area of loss prevention. Before that he was a Regional Loss Prevention Manager at Computer City for five years. Congrats Chris!

Best Buy to cut 2,400 employees The Richfield, Minneapolis company has said a restructuring plan will mean the employees will be let go from company stores around the country. The cuts amount to about 1.4 percent of the company's total staff of 167,000. (Source (Source

Facial recognition technology is the very latest weapon available as part of a security manager’s armoury to find, match and monitor known criminals or suspicious individuals. Atul Rajput, business development manager for retail at IP surveillance specialist Axis Communications, said: "There have been huge advancements in both facial recognition analytics and in network camera technology, which is ultimately the source that the analytics have to work from." Today’s facial recognition technology can enable security managers to perform a variety of tasks such as: - search for specific individuals in large volumes of video footage - match photographs against digital databases of photos or facial images - extract faces in real-time from CCTV and match against a watch list of known shoplifters - timestamp when individuals are detected between known camera locations to provide highly accurate information on people flows, such as average queue times. (Source

Cellphone carriers responded to 1.3M demands for subscriber information last year from law enforcement. In the first public accounting of its kind, law enforcement agencies were seeking text messages, caller locations and other information in the course of investigations. The cellphone carriers’ reports, which come in response to a Congressional inquiry, document an explosion in cellphone surveillance in the last five years, with the companies turning over records thousands of times a day in response to police emergencies, court orders, law enforcement subpoenas and other requests. The reports also reveal a sometimes uneasy partnership with law enforcement agencies, with the carriers frequently rejecting demands that they considered legally questionable or unjustified. At least one carrier even referred some inappropriate requests to the F.B.I. (Source

The $500B counterfeit industry has become bigger than the illegal drug trade and it's estimated that 10% of the goods you see are counterfeit. The counterfeit goods business is bigger than the illegal drug trade, and that it is tied to local streets gangs and international organized crime. Then you have groups that have ties to Hezbollah, Muslim Brotherhood and Hamas that have engaged in this activity," he said. "The problem is it’s a perfect opportunity for these guys to make money." "One of the biggest threats that people need to be aware of now is that with the online counterfeiting is that these [groups] not only are selling you a fake product, but they’re also harvesting all of your personal information," said Greaves. "They have your credit card; they have your address. They have everything they need to steal from you." (Source

ArcChart predicts 150 million counterfeit mobile phones will be shipped in 2013 accounting for 14% of the handset market in Asia Pacific. And the real challenge for Apple is fighting the counterfeit cell phone market in Asia. They were to have had 25 stores by now in China and only have six because of the red tape China has thrown at them. Is it intentional? (Source

"Operation: Long Distance Haul " results in $2M seizure of counterfeit cell phones at New York's JFK airport and the arrest of three men Agents from Homeland Security Investigations partnered with detectives from the Nassau County Police Department and conducted surveillance on two warehouses used to process the fake phones. Warrants were issued and 32,000 counterfeit phones were discovered in two locations. Safety deposit boxes containing nearly $500,000 were also seized. (Source

Fed's seized a commercial shipment of counterfeit Swiss designer watches valued at $28 million+ in Laredo, TX - the biggest seizure in that port's history. (Source

Gang crime has tripled in Tennessee's small towns of 50,000 residents or fewer since 2005 Gang-related crimes statewide rose by nearly 25 percent in 2011, according to the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation. They have more than doubled since 2005, the first year gang crimes saw a significant spike. "Gang members are migrating from urban areas to suburban and rural communities to recruit new members, expand their drug distribution territories, form new alliances, and collaborate with rival gangs and criminal organizations for profit and influence," according to the FBI's annual National Gang Threat Assessment in 2011. All of which means the retail stores in these communities will also feel their presence. (Source

Amazon Distribution center hit in Cayce, SC for 726 iPod's and 49 HP laptops out of several trailers. According to arrest warrants, Cofield, a former Amazon employee, stole the iPods and laptops from two freight trailers he was entrusted to unload at the distribution center. The warrants go on to say that Cofield never unloaded trailers, but submitted false documents to the company claiming that he had unloaded them. (Source

Rich Mellor, VP Loss Prevention for the National Retail Federation presented Melissa Mitchell, CFI, Director Loss Prevention and Inventory Control for LifeWay Christian Stores with a signed thank you for her work as the Chairperson of the Volunteers in Action Committee at the NRF's LP Conference last month.

Safeway Store in Tucson evacuated after a bank robber threatens he had a bomb. The US Bank branch inside the Safeway store was robbed and the suspect demanding cash claimed to have left a bomb somewhere in the store. Store employees found a suspicious package inside the store after detectives left and called 911 again before evacuating the store. Police later determined the package was non-explosive. (Source

Grab and run of a diamond ring in Manassas Mall. Police are still working on indentifying the suspect believed to have stolen a diamond ring valued at $17,000 from Shaw’s Jewelers in Manassas. Police responded to the mall just before 9 p.m. where jewelry store employees reported to police that an unknown man entered the store and requested to see a diamond ring. After the man was handed the diamond ring he fled the store on foot with the ring in his hand. (Source

$230K worth of hair extensions stolen from Chicago beauty supply store. The thieves broke into the store via an adjoining vacant storefront early Saturday morning, crawling along the floor to avoid motion detectors before deactivating the alarm system and making off with six large duffel bags full of natural hair extensions. The store owner said the stolen items were the most valuable items in his store.  (Source

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Best Buy credit card fraud investigation leads to shoot out in Miami.
Four suspects are now behind bars after the get-a-way car they were driving attempted to run over a police officer. One of the individuals is believed to have been attempting to use a stolen credit card and an alert Best Buy associate contacted the police. Best Buy and Police are now researching if this group may have been responsible for thefts at other area stores. (Source

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Small Store Owner turns to Facebook to catch shoplifter in Alabama. Posted video gets 800 hits in 3 days and the shop owner says her efforts will continue and has the support of the community and police. So far, the shoplifter has not been caught. (Source

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Arson at a DEB store in Lexington leaves behind ten thousand in damages. This is the third arson attempt at the Fayette Mall DEB store this year. Earlier this year the store’s damage was estimated at $20,000. (Source

Last week's most popular news article --

Video: San Diego fireworks failSan Diego fireworks go up all at once, entire show lasted less than 15 seconds. Well, if you waited for hours, setting up the perfect spot to catch the fireworks, you may have been somewhat disappointed. Port District authorities said a "technical difficulty" resulted in all the fireworks going off at once. About 5 minutes before the show was supposed to start, a sudden burst of fireworks shot into the air near the bay. Throughout downtown San Diego, a large rumble could be felt just before 9 p.m. It appeared that hundreds of fireworks were set off at the same time. The explosions lasted a few seconds. (Source

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8th Annual Impact Workshop. Join other retail executives interesed in LP research on ORC prevention, packaging innovation, video analytics, benefit denial, plus much more. LPRC: October 15-17, 2012. University of Florida Campus. Gainesville, FL

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D&D Daily Canadian Push

Retail Council of CanadaSubmitted by Stephen O'Keefe, Vice President, Operations
Retail Council of Canada

Retail Council of Canada is in the initial stages of developing the content for the annual Loss Prevention Conference to be held in Toronto on Sept 11 and 12, 2012
As the industry association representing more than 45,000 store fronts, RCC is listening to members and creating an agenda to meet their wants and needs. Members have asked for topics ranging from Organized Retail Crime to Workplace Investigations, and the partnership between Legal, Internal Audit, Human Resources and Loss Prevention. The later session will likely draw a wider range of attendees, as a panel of retail professionals from the different disciplines will openly discuss: the trade-off of responsibility; the boundaries of authority; and the professional responsibilities of each group.

RCC has also commissioned the annual Shrinkage Survey Study and will announce the results on Sept 11th.

For any retailer doing business in Canada, this year’s event will draw interest from sessions themed around "back to basics". The Charter of Rights and Freedom will be discussed with a panel assembled from law enforcement, justice, and employment counsel. The panel will provide different perspectives on this age-old question: how should you begin an integrity interview for theft - do you read the rights to counsel or do you state that an employee is free to leave? The answer may surprise some U.S. retailers and really highlight the differences in the legal arena between the two countries.

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2012 International Organization of Black Security Executives (IOBSE) Spring Conference

The Opening Speaker for the 30th Annual Conference

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ORC female suspect apprehended in San Antonio and police are looking for additional suspects. Hitting Saks Fifth Avenue for $7K in purses with a Hispanic male at North Star Mall and attacking a Sears LP Officer at Ingram Park Mall with two other the females suspects, Vanessa Ojeda has been arrested and the police are asking for help identifying the other suspects. (Source


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Thought Challenge

Submitted by Harold McIntyre
Loss Prevention Manager

July 9, 2012

When I began my LP career, as a store detective, I thought that the end-all be-all was shoplifters. I thought the more shoplifters you catch, the greater impact you'll have. Overtime I learned that the apprehension of a shoplifter, in and of itself, will have minimal impact on your shrink. If I catch 100 shoplifters a year, but 500 exit with merchandise, what impact did I have? When you layer on a program that includes education/training as well as deterrents, i.e. sensors, PVMs, CCTV, etc., then you start to see results. Your impact becomes 100 shoplifters caught, 200 shoplifters deterred through education/training of your people and 100 shoplifters deterred by sensors, PVMs, CCTV, etc., leaving you with an impact of 80% or more on your external program. From this I shifted from stat driven to results driven, and as a results driven LP professional, you can't have tunnel vision, you have to be able to see the big picture and learn the business of loss prevention. Don't get me wrong, you still have to catch cases, but you can't live on just steak, you have to have your veggies too.

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Loss Prevention Mgr Macy's Huntington Station, NY Macy's
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Dept Mgr Store LP & Safety Lowe's Pocatello, ID Lowe's
Dept Mgr Store LP & Safety Lowe's Pikeville, KY Lowe's
Dept Mgr Store LP & Safety Lowe's Lowell, MA Lowe's
Dept Mgr Store LP & Safety Lowe's Bristol, VA Lowe's
Regional LP Mgr CVS Caremark New Orleans, LA CVS Caremark
Loss Prevention Mgr Kmart St Croix, VI Sears Holdings Corp.
Loss Prevention Mgr Kmart Rochester, MN Sears Holdings Corp.
Loss Prevention Mgr Sears Camp Hill, PA Sears Holdings Corp.
Loss Prevention Mgr Sears Salem, NH Sears Holdings Corp.
Loss Prevention Mgr Sears Bronx, NY Sears Holdings Corp.
Loss Prevention Mgr Sears Odessa, TX Sears Holdings Corp.
Loss Prevention Mgr Sears Gretna, LA Sears Holdings Corp.
Area LP Mgr Gap Raleigh, NC Gap, Inc.
District LP Mgr Abercrombie & Fitch Hong Kong, China Abercrombie & Fitch
Executive Team Leader - AP Target Sacramento, CA Target
Executive Team Leader - AP Target Minnesota Target
Retail LP Mgr Carson's Schaumburg, IL The Bon-Ton Stores, Inc.
LP Store Mgr DSW Inc. New York, NY DSW Inc.

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Sonya Hostetler was recently promoted to Vice President, Asset Protection and Safety for Walmart U.S.
Chris Woodroffe
was promoted to Director of Loss Prevention for International Group of Companies.

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6 Ways to Deal with "Disengaged Debbie" in Meetings (or How, to Run a Meeting) They say one bad apple, can ruin the bunch. So, too, can one disengaged employee derail an entire meeting. Debbie Downer was the fictitious SNL character who brought down the mood in any group she was in. Similarly we all encounter "Disengaged Debbie," or "Disengaged David," in our workplaces. Too often, these folks decide to becoming disengaged disruptors of our meetings.  (Wa waaaaaaa)

How to Deal with a Condescending Boss There is one thing you hear a lot about in the workplace: the dreaded condescending superior. It seems this particular conflict runs rampant in the business world, so here are a few simple strategies for dealing with the boss who always thinks he (or she) knows better than their employees.  (6 tips to keep your cool)

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The e-mail world may have sped up the world and allowed people to communicate virtually instantly, but it's not the forum to resolve issues between people. If anything, the freedom an email offers insofar as the ability to write whatever best suits your points and usually with an added pinch of sarcasm may, in fact, deepen the crevasse and cause more harm. It's much easier to write in solitude than to face your intended recipient and their immediate response. So the next time you receive one of those OMG emails, think twice before responding because you never know who else may be reading and, after all, if you truly want to resolve an issue with a person, you need to do it the old fashion way -- face to face.

Just a thought,
Gus Downing

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