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Video: CNBC's Crime Inc.: Stolen Goods

CNBC's Crime Inc. on Stolen Goods at 9 PM ET tonight - Organized Retail Crime - Don't miss it!

Retailers report tepid sales for June The results raise concerns about Americans' ability to spend during the back-to-school season, which is the second-biggest shopping period of the year and starts later this month. Overall, the ICSC tally of 23 chain stores nationwide rose only 0.2 percent, worse than the 1.7 percent increase in May. But clearly people were concerned about news of a struggling global economy. (Source Associated Press)

Massive internet fraud ring - Hundreds of thousands could lose internet access July 9th - FBI shutting down temporary servers servicing DNSChanger virus victims. On July 9, thousands of Canadians and hundreds of thousands of people worldwide could be without access to the internet after the FBI shuts down temporary DNS servers used to assist victims of a massive internet fraud ring. The shutdown of the temporary DNS servers by U.S. authorities is the last stage in Operation Ghost Click, a two-year international investigation that officially ended in November 2011. (Source

Walgreens buys 144 drug stores in the Mid-South operating under the USA Drug, Super D Drug, May's Drug, Med-X, and Drug Warehouse banners. Walgreens will acquired the stores, which are located in Arkansas, Kansas, Mississippi, Missouri, New Jersey, Oklahoma and Tennessee as well as corporate offices, a distribution center located in Pine Bluff, Ark., and a wholesale and private-brand business. (Source

U.S. Senate introduces national Data Security and Breach Notification Act of 2012 that would trump the patchwork laws in 46 states and bring uniformity. The bill would set maximum damages ($500,000) and set a standard for what is considered a breach -- unauthorized access plus acquisition. The bill requires companies to take "reasonable measures" to protect data. It says that if data is, "encrypted, redacted, or secured by any other method or technology that renders the data elements unusable," then even if that data were stolen, it would not be considered a breach. (Source

FBI Credit Card Ring Bust Exposes PCI Challenges The publicity around the FBI sting that nabbed dozens of criminals in an international credit card fraud ring provides a good opportunity to reflect on the sophistication of today's data theft black market and the importance of organizations to look beyond the baseline security levels set by compliance regulations such as PCI, security experts say. (Source

Lithuanian national admitted on Tuesday in federal court in Pittsburgh to selling information to an undercover FBI agent that could have compromised the personal information of 10,000 people Petrauskas, using the identity "Dr. Smurf," offered the log-in credentials for sale through a site called "Dark Market," Hull said. The FBI took over the criminal exchange in 2006 and operated it for two years to gather information on people buying and selling identity information, Hull said. The FBI said the Dark Market investigation led to the arrest of 56 people and prevented an estimated $70 million worth of thefts. (Source

Florida 20 year-old convicted for robbery spree gets 1,941 months - almost 162 years in prison - without the possibility of parole. Committing the seven armed robberies when he was 19 and hitting fast-food restaurants, a Walgreens store and other commercial establishments in Miami from August to October in 2010 his accomplices testified against him saying he carried the gun during the crimes discharging it at a dog that chased them after one of their burglaries without harming the dog. He's a first-time offender and his unusually long sentence results from a controversial practice known as "stacking," in which each count of an indictment is counted as a separate crime, thus transforming a first-time defendant into a "habitual criminal" subject to multiple sentences and mandatory sentencing guidelines. (Source

Burlington Police arrest pair of counterfeiters with $15,000 in merchandise. The $15,000 worth of Macy’s and Nordstrom’s combined with nearly $8,000 in counterfeit hundreds were all confiscated in a search of the vehicle conducted by the Burlington Police. A report of a possible counterfeit hundred dollar bill was made by an off-duty Massachusetts State Trooper who happened to be in the store, passing suspect and vehicle information onto the Burlington Police. (source

Police Charge Two Men With Robbing Game Stop in Glen Burnie, MD
. Officers spoke with an employee who said two men wearing blue bandanas over their faces entered the store and smashed the glass display cabinet where iPods were stored. Police said that when the employee approached them, one man implied he had a gun. The suspects took an undetermined number of iPods and other electronics and left the store. Through an investigation, officers developed a suspect and possible vehicle description leading them to the Linthicum area. Officers pulled the suspect Nicholas Teal over and took him into custody. The second suspect, James Gibson, was located and arrested a short time later at his home in Baltimore County with the assistance of the Baltimore County Police Department. (Source

Video: One injured in McDonald's shootout
Gun battle at McDonald’s drive-through injures one man in Daytona. A man was shot in Daytona Beach Wednesday afternoon as he was in a car waiting to order at the drive-through of a local McDonalds. Gunfire exchange between cars hits two parked vehicles. Police say another car drove into the parking lot and started shooting at the car in the drive-through line. The car in the drive-through line started following the car that started the shooting, and returning fire. Stray bullets also struck two vehicles parked in back of the Sprint store west of McDonalds, causing them flat tires. (Source

Two suspects behind bars for RadioShack burglary in Glendora, California. The male and female suspects smashed out the front window of the RadioShack store stealing $7600 of iPhones and an Xbox. After a very short chase police caught up to the couple, now being held on charges of burglary and resisting arrest. Bond was set at $500,000. (Source

Video: Fireworks may be to blame for furniture store fire

Stray fireworks may be responsible for furniture store fire in Fresno. Witnesses heard fireworks going off just before the fire had started on the roof of a furniture store. No damage estimate has been determined and no injuries were reported. The store was closed at the time of the blaze. (Source

Video: San Diego fireworks failSan Diego fireworks go up all at once, entire show lasted less than 15 seconds. Well, if you waited for hours, setting up the perfect spot to catch the fireworks, you may have been somewhat disappointed. Port District authorities said a "technical difficulty" resulted in all the fireworks going off at once. About 5 minutes before the show was supposed to start, a sudden burst of fireworks shot into the air near the bay. Throughout downtown San Diego, a large rumble could be felt just before 9 p.m. It appeared that hundreds of fireworks were set off at the same time. The explosions lasted a few seconds. (Source

June Same Store Sales Results

Zumiez up 8.2%
Nordstrom up 8.1%
TJX up 7%
Ross Stores up 7%
The Limited up 7%
Saks Inc. up 6%
Costco up 3%
Target up 2.1%
Macy's up 1.2%
The Gap was flat

The Bon Ton down 0.8%
Rite Aid down 1%
The Buckle down 2.5%
Perfumania down 3.7%
Kohl's down 4.2%
Duckwall-Alco down 5.9%
Wet Seal down 9%
Cato down 10%
Walgreen down 10% - Dropping Express Scripts had an impact. (
Source Associated Press)

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2012 Chicago Cook County State's Attorney's Office Regional Organized Crime Task Force Conference. September 10-11, 2012 - Oak Brook, IL - McDonalds World Headquarters. Sponsorship Opportunities Available. Learn more here.


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11th Annual Virginia Retail Loss Prevention Conference - Virginia Beach, VA - Holiday Inn Hotel. September 6, 2012. Click here for more details.

Canada's Biggest Retail Loss Prevention Event. Mississauga, ON - International Centre. September 11-12. Click here for more information.

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CLEAR's 3rd Annual Training Conference, Dallas, TX. Sept. 18-20, 2012. Learn more here.

Washington State Organized Retail Crime Alliance Annual Training Conference. Burien, WA. October 18, 2012. To register visit

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eBay News

eBay Global Asset Protection Group Supports Large Scale Investigation

eBay Global Asset Protection team based in Sydney, Australia worked closely with law enforcement regarding large scale employee theft case involving Australia’s largest car manufacturer; Holden, who had been the victim of a multi-million dollar theft racket. Media circles have revealed more than $2.5 million in major car parts - comprising hundreds of V8 motors and transmissions - have been stolen from one of the car giant's plants. The hi-tech V8 motors -- which are fitted to the latest model VE Commodores -- retail for about $10,000 through Holden dealers but were being sold for between $1500 and $2000 by the thieves on the black market. South Australian police have been conducting a major investigation into the racket since January, questioning a number of people employed at the GMH plant. Numerous properties linked to them have also been raided. "There is little doubt there have been dishonest people working at the plant who have been directly responsible, and more than likely others who have been complicit in this activity to facilitate it," a source said. Click here for full article.

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D&D Daily Canadian Push

The Retail Council of Canada extends their Loss Prevention conference to a day and a half for the first time ever on Sept. 11 to 12, 2012 in Toronto. This day and a half event brings together all of Canada's senior retail Loss Prevention executives and a number of service providers for educational and informative sessions. If you're a U.S. retailer and just entering the Canadian market it's a great event to attend to get to know all of your Canadian counterparts and to learn how they're approaching issues, dealing with the changing landscape, and just to establish that critical network one needs to be successful. Visit their web site to learn more and of special note is that their Vice President, Operations Stephen O'Keefe is the former VP of Asset Protection for Wal-Mart Canada and has a wealth of information for any executive managing Loss Prevention in Canada. (Source

Canada's "Lucky Moose Bill" Bill C-26 moves forward and "reinforces the right of business owners to protect their property." Mr. Chen, proprietor of the Lucky Moose, was famously prosecuted for nabbing and confining an inveterate shoplifter, Anthony Bennett, an hour after Mr. Bennett had been caught on tape helping himself to the merchandise. The previous law stipulated that a property-owner "may arrest without warrant a person whom he finds committing a criminal offence on or in relation to that property" — but not, as Mr. Chen did, later. The bill "makes a very modest change: Now a property-owner can arrest a criminal "within a reasonable time after the offence is committed," provided he "believe[s] on reasonable grounds that it is not feasible in the circumstances for a peace officer to make the arrest." The obvious question, then, is: What does "reasonable" mean? Here's a recent blog written by David Hyde that gives greater detail and some clarity to it - (Source

Target plans to hire as many as 27,000 people next year alone in Canada Kathleen Wong, an equities analyst at Veritas Investment Research calculates Target will "steal" $855M in sales from Canadian Tire and $397M from Sears Canada. Target told investors last month it expects its Canadian operations to have at least $6-billion in sales and 80 cents a share in profit by 2017. (Source

Wal-Mart Canada is gearing up for the Target invasion by aggressively expanding their presence as well. This is going to be a battle to watch over the next few years - And they'll be some casualties! Wal-Mart entered the Canadian market in 1994 and now has 330 stores with expansion plans to open dozens of more stores. They just announced this week that they're hiring 4,000 new jobs. By the end of 2013, the company expects to spend some $750-million to open, relocate or remodel 73 stores. They now claim to have 1.1 million customers a day and employ 94,000. (Source (Source

Dunkin Donuts failed to live up to their commitments to their Quebec franchise locations - under pressure from Tim Horton's - and now the courts say Dunkin owes their franchisees $16.4M in losses You don't see this often but making commitments to your franchisees and failing to live up to it's promise to invest $40M and as the court put it "A successful brand is crucial to the maintenance of franchise. However, when the brand falls out of bed, collapses, so too do those who rely on it," wrote Justice Tingley. Karen Raskopf, Dunkin’ Brands senior vice-president of corporate communications, said in a statement, the company intends to appeal Thursday’s ruling. (Source

The retail sector is the largest employer in Canada, accounting for 12 percent of all workers The RCC recently held their annual HR conference which focused on; the importance of having a clear, compelling company culture, the challenge of retention in a rapidly expanding market, and how technology is impacting the HR world. (Source

Video: 2012 Canadian Security Director of the Year

Canadian Security Magazine is looking for it's 2012 Security Director of the Year! Sponsored by Anixter Canada, the award is given each fall to a senior security director or manager who has demonstrated leadership and achievement in the industry. Know someone you want to nominate? Just submit this form or contact Neil Sutton via email or phone (905) 713-4347.


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Meet Cita Doyle, Director of Marketing and Sales, and hear how InstaKey has developed into being one of the nation's leading key control management companies. Established in 1975 this Denver based company manages over 41,000 locations and is a proven leader in collecting and maintaining key management information for multi-site locations. Hear how they support the retail LP industry and integrate with other solution providers. Filmed January 2012

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Season One Episode Release Dates

July 9 Welcome Reception & Guest Speaker - Mike Robbins, Author & Motivational Speaker, 4 parts
July 16 The Face of Loss Prevention - Bill Titus, VP Loss Prevention & Safety, Sears Holdings Corp., 4 parts


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ORC News - Sponsored by Universal Survellience Systems
Below are the Jurisdictions utilizing the Public-Private Partnership Model in combination with the Real Time Info Sharing System. There are currently 21 known partnerships.
Coalition of Law Enforcement and Retail  

Washington State Organized Retail Alliance Bay Areas Organized Retail Crime Association
Safe City - Federal Way, WA  

CONNECT Albuquerque PD Los Angeles Organized Retail Crimes Association
Arizona Organized Retail Crimes Association Southern Nevada Organized Retail Crime Association
San Diego Organized Retail Crime Alliance Victor Valley Organized Retail Crime Association
Inland Empire Organized Retail Crime Association Dallas Organized Retail Crime Association

Indiana Regional Organized Crime Task Force Cook County Regional Organized Crime
Missouri Information Analysis Center Ohio Regional Organized Crime Coalition

Colorado Organized Retail Crime Association  
Utah Organized Retail Crime Association  
Collier County Organized Retail Theft Association  
New England ORC Symposium & Trade Show  
Hawaii Organized Retail Crime Alliance  

This information was provided by Karen Fischer, Strategic Support Division Manager for the Albuquerque Police Department. Should you desire additional information regarding any of these partnerships, please email Karen.

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Dept Mgr Store LP & Safety Lowe's Garden City, NY Lowe's
District Operations Mgr Home Depot Davie, FL Home Depot
District Operations Mgr Home Depot West Palm Beach, FL Home Depot
Asset Protection Mgr Home Depot Oakland, CA Home Depot
Area Mgr - AP All Facilities Bentonville, AR Walmart
Asset Protection Mgr Sam's G3 Palmdale, CA Walmart
Asset Protection Mgr Sam's G1 Kenosha, WI Walmart
Asset Protection Mgr Sam's G1 Madison, WI Walmart
Asset Protection Mgr Cabela's Winnipeg, MB, Canada Workopolis
Regional LP Mgr Eddie Bauer Philadelphia, PA Eddie Bauer
Area LP Mgr Gap, Inc. Atlanta, GA Gap, Inc.
Asset Protection Mgr BJ's Wholesale Club Avon, OH Career Builder
Mgr Loss Prevention Office Depot Dallas, TX Office Depot
LP Agent Mgr ShopRite New Haven, CT Monster
Safety Mgr Kroger Los Angeles, CA Kroger
Safety Mgr Kroger Fontana, CA Kroger

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On the Move: Home of the Industry's Original - Sponsored by Cival Demand Associates

Tony Byerly was named Executive Vice President, Electronic Security for Diebold, Inc.
Steven Prinz
was named District Loss Prevention Manager for Bealls in Charlotte, North Carolina.
Tayton Fain
was named Area Loss Prevention Manager for Ross Stores.
Gary Joseph
was named Loss Prevention Manager for Bloomingdale's.

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How to Properly Define "Great Leader" - And Act Like One We don't think of leadership as some set of fuzzy, intangible character qualities that some people are born with and others are not. We think of leadership as the performance of behaviors. The skill of performing behaviors can be learned and developed. Let's define great leader so it's clear what we're talking about.  (Three A's to know)

How to Be a Better Manager: Do Nothing Most leaders do too much. This leads to "under-utilized or under-challenged" team members who often switch jobs in frustrations, as well as stressed-out managers with little time for big picture thinking. Instead of giving in to their urge to micromanage, leaders should leave everyday functioning to their employees.  (Litmus test)
How to Deal with a Condescending Boss There is one thing you hear a lot about in the workplace: the dreaded condescending superior. It seems this particular conflict runs rampant in the business world, so here are a few simple strategies for dealing with the boss who always thinks he (or she) knows better than their employees.  (6 tips to keep your cool)

How to Fine-Tune Your Workplace Energy We as people have both masculine and feminine energies that we switch back and forth between throughout the day. Meeting deadlines, setting goals, competing with others, and asserting your freedom is masculine while connecting with others, building relationships, sacrificing yourself for the greater good, and feeling the moment as it is is feminine.  (Which is your default?)

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When you think you’ve got your job mastered think again. That’s usually when something bad happens in ones career or company. If you reach that point, and most everyone does, its time to re-evaluate everything you’re doing. Go on the hunt for new technology, new ideas, rewrite your program, take a fresh look at every aspect of your department and maybe even bring in a consultant you don’t know or have ties to. Someone who will challenge you and debate with you, and won’t be there to merely confirm what you’re doing and agree with your approach. But someone who will test you and force you to grow someone who you may even be uncomfortable with. Get out of your comfort zone and have some fun!

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