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June 28, 2011

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July 1, 2011
Gary Johnson
Vice President LP
The Vitamin Shoppe &
Chair of NRF LP Advisory Council

July 8, 2011:
Doug Marker
Vice President
LP, Risk and Audit
Michael Stores, Inc.

LP Program Spotlight
eBay's PROACT Team

LPRC invites
innovative solutions providers to join their

Benefit Denial Working Group (BDWG)

to develop and test leading-edge product protection solutions


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August 7-10, 2011
National Food Service Security Council
32nd Annual Meeting

Hyatt Grand Champion
Indian Wells, CA


October 4-6, 2011

CLEAR/Coalition of Law Enforcement and Retail
2nd Annual Training Conference
Peppermill Resort/Casino
Reno, NV

Enhancing Your Operational Audit Process

Introducing the 2011 RILA Store
Operational Audit
and Loss Prevention Resource Guild

Wednesday, June 29

2:00 p.m. ET


Gregg Smith has been named Senior Director of Loss Prevention for Children's Place.  Gregg was most recently the  Senior Director of Loss Prevention and Retail Operations for Donna Karen and before that with Bloomingdales and Home Depot.  With a B.A. degree in Criminology and over 20 years of experience Greg will be leading this 1,000 specialty store chain.  Congratulations Gregg!

Maurizio Scrofani was named Vice President of Security for Macy's Logistics and Operations.  Maurizio was recently the President of CargoNet and helped launch this organization.  With years of experience in Logistics, Loss Prevention, and shortage control with such organizations as Toys R Us, Babies R Us, Bloomingdales, Steinbach, and Bradlees stretching over 21 years, Maurizio brings the experience, energy, and leadership that will certainly build a world class logistics program for Macy's. 

"Flash Mob" of 40 teenagers ages 11 to 19 hit a Sears store in Upper Darby, a suburb of Philadelphia, at 7 pm spreading throughout the store and began robbing, stealing and pillaging according to Police Superintendent Michael Chitwood.  Apprehending 16 of them and only one being an adult at 19, they released the rest to their parents.  Last Tuesday, about 50 teenagers hit a Walgreens store in Chicago taking bottle drinks and sandwiches without paying.  (Source

Target takes 39 Canadian Zellers locations it now owns the leases to and agrees to transfer the leases to Wal-Mart -- a surprising development.  (Source

Target lost its attempt to get the Canadian, Target Apparel chain of 15 stores to take down their sign and stop using the name.  The Judge said he agrees with Target that customers may be confused, but didn't think that it caused irreparable damage.  Losing the preliminary injunction, Target U.S. will take their battle to court in November 2012.  (Source

Deb Shops files Chapter 11.  With 340 stores focused on junior and plus-sized merchandise for women aged 13 to 25, this retailer has been around since the 1930's.  (Source

Malls hit 9% vacancy rates, the highest rate since tracking malls the last 10 years.  Online shopping and off-mall locations are gaining ground.  (Source

The owner of Russia's largest online payment processor ChronoPay was arrested for hiring a hacker to launch a denial-of-service attack on one of his competitors to get the upper hand in the competition for a contract with Russian airline Aeroflot.  (Source 

Citigroup said it'll lose $2.7 million after hackers stole 360,000 credit card numbers of U.S. customers from its website and made fraudulent charges.  (Source

According to the International Anti-Counterfeiting Coalition (IACC) 5% to 7% of world trade is in counterfeit goods which cost $600 billion a year globally.  And law enforcement groups worldwide are reacting with the Dubai Government actually finding an entire chain of 113 stores called Dragon Marts selling counterfeit goods.  (Source

Wal-Mart has been ramping up its talent acquisition group over the last 5 years.  But Mike Duke, Wal-Mart's CEO, recently said "they have the resources to reach out and touch people much better than they did five years ago.  "However, the manner in which they reach out is not very intimate, and that has left some prospective new hires feeling a little cold in terms of how Wal-Mart follows up and develops a relationship. That's a key component of any recruitment process." (Source

"Crowd sourcing" has become an invaluable investigative tool and gives an investigator the ability to turn to the "wisdom of crowds" for answers.  "With 2 billion users online and more viewers on Facebook then all evening news shows combined, the Internet can serve as your own eyes and ears to find offbeat information. It's a tactic that can't be skipped."  Here's 5 free ways to gain information that may prove to give you the edge you need - Yahoo Answers - Quroa - Topic specific message boards - for tracking organized retail crime - & Darker sites, the underworld so to speak.  This is a great article and worth the read!  (Source

With all the data breaches, it comes as no surprise that Congress is dusting the covers off national data breach notification laws and with most states developing their own mishmash of data breach laws, it's time for the feds to simplify the rules for businesses.  (Source

The largest cybercrime case ever according to the U.S. Attorney's office, dubbed Operation "Phish Party," resulted yesterday in a Los Angeles man being sentenced to 13 years in prison for his role in a "phishing" fraud gang and leading the domestic arm of an international hacking operation.  One hundred other people were charged with with sending emails "that masqueraded as legitimate requests from banks and asked that customers enter personal information on bogus websites."  (Source Associated Press)

A former female stockroom worker at Abercrombie & Fitch filed a federal suit Monday saying she was fired after refusing to remove her Muslim headscarf while on the job.  Told by the store manager she could wear it as long as it was in company colors, four months into her employment the district manager and human resources manager visited the store and asked her to remove it while working and was suspended and then fired for refusing to do so.   Having settled a federal discrimination class action suit in 2004 for $40 million brought by black, Hispanic, Asian employees and job applicants, Abercrombie & Fitch says "we comply with the law regarding reasonable religious accommodation, and we will continue to do so."  "We are confident that when this matter is tried, a jury will find that we have fully complied with the law" according to their general counsel Rocky Robbins.  (Source Associated Press)


Annual Technology Showcase and Golf Outing

June 29-30, 2011
Hilton Hotel
Beachwood, OH

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Invitation and Agenda


eBay Marketplace Chief Information Security Officer Honored by ISSA

eBay Vice President & Chief Information Security Officer Dave Cullinane was inducted into the Information Systems Security Association (ISSA) Hall of Fame recently. Each year outstanding individuals are recognized for their exceptional contributions to ISSA and the information security profession. Recipients are nominated by Chapter Board of Directors, Chapter Presidents Advisory Council representatives or members of the International Board of Directors. Induction into ISSA's Hall of Fame is the most prestigious recognition that the Association can bestow upon an individual and is based on both prior and current contributions to the security community. The Information Systems Security Association (ISSA)® is a not-for-profit, international organization of information security professionals and practitioners. Dave leads the Global Information Security team at eBay, close partners of the Asset Protection group. Congratulations to Dave for this outstanding achievement along with his passion for protecting our platforms and user community. (Click here for full article)

For further information on PROACT email inquiries to;

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Read Hayes, PhD, CPP
Director - Loss Prevention Research Council
Co-Director - Loss Prevention Research Team, Univ of Florida on ...

Benefit Denial

Even though many retailers are making great progress, retail theft is an over $40 billion dollar problem, and many retailers are looking for even better countermeasures. Benefit Denial is one of them. The benefit denial concept describes how offenders will be discouraged from stealing an item they can't use or gain any benefit from unless they legitimately obtain it. The benefit denial term originated when crime prevention researcher Read Hayes, PhD was asked by Security Tag executives (later acquired by Sensormatic/ADT) in 1989 to label the protective mechanism of action of ink/dye tags and some small clamps that would damage or ruin apparel, wallets, eyeglasses and jewelry if the tag was illicitly removed. Dr. Hayes met with the Security Tag executive Bob DiLonardo in 1989 and presented the benefit denial concept to their marketing team for use in an upcoming catalog.

The benefit denial idea was that theft offenders were more likely to be deterred if they couldn't use or in any way benefit from an item unless purchased than if theft was made more difficult or risky by electronic countermeasures and protective fixtures. Current benefit denial development is designed to product countermeasures that make highly desirable products useless unless purchased throughout the supply chain.

The LPRC's Benefit-Denial Working Group headed by Best Buy's Tim Fisher and Walmart's Dain Sutherland are working with over a dozen leading retail chains to attract and work with hot product manufacturers and innovative protection solution partners to develop and test cost-effective, consumer-friendly systems.

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Job Opening




ORC Investigator Walgreens Texas Walgreens
Corp LPM of Analytics & Exception Reporting Confidential Florida Downing & Downing
Director of Asset Protection Confidential NYC, NY Downing & Downing
District Loss Prevention Mgr Sears Holdings Corp. Honolulu, HI Sears Holdings Corp.
Director of Loss Prevention Confidential Midwest Downing & Downing
National Account Sales Mgr Confidential Chicago, IL Downing & Downing
Asset Protection Manager The Home Depot Phoenix, AZ The Home Depot
Asset Protection Manager The Home Depot Metro Northern NJ The Home Depot
Asset Protection Manager The Home Depot Sacramento, CA The Home Depot
Asset Protection Manager The Home Depot Salem, OR The Home Depot
Corporate Inv. & Training Mgr Confidential Ohio Downing & Downing
Director of Loss Prevention Confidential California Downing & Downing
Regional LP Director Confidential Los Angeles, CA Downing & Downing

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Loss Prevention Mgr Sears Holdings/Sears Greensboro, NC Sears Holdings Corp
Area Loss Prevention Mgr Rent-A-Center Raleigh, NC Rent-A-Center
District LP Mgr TJ Maxx Norwalk, CT TJX
Asset Protection Mgr The Home Depot Frederick, MD The Home Depot
Loss Prevention Mgr Macy's Nanuet Mall Nanuet, NY Macy's
Loss Prevention Mgr Macy's Jefferson Louisville, KY Macy's
District LP Mgr Marshall's Fullerton, CA TJX

Gregg Smith has been named Senior Director of Loss Prevention for Children's Place
Maurizio Scrofani was named Vice President of Security for Macy's Logistics and Operations
Todd Mace has been named Manager of Loss Prevention for Harbor Freight
Pat DiGiaro was named District Loss Prevention Manager for Rite Aid

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If you are too busy or too important to take a vacation this year, it's time you took one. Vacation deprivation is a disservice to yourself, your family, and your employer.

Here are some facts to consider:

  • 34% of employed adults in the United States don't use all of their vacation time.
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  • Vacations are among the best family experiences most likely to be remembered by children.
  • And finally, you’ll discover that you're not quite as indispensible as you thought.

John Velke
V.P. Loss Prevention & Safety
Total Wine & More

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