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Kirk Luke
was named Director of Security and Loss Prevention for Young's Market Company, a position that was newly created since the company was founded in 1888. Before YMCO, Kirk spent one year and 5 months as the Director of Loss Prevention with CKE Restaurants covering both Carl's Jr. and Hardee's brands. Prior to CKE, Kirk was the West Coast Regional Director of Loss Prevention for 15 years with Circle K Stores. Congratulations Kirk!

Dyson’s sucking up profit margins, one of the most pilfered products of 2012. According to a survey released this month by the National Retail Federation, Dyson vacuums have taken their place on the high theft list with cigarettes and LCD televisions. Joe LaRocca stated that the Organized Crime Survey was not a surprise based on several major organized crime rings around the country targeting the brand. A $649 Dyson unit can sell for $400 on the street. (source

Hermès employees found to be in on counterfeit ring. French police have dismantled an international crime ring which produced copies of the luxury fashion house's bags, with several Hermès staff in on the act. Two individuals have now been fired though several others who remain working for the design house are suspected to be involved. The surveillance was part of an investigation into the international crime ring that robs the brand of millions of dollars every year. During the raid, police found clandestine workshops bursting at the seams with precious leather skins for making the counterfeit accessories. The ring that has distribution outlets in Europe, the U.S. and Asia, is thought to be able to generate $22 million through one branch alone. (source

Costco Wholesale has agreed to buy out 50% of Costco de Mexico. Costco Wholesale has agreed to buy out Controladora Comercial Mexicana's 50% share interest in Costco de Mexico, a joint venture, for $760.4 million. The closing is subject to the approvals of the Mexican Federal Competition Commission and the shareholders of CCM. Costco Wholesale currently operates 32 in Mexico. (source

Tesco pays Aeon to rid itself of Japan business. Tesco, the world's No.3 retailer, has ended a nine-year attempt to crack Japan’s tough retail market by effectively paying Aeon Corp , the country's No.2 general retailer, to take its loss-making business there off its hands. The deal, which will allow Tesco to focus on fixing its main British business after a shock profit warning in January, will inevitably re-heat speculation over the group's long-term commitment to its much larger loss-making Fresh & Easy business in the United States. Japan is the smallest of Tesco's 13 international businesses, consisting of 117 stores in greater Tokyo. (source

UK’s Clinton Cards closing an additional 122 stores. Administrators at Zolfo Cooper have since announced the closure of a further 122 Clinton and Birthdays stores not included in the deal, leading to around 880 terminations nationally and leaving 122 stores under its control. The group, the UK's biggest specialist cards retailer, fell into administration last month, although 397 of its branches were sold to Ohio-based American Greetings, saving 4,500 jobs. (source

Former web-only European retailer Pixmania plans to open five to 15 stores each year. "Today the web accounts for 5% of total European furniture sales, 10% of television sales and 20% of camera sales," Rosenblum says. He expects Pixmania’s bricks-and-mortar stores to represent 50% of the company’s sales within five years—up from 25% today—as the company plans to open as many as 15 new stores a year. He says Pixmania’s Swedish affiliate,, already does 50% of its sales online and 50% in store. Pixmania annual sales for both the web and stores total around $1.1 billion. (source

FireSale discount store maybe a new approach in retailing. Insurance companies like the concept because they can recover some of the value of merchandise claimed as a total loss in the event of smoke or water damage. The store and website opened nearly 18 months ago outside of Columbus, Ohio. (source

The U.S. Computer Emergency Readiness Team has disclosed a flaw in Intel chips that could allow hackers to gain control of Windows and other operating systems. (source

The Inside Story. Newly released Court documents reveal more information of the biggest heist in US History. The Enfield warehouse in Enfield, Connecticut was about to become legend, the scene of an $80 million commercial drug heist, the biggest in U.S. history. Unsealed FBI documents reveal the well oiled machine of the organization and the simple mistake that lead to their arrest. (source

Police arrest three suspects at Queenstown Premium Outlets in Maryland. A total of $3200 was found in the suspect's car along with drug paraphernalia, now the three face 23 charges of theft. (source

Security Guard killed in shopping center robbery, suspects are a man, woman and two small children. Two small children in the presence of a man and woman trying to break into a store at the Broadway Shopping Centre, when they assaulted a 68 year old security guard who later went into cardiac arrest and died. The suspects have been arrested and now face charges of manslaughter. (source

Attorney General’s eCrime Unit in California breaks two high dollar "skimming" cases. The thieves were able to install Micro cameras and card readers on the ATM’s inside the Chase banks vestibules. The cases total nearly $500,000 loss to Chase bank and its customers, sentences for the thieves range for one to four years in prison. (source

Shoplifter hides in a storm drain for 3 hours trying to elude police. The suspect walked out of a Sears store with a 55 inch television and got it loaded into his truck, but then was quickly approached by Loss Prevention. The suspect handed over his identification to LP then made an attempt to drive away, but his co-conspirator would not drive away. So he runs and hides in a drainage pipe hoping that police would give up the search, well it wasn’t long enough. (source

Picture: sharks in mall

Picture of the day. This photo made its way around the world, titled: images of two sharks swimming through the ground floor of a popular mall and science center in Kuwait. Rumor was the hungry predators were lurking through the flooded building after their massive tank had collapsed and flooded the ground floor in several feet of water. Fear not, the story and the picture is fake. (source


Mattress Firm -- Building an LP Department

Mattress Firm's LP Department is growing in a major way! The company recently announced four new positions that have been added, with two more positions being announced in the next couple weeks. Congratulations!

Joe Davis was named Manager of Corporate Loss Prevention for Mattress Firm.
Mark Silverberg was named Physical Security Manager for Mattress Firm.
Jerry Meier was named Field Loss Prevention Auditor for Mattress Firm.
Eric Strom was named Senior Manager of Field Loss Prevention for Mattress Firm.

Last week's most popular news article --

Click here to watch video.WATCH THIS VIDEO AS THE SWAT Team enters Burlington Coat in Inglewood, CA to take down 4 masked robbers that took employees hostage at 7 am yesterday. Some workers inside the building saw three men wearing ski masks inside the building, and police were notified, according to Inglewood police Lt. Neal Cochran. A SWAT team was sent to the scene. Just before 8:30 a.m., police said that the suspects were ready to surrender. Officers broke out a glass panel in one door about 8:45 a.m., allowing people to leave. (Source


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High End Shoplifting Ring busted in Sydney Australia. Over $500,000 of high end labeled goods have been recovered from an apartment outside of Sydney. Thousands of items of men's and women's clothing from Hugo Boss, Armani, Herringbone, Ermenegildo Zegna, Ralph Lauren, Versace, Giorgio Cavalli, Alannah Hill, Laura Ashley and Veronika Maine were seized. Police are still looking for information on the suspected gang. (source

UK shoplifting gang convicted of theft of over $25,000. Three women now face 12 months in jail for the crime spree of clothing and perfumes from stores outside of London. Authorities stated, "This is not shoplifting. In my view it is organized, equipped, pre-planned, high cost theft from shops that appeared vulnerable to you in market towns such as Ipswich, Colchester and Cambridge where I anticipate you think security is reduced." (source

Brazen robbers hit a Melbourne, Australia grocery store on a busy Saturday morning as 200 customers are stunned. No one was injured in the five man raid on the front end of a grocery store in Melbourne. The thieves moved in a quick and organized fashion, holding customers and employees back with knives and a meat clever. The thieves spilt into two groups when they left the store, no arrests have been made at this time. (source

South African Organized crime unit takes down $50 million cargo theft ring. Durban’s Organized Crime Unit investigated millions of dollars of losses from shipments from around the world, Friday the investigation paid off with the recovery of 16 storage container with millions of the stolen loot inside. No suspects have been arrested yet; the unit has already profiled five suspects. (source

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Your Trusted Source For EAS Products since 1992

In 2011, ALL-TAG Security launched their RF Label production facility in the United States, making them the only company currently manufacturing Electronic Article Surveillance (EAS) products in America. Manufacturing in the U.S. allows ALL-TAG to continuously maintain inventory levels that guarantee immediate order shipping, and enables them to quickly process custom on-demand orders. Since 1992, All-Tag has been manufacturing their RF Labels at their factory in Belgium, which is still being used to service their European clientele.

ALL-TAG is not only known for being the second largest global manufacturer of RF Labels, but also as a reliable source for high quality Sensormatic and Checkpoint compatible EAS Hard Tags, Labels, Ink Tags, and other EAS products that allow retailers to save money and seamlessly incorporate new products into their stores. Because we are a designer and manufacturer of our EAS product line, our ability to rapidly deliver custom products on-demand is unmatched. From designing custom shapes, sizes, and colors to printing special text and company logos on our products, we can provide retailers with solutions that meet their security and merchandising requirements.

Easy To Implement Apparel Source Tagging

Since Electronic Article Surveillance (EAS) was invented in the 1960’s, apparel retailers have spent billions of dollars buying plastic EAS tags, and billions more in labor costs to affix them on garments the "old fashion" way – piece by piece – using labor supplied by store or distribution center associates.

E-Tag. EAS Tag Recirculation. Apparel Source Tagging for the 21st century. Click here to learn more about Hard Tag Recirculation.Based upon a proven reverse logistics model implemented for reusing clothes hangers, E-Tag now offers retailers a dramatic cost-saving Apparel Source Tagging program where apparel manufacturers source-tag the garments with EAS Hard Tags. E-Tag will collect the EAS Tags from retail stores and send them to their processing centers around the world where they are inspected, repackaged, and Recirculated back to the retailer’s apparel manufacturers. The process keeps repeating so that the same EAS Tags are used over and over again. E-Tag can recirculate a retailer’s existing EAS Tags, as well as provide extra EAS Tags that may be needed for Recirculation.

EAS Tag Recirculation decreases the per garment cost retailers pay for EAS Tagging, makes the garments "floor ready" when they arrive at the stores, ensures that all garments are tagged in the proper location, and extends the life of your EAS Tags. All of these elements together make E-Tag’s EAS Tag Recirculation program the Economical, Efficient, and Environmentally sound solution.

E-Tag, along with their partner the TIC Group, was the first company to Recirculate EAS Tags. Other companies may promote a similar service, but E-Tag / TIC is the only provider that has developed the global partnerships and warehouses to ensure proper, legal and efficient execution at a cost effective price.

You can learn more about ALL-TAG Security and the E-Tag EAS Tag Recirculation program by visiting and respectively.

Please visit use at booth 931 at the upcoming
National Retail Federation (NRF) Loss Prevention Conference.


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Two New Ways to Protect Your Goods!

Picture this: the same standout protection with newer, sexier features. Protect your high value goods with the best defense the market has to offer!

USS has taken their famously popular and fashionable Mini Patriot line and added new members with even more standout features: the Mini Patriot MultiAlarm and the Mini Patriot Pin Tag.

The Mini Patriot MultiAlarm

Stop theft with the potent protection of a sleek looking tag. Perfect for high-end apparel, accessories, purses, shoes and leather goods, the Mini Patriot MultiAlarm Tag features three levels of alarms in a small and attractive package: EAS, tamper recognition and on or off premise alarms.

The Mini Patriot Pin Tag

Utilizing a compact, secure pin instead of a lanyard to attach to the merchandise, the Mini Patriot Pin Tag features a piercingly loud EAS system alarm that will stop thieves dead in their tracks and a highly secure pin-locking clutch.

"The Mini Patriot family offers the best protection on the market and these two new products are powerful theft deterrents, providing high-end goods with the power of an army wrapped up in a tiny but potent package," said USS President and CEO Adel Sayegh.

Come visit us at Booth 1101 to see first-hand how the Mini Patriot family can reduce your shrink and protect your goods!

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Regional LP Mgr Tilly's Chicago, IL Tilly's
Mgr LP Operations Confidential New York, NY Downing & Downing
Dir of Asset Protection Confidential New York, NY Downing & Downing
Mgr LP Operations Confidential New York, NY Downing & Downing
Mgr LP Systems Confidential New York, NY Downing & Downing

Dir of Loss Prevention



Downing & Downing

Dir of Loss Prevention Confidential Southern Florida Downing & Downing

National Acct Sales Mgr


Chicago, IL

Downing & Downing

Asset Protection Mgr

The Home Depot

Phoenix, AZ

The Home Depot

Asset Protection Mgr

The Home Depot

Metro Northern 

The Home Depot

Asset Protection Mgr

The Home Depot

Salem, OR

The Home Depot

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Loss Prevention Mgr Kmart Huntington, NY Sears Holdings Corp.
Loss Prevention Mgr Sears Lancaster, PA Sears Holdings Corp.
Dept Mgr Store LP & Safety Lowe's Frisco, TX Lowe's
Dept Mgr Store LP & Safety Lowe's North Augusta, SC Lowe's
Dept Mgr Store LP & Safety Lowe's Waxahachie, TX Lowe's
Dept Mgr Store LP & Safety Lowe's Bakersfield, CA Lowe's
Dept Mgr Store LP & Safety Lowe's Colorado Springs, CO Lowe's
Dept Mgr Store LP & Safety Lowe's Silverthorne, CO Lowe's
Dept Mgr Store LP & Safety Lowe's Renton, WA Lowe's
Asset Protection Mgr Home Depot Raleigh, NC Home Depot
District LP Mgr Dick's Sporting Goods Cincinnati, OH Dick's Sporting Goods
Area LP Mgr Gap Outlet Ontario, Canada Gap, Inc.
Market AP Mgr Walmart Cooper City, FL Walmart
Retail LP Mgr Carson's Edens Plaza, IL The Bon-Ton Stores, Inc.
Retail LP Mgr Kroger Wilmette, IL Kroger

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On the Move: Home of the Industry's Original - Sponsored by Cival Demand Associates

Kirk Luke was named Director of Security and Loss Prevention for Young's Market Company.
Joe Davis was named Manager of Corporate Loss Prevention for Mattress Firm.
Mark Silverberg was named Physical Security Manager for Mattress Firm.
Jerry Meier was named Field Loss Prevention Auditor for Mattress Firm.
Eric Strom was named Senior Manager of Field Loss Prevention for Mattress Firm.

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Stop Working All Those Hours "He's one of my best employees. He always puts in ten-hour days, sometimes much more." Is this how your boss judges you and your colleagues? Probably yes. In a 2010 study, researchers found that managers generally considered their employees who spent more time in the office to be more dedicated, more hardworking, and more responsible.  (What you can do about it)

The Only Management Strategy You'll Ever Need Great leaders may think they need to struggle to motivate, inspire, and lead their employees, but they don't. "In one sentence, what is the key to leading people?" Throwaway question? Absolutely. However, at a recent talk, the author asked this question and got a very incredible, yet very surprising response.  (Best answer ever)
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5 Toxic Beliefs That Ruin Careers The Book of Proverbs states: "As a man believes so is her." (23:7) However, there are five beliefs that consistently make people less successful. People who hold these beliefs tend to lack the energy required to create their own success. Don't be one of them.  (Don't subscribe to any of these)

How to Thank Your Employees in Only Eight Words Think about the amazing implications of recognizing employee's contributions. It shows you are paying attention. It shows you care. It makes people feel valued. And as Tom Peters notes, "People don't forget kindness." Genuine appreciation goes a long way. Here's a guide to get the most out of a brief note.  (10 tips)


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Education is a broad term usually defined by an individual as a singular focus with an end result that oftentimes stagnates the brain and limits horizons. Reaching milestones is incredibly important, but keeping your curiosity and wonderment is the key to reaching beyond. No singular degree or certification will bring you the success – it merely opens the door to more learning and the realization that if you don't know something, you go find someone who does and learn it from them.

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