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News Brief - Sponsored by WG Security Products

Bill GropperBill Gropper was promoted to Director Loss Prevention/Safety Service for Limited Brands. Bill has been with Limited Brands for two years. Previously he spent two and a half years with Lacoste as the Corporate Loss Prevention Manager. Before Lacoste, Bill was the Director of Security with Macy's East, the largest branch location, for two years. Bill also spent three years at Kohl's as a District Loss Prevention Manager, and four years at Odd Job Stores as a Regional Loss Prevention Manager. Bill received his bachelor's degree in history and education from the State University of New York College at Fredonia. Congrats Bill!
David GrohDavid Groh was promoted to Corporate Risk & Loss Prevention Manager for Weekends Only, Inc. David has spent the last three years with Weekends Only, Inc., as General Manager and Manager of Loss Prevention and Safety. Previously, David spent two years with Expo Design Center as a District Loss Prevention Manager. Before that David held the title of Regional Loss Prevention Manager at both Wolf Camera and Tuesday Morning. David began his loss prevention career at Venture Stores, where he spent two years as an Asset Protection Manager. David received his bachelor's degree in management from Truman State University. Congratulations David!

Talk about turnover in LP - 27% of retail CEOs leave after 3 or less yrs & 42% leave after 5 or less and successful CEO's "need to be battle hardened" able to overcome adversity, "can get people to do things they’d never thought they’d do. They need to be fearless and take risks." This is probably the best article about the current state of retail CEO's we've read and it gives a clear picture of what they're up against every day. Sounds like we're not alone in the fight to thrive, be successful, and keep our jobs. If you're a serious retail executive you need to read this article. (Source

Card payment processor Global Payments learns their servers were hacked and hackers may have stolen personal information of individuals who applied for a merchant accounts. "We have recently learned of potential unauthorized access to servers containing personal information from a subset of merchant applicants," Paul Garcia, Global Payments' chairman and CEO, said during a conference call with shareholders on Tuesday. Back in April, Global Payments announced that hackers managed to break into its payment processing system and stole Track 2 data corresponding to almost 1.5 million credit and debit cards. The data breach is still being investigated by security experts and law enforcement authorities. The unauthorized access to servers containing merchant data was uncovered as a part of that investigation. (Source

Target is getting ready to open 3 "City Target" stores - their urban format. Opening them in Los Angeles, Seattle, and Chicago they will be 85,000 square feet to 100,000 square feet and will feature groceries and products geared for city residents and commuters. With future plans to open two more in LA, one in Portland, and one in San Francisco next year. (Source

The only thing Google and Facebook have in common - fighting counterfeit ads. Today , the nonprofit group StopBadware, backed by Google, PayPal, Mozilla, and others, will launch the Ads Integrity Alliance to present a more united front to scammers and also educate policymakers on potential legal or legislative remedies. Up till now they've been working on the problem individually and now they'll be working together and with others to start fighting the problem. No one knows exactly how it will work yet but if it's anything like StopBadware it will function as an information sharing database similar to what retail loss prevention is doing in ORC with public law enforcement. (Source

Even in the IT security world they talk about the importance of interviewing insider investigations identical to the LP world Interviews are a must for IT incident-response teams to more quickly get to the bottom of incidents and to distinguish among theft, impropriety, or just sloppy mishandling of IT resources. In many cases, simply putting someone who has done something malicious in front of a computer forensics investigator is enough to get him to talk right then and there. (Source

French police bust biggest cash-counterfeiting ring in France's history French police have smashed a vast cash-counterfeiting ring that printed over nine million euros ($11 million) and is described as the biggest ever in France, a police source said Thursday. The currency (20 and 50 euro notes) had been circulating since 2007 and at the time of the raid they found 350,000 notes ready for distribution. While officers had made dozens of arrests over several months, notably members of the traveller community distributing the notes, they had not until now found the master counterfeiter or the print works. Between 30 and 40 counterfeiting operations are dismantled in France every year, making the country one of the most affected in the European Union. But this was the biggest ever uncovered. (Source

The "Green Goblin" robber busted in Durham, NC after robbing 8 retail stores in 6 weeks The Durham firefighter wore the Green Goblin mask during each robbery and always hit around closing time. Hitting Dollar Tree, Family Dollar, Dollar General, Game Stop, Dominos, and Captain D's restaurant. He was charged with 43 counts. (Source

Remember the Sony playstation hacks last year - well the FBI never did as they indicted a 20 year-old UK citizen for orchestrating a "hacking rampage last year" that hit Sony, Fox, and others, all under the LulzSec banner - the offshoot of Anonymous He's currently being tried in the UK for other hacks he's done and once those are dealt with they plan to file to have him extradited. And of interesting note is that the former leader of LulzSec is the one who gave him up to the FBI after being secretly arrested by the FBI himself. (Source

Talk about punishment - China sentences ring leader of $31M counterfeit money ring to death Capital punishment is widely used in China for crimes ranging from murder to drug trafficking and tax evasion. (Source Associated Press)

One associate and four suspects arrested for theft of $60,000 of iPhones. The first time Marlon Anderson was working it was believed he was the victim of a $30,000 robbery. But when the store was burglarized and another $30,000 in iPhones was stolen, Police believed it may have been an inside job. (source

UK burglars acting as the Alarm Company asked the Store Managers to change the alarm code, followed by late night burglaries. The suspects called the store asking the manager on duty to change the alarm code, one manager followed up with a call to the real security company, later that evening police were ready and waiting. The suspects were stopped outside of the store with power drills, screwdrivers, safety goggles and a torch. The suspects are believed to have gotten away with this plan many times, but still had 72 prior convictions between them. (source

Failed attempt at shoplifting ends with suspect run over by his own truck. Walmart Associates notice the suspect preparing to shoplift jeans and electronics, so the suspect left empty handed from the store. Stopping to fix his broken muffler in the back parking lot, his partner in crime drove over him. The suspect is in serious condition, but was not charged. The driver is being charged with reckless driving. (source

Quarterly Same Store Sales Results

Kroger 1Q up 4.2% the 34th straight month of growth


Cap Index

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3rd Annual Training Conference

Sept. 17 - 20, 2012
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2012 Thought Challenge Awards Committee

Northern Michigan University

Northern Michigan University, located in Michigan’s incredible Upper Peninsula, offers one of the only baccalaureate loss prevention management programs in the United States. It is offered completely online and accepts up to 92 transfer credits. An affordable investment into a dynamic and growing profession.

Learn more here

Protection with Class. Where EAS meets elegance. Visit WG at NRF Booth 1401 - WG

4th Annual Charity Golf Tournament - Tuesday, June 19th during the NRF Show - click to register
D&D Daily Canadian Push

Vector Security
Vector Security Promotes North American Service Capabilities at
2012 National Retail Foundation (NRF) Loss Prevention Conference

Emphasis on loss prevention solutions to Canada

Timothy LynnPITTSBURGH (June 14, 2012) – Vector Security® will promote its North American service capabilities to retailers – and in particular, Canadian retailers – at the 2012 National Retail Foundation (NRF) Loss Prevention Conference and Expo, June 20-22, in New Orleans.

While Vector Security has provided services in Canada for 16 years, an increasing number of retailers are moving north of the U.S. border, and the company has poised itself to efficiently and effectively deliver loss prevention solutions to that market.

"We have committed resources to serve Canadian customers," said Tim Lynn, who manages Canadian operations for Vector Security. "Our service model includes the National Service Center, which operates as a single point of contact for all project management, installation, service and maintenance. This ensures efficient response and cost-effective service delivery. Additionally, we have partnerships with more than 200 of the best technical service providers in Canada, allowing us to deploy a full range of loss prevention solutions in that region."

Tim noted that Vector Security operates a ULC (Underwriters Laboratories Canada) listed monitoring center, the winner of numerous industry awards including Frost and Sullivan’s "Best Commercial Services Central Station in North America."

Among the loss prevention solutions provided by Vector Security in North America are video and mobile solutions; electronic article surveillance; access control; compliance and permit management; and robbery notification. The company also offers Managed Network Services, which delivers broadband networking that allows retailers to maximize their security solutions.

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LPNN - Loss Prevention News Network

The Drug Store Industry's ORC Leaders, Part 4 of 4

Click here to watch video.

*New web format now supports watching these episodes on Apple and Android devices.

The Drug Store Industry's ORC Leaders, Part 4
with Joe LaRocca, senior retail partner and senior advisor of Asset Protection for the NRF, Jerry Biggs - Walgreens Director of ORC, Jim Lynch - CVS's Dir. LP Corp. Investigations & Security, and Cathy Langley - Rite Aid's Senior Director of Asset Prevention. This series is a specialized and focused group, all from the same industry that happens to probably be the most impacted retail segment of all as it relates to Organized Retail Crime. We talk about where they are and how they measure what they're doing in regards to tackling ORC. From staffing ORC positions to leading them, this group gives you the ability to hear about how ORC is impacting the drug store industry and how they're responding. Filmed Feb. 2012


Season One Episode Release Dates

June 18 Bill Titus, VP Loss Prevention & Safety at Sears Holdings Corp, 3 part episode
June 25 The Big Box & Specialty Store ORC Leaders, 5 part episode


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Booster Bag Detection System - Alert MetalGuard. Meet us in New Orleans at booth 420.

ORC News - Sponsored by Universal Survellience Systems

ORC duo- men dressed as women - committing credit card fraud busted in Manhattan Beach, CA and hitting businesses and retailers all over Southern CA. Cornell "Corey" Jackson, 29, of Lakewood and Marquet Dorsey, 24, of Rialto - who both stand more than 6 feet tall, weigh 200 pounds and sport long black hair - are suspected of purchasing thousands of dollars worth of goods by duping the clerks at retail stores into processing their phony cards, police said. Manhattan Beach detectives opened the case June 1 when Jackson allegedly purchased $1,172 worth of sunglasses from Trendy Sunglasses in Manhattan Beach using a prepaid Visa card with a zero balance. When the card was declined, Jackson got on his phone and said he was calling Visa to fix the problem. He then had Dorsey pose as a Visa employee and call the store clerk, Martin said. "Dorsey tricked the clerk into processing the sale by providing a fictitious `authorization code,' thus approving the transaction," Martin said. The clerk took the code, which matched normal approval numbers that display on credit card swipe machines, and plugged it into the system. Police suspect the men engaged in at least 40 fraudulent transactions. Each was run similarly: One of the men would use an unfunded or fictitious credit card to buy goods. When the card was declined, the other man posed on the phone as an employee of a credit card company. (Source

Click here to watch video.

Lake County Sheriff and accomplice busted at Wal-Mart in Sanford, FL that may be ORC duo.
Stealing a lot of household items and H&B items that sell fast in the black market they were busted with $1,400 worth of merchandise. Police themselves think he may be a professional shoplifter. (Source

Woman hitting multiple Wal-Mart stores for TVs busted in Deep Creek, FL Hitting one store two days in a row and just walking out with large 47 inch and 55 inch TVs and in one case an employee actually helped her load the TV in her car. Loss Prevention had dealings with her in another TV theft case at another Wal-Mart store in Murdock, FL. (Source

Click to watch video.

Thieves attempt to steal cargo from a moving truck. Romanian Organized Crime and Terrorism Unit film a high speed cargo theft attempt on a highway. The thieves pull directly behind the truck and a suspect exits the sunroof with tools to open the back door of the trailer. (source

ORC Joint Operation - Gilroy, CA

Gilroy, CA - There will be an ORC Operation in the Gilroy Outlet Center on July 18 and 19, 2012. The Gilroy Police Department has committed that they will be a part of the operation and CHP has indicated they are likely to be involved in the operation as well. There have been a few retailers that have committed that they will be on site and involved but we will need more participation in an effort that will be a major offensive to Organized Retail Crime in the area. I encourage you to contact me at: to stay in touch on the operation as well as participate.

There is a news crew from NBC who is very interested in the operation according to CHP and our position on this is "that if the local news affiliate wants to come and cover our handiwork AFTER we have landed something and they want to film everyone all lined up and stacks of recovered stolen product, they are welcome to do so. However, we cannot make a decision like this for every retailer involved in this operation". Any retailer who wants to be involved in this operation and doesn't want their company information disclosed will have the right to that privacy.

Please contact me:

Rick Miller
Regional Manager Loss Prevention
Fifth and Pacific Companies
(formerly Liz Claiborne, Inc.)
cell: 562 254-5818

Do you have an ORC case to share? Publishing it educates the LP & retail community which might fuel even more jobs and funding.
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Discover crime in progress. The revolutionary new Scorpion HD stops theft right at the cashier checkout by finding concealed EAS-tagged merchandise. Cheick it out at the NRF in Booth 1101. Hottest New Protection Product of the Year! USS

Vendor Spotlight

Universal Surveillance Systems Recognizes
The Retail Equation for their Outstanding Support
for Charity and the LP Community


Universal Surveillance Systems would like to express their deep appreciation to the Retail Equation and their dynamic team for their altruistic Gold level donation to the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children through the 4th Annual Charity Golf Tournament on June 19 in conjunction with the NRF Conference.

"The Retail Equation has accomplished incredible things for the loss prevention industry by introducing brilliant solutions to problems that have plagued retailers for decades. They have shown that their loss prevention skills are matched only by their generous philanthropy," said USS President and CEO Adel Sayegh. "I am truly grateful to them for being such a charitable organization and supporting this amazing cause."

Founded in 1999, The Retail Equation is a retail transaction optimization solution company headquartered in Irvine, CA. In addition to The Retail Equation’s charitable works, their innovative answers to growing return and receipt fraud problems have helped over 17,000 companies.

The 4th Annual Charity Golf Tournament is sponsored by Universal Surveillance Systems, LLC. The tournament is held June 19 during the week of the NRF conference and all proceeds go to the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children.


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Vendor Spotlight

Axis Introduces Attractively Priced Fixed Mini Domes with HDTV Quality, Intelligent Video and Edge Storage for Retail Surveillance

Low-profile AXIS M30 Series to be showcased at NRF-LP,
support AXIS Camera Companion, hosted video, Corridor Format and AXIS Camera Application Platform for a variety of cost-effective retail installations

CHELMSFORD, Mass. – NRF-LP – June 13, 2012 – Axis Communications, the global market leader in network video, today announces a series of sleek, intelligent and affordable HDTV-quality indoor fixed mini domes designed for surveillance and loss prevention in retail stores.

Axis CameraMeasuring only 4" x 2", the new IP cameras in the AXIS M30 Series include AXIS M3004 (HDTV 720p and 1 MP resolution) and AXIS M3005 (HDTV 1080p and 2 MP). The palm-sized, dust-resistant AXIS M30 cameras are designed for quick and flexible installation, and optional colored casings are available so that the cameras can best blend into the aesthetics of the store.

Look out for these low-profile surveillance cameras on display at National Retail Federation’s annual Loss Prevention Conference and EXPO (NRF-LP) in Axis booth #1109.

Specifically designed with retailers in mind, AXIS M3004 and AXIS M3005 feature a unique 3-axis lens that allows installers to mount the cameras on walls or ceilings and easily adjust the camera direction and image angle. This lens also enables support for Axis’ Corridor Format, which delivers a vertically oriented video stream (i.e. 9:16) to maximize surveillance coverage of store aisles and high bay racking environments.

Furthermore, the cameras' built-in MicroSDHC card slot enables several days of HDTV-quality video to be stored locally and can be used together with the free AXIS Camera Companion software to deliver an easy and cost-effective way to remotely view and manage video for up to 16 cameras per site. AXIS M30 cameras also support AXIS Video Hosting System (AVHS) with One-Click Camera connection for hosted video deployments and are compatible with industry leading video management software for system design flexibility.

"The new AXIS M30 Network Cameras are small, easy to install on either walls or ceilings and competitively priced with superb HDTV performance," says Johan Åkesson, director of business development, Retail. "Together with their support for the intuitive AXIS Camera Companion solution and a wide range of other video management software, the cameras provide price-sensitive market segments with an attractively priced HDTV surveillance solution."

AXIS M3004 and AXIS M3005 Fixed Dome Network Cameras offer horizontal viewing angles of 80° and 118°, respectively, and the cameras come pre-focused to shorten installation time. Optional lenses are available for different angles of view.

The cameras can send multiple H.264 and Motion JPEG video streams simultaneously, and have support for AXIS Camera Application Platform to enable third-party intelligent video applications that run inside the camera itself, such as people counting, business and operational intelligence, heat mapping, dwell time analysis and traffic flow patterns.

AXIS M3004 and AXIS M3005 with suggested retail prices of $279 and $379, respectively, are expected to be available for order in Q3 2012. For photos and other resources, please visit

Matt Flanagan
fama PR, Inc.

Domenic Locapo
Axis Communications Inc.

Axis Communications

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10,000 lb pull force only from Detex

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Regional LP Mgr Tilly's Chicago, IL Tilly's
Mgr LP Operations Confidential New York, NY Downing & Downing
Dir of Asset Protection Confidential New York, NY Downing & Downing
Mgr LP Operations Confidential New York, NY Downing & Downing
Mgr LP Systems Confidential New York, NY Downing & Downing

Dir of Loss Prevention



Downing & Downing

Dir of Loss Prevention Confidential Southern Florida Downing & Downing

National Acct Sales Mgr


Chicago, IL

Downing & Downing

Asset Protection Mgr

The Home Depot

Phoenix, AZ

The Home Depot

Asset Protection Mgr

The Home Depot

Metro Northern 

The Home Depot

Asset Protection Mgr

The Home Depot

Salem, OR

The Home Depot

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Dept Mgr Store LP & Safety Lowe's Frankfort, KY Lowe's
Area Mgr - AP All Facilities Ottawa, KS Walmart
Asset Protection Mgr Sam's G1 Jacksonville, NC Walmart
District Investigator Home Depot Carolina, PR Home Depot
ORC Investigator Vons Arcadia, CA Safeway
Regional LP Mgr AutoZone Central CA AutoZone
Executive Team Leader - AP Target Washington, D.C. Target
Executive Team Leader - AP Target Prince George's County, MD Target
AP Coordinator Raley's Stockton, CA Raley's

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On the Move: Home of the Industry's Original - Sponsored by Cival Demand Associates

Bill Gropper was promoted to Director Loss Prevention/Safety Service for Limited Brands.
David Groh was promoted to Corporate Risk & Loss Prevention Manager for Weekends Only, Inc.
Byron Smith, CFI was named Corporate Supply Chain Asset Protection Manager for 7-Eleven.
Bill Warrick, CFE was named Senior Product Consultant for MICROS Systems, Inc.


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Your Career - Sponsored by 3VR

The Case For Hiring 'Under-Qualified' Employees "Rule 45: No unemployed candidates. Always an excuse. Too risky. Top-rated, currently employed candidates who won't leave -- PERFECT." With all due respect for the accomplishments of the author who wrote that, I disagree.  (We can't all afford superstars)

Mission: Engage Talent In 2012 we are devoting full days to ideation, full teams to executing the strongest ideas, and more incentives for generating new revenue streams for the business -- and our teams are already responding with brilliant ideas. So how do you engage your talent in the direction of the company?  (5 tips)
5 Tips for Business Travel With the NRF Loss Prevention Conference & EXPO in New Orleans next week, traveling is probably on your mind. Here are a few pointers which might make traveling just a little bit easier and a little more entertaining.  (Get your suitcase packed)

How to Succeed Everyone will always try to give you tips on how to succeed in some way or another. This humorous list of 39 suggestions contains some that may work, some that definitely won't, some that will make you laugh, some that will make you think of a co-worker, and some that you'll recognize you already do.  (Don't take it all seriously)


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One of the keys to success is being prepared. Preparation is something many take for granted and don't give it the focus they should. If you want to increase your performance in any endeavor, look at your preparation as a separate project with steps. Break down and prepare a plan for the actual preparation work, itself, making sure it's thorough, deep, exhaustive and timely. Certainly, we all operate best under pressure, but waiting until the last moment to prepare yourself may preclude you from doing all you can do and should do.

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