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Best Buy’s founder quits - Richard Schulze resigned from the consumer electronics’ retailer’s board yesterday The company had previously announced that Schulze would later this month leave the chairman role for an honorary position as founder and chairman emeritus. Schulze now says he won’t take on that position. Schulze, who still owns a 20.1% stake in Best Buy, in a statement released today, says he will “explore all available options” for his ownership stake. Does that mean he's selling? After all the issues over their CEO's departure a few months ago and the investigation that showed Schulze had been notified and didn't advise the Board it looks like he's just had enough. (Source

In London some retailers are removing self-checkout aisles "Turns out self-checkout hasn't been the boon of cost-effective productivity retailers had hoped," said Carmi Levy, a London tech analyst. "They're less reliable, they can easily confuse customers -- which then slows everything down for everyone else -- and they can also result in higher rates of shoplifting because the final line of defense, the cashier, is removed from the equation." (Source

Retail capital spending to hit $35 billion this year compared to $29 billion in 2009 With most trying to bring the web in-house and making their stores an expansion of their online identity. Store designers are striking a balance: making stores more Weblike, with mobile check-outs and kiosks, while turning them into hangouts where shoppers can experience a retailer’s brand in ways they can’t online. They are also finding ways to add merchandise without making stores seem cluttered. (Source

In 2011, spam accounted for about 75% of email with roughly 294 billion messages a week, according to
- Symantec's 2011 Internet Security Threat Report. Spammers have seen their incomes fall since boom times, but the major players can still make a million dollars a year from each major advertising client. "There are a small number of people who make a lot of money and then it drops off precipitously," said Savage. The money lining spammers' pockets comes from average people who give in to the temptation to buy cut-rate Viagra, or a fake Rolex, or perhaps a discounted cancer drug that they can't afford any other way. In most cases, spam experts say, the suckers receive a product -- it may or may not work, but they do get something in the mail. About three quarters of all spam messages promote real products. (Source

Safety 2012: 10 Reasons Your Risk Assessments Are Inadequate Two risk control experts who have performed thousands of risk assessments throughout their careers have concluded that "a number of those risk assessments are not performed very well." They shared their expertise with ASSE Safety 2012 attendees in a June 5 session in the Colorado Convention Center. The top 10 - visit -

Hacker who ran "Freshshop" website - a site that sold stolen financial info valued at $41M - sentenced to three years in jail in the UK The Freshshop the cybercriminals were running looked like any other online retail store, but instead of the usual items, they were actually selling credit card data. The valuable information was obtained not only from their own hacking operations, but also from other individuals who were looking for a way to sell the data they had stolen by breaching websites. When authorities raided Moore’s home back in 2011, they found tens of thousands of British Pounds in cash, along with a number of computers connected to the Freshshop. They also found the card details of around 340,000 individuals. (Source

Muslim upbringing blamed for Mother forcing her daughter to shoplift
. The 11-year-old daughter of a Muslim mother told police that because of her Muslim upbringing it forbids her to disagree with or question the commands of her Mother. Van Maur’s Loss Prevention staff stopped the mother and daughter with $470 in merchandise they had concealed in two handbags in the store’s fitting room. The mother was later booked on preliminary charges of retail theft and contributing to the criminal delinquency of a minor. (Source

Wal-Mart shoplifter cooks meth while being held in the loss prevention office St. Louis County police noticed the liquid inside the 20-ounce bottle was bubbling and immediately evacuated the Mehlville store because of the possible dangers. It is believed that the woman did not begin making the meth until she was inside the store. (Source

Three suspects arrested in Parker, Colo., $480,000 jewelry store robbery Police say the three broke into a neighboring store and smashed a hole in the wall to get inside Apex Jewelry. (Source

OSHA fines one New York Walmart $52,000, claims of reoccurring violations in at least five states
. Connecticut, Massachusetts, Illinois, Ohio and Texas are among the states which the New York OSHA Director believes have had reoccurring safety issues. According to her, "the recurring nature of these hazards is disturbing and needs to be effectively addressed." OSHA investigators found emergency exits blocked by pallets of merchandise, work aisles obstructed in the warehouse, fire extinguishers not in proper areas, and electrical hazards.  (Source

Picture: Orange County deputy shoots man near Florida Mall
Target electronics thief shot outside of Florida Mall
. Orange County Sheriff Deputy fired one shot grazing the passenger in the van driven by a suspected burglar leaving the Target store in Orlando, Florida. The four suspects in the van had driven towards the Deputy. Fearing for his life, the deputy fired one time; the suspects were later apprehended. The Deputy says the van was loaded with electronics merchandise believed to be from the Target store. (Source

Video: Employee arrested for shooting inside store
Lowe’s Associated arrested for firing shots in the store
. Pikesville, Kentucky Police received a call Thursday morning of a man with a gun inside the Lowe’s store. Officers arrived to find Barry Cates Jr., 51, of Ivel, Ky., an employee of Lowe’s, in possession of a .22 caliber revolver handgun. Two rounds had been fired inside the store while employees were present. No one was injured in the incident. Detective Phillip Reed with the PPD said Cates is a nine-and-a-half year employee of Lowe’s. Reed said Cates had a disagreement with another employee at the store, and had come to work with a gun, threatening to kill the employee and himself. That employee was on vacation, and Cates fired the gun into the air. (Source

Quarterly Same Store Sales Results

Duckwall-Alco Q1 up 1.7% with net sales up 3.6%
Men's Warehouse Q4 - K&G stores down 4% - Men's Warehouse up 3.8% and Canada's Moores banner down 7.1%

This Monday - Look for "Kroger's ORC Program - Delivering an ROI that drives growth"

BJ's Wholesale Club's Upgrade to IP Video Surveillance:A Case Study Webinar - Thursday, June 14 at Noon Eastern - STORES Media's Editor Susan Reda will be moderating; with speakers Charles Delgado, VP of Asset Protection for BJ's Wholesale Club; Hedgie Bartol, Business Development Manager for Axis Communications; and Scott Thomas, Global Director Retail Market Development for Genetec. The webinar will begin at noon EST and each registrant will be entered in a drawing for an AXIS M1021-W Network Camera, courtesy of Axis Communications


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D&D Daily Canadian Push

ORC - does it exist in Canada? Or is it that the newspapers just don't pick it up
We've certainly heard of a number of ORC cases but rarely do we see anything in the newspapers about the subject. Even when surveys are released in the States, Canadian newspapers just don't pick them up. A number of senior LP executives have mentioned them to us here at the Daily over the years but they never get any press.At the Daily we spend countless hours scoring the papers and the net looking for the articles but rarely see them. Certainly we see the counterfeit cases, ID theft cases, and credit card/debit card cases but rarely the ORC or fencing case. So we at the Daily would like to ask the Canadian LP community - Does it exist there and why doesn't your press pick them up? Any takers?

From "Reinvention" to "Differentiate or Die" and from "Multi-channel" to now "Omni-channel" - It’s time to get 'radical' in retail Today, the traditional model of retail itself has undergone a radical reinvention, and it’s being driven by the consumer. Armed with mobile technology at their fingertips, these savvy new consumers are abreast of the latest trends and competitor information, they can access the best deals instantly – and they are using this data to steer a revolution in retail that ultimately benefits them. Omni-channel incorporates mobile commerce and social media to develop a more converged and unified approach to the customer experience. In essence, the Omni-channel strategy aims to enhance customer engagement and increase brand loyalty by developing a relationship with the end consumer. To demonstrate how pervasive this radical retail revolution is, a report released by KPMG entitled the Converged Lifestyle: KPMG’s Consumers & Convergence Report, highlight some interesting findings about the Canadian consumer in this new digital world. (Source

Ann Inc. opens its first Loft store in Toronto's Yorkdale Shopping Center The announcement comes just weeks after Ann Taylor announced its first international locations would open in Toronto this fall. One of the locations will be at the Eaton Centre, reports Toronto Life. The second location is yet to be confirmed. J.Crew, Express, Marshalls, Intermix and Tory Burch have all opened bricks-and-mortar locations in Canada. The Hudson’s Bay Co. acquired Canadian franchise rights for Topshop and Topman, opening the first store for the British fast-fashion chains in Toronto last October. (Source

Rogers Communications - Canada's largest mobile operator - turning to three new markets: so-called "machineto-machine" technology; retail transactions made with smartphones; and video consumption over mobile devices
. With revenues slowing or even declining in traditional telecom services such as home Internet and rates for cellphone calls all the mobile operators in North America are feeling the pinch and they're all looking at these new sources of revenue and sprinting as fast as they can. (Source

Video: Robber sprayed with bear repellant and spanked

Quebec store owner defends himself with Bear Spray from two armed thieves
. The store owner blasted the thieves with a pepper spray bear repellent then grabbed one suspect until police arrived. The Canadian Parliament is currently reviewing the rights of Store owners to defend themselves and the ability to make a citizens arrest. (Source

Senate considers expanding citizen's arrest powers
. The senators are considering Bill C-26, which provides Canadians with greater powers of citizen's arrest. It was widely supported in the House of Commons.  (Source

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Season One Episode Release Dates

June 11 The Drug Store Industry's ORC Leaders, 4 part episode
June 18 Bill Titus, VP Loss Prevention & Safety at Sears Holdings Corp, 3 part episode
June 25 The Big Box & Specialty Store ORC Leaders, 5 part episode


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ORC News - Sponsored by Universal Survellience Systems

Picture: OROCC logo
Ohio Regional Organized Crime Coalition holds
1st Annual Retail Crime Symposium

By Sherri Dindal, Regional Loss Prevention Manager
For Meijer & Coordinator for the OROCC Conference

Picture: Audience at an OROCC sessionThe Columbus Police Academy opened in 2004 with events, training and collaboration in mind. On June 6, 2012 nearly 300 Law Enforcement and Loss Prevention professionals from all over Ohio and the Midwest filled the seats of the training facility for the first annual Ohio Retail Crime Symposium and the launch of OROCC, Ohio’s own Regional Organized Crime Coalition. In collaboration with businesses around the state, the one-day training conference offered free attendance to allow for education, networking and partnerships aimed at combating Organized Retail Crime. Several speakers presented valuable information at the conference, where they spoke on various topics related to ORC and the theft epidemic that plagues the retail industry.

Columbus’s Police Chief Kimberley Jacobs kicked off the conference with a warm welcome and expressed how proud Columbus was to be able to sponsor the first OROCC Conference. She also encouraged attendees to listen, learn and meet new people. Kimberley highlighted the importance of the organization and noted that Law Enforcement cannot reduce retail theft alone and retailers cannot accomplish theft reduction alone. “This must be a collaboration and today this becomes a reality in Ohio.”

Picture: Dave Williams with the pressManager of Corporate Investigations Sue Boulton of Meijer discussed the importance of partnerships to combat Organized Retail Crime and shared alarming statistics provided by the FBI while David Williams, Cook County (Chicago) Assistant State’s Attorney and founder of the Cook County Regional Organized Crime Task Force (CCROC), shared information about investigating and prosecuting ORC cases using private/public partnerships. He further shared the success of CCROC and other organizations like LAAORCA and how they have become a model for other states like Ohio. The relationship between CCROC, OROCC, and Indiana’s ROC has paved the way for a future "Midwest ROC". David also spoke with Channel 10 News about how he believes bringing these types of partnerships together can make a big difference.

Corporate Manager, ORC Dennis Dansak of Kroger delivered a compelling presentation about how ORC is not shoplifting but rather "The Gateway Crime" that leads law enforcement to other criminal activity. He highlighted many cases where the pursuit of criminal activity tied to ORC has renewed the Retail/Law Enforcement partnership. He shared real case examples of how the partnership has led to narcotics, identity theft, terrorism, and counterfeiting as well as seizures of real estate, vehicles, and bank accounts.

Picture: Group at OROCCOther speakers included Detective Brian Lacy, Columbus Police who spoke about "Engaging in a Pattern of Corrupt Activity" and how to use the charge for better prosecution of organized criminals. Krishna Mungur from Valor Security shared information about terrorism and drug cartels nexus to ORC and how these groups are tied to car theft, human trafficking, extortion, body organs sold on the black market and much more. Glenn Justus, Senior Corporate Investigator for Barnes & Noble shared a different perspective with the group on "Attacking Loss from an E-Commerce Perspective" and Detectives James Gross and Todd Curtis from Perrysburg Township Police did an Ohio ORC case study with the group on "Operation Last Call." They shared their story of collaboration with retailers that led them to 71 arrests and prosecutions for corrupt activity, money laundering, trafficking drugs, trafficking food stamps, receiving stolen property, identity theft, forgery, and theft.

Picture: Guests at OROCCThroughout the day there were door prizes and a charity raffle with proceeds going to Ohio C.O.P.S. that kept attendees excited and the energy high. Lee Claypool, Secretary for Ohio C.O.P.S. shared the story of how her brother Christopher Claypool died in the line of duty when he was struck and killed by a hit and run driver while assisting at an accident scene in 2001. Attendees donated more than $2000 for the charity and walked away with some great prizes. Thank you!

OROCC did a demonstration of their new website that provides law enforcement and retailers with an important resource to share information and prevent organized retail theft in Ohio. The website allows members to input real time information from crimes occurring in stores and use that information to create mapping patterns and identify fencing operations that provide leads for investigations. The website’s future will allow connection to CCROC and IROCC websites to create an interstate information-sharing network.

Picture: OROCC sponsors

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Vendor Spotlight

Axis and Salient Partner with HP for VSaas

By: Martha Entwistle

In an effort to bring VSaas to the masses and IP to everyone, IP video provider Axis Communications, VMS provider Salient Systems and storage and server company Hewlett Packard today announced a Video Surveillance as a Service solution.

I spoke to Scott Dunn, Axis’ director of business development for North America, this afternoon about the deal. Salient adapted and integrated its enterprise VMS solution for Axis’ "one click camera connection" to stream video from IP cameras and encoders to remotely housed hosted servers from HP.

Dunn said Salient’s VMS "has dynamic resolution scalling to serve up video and live feed in a thumbnail [view], which allows you to see a lot of feeds very efficiently  -- and with efficient bandwidth usage."

"Ultimately, we want to deliver solutions to the integrator that will drive RMR for them, so -- working with world-class partners [such as Salient and HP], we can deliver a total solution to integrators -- that’s cost effective and can be easily installed," Dunn said. "And they can sell it as a service solution very much like the alarm industry [has been doing with monitoring services] for years," he added.

So what’s the difference between this marketing agreement and the deal announced at ISC West 2011 between Axis and EMC? They’re both aimed at making hosted video a reality for applications small and big, but there are some other differences.

For one, Salient adapted its VMS for this solution. However, "the main difference is that EMC is hosting the video in its own data center," Axis’ Domenic Locapo said. "HP is bringing [the solution] to its biggest hosting partners to do the actual hosting," he added.

How do integrators choose? Axis is providing best-of-breed options. It's a matter of what works best for a particular integrator and application, Dunn said.

Dunn said Axis’ central theme this year is: "IP for everyone -- affordable, quality, IP solutions for every class of user." He said a “cloud deployment allows everyone cost-effectively [to have] benefits of IP including HD, mobility, scalability."

The announcement was made today at an HP partner event in Las Vegas (called HP Discover 2012). Dunn said that in contrast to fears several years ago that IT companies would take business away from physical security integrators, this deal shows that IT and physical security collaborations mean more business for both professions.


Domenic Locapo
Axis Communications Inc.

Axis Communications

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Released on May 22nd, this book, written by one of America’s most admired men, is currently #2 on the New York Times Best Sellers list for hardcover non-fiction. There’s a reason for that. In his book Powell shares his thirteen rules of leadership, each packed with wisdom applicable to all current and future leaders. It’s hard to pick a favorite, but one I really like is #12, “Don’t take counsel of your fears or naysayers! There is something to be said for the leader who refuses to accept defeat and continues to adapt as necessary until she is successful. She is a force to be reckoned with and she will positively impact others. Remain optimistic and your leadership effectiveness will multiply.”

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