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Say Goodbye to Exception Reports.  Agilence announces new operational reporting and video auditing solution.





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News Brief - Sponsored by WG Security Products

"Making the Grade" - A new study by NRF leaves little doubt that formal LP education is becoming increasingly important Well over half of all retail respondents said that earning a baccalaureate degree was important in furthering a person’s opportunities for promotion at the corporate level. About half also said they have witnessed or been the victim of a missed promotion due to the lack of a degree. "It’s becoming increasingly apparent that if you’re going to be effective in a top-tier LP position, you need to come into that job with a certain formal [education] background,” Rich Mellor, Vice President of Loss Prevention for the National Retail Federation says. Does this mean more related degree programs will be offered in the coming years? “I think the answer is, ‘Yes,’” Mellor says. “There’s a lot of conversation going on about it, and this survey is going to generate a lot of interest.” “If you look up ‘professional’ in the dictionary, it’s almost always tied to some sort of higher education, and that’s what we need” in the LP field, says Robert Hanson, associate professor of loss prevention and coordinator of Northern Michigan University’s Loss Prevention Management program, the only such degree program in the United States. For more information on the Northern Michigan University story click here - "The Success Story"  (Source

CHANEL reports record breaking shrink results the last three years
Ean Bressack, their Director of Loss Prevention U.S. since 2009, cut shrink in half his first year in the position and the last two years produced record breaking shrink results. Covering 32 stores in North America with one National LP Manager, Cliff Rodriguez, they've been able to make a significant impact and have extended their scope by now working directly with a number of the wholesalers/retailers that sell their lines. As is the case with most fashion brands Ean is also involved in the gray goods (counterfeiting) area as well and has assisted their legal department in a number of investigations. As a result of this success CHANEL may be expanding their LP department in the near future and adding another LP executive to cover the western part of the U.S. Great success always leads to growth.

The National Retail Federation's ORC study is still making the rounds across the country in all of the major newspapers

LinkedIn, eHarmony: Data thieves leak more than 6 million passwords HAVE YOU CHANGED YOUR PASSWORD? LinkedIn, eHarmony say users' passwords were stolen and posted on a Russian hacker forum. LinkedIn, eHarmony didn't reveal extent of breach, but reports say more than 6 million passwords have been distributed online. There's added concern that many people use the same password on multiple websites, so whoever stole the data could use the information to access Gmail, Amazon, PayPal and other accounts. "All that's been released so far is a list of passwords and we don't know if the people who released that list also have the related email addresses," he said. "But we have to assume they do. And with that combination, they can begin to commit crimes." (Source csoonline)

Sears is leading the pack in m-commerce and tops this weeks Keynote Mobile Commerce Performance Index Their m-commerce home page loads faster and better than all the rest for week ending 6-3 and for consumers who don't want to wait Sears tops them all. For some time now Sears has been focused on their web business and last year they actually led the way in introducing the shopping cart that allowed cross shopping at other retailers. While their stores may be having difficulty they certainly are a force in e and m commerce. And quite frankly that's where the future is. (Source

How to remove security tags - You Tube's answer to all of our hard work - The Wild Wild West. With over 1,164,763 views this is the #1 video on the net for defeating tags and its been up for 4 years. Seems like there should be some sort of code of ethics or restrictions inside You Tube. With hundreds of videos about the subject and the number 2 video with 316,414 views being done by obviously a teenager which even looks like she's recording in inside a fitting room - How can the parents complain when their teenager is busted? (Source
    Video: How to remove a security tag (narrated)                   Video: How to remove security tag
Raley's supermarkets in Northern California may be facing two union strikes at once A second set of workers at one of Northern California's largest supermarket chains has authorized a strike after contract talks stalled. Union officials are objecting to cuts in health care benefits and premium pay that they say Raley's has proposed. Raley's says it needs to cut costs in the face of a weak economy and competition from nonunionized companies that sell groceries, such as Wal-Mart Stores Inc. This 128 privately held chain with 13,000 employees filled their Director of Loss Prevention position with a Federal law enforcement executive a few years ago. They've been facing increased competition for years now. (Source

Video: Albertsons to lay off up to 2,500 workers in CA, NVAlbertson's supermarkets will be laying off 2,500 employees in 247 Southern California and southern Nevada stores. The company Wednesday announced layoffs at all 247 Albertsons stores in Nevada and California, resulting in the loss of 2,200 to 2,500 jobs. The layoffs do not affect the chain's Intermountain West division or Albertsons' parent, SuperValu Inc. The company downsized in February at its Fullerton support center but the need for further changes was clear, Albertsons Southern California President Dan Sanders said in a statement. Albertsons suffered a decrease in customers and sales throughout the division and did not respond adequately to customer needs, he said. Albertsons is the largest retail chain in SuperValu's family of stores. (Source (source

The Big Gulp vs. The Big Apple - the winner isssss - The Big Gulp Mayor Bloomberg won't even take on 7-Eleven's Big Gulp and exempted it from his fight against obesity drink size restrictions in the Big Apple but is going after delis, fast-food restaurants, movie theaters and the like. Managers at 7-Eleven's 92 NYC's convenience stores say the Big Gulp amounts to 10% of their business and with 7-Eleven recently announcing their big expansion plans in NYC the mayor may be skimming his plans back so NYC can keep getting bigger. (Source

New Bold module monitors Twitter, Facebook Bold Technologies is rolling out software that will allow customers to monitor traffic on Twitter and other social media sites, potentially opening the door to a new revenue stream for central stations. The Social Media Monitoring Module tracks messages and triggers alarms when certain pre-determined keywords or phrases are used. "One of the things that we’ve noticed is a lot of different organizations are starting to use Twitter as a means to create a flash mob or to get participants involved," he said. "By offering the social media [module], we now have a means to monitor for anything that may be dangerous or malicious and present that as an alarm to an operator." (Source

Three men arrested in $500,000 jewelry heist in Colorado. Parker, Colorado police said they have arrested three men in connection with a $480,000 jewelry store heist in March. Police said Wednesday that detectives identified the trio as suspects in the March 26 burglary and theft, where thieves forced entry into an adjacent vacant store and then broke through a common wall into Apex Jewelers. The thieves cleared out several jewelry display boxes, leaving the empty boxes in the vacant store next door. All three were charged with theft, second-degree burglary, third-degree burglary, conspiracy to commit burglary and criminal mischief. (source

Two axe-wielding thieves caught on camera breaking into a U.K. jewelry store are being hunted by Greater Manchester Police. The men stopped on a motorcycle outside The Cash Shop on Curzon Road before smashing a window with a large axe to steal three Rolex watches. The incident, which happened just after 1pm, was captured on camera by a passer-by before both offenders fled the scene on the motorcycle. (source

Old Time Pottery Assistant Manager busted for staging her own late-night bank deposit robbery Her convicted felon husband was also arrested after being viewed in the bank's ATM video. (Source

Woman charged with robbery at Meijer, left her ID and cell phone behind. A Kentucky woman attempting to push a cart load of stolen items out of the store was stopped by an alert Associate. The woman refused to be apprehended, struggled with the store associate, then ran to her car and drove away. In the cart was the suspect’s purse containing her ID and cell phone. She is now being charged with 2nd degree robbery. (source

Quarterly Same Store Sales Results

Pep Boys Q1 down 2.8% with total sales down 2.2%

This Friday - Look for "Kroger's ORC Program - Delivering a ROI that drives growth"


Press ReleaseCheckpoint - Helping Retailers Gwo Profitably

Checkpoint Systems’ New Security Solutions Offer Clear Advantages For Health and Beauty Retailers; Smallest Label on Market

Micro EP PST Label, CLASSIC STREET Antenna Protect Small,
High-Value Merchandise Targeted by Thieves

THOROFARE, N.J — June 6, 2012 - Checkpoint Systems, Inc. (NYSE:CKP), a leading global supplier of shrink management solutions is expanding its Enhanced Performance (EP) Label range and launching a new Electronic Article Surveillance (EAS) antenna to provide health and beauty retailers and brand manufacturers with innovative solutions against shoplifting.

Micro EP PST Label

The Micro EP PST (Postage Stamp) Label is the smallest label of its kind on the market. With a 2.5cm x 2.3cm size(1"x0.9"), the new label has been designed to protect small, high-value merchandise, such as cosmetic products, which are increasingly being targeted by thieves, according to the Global Retail Theft Barometer.

Representing a breakthrough in engineering, the Micro EP PST label provides improved performance with a 60% smaller footprint thanks to micro-technology. The clear face of the label also allows for visible protection, showing that the label contains EAS, and providing a strong deterrent for potential shoplifters.

Available in white, barcode and clear, the label can be customized with the merchandise brand and/or store name, improving the ease of identifying, claiming and recovering stolen items. It is also tamper resistant, featuring a special adhesive which bonds to packaging, making it virtually impossible to remove without causing damage and reducing its resale value.

The Micro EP PST label can be integrated through high-speed source tagging, which involves its application to the merchandise’s packaging at the point of manufacture. This can save time and cost at a store level while ensuring that labels are applied consistently and without covering important merchandise information such as the brand name, content or allergy warnings. Source tagging also increases speed-to-shelf, which frees up staff to concentrate on servicing their customers rather than tagging merchandise.

"Today, effective security solutions should deliver more than just merchandise protection," said Farrokh Abadi, president Shrink Management Solutions. "They should address retailers' and brand manufacturers' concerns with improving on-shelf availability, enhancing the shoppers' experience and increasing sales. We have developed our latest Micro PST labels with these goals in mind."


The new CLASSIC STREET antenna has also been designed to enable retailers to protect merchandise, improve product availability and drive sales. Part of the CLASSIC range of EAS antennas, the STREET system offers highly effective detection at a 6 ft/1.80 m aisle width. Its enhanced detection capabilities make it a perfect solution for health and beauty retailers seeking an antenna with attractive design and high-level in-store security.

Featuring new electronics, the CLASSIC STREET offers benefits to retailers that are looking for a simple solution to protect merchandise. The new electronics enable retailers to locate the antenna closer to merchandise and checkout environments, thus increasing their sales floor square foot area, while offering performance consistency and reducing false alarms.

Checkpoint - Helping Retailers Gwo ProfitablyPress Contact:
George Cohen
President, GCC Inc.

DO YOU HAVE WHAT IT TAKES TO BE ON TV? ARE YOU AN EXPERIENCED AND DYNAMIC LP? ARE YOU A BIG CHARACTER?  IF SO, READ ON... Nash Entertainment and truTV are teaming up on a new television show centering around the Loss Prevention world. After two successful Pilot episodes they have begun production on the first season of a new TV show called, "Caught Red Handed," for the truTV network. They need agents who are very engaging, entertaining and comfortable on camera to grab the audience's attention and keep them from changing the channel. Do you fit that description? Do you have LP friends or colleagues who you think would be perfect for this project? Contact by phone at 323-468-4672! Click here for more details.


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2012 Retail
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September 12, 2012
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3rd Annual Training Conference

Sept. 17 - 20, 2012
Dallas, TX

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Annual Training Conference
October 18, 2012

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Northern Michigan University

Northern Michigan University, located in Michigan’s incredible Upper Peninsula, offers one of the only baccalaureate loss prevention management programs in the United States. It is offered completely online and accepts up to 92 transfer credits. An affordable investment into a dynamic and growing profession.

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Fred Wilson's Services

Earlier in the week the LP industry lost one of its most admired and unassuming pioneers: Fred Wilson, Vice President, Store Administration for CarMax. Fred was also the executive who built the Circuit City LP program in the 90's and the Payless ShoeSource LP program in the late 80's into being two of the premier LP programs in the country at the time. Fred was a leader who truly made an impact on so many with his deep and sincere commitment to helping people reach their goals and perform at their best.

The following service information was provided to the D&D Daily by Craig Cronheim, Assistant Vice President for Loss Prevention at CarMax.

Thank you all for all your kind thoughts and memories of Fred. I wanted to let you know about the plans for his services, which I hope you will share with Fred's many other friends who may be interested. There will be a visitation this Saturday, June 9 from 4-7 pm and the funeral will be this Sunday, June 10 at noon, both at Bliley's Funeral Home, 3801 Augusta Avenue, Richmond, VA 23230, 804-355-3800.

Following the memorial service on Sunday, the family will receive visitors and guests at the Wyndham Virginia Crossings Hotel and Conference Center, Madison Building -Henrico Ballroom, 1000 Virginia Center Parkway, Glen Allen, Virginia 23059. For those who have inquired, in lieu of flowers, the family  requests donations be made to the American Cancer Society and the American Heart Association.

We will also be hosting a small reception for out of town visitors (the family is not planning to attend) Saturday from 7-9 pm. The Saturday evening reception will be at the Hilton Richmond Hotel at Short Pump, Capital Ballroom, 12042 West Broad Street, Richmond, VA 23233, 804-364-3600. Also, so that we can plan appropriately for the reception, please let me know if you think you will be attending, and please ask anyone you share the plans with to do so as well. You and they can call or email me any time. Thanks.

Craig Cronheim
Assistant Vice President for Loss Prevention
(804) 381-8947


Booster Bag Detection System - Alert MetalGuard. Meet us in New Orleans at booth 420.
LPNN - Loss Prevention News Network


Season One Episode Release Dates

June 11 The Drug Store Industry's ORC Leaders, 4 part episode
June 18 Bill Titus, VP Loss Prevention & Safety at Sears Holdings Corp, 3 part episode
June 25 The Big Box & Specialty Store ORC Leaders, 5 part episode

The Big Box & Specialty Store ORC Leaders -
with Joe LaRocca, senior retail partner and senior advisor of Asset Protection for the NRF, Scott Sanford - the Director, Investigations & Training - Loss Prevention for Barnes & Noble and one of the founders of the ORC Solutions - ORC Workbench - the fastest and most successful online organized retail crime detection and prevention tools, Denny Dansak - Kroger's Corporate Manager, ORC, Nelson Harrah - The Gap's Director of Organized Retail Crime, and Deb Lussier - Home Depot's Senior Manager of Central Investigations. In this series you'll learn exactly how these retailers are addressing Organized Retail Crime and how they've built their models. We discuss what they look for in staffing ORC positions and how they measure the effectiveness of their program. This is a great opportunity to see exactly how four major retailers have responded to the ORC problems facing the nation. This is an industry first and we have plans on following up to this in two years to get a glimpse of how they've progressed. Filmed Feb. 2012

The Big Box & Specialty Store ORC Leaders


Attention vendors. Post your commercials on these episodes. For more info contact us.

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ORC News - Sponsored by Universal Survellience Systems

ORC ID theft ring hits Meijers self-checkout lane and drags Secret Service agent in pursuit 50 feet while driving away during their getaway. The Secret Service had been conducting an investigation into identity theft, wire fraud and access-device fraud in West Michigan by those who buy large numbers of stored-value cards, or gift cards, using credit cards re-encoded with stolen account numbers after being called by Meijer's Loss Prevention about a specific group. Once at the store, special agent Bruce Cain recognized a man who has been subject of investigation, then, recognized Pointer as she used a credit card in the self-checkout lane to buy clothing and several Meijer gift cards. Cain watched Pointer check out, then followed her to the parking lot where she got into her car. Cain approached, and repeatedly identified himself as a law-enforcement officer, the Secret Service said. SA Cain held onto the vehicle, repeatedly demanding that Pointer stop the vehicle. Instead, Pointer continued to accelerate at a high rate. "After the vehicle had covered about 50 feet in less than three or four seconds, SA Cain realized that Pointer was not going to stop and was going to continue to accelerate." Cain let go and fell to the ground. The suspect was apprehended. (Source

Bank Teller - center pin - for ID theft gang based in Minnesota that stole over $2 million from banks and retailers in 14 states pleads guilty A 25-year-old Ham Lake woman pleaded guilty June 6 in U.S. District Court in St. Paul to two felony charges for her role in a large-scale identity theft ring. She was part of a larger scale identify theft ring responsible for stealing approximately $2 million from financial institutions and retail businesses in no fewer than 14 states. Besides Blegen, 12 of her co-consiprators have already entered guilty pleas for their involvement in the crimes. Another dozen alleged co-conspirators entered not guilty pleas and are scheduled to go on trial in late August. The maximum penalty for conspiracy to commit bank fraud is 30 years. There is a mandatory sentence of two years for identity theft, which would be served consecutively with whatever penalty she receives for the bank fraud charge. (Source

Do you have an ORC case to share? Publishing it educates the LP & retail community which might fuel even more jobs and funding.
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5 Minutes. 8 Cameras. Installed. The New Stealth Tracker CCTV Camera. Place your cameras on any track lighting mount anywhere in your store and kiss your cabling goodbye. USS. Visit us at NRF Booth 1101.

Vendor Spotlight

Tyco - Building your defenses against organized retail crime

Tyco Retail Solutions recently published a whitepaper focused on retailers and organized retail crime. Over the last few days the Daily has published the report in parts. Here's the final part. To view the entire article click here.

Defenses and countermeasures

Deploying new technologies
Extensions of Electronic Article Surveillance technologies specifically targeting Organized Retail Crime are now available; they include:
• Jammer detectors that respond to the signals thieves use to overwhelm the electronic resonances on which EAS detectors depend. Even though jammers are turned on for only a few seconds as a thief exits the store, a positive read from a jammer detector indicates an ORC event with virtual certainty.
• Booster-bag detectors detect aluminum-foil-lined containers as they are carried into the store.
• Selective remote alarms direct information from jammer detectors and boosterbag detectors to notify staff that a thief has entered the store. Systems may be programmed to sound a unique tone so staff can respond appropriately, or send a silent alert so that Security and Loss Prevention personnel can initiate surveillance.

In jurisdictions like the United Kingdom and Australia, carrying a jammer or booster bag is evidence of "going equipped to steal" — a crime in itself. And almost everywhere, detection of shoplifting equipment gives security staff or law enforcement justification to detain the individual so equipped — a powerful deterrent.

New applications of video surveillance are the next stage in the fight against shoplifting of all kinds, and Organized Retail Crime in particular:
• When jammer and booster-bag detectors are linked to digital video surveillance, stores will capture pictures of potential thieves entering and leaving the store — a powerful tool for both training and enforcement. And when item-level information from Radio-Frequency Identification (RFID) tags are integrated into Loss-Prevention, stores can link video evidence of theft events to goods recovered from thieves at the storefront or in the parking lot.
• Advanced technologies now in the development pipeline will extend video surveillance to include facial recognition, monitoring of "exception behaviors" typical of gang theft, and storewide surveillance that follows likely thieves through the store.
• Pervasive video—already a factor in prosecuting crime in public areas—is on the retail horizon, with shelf-level cameras linked to advanced detectors to provide an end-to-end record of theft events, together with a way to filter out the activities of legitimate shoppers.

Organized Retail Defense
The final step in the fight against Organized Retail Crime will come when retailers themselves organize, turning the gangs’ most powerful method against them. This will take several forms:

Predictive analytics—integration of information from EAS, jammer, booster-bag, and RFID detectors, video surveillance, human intelligence and more can identify patterns of theft within and across stores, for efficient deployment of deterrents, countermeasures, and enforcement.

Real-time adaptive analytics—monitoring Point-of-Sale (POS) data, store traffic, and real-time inventory lift from both sales and theft will help stores align associate staffing to patterns of shopper behavior, deploying them to maximize sales and minimize theft. The keys to success are to combine and interpret signals in real time with context, and adapt monitoring to changes in traffic and threat level.

• Collaboration and enforcement—the retail industry, together with government and law-enforcement agencies, are beginning to organize against the regional and national problem presented by ORC. Collaboration can start as simply as lunches, training and data-sharing among retailers at a single mall, and extend through public-private partnerships such as LERPnet all the way to national legislative initiatives and cross-border extradition agreements.

Organized Retail Crime is emerging as a significant threat to retailers worldwide. Its growing incidence and sophistication, the high costs for every incident, and advanced opportunities for monetization mark it as a global problem deserving immediate, sustained attention.

Extensions of current policies and technologies are helpful, but not enough: integration, adaptation, and information-sharing are the keys to a strategy that will reverse the trend. With targeted programs and investments, retailers can expect the direct benefits of loss reduction, and indirect benefits from more efficient, cost-effective staff deployment, improved deterrence and recovery, and ultimately, a better, safer shopping experience for their customers.

Tyco Retail Solutions offers a broad range of technology and software solutions to help retailers combat Organized Retail Crime, including
• Jammer Detection feature built into many detection systems, so retailers can detect and counteract attempts to defeat their Loss Prevention technologies
• Metal-Foil Detection upgrades for Ultra Exit detection system, so retailers can detect foil-lined booster bags carried into their stores
• Alarming High Theft Tags and Wraps omit loud audible alarms from the sensors themselves, so retailers can deter ORC shelf sweeping
• Shrink Visibility solutions combining AM and RFID technologies for insight into theft events and guidance for replenishment
• EAS Intelligence Reporting of jammer and metal foil alarms by store, so retailers can analyze, isolate, and resolve ORC vulnerabilities
• Electronic Public View Monitors providing shelf-level visibility and linked to advanced detectors for end-to-end recording of theft events
• Video Analytic Solutions that monitor shoppers’ dwell time to detect and report ORC-signature "sweeping" events

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Lords of Mockery - Sponsorship Opportunities

100% of your company sponsorship will be directed to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital

St. Jude Children's Research Hospital - Finding cures. Saving children.


Lords of MockeryThe Lords of Mockery loss prevention motorcycle group is "burning rubber" in their efforts to raise $10,000 for the St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. With corporate sponsors like Civil Demand Associates, Monument Security, Stanley Security, SEB Security, All-Tag, Metro One Security, ORC Solutions, and Bass Security already signed up; the group is well on their way to reach that goal. The mission of St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital is to advance cures, and means of prevention for pediatric catastrophic diseases through research and treatment. Consistent with the vision of the founder Danny Thomas, no child is denied treatment based on race, religion or a family's ability to pay.

The LOM founders are encouraging everyone to reach into their pocket and donate to this great cause by going to their website,, selecting the 'Donation' link, and clicking on the 'Help a Child Donate Now' button. Make a personal donation between $25 to $100; vendor sponsorship starts at $500.00.

We are looking forward to hearing from you!Don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity and register your sponsorship today!

If you have any questions regarding this charity event, please contact:
Scott Sanford or Jeff Fulmer
Phone: (212) 633-3300 / Email:

Submit your opinions, comments and articles here.

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Job Opening




Regional LP Mgr Tilly's Chicago, IL Tilly's
Mgr LP Operations Confidential New York, NY Downing & Downing
Dir of Asset Protection Confidential New York, NY Downing & Downing
Mgr LP Operations Confidential New York, NY Downing & Downing
Mgr LP Systems Confidential New York, NY Downing & Downing

Dir of Loss Prevention



Downing & Downing

Dir of Loss Prevention


Southern Florida

Downing & Downing

National Acct Sales Mgr


Chicago, IL

Downing & Downing

Asset Protection Mgr

The Home Depot

Phoenix, AZ

The Home Depot

Asset Protection Mgr

The Home Depot

Metro Northern 

The Home Depot

Asset Protection Mgr

The Home Depot

Salem, OR

The Home Depot

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Job Opening




Dept Mgr Store LP & Safety Lowe's Naperville, IL Lowe's
Dept Mgr Store LP & Safety Lowe's Pocatello, ID Lowe's
Area Mgr - AP All Facilities Hermiston, OR Walmart
Asset Protection Mgr Home Depot Lansing, MI Home Depot
Loss Prevention Mgr Macy's Coral Springs, FL Macy's

Mgr, Safety

Sears Hoffman Estates, IL Sears Holdings Corp.
Loss Prevention Mgr Rite Aid Baltimore, MD Rite Aid
LP Mgr - Canada East Apple Toronto, Canada Apple
LP Mgr - Canada West Apple Vancouver, Canada Apple
Sr Analyst - LP & Security Wendy's Dublin, OH Wendy's
Regional AP Mgr Toys "R" Us Carrollton, TX Toys "R" Us

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On the Move: Home of the Industry's Original - Sponsored by Cival Demand Associates

Frank Hernandez was named Regional Loss Prevention Manager for Michael Kors.

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Quiz: What Kind of Leader Are You? Are you a Creative Builder? An Ambassador? A People-Mover? This leadership quiz will help you discover your natural leadership style -- how you're most likely to inspire people to lead you, and what hidden faults can cause your leadership capabilities to blow up.  (Are you Steve Jobs or Warren Buffett?)

What Would Winston Do? In 1940, a war-weary Britain was on the verge of capitulation. The nation was in a state of severe crisis. Here's how Churchill turned it around, and what it means for you. His story yields profound lessons about how great leaders inspire greatness.  (WWWD)
Take These Four Steps if You Want to Lead Big Change In today's accelerated business environment, the ability to anticipate and actively lead change on a daily basis is essential for leaders. If you want to lead change, try doing the following four things.  (All is fair in love)

10 Elements of Great Company Culture Building a company culture of engaged employees takes years and requires consistent execution. This article boils down culture strategy into 10 essential components called the "10 Cs of Culture." Stick to this list and your employees will be committed to their jobs, as well as your company.  (#3 is a party!)


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Tip of the Day - Sponsored by Vector Security

In response to yesterday's tip -

Love the thought on passion, I have discussed with my teams many times. I follow it up with not confusing passion and emotion. In business I think emotion is passion's evil twin. Being a passionate leader can open doors and gain commitment and all leaders love to see it, but emotion based leadership can slam the door shut and turn your team off. There is a fine line between the two, but I think it’s important to know the difference between them and also recognize when one might be acting on emotion and mistaking that for passion. Just an additional thought!!

Submitted by Tom Arigi
Senior VP Loss Prevention
National Stores

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