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Carol Bowker

Carol Bowker, ARM
was named Director of Risk Management for Smashburger. Previously she worked at the Boston Market Corporation as Sr. Director Risk Management, a position she held for almost 17 years. When the Boston Market Corp. was known as Boston Chicken, Inc, she held the position of Director of Risk Management for four years. Prior to that, she spent seven years at Richfield Hotel Management, Inc. as the Risk Manager. She also spent six years at Canterra Petroleum, Inc. as the Personnel & Insurance Manager. Congrats Carol!

Are We Witnessing the Death of the Big-Box Store? The first permutation of the death of retail, Backus writes, included the failure of large media retailers like Borders, Blockbuster and Tower Records. The Internet proved to be a much more efficient medium for purveying media. The second wave of retail death will include sellers of electronics and other small specialty goods. According to Backus, stores from Radio Shack to Staples will find themselves in a severely diminished position, if not completely gone, in the next decade. As for Best Buy, forces beyond Amazon are making its core product lines unprofitable. (Source

Samsung and Sony establish strict pricing on TV's for all resellers to help stop "Showrooming" The policies, if the manufacturers can enforce them, will limit price competition among consumer electronics retailers online and off. That may help stores negate some of the impact of shoppers coming to stores to check out and test a new TV model but purchasing it online where they may find it priced for less, a consumer habit increasingly referred to as "showrooming." Is this an attack on Amazon or just help for Best Buy? Who knows for sure and quite possibly this could lead to an SEC investigation long term. Just what Best Buy needs right now. (Source

Prada's CEO says counterfeit goods "aren't all bad" and Prada doesn't want to be a brand that nobody wants to copy In the last two months alone, both Burberry and Hermès have been awarded approximately £63 ($100) million each in separate cases against various Chinese counterfeiters, so Bertelli's, Prada's CEO, view is more than a little surprising. In an interview with Bloomberg Television, Prada's CEO - and the husband of creative director Miuccia Prada - Patricio Bertelli, stated that "Fake goods aren't totally bad, at least it created jobs at some counterfeit factories. We don't want to be a brand that nobody wants to copy. (Source

Atlantic Beach Bike Fest nets authorities $504,000 in counterfeit merchandise from vendors. Horry County police and the South Carolina Secretary of State's Office joined forces over the Memorial Day weekend and seized $504,000 in counterfeit merchandise from some vendors at the Atlantic Beach Bike Fest. (Source

France fighting Counterfiet Luxury goods with new ad campaign. France is doing its part to combat counterfeit goods with a new ad campaign. Luxury good association Comité Colbert along with French customs and the French National Anti-Counterfeiting Committee (CNAC) produced seven ads aimed to combat the buying and carrying of counterfeit goods. Each ad features an item from a luxury house (Cartier, Chanel, Christian Dior, Lacoste, Longchamp, Louis Vuitton, and Van Cleef & Arpels participated) and a catchy slogan like "Buy a fake Cartier, get a genuine criminal record". The ads point out that anyone buying or carrying a counterfeit product in France can be sent to jail for up to three years and fined approximately $373,140. (source

videoMajor counterfeit ring and the ring leader busted in Sacramento, CA. The Sacramento Valley High Tech Crimes Task Force, operating under a federal grant targeting intellectual property crimes, raided a home in an upscale north Stockton neighborhood May 21. A sophisticated operation that only imported enough product that would sell immediately and not create needs to warehouse merchandise. Seizing over $500,000 on one raid and its been in operation for some time. California is looking to increase its crackdown on counterfeiting with new legislation in the state legislature presently. (Source

5 PepsiCo subsidiary distribution centers and dozens of delivery trucks firebombed in Mexico over drug cartel extortion scheme Mexican drug cartels frequently earn extra money by demanding protection payments from small business operating in cities they control. But the cartels have never systematically targeted a transnational firm in such attacks. Guanajuato state attorney general Carlos Zamarripa said police there had detained four alleged members of the Knights Templar cartel in connection with the attacks. Doing business in Mexico is a sensitive endeavor as many have found out. (Source Associated Press)

71% of IT security professionals fear their own staff pose the biggest threat to their data Just like in retail internal theft is always more significant and thus more feared. (Source

Mall fire in Qatar - a gulf nation in the Middle east - kills 19 people this past Monday - 13 of which were children at a day care - and the police arrest the owner and four others - including the Director of Security - over safety lapses when the sprinkler system malfunctioned and firefighters couldn't read the blueprints of the vast complex. The gulf nations largest mall. This fire brings calls for sweeping safety and licensing reviews on one of the world's fastest-growing countries. "What happened is similar to murder because of the lack of safety measures in such complexes," wrote Saleh al-Kuwari, editor of the Al Raya newspaper in Doha. Qatar's Interior Ministry said the mall's sprinkler system malfunctioned, and rescue efforts were hampered by a lack of floor plans. Other Gulf nations also have confronted concerns about whether public safety planning can keep pace with the construction boom. (Source Associated Press) (source

Yesterday three robbers split up to rob two jewelry stores right next to each other in LA's jewelry district at the same time One suspect got shot in the leg and was arrested while the other two got away. (Source

$74,000 in jewelry shipped by UPS stolen. Sterling Jewelers is working with law enforcement to solve several thefts of merchandise that was being shipped from the store to a repair facility in Cleveland, Ohio via UPS. Police have estimated the total of the crimes to be over $74,000 and dates back to reports from August of 2011. (source


Invicta Watch CEO goes above and beyond for the Troops. Eyal Lalo, saw a story about a postal theft of one of his watches being stolen at the air cargo facility at JFK airport. His reaction to the problem and time and attention paid to correcting it, went well above and beyond. (source

Over 20,000 Croc’s to be destroyed. Controversial opinions regarding what could be used for the poor vs. copyrights has taken center stage in Sweden. The courts ruled in northern Sweden that the warehouse full of fake Croc sandals must be destroyed. Many people wanted the shoes donated to a country that could use the products. (source

Quarterly Sales Report

JoS A Bank 1Q same store sales down 1% with total revenue up 4%

May Sales Results

Macy's up 4.2% with their .com business up 42.3%


Loss Prevention Audit & Safety 2013 - RILA
Call for Speakers:

Submit your speaker proposal today

RILA's Loss Prevention, Audit & Safety (LPAS) Conference is the leading educational conference for retail asset protection executives. Nearly 1,000 industry decision makers gather each year to learn and discuss the latest trends, proven solutions to top challenges, and leading practices.

RILA welcomes fresh and innovative contributions to this dialogue. Experts and practitioners with a strong grasp of emerging issues in the retail industry are encouraged to submit speaker proposals around key areas of interest for conference attendees, including:
Shrink Reduction
Risk Mitigation
Operational Support & Maximizing Profit
Business Intelligence
Inventory Management
Safety in the Workplace
Interrogation & Investigation Techniques
Leadership & Talent Development
Strategy Across the Enterprise
Audit & Analytics

Session proposals must be submitted online by September 7, 2012.

**Please note that retailers and product manufacturers selected to present are required to register for the conference but receive complimentary registration. Solution providers must exhibit or sponsor at LPAS 2013 to be eligible to be a speaker and will be considered one of their company’s allotted individual registrations. All session proposals must have a minimum of one retailer or product manufacturer speaker to be considered.



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Ohio Regional Organized Crime Coalition (OROCC)

1st Annual Ohio Crime Symposium

June 6, 2012
Columbus, OH

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NRF LP Conference June 20-22

National Food Service Advisory Council Conference. August 5 -8.

2012 Retail
Loss Prevention

September 12, 2012
International Centre


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Coalition of Law Enforcement and Retail


3rd Annual Training Conference

Sept. 17 - 20, 2012
Dallas, TX

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Washington State Organized Retail Crime Alliance (WSORCA)

Annual Training Conference
October 18, 2012

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2012 Thought Challenge Awards Committee

Northern Michigan University, located in Michigan’s incredible Upper Peninsula, offers one of the only baccalaureate loss prevention management programs in the United States. It is offered completely online and accepts up to 92 transfer credits. An affordable investment into a dynamic and growing profession.

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D&D Daily Canadian Push

Canada's retail market now matches U.S. per capita With Target’s plan to take over Zellers storefronts, there are only three Top 10 U.S. retailers without Canadian expansion plans: Kroger, Walgreen and CVS Caremark. (source

In 4 years Canada will face what demographers have dubbed "the cross-over": the day when there are more seniors than children Some of the biggest changes will have to be in the workplace. The census shows that the traditional working age population–aged 15 to 65–makes up 68.5 per cent of the total, giving Canada one of the largest workforces in the G8 relative to its size. But a large proportion of the country’s workers were on the older end of that spectrum, with 42.4 per cent between 45 and 64 years old. Therefore meaning that when you go to fill retail jobs you'll find even an older group of employees than you'll find in the U.S. (Source

Redbox is making its Canadian debut next month in Wal-Mart stores and convenience stores operated by Alimentation Couche-Tard Inc. The company, a division of Coinstar Inc., hopes to install 2,000 to 2,500 kiosks in Canada. The DVD rental business has become a wide open market over the past year as Blockbuster Video stores closed down and Rogers began a discount clearance of its inventory of rental items. (Source

Quarterly Sales Report

Reitmans (Canada) 1Q same store sales down 0.7% with total sales down 1%

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ORC News - Sponsored by Universal Survellience Systems

USS - ORC Conference - May 23, 2012

Pertinent Information to Combat Organized Retail Crime
Presented at Pleasanton, CA ORC Conference



A collaborative environment filled with ORC specialists joined together in Pleasanton, CA for a Regional Organized Retail Crime Conference sponsored by Universal Surveillance Systems (USS) and Safeway on May 23, 2012.

Several knowledgeable speakers presented valuable information at this one-day conference.

Three speakers from Safeway kicked off the conference with discussions on ORC Case Studies and Trends in Northern California ORC. Bob James, Corporate LP Manager/ORC Coordinator, Safeway Inc. gave an overview about the ORC program at Safeway. He talked about high-theft goods such as alcohol and cigarettes being sold for resale and the importance of protecting those assets.

John Knowlton, Safeway Manager of Corporate Loss Prevention, discusses money laundering by ORC thieves at the Pleasanton, CA, Regional ORC Conference.Safeway ORC Investigators Joe Cowles and Brad Gardiner then discussed the internal side of ORC, including the challenges facing the food and drug industry. Cowles discussed a new problem facing the ORC industry in California: AB 109, signed into effect by Governor Brown last year. AB 109 gives offenders early release for non-violent crimes, which equals a risk for retailers battling organized retail crime.

A Special Agent with the U.S. Department of Homeland Security spoke next and covered money laundering and drug trafficking. The agent discussed working with retail and other law enforcement departments to decrease some of the international problems facing ORC. The agent also went over the ongoing trend in ORC: baby formula theft, which has become a major issue for retailers.

Nelson Harrah, Director of ORC for the Gap, followed Angert with a case study review and discussed the importance of working partnerships with other retailers.

The next speaker, ORC Consultant Ron Koziol, gave a related talk about building good relationships with loss prevention personnel and law enforcement agencies for collaborative purposes.

The afternoon session began with Bill Suthard, CFI, Senior Corporate Investigator, Barnes and Noble, who spoke about solutions for ORC and Internet fencing investigations. Lauren Cunningham, Senior Investigator for eBay Global Asset Protection, talked about partnerships within the retail community and building a foundation for future commerce.

Lastly, Rod Holm, Vice President of Global Sales at Universal Surveillance Systems discussed the ways his company has utilized ORC technology to help retailers combat theft.

USS sponsors four ORC conferences in different parts of the county throughout the year where experts in the field offer proven solutions in combating ORC. There is no charge to attend. Contact USS at 1-800-488-9097 or go to for more information.


Provo, Utah Police bust a storage shed used to warehouse stolen goods. Five people have been arrested and 100's of items have been recovered from various storage units and retailers all over the city. Bikes, video game systems, electronics, and ammo just a few of the items that Police say were stolen and then pawned for drug money when needed. (source

Nine members of a crime ring that hit jewelers in 5 states netting millions busted and facing charges for nearly two dozen robberies across the country. Over the course of a year, the suspects hit jewelers in five states, netting millions in diamonds and jewelry that are believed to have been sold to a jeweler in Philadelphia. (Source

videoORC pair appears in court and their detailed journal of theft proves their level of sophistication. First reported here in the Daily earlier this month the pair of women hit stores throughout the Northeast and sold the merchandise back home in Conn. out of the back of their car. We merely wanted to show the actual journal they created and how prosecutors used it in court. (Source


Do you have an ORC case to share? Publishing it educates the LP & retail community which might fuel even more jobs and funding.
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USS clients report 30% less shrink using the Hawkeye. Our #1 selling patented tag! Call 800-488-9097. US

Vendor Spotlight

IP video surveillance technology at self checkouts will stamp out shoplifting says Axis Communications

The self check out till has a reputation for being unreliable, but are the reasons for the alarms going off as innocent as some customers would make out?

Shoplifting at self-service tills will soon be a problem of the past, according to Axis Communications, the global leader in the network video market, thanks to the continuing developments of IP CCTV technology.

London, May 29, 2012: Recent figures revealed that one third of UK shoppers admit to stealing using self-service tills. The customers surveyed said they used a range of tricks to dupe the automatic machines into giving them money off their shopping including selecting cheaper products while weighing their purchases; selecting 'small' when asked to enter the size of their item and placing items in plastic shopping bags without scanning them properly.

Atul Rajput, business development manager for retail at Axis Communications, said: "Self checkouts are on the rise, and although the cost savings from having them still outweigh the losses, shoplifting from canny customers as well as genuine mistakes from others, are a growing cause for concern for retailers.

"While most self checkout areas are supervised by a member of staff, with four to six kiosks to watch, it is impossible to spot every type of theft as it happens. Staff regularly override the checkouts when the technology does detect an unpaid for item in order to keep the queues flowing."

With many of the surveillance systems in these stores a massive amount of video of the self-service checkouts is being recorded, but never watched or reviewed, due to resource constraints. As a result, thefts are missed and suspicious behaviour is not noticed in time to prevent shoplifting.

Intelligent video is about reducing the vast amount of information contained in video, making it more manageable for systems and store operators to make use of what footage is being captured so that action can be taken when and where appropriate.

Atul continues: "IP surveillance cameras which are based on open standards, allow integration with innovate video analytic solutions to proactively flag up incidents of scan avoidance, helping retailers to stamp out the problem."

Scan-It-All is a loss prevention solution launched three years ago by StopLift which uses video analytic technology to monitor point of sale (POS) systems. A number of retailers have already deployed the solution with Axis cameras to flag up incidents of scan avoidance and the Scan-It-All solution has been used to monitor thousands of check-out lanes across the US and the UK. According to its CEO, Malay Kundu, the technology has revealed that scan avoidance of merchandise at self-service tills is up to five times higher than at manned checkouts.

Atul continues: "This technology is a great example of how video analytics are increasingly being integrated with IP cameras by retailers to help tackle shrinkage."

"Although external and internal theft will always be an issue for retailers, IP surveillance technology is constantly adapting to meet the challenge. As time goes on it will only get more difficult for opportunistic thieves to dupe both staff and in-store technology."

For more information about how intelligent video is being used with Axis' products visit

For all media enquiries, please contact:

Fiona Whyatt, Insight Marketing & Communications
Phone: + 44 (0) 1625 500800

Axis Communications

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On the Move: Home of the Industry's Original - Sponsored by Cival Demand Associates

Carol Bowker, ARM was named Director of Risk Management for Smashburger.
DeWayne Harrison, CFI was named Regional Loss Prevention Director for Compass Group North America.
Melanie Meschwitz was promoted to Regional Loss Prevention & Safety Manager for PetSmart.
Mike Appel was named District Investigator for Home Depot.
Chris Batson, Sr. Manager Investigations and LP Technology for The Gap completed his Masters degree in Business Administration- Strategic Leadership.

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4 Signs You're a Terrible Communicator As a manager, you are probably a big picture thinker -- the visionary leader driving your team forward. Sure, you're a visionary leader. But do your day-to-day discussions actually move your team forward, or just cause confusion?  (How to tell)

3 Secret Weapons For Better Communication, From Professional Actors Effective communication never consists of words alone. There must be a purpose behind those words that calls an audience to action. The result of this action is, ideally, identical to what we call a communicators objective.  (What's your intention?)

7 Reasons Networking Can Be a Professional Development Boot Camp How many times do you say to yourself that you need to meet more people? That your circle of influence needs to be strengthened? That your skills and talents have yet to be discovered?. (It's a full-time job)

How to Be Happier at Work It would be nice to think that you're going to be just as excited about going to work tomorrow as you were on your first day on the job. But between increased workloads or the fact that you've done the same job for a while now, you may be feeling fatigued.  (Start something)

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Flexibility and molding to the environment you're in is the first step towards integration and inclusion. In order to be absolutely effective, an executive must first become one with their surroundings and mold to what it is as opposed to expecting them to mold to you. Seeing and hearing those subtle differences is the key and changing to it becomes the objective. Once modified, you then have the freedom to influence change and make a difference.

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