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Video: Preview of Anderson's segment on shoplifting moms
Today on Anderson, Anderson Cooper interviews moms who shoplift in a segment called "Are Moms Behaving Badly?" Anderson also has hidden cameras follow one mom through a department store to witness her shoplifting. Then he interviews moms who admit to shoplifting with their kids in the store. What kind of examples are these moms setting for their kids?  (Source

Best Buy's interim CEO told analysts Best Buy is no longer relevant to customers and that consumers need virtual products and services as much, if not more, than they need hardware. "It is a marketplace we weren't prepared for. Best Buy's customer experience is no longer unique as it once was, and it is no longer a distinct competitive advantage. My goal is to continue to shrink the company's physical footprint and substantially reduce our cost structure." An environment of change with potentially significant structural changes coming. (Source

Walgreen allegedly used illegal means to draw consumers to its pharmacies and now faces $7.9M in damages. Walgreens allegedly gave participants in government-sponsored health care programs gift cards and gift checks in exchange for transferring their prescriptions to its pharmacies, violating both Missouri and federal law. Based on the total amount of money the retailer offered in gift cards and gift checks, Walgreens will pay $7.9 million in damages to participating states and the federal government. (Source

15 retailers join the PayPal payment race. Home Depot was the first and now J.C. Penney, Barnes & Noble, Office Depot, Abercrombie & Fitch, Advanced Auto, Aeropostale, American Eagle, Foot Locker, Guitar Center, Jamba Juice, Jos. A Bank, Nine West, Rooms To Go, Tiger Direct, Toys R Us are joining. The race is on and the major credit card companies have to be worried as their once secure market share is now up for grabs. (Source

90% of employers conduct criminal background checks - seven states bar credit reports and 15 more may follow suit soon. How far will the states and the EEOC go? Well that depends on how this recent wave of legislation culls the herd of vendors who provide cursory searches of databases often riddled with inaccurate information. No one expects a sudden stop to background checks. The key will be what employers do with the information they gather. Companies should ask applicants about potentially negative reports to give them a chance to explain away errors that inevitably come up and also to put their circumstances into context, says Cynthia Springer, a labor and employment lawyer in Indiana. "Collecting the information isn't the big issue right now, it's how it's being used," Springer says. "You should be doing a case-by-case analysis anytime you're using criminal background information in making a decision." (Source

Picture: New Scotland Yard signScotland Yard bust biggest counterfeit coin ring in history - $6.43 million in blank coins ready to be pressed into 1 pound coins. Discovered in a freight container during raids of three storage locations - it's the biggest of its kind in UK history. Detective Inspector Bruce South, Projects Team, said: 'This seizure is a significant blow to the network behind it; individuals clearly intent on undermining the UK monetary system by producing counterfeit currency on an industrial scale. It is yet another example of the work this team is carrying out on a daily basis to tackle organized criminal networks." Some coin may already be in circulation. (Source

Picture: Police have seized nearly $1 million in phony U.S. bills from two Quebec towns.Canada's RCMP Project "CRANIUM" - 'Sophisticated' Quebec counterfeiting ring busted with $1M in U.S. bills - U.S. Secret Service coordinated. The RCMP, U.S. Secret Service and Quebec provincial police arrested four suspects and seized $949,000 after raiding six locations in Trois-Rivières and Drummondville Wednesday. Investigators believe the bills were distributed in Quebec, but similar counterfeit notes have been traced in the U.S. and other countries. According to the RCMP, the notes were so close to the real thing, the differences were "basically undetectable to the naked eye." Police allege $100 US in fake notes were sold for $30 Cdn. (Source

Without a warrant, judges are throwing out convictions based on evidence gathered with the help of GPS's installed on suspects cars
. A federal judge in Kentucky this week upheld a lower court's decision to throw out crucial evidence in a drug case because the evidence was gathered with the help of a GPS tracking device that was installed without a warrant on the suspect's vehicle. It may not relate to retail but we all know how tempting it is to use them on ORC suspects vehicles. Let this serve as an example, not to even mention the civil lawsuit potential. (Source

American Military University Partners with The Loss Prevention Foundation to Offer Quality Online Degree and Certificate Programs for Loss Prevention Professionals American Military University (AMU) announced an agreement with The Loss Prevention Foundation (LPF) to offer AMU online degree and certificate programs in support of professional development for loss prevention professionals, LPQualified (LPQ) and LPCertified (LPC) professionals and LPF members. (Source

Video: Robber at Lowe's caught on camera
Unnerving scene as a robbery takes place in a Lowe's Store in Florida. A 20-year-old attempted to rob a register at a Lowe's store, holding a pair of scissors to the cashier’s throat. Milton Hodges was later arrested and is being held on charges of attempted armed robbery, three counts of attempted battery and conveyance burglary. Hodges was unsuccessful at opening the register and was chased out of the store by associates and customers with 2x4’s and garden tools. Hodge’s attempt to carjack a truck was also unsuccessful so he tried to escape on a stolen golf cart. No one was hurt in the incident.  (Source

Picture: Star Wars Lego set retails for $100-$140 onlineSecond man charged with switching bar codes on expensive Lego sets; sold for 10 times the price he paid. A San Francisco man has been charged with stealing pricey “Star Wars” Lego sets from Target stores on the Peninsula by replacing the bar codes on the boxes with ones that gave him steep discounts. There’s no indication that Thomas Langenbach, the software company vice president charged in that case, was in cahoots with Donald Michael Morales, who is accused of pulling the scam in San Mateo County. Morales, 44, stole at least 14 "Star Wars" Lego sets from Target stores in San Bruno, San Mateo, Redwood City and Daly City between Feb. 20 and April 14, prosecutors said. He allegedly did so by pasting fake bar codes for $15.99 on the collector’s sets, which are sold for $139.99. Morales then sold the Legos on eBay for closer to the store price. (Source

Coach Store in San Francisco hit for $8600 in purses. The two suspects smashed out the display window of the Coach Store in the busy shopping area of Bay Street. The two, now facing charges of burglary, were caught on surveillance video smashing the window and loading an SUV late Wednesday night. On Thursday, Police information lead to the SUV, the purses and their arrest. (Source

Picture: Nicole Beauty & Wigs
Hair weave burglars hit in Memphis
. Suspects smashed out a window, entered, and in three minutes were gone with $15,000 worth of human hair extensions. Each box was valued at $200 and according to the owner; this is the third burglary of the store in the last two months. The Memphis Beauty Supply Association is offering a $2000 reward for information leading to the arrest of the two suspects. (Source

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PayPal Announces Major Retail Expansion ~ Coming to Store Near You!

eBay INC. PayPal division announced plans to aggressively place its technology at point-of-sale terminals at major U.S. retailers, signing deals with Verifone and Equinox Payments engaging 15 new retail partners. In the coming weeks, a total of 15 retailers will all implement PayPal payment options at the point of sale, including Office Depot, Barnes & Noble, Jamba Juice, Foot Locker, Guitar Center, Tiger Direct, Aeropostale, Nine West, and JC Penney. David Marcus, President of PayPal, said that the offline point-of-sale market represented several times the financial opportunity of mobile sales. "We're doing the same thing that we've been doing with mobile for the last five years, and doing it offline," he said. PayPal's most recent move in electronic commerce was the launch of PayPal Here, a Square-like credit-card reader that individuals and small businesses can use to process payments using their smartphone. Click here for full article.

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Michigan Court overturns guilty "racketeering" conviction of Home Depot ORC suspect because they didn't prove - criminal enterprise involving more than on person. Returning more than $6,000 in stolen items to a Home Depot Store, in some cases using fraudulent identification, buying items with the in-store credits and selling them on Craig's List. Police said a search of Kloosterman’s vehicle turned up receipts, items, and IDs used in the criminal enterprise. The first Judge sentenced Kloosterman to six to 20 years in prison and ordered him to pay Home Depot about $5,000 for the items allegedly taken. Kloosterman remains in the Lakeland prison awaiting the State Supreme Court decision. He has spent two years behind bars already. (Source

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How to Change Your Company Culture On Monday morning you find your highest-performing employee waiting for you in the conference room, ready to quit. After stomaching that conversation, you notice junior-level employees sneaking in late and complaining about their tasks for the day. (Sound familiar?)

10 Rules for Hitting Your Stride At Work It happens when you're offering the best of who you are to your work, at your pace, with your talent, and with your highest you shining through. When you're hitting your stride, no one needs to tell you.  (You know it feels right)

Reputation Without Character is Worthless "Character is like a tree and reputation like a shadow. The shadow is what we think of it; the tree is the real thing." Character is what a person is; reputation is how he seems. It is therefore perception that can be interpreted or manipulated in different ways.  (Listen to Honest Abe)

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