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Worker's compensation - Employers already are seeing the tip of a very nasty iceberg as rates are hitting 112% For the first time in decades, we are seeing more employee injuries, with an upswing in the severity of claims. And for every dollar of premium insurance companies are spending $1.18. This has caused a surge in medical costs and an alarming trend towards injured employees staying out of work longer as more employers abandon return-to-work programs due to the financial constraints as a result of a poor economy. (Source

Feds Bust Multi-Million Dollar Identity Theft Ring in Miami that stretched from South Florida to Canada to Eastern Europe A laptop computer and a credit card reader Homeland Security investigators say they found these items and other evidence in the Southwest Miami-Dade home of Jorge Eduardo Liy, an accused mastermind of a multi-million dollar identity theft ring. "South Florida, in particular, is the number one area in the United States for identity theft," said Gerard OíNeill, Assistant Special Agent in Charge with U.S. Customs and Immigration Enforcement and Homeland Security Investigations. Liy made tons of phony credit cards out of his home ó realistic even down to the foil markings on the back of the card. In a twist, Morrisey says Liy had his employees buy prepaid gift cards with the phony credit cards, which made it more difficult to trace his operation. "(He was) basically breaking the chain between himself and the fraudulent credit card and laundering the proceeds of the fraudulent credit card," Morrisey explained. "Because even if you got back to the gift card it was probably sold to an innocent individual online." When the feds searched Liyís house they say they found small bags crammed full of fraudulent credit cards, a hard drive with a trove of credit card numbers on it and a gun. (Source

Another Dallas identity theft ring busted with 400 to 500 credit cards, debit cards, gift cards, and social security numbers. A rental car company exposed the suspect when the owner of the card used to rent a car called and asked why his card was being charged. Within hours police busted the suspect in his hotel room. Adding to the intrigue, the owner of the rental company said bank statements and a ledger showing money transfers from one account to another were found in the vehicle after it was recovered. The dates go back to 2010. The police are still investigating. (Source

7 IHOP restaurants in Northwest Ohio and Indiana raided and 18 people indicted for $3M for money laundering, identity theft, alien harboring, wire fraud, mail fraud and arson. The "restaurants served up more than just breakfast. They had a menu of various criminal schemes," said Carol Rendon, first assistant U.S. attorney for the Northern District of Ohio. "They were used as home bases for a series of criminal enterprises that had just one thing in common: Money." According to the indictments, Elkafrawi, the franchise owner and Autumn Lee Tangas, an agent for IHOP Corporate, "used various frauds, schemes and criminal activities to fraudulently manipulate sales figures, salaries, payroll and losses in an attempt to evade taxes, avoid paying royalties and other financial obligations and to unjustly and illegally divert money from the IHOP franchises to themselves." Hiring over 200 illegal immigrants and forging their paperwork and generated over $1.2M in unreported income. The owner was also accused of ordering the arson fire that destroyed one IHOP in Findlay, Ohio in 2008. (Source

The UK's - Retail Week publication - Retail theft: Who is targeting you? While the average number of thefts and burglaries fell last year, the average cost of retail crime rose 31% to £1.4bn, according to the British Retail Consortium. This marks an increase in more serious and organized crime that demands a cohesive response. Professional shoplifters are responsible for about 20% of retail thefts, according to Joshua Bamfield of the Centre for Retail Research who is author of Shopping and Crime. Professional thieves can be highly effective, and expect to be caught only in between one in 10 and one in 20 offences. (Source

Major international car-theft ring of 19 busted in New Jersey that stole cars in NJ & NY and shipped them overseas Yesterday U.S. Attorney for NJ and 10 law enforcement agencies announced they had busted this ring after a 1 1/2 year investigation that led to the recovery of more than 200 vehicles valued at $6M in one sweep alone. Focusing on high-end vehicles they'd put them in cargo containers and use the Jersey ports to send them to West Africa. Using gang members to steal cars with 10% of them being carjackings. They had an entire complex operation set up with multiple layers, "retagers" that would alter the VINs and even produce counterfeit Certificate of Title's matching the new VIN numbers. All run by "the Lady" a 42 year old woman who ran the entire operation. (Source

After everything we hear about cyber crime - Armenia FINALLY sentences one cyber criminal to 4 years in prison - their first one sentenced to actually go to prison - It's about time! The creator of the Bredolab malware received a four-year prison sentence in Armenia on Monday for using his botnet to launch DDoS (distributed denial-of-service) attacks that damaged multiple computer systems owned by private individuals and organizations. However a number of his charges were dropped because of a decree of "General Amnesty on the Occasion of the 20th Anniversary of the Independence Declaration of the Republic of Armenia" that was adopted by Armenia's National Assembly on May 26, 2011, the Prosecutor's General Office said. Avanesov is the first person to be jailed in Armenia for offenses related to cyber crime, RFE/RL said. What has to happen to make Eastern Europe start taking this seriously? (Source

$3 million jewelry robbery in Aurora, Colorado, owner offers $100,000 reward. Five armed suspects are being sought by police for robbery and assault charges; the owner of the Aurora Gold Exchange was beaten badly during the ordeal. A couple was buzzed into the store, and then with the owner at gunpoint, three others with duffel bags came in and cleaned out the store. Suspects were well orchestrated and even destroyed the surveillance system. (source

Tacoma, Washington man confesses to arson at a Home Depot to help his friends business. Randol Stebner told Police that he started the fire because he was upset that The Home Depot was running his friendís hardware store out of business. His friendís hardware store is 2,000 miles away in Rockford, Illinois. Stebner was not shy about his plight, in fact told several HD employees in the store prior to the fire about his friendís struggles. Stebner went outside to the loading area of the store and started a small fire, causing minimal damage and was quickly arrested. He is now facing charges of attempted second-degree arson. Stebner may have been drinking at the time. (source

Update from yesterday's story: St. Thomas, Ontario police have arrested 3 boys, two  13 year olds and one 14, and charged them with arson from an estimated $5 million in damages to a Wal-Mart. The blaze started at about 11:30 a.m. at the exterior rear of the store, where it was contained. Smoke and water damage, however, was significant both inside and outside of the store. Police had viewed surveillance video of the boys allegedly lighting wood pallets and plastic crates behind the store. Almost immediately, thick smoke billowed and flames quickly spread up the wall to the roof. The store has been closed for repairs. (source

Three Director of Loss Prevention positions and one major restructure will be announced shortly.

Quarterly Results

American Eagle 1Q same store sales up 17% with revenue up 18%
Costco 3Q same store sales up 5% with sales up 8%
Fred's 1Q same store sales down 0.4% with revenue up 3.3%



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Broward County, FL., Sheriff's Office ORC unit busts one man online fraudster after three month investigation hitting Home Depot and others. Working closely with the loss prevention departments from several national and local businesses and the U. S. Secret Service, BSO detectives arrested Jumoke Williams, 24, on May 22. Williams made a business out of placing orders online and falsifying everything needed in order to retrieve the merchandise. He then sold the merchandise, which ranged from drills and generators to computers and comforters, at pawn shops or on the street. BSO detectives investigating Williams found that in a period of three months he executed at least 15 fraudulent transactions targeting at least six local businesses, he used at least five different aliases and utilized the credit cards of at least a dozen unsuspecting victims throughout the U.S. Detectives obtained a search warrant for his home and recovered dozens of credit cards, gift cards, personal IDs and tax information of potential victims. (Source

Retail Theft Ring - Traffic stop in Sturbridge, MA uncovers $7,500 in stolen merchandise with price tags still in tact and 3 suspects arrested The three suspects were using a rental car and there was tin foil "strewn about the vehicle". The three suspects denied knowing of the merchandise and had no receipts and were later booked at State Police Barracks in Sturbridge. (Source

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Function Mgr AP Walgreens Perrysburg, OH Walgreens

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Children's Place New Jersey Children's Place
Security and LP Mgr Rent-A-Center Monterrey, Mexico Rent-A-Center
Bilingual Regional LP Mgr Rent-A-Center Plano, TX Rent-A-Center
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Tony Brunetto was named Market Asset Protection Manager for Walmart.

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Risks and Rewards of Staff Surveys You may think you know what's going on with your team. But survey data is far better than anecdotal observation. Leaders tend to be more optimistic than other people, so in truth, a leader may know something about his staff or he may know nothing.  (Why are they smiling?)

10 Signs of Unhealthy Company Culture Your employees may seem content, but you never know if they're just hesitant to voice their grievances to their higher-ups. Here are some telltale signs that they're unhappy, and how to treat your ailing culture. (Do the signs seem familiar?)

How to Deal With a Culture Killer It usually comes as a surprise when an employee turns into a culture killer. After all, the candidate fit perfectly during the interview process, but now that they're in the trenches, you are seeing another side of them.  (Dealing with a Debbie Downer)

The Biggest Hiring Mistake You Will Ever Make Have you hired people you just knew would be superstars, only to have them turn out to be duds? And you've probably also passed on people who turned out to be superstars for another company. Big mistakes? Sure, but not the biggest hiring mistake.  (Have you done it?)

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