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News Brief - Sponsored by WG Security Products

Elizabeth (Christensen) Brooks, CFI
was named Director of Human Resources, Operations & Loss Prevention for Diane's Beachwear. Prior to joining with Diane's Beachwear, Elizabeth spent over three and a half years with Harbor Freight Tools as the Sr. Manager Loss Prevention, Retail Stores. Before that she was a Regional Loss Prevention Investigator with Abercrombie and Fitch and an Executive Team Leader - Asset Protection for Target. Congrats Elizabeth!

The Biggest Retail Theft Case Globally in 2012

Two former Reebok executives in India allegedly committed $232M to $1.6B in fraud. A police report says the pair filled four warehouses with stolen merchandise, falsifying bills and siphoning off goods to fake companies and distributors for years, local media reported. Prem has denied the allegations and is suing Reebok for damages, according to local media. Reports of the financial impact of the alleged fraud varied widely. The Press Trust of India reported that the fraud resulted in a loss of 13 billion rupees ($232 million), while the Times of India and the Hindustan Times pegged it at 87 billion rupees ($1.6 billion). (Source Associated Press)

"CAUGHT RED HANDED" - Nash Entertainment is filming 8 episodes of Loss Prevention detectives actually making apprehensions. It was bought by the studios and now they're casting. Yes it's controversial and yes most retailers would not be involved. But it is reality in today's reality world. And yes they're a reality producer and yes many disagree with it and the Daily neither supports or endorses it. But it is news and it is what's happening. They filmed a pilot last year and obviously for a studio to buy eight episodes it must have been watched. (Source

OSHA to create federal whistleblower advisory committee to strengthen its whistleblower protections. The Whistleblower Protection Advisory Committee (WPAC) will advise, consult with and make recommendations to Secretary of Labor Hilda L. Solis and Assistant Secretary of Labor for Occupational Safety and Health Dr. David Michaels on ways to improve the efficiency, effectiveness and transparency of the agency's administration of whistleblower protections. (Source

Uniqlo to aggressively expand in U.S. amid everyone else's store cutbacks Uniqlo, the Japanese basics brand, is starting aggressive growth plans at shopping malls that are expected to include 20 to 30 new stores a year over the next eight years. (Source

Inside Apple's secret plan to kill the cash register Small retail businesses are opening their doors without ever buying a cash register. Instead, they're using iPads that use Square technology, or something similar, to handle the main functions of cash registers -- at a fraction of the cost. Apple started it all and everybody's been waiting for the other 900-lb. handset gorilla -- Apple -- to ship iPhones with NFC chips in them to kick-start the contactless-payment revolution. It's coming are you ready? Talk about LP needing to be tech savvy - it's time. (Source

Polo Ralph Lauren to open 60 stores in China The first 15 stores will open their polished doors in Beijing, Shanghai and Hong Kong this fall. (source

Lowe's is getting into the home security business with its new Iris service in North America They're launching an entire home-automation/home security service soon. Earlier this year they announced a partnership with AlertMe, a smart-home technology company based in London. Lowe’s new Iris service in North America will utilize AlertMe’s Smart Home platform and home hub, according to a news release. (Source

The security firm who employed the airport security supervisor who worked at Newark Airport under a phony identity was fired after two decades on the job. FJC Security will get its walking papers Tuesday from enraged Port Authority executives. The decision will cost the company two multi-year contracts worth a total $550 million -- $93 million this year alone. Another case of not doing backgrounds on who you hire. (Source

Chinese counterfeit electronic parts found in 1,800 cases in the U.S. military during investigation Counterfeit Chinese parts were discovered in the Air Force's largest cargo plane, helicopters used by special ops soldiers, and Navy surveillance aircraft. "[The report] outlines how this flood of counterfeit parts, overwhelmingly from China, threatens national security, the safety of our troops and American jobs." While the source of the counterfeit electronics was overwhelmingly determined to be China, the report does say that contractors and other authorities in the United States are partly to blame for failing to detect fake parts and routinely failing to report suspected counterfeit goods. (Source

EEOC Enforcement Guidance: Enforcement Guidance on the Consideration of Arrest and Conviction Records in Employment Decisions Under Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, as amended, 42 U.S.C. § 2000e et seq. The purpose of this Enforcement Guidance is to consolidate and update the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission’s guidance documents regarding the use of arrest or conviction records in employment decisions under Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, as amended, 42 U.S.C. § 2000e et seq. (Source

Anonymous Hacks Justice Dept. Statistics Database and steals 1.76 GB of data and posted in online for download According to a posting on, an independent news platform for Anonymous, the hacking collective was able to obtain internal e-mails and the "entire database dump." (Source

NJ’s Genovese Crime Family accused of Cargo Theft, 14 arrested capping off a 2 year investigation. Gambling, loan sharking and cargo theft resulted in raids from Long Island to New Jersey rounding up some notorious organized crime figures. These are not the young gangsters of the past, the leader of the crew is believed to be 80 year old Pepe LaScala a reputed "capo" in the Genovese crime family. Stolen goods were stored in a warehouse in Jersey City, on-line gambling operations were based in Costa Rica, but losses were enforced out of Bergen County. (source

Target shoplifter now charged with third-degree felony murder after the security guard who chased and tackled him collapsed and died of a heart attack.
Now facing a minimum of 10 to 15 years in prison after the theft incident at the Target store in Tampa. (source

"Rugged Sole" store security guard in Brooklyn, NY, gets into shoot out and hits two bystanders A guard at the Rugged Sole store in Crown Heights, allegedly got into a fight with another man in the store, 23-year-old Gerald Spears. Spears later returned to the store with a gun and shot at the guard, who in turn fired his own weapon and hit two bystanders. Police arrested the guard and charged him with criminal possession of a weapon and reckless endangerment in the shooting. They're still looking for Spears. (Source

Two brothers charged with murder after killing a security guard behind the Promenade Shopping Plaza in Palm Beach Gardens, FL, while they were stealing steal backflow devices for scrap last summer. The water-control devices can be sold to scrap dealers for cash, police said. Novembre, the guard, who was on duty, interrupted them. The brothers beat him with a shovel. They stole his necklace, bracelet and wallet. Novembre's nose was broken, and he suffered severe facial and skull fractures, police said. That same day, Stephen sold the bracelet for $435 at a Lantana pawn shop. He sold several backflow devices the next day to a scrap metal dealer for $300 in Pompano Beach. The store owners called police. (Source

Rite Aid was hit with two armed robberies in one week in Philadelphia over Percocet and offers a $5k reward. (Source

The "Lifeguard" bandit hits his 4th retail store in Hubbard Woods, IL. after hitting retail stores in Northfield, Glenview, and Wilmette, IL. Police describe the offender as a white male in his late teens or early 20s, wearing a red-hooded sweatshirt with "LIFE GUARD" in white letters, khaki shorts and flip flops. In addition, police said he is between 5 feet, 9 inches tall and 5 feet, 10 inches tall, with a slender build, a brown medium length buzz haircut and large, dark round-lens tortoise shell sunglasses. (Source

Three youths being sought for a Million Dollar Arson at Walmart in St. Thomas, Ontario. St. Thomas police are on the hunt for three boys after an arson at a Walmart that will likely cost the store millions of dollars. Police have video surveillance of three boys, between 12- and 15-years-old, lighting wood pallets and plastic crates on fire behind the St. Thomas Walmart at around 11:45 a.m. Sunday. Smoke billowed from the materials set ablaze, the video shows. The blaze jumped from the crates and pallets, up the exterior wall and breached the roof, causing significant damage inside the store. "It'll be in the millions of dollars - All the food and everything in the store has to be removed." Police are trying to identify the boys but want anyone with information to call them or CrimeStoppers. Walmart Canada officials have not yet determined when the store will re-open. (source

Quarterly Sales Results

Hhgregg's 4Q revenue up 21% with full year sales of $2.49B
Polo Ralph Lauren 4Q total revenue up 13% with the full year up 21%
Zale's 3Q same store sales up 8% with revenue up 8% but lost $4.5M
PetSmart 1Q same store sales up 7.4% with total sales up 9.4%
Williams-Sonoma's 1Q comparable brand sales up 5.4% with net revenue up 6.1%


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ORC News - Sponsored by Universal Survellience Systems

Submitted by Nelson Harrah, ORC Director, Gap

Coronado Mall Blitz

On, May 16th-18th, a joint-retail blitz was conducted at Coronado Mall in Albuquerque, NM with the direct support of Albuquerque PD.

Blitz Highlights

· 38 suspects apprehended and $5,100.00 of merchandise recovered from 23 different retailers (Vehicle Search Warrants Pending)

· Well-known booster Manuel Leyba and his son were apprehended on Day 2. Both had been targeting several retailers at the mall on a weekly basis prior to the blitz. Both had multiple warrants for thefts from Gap and Express with known losses totaling more than $12,000.00.

· Detectives were able to gather intelligence on potential fencing locations and other local ORC suspects affecting our stores in the Albuquerque area.

· Several suspects were found to be in possession of drug paraphernalia and lock blade knives.

Thanks to the following personal for their direct in-market support during the three day operation.

Darin Linell, RLPM Victoria Secret
Lance Krueger, RLPM, Express
Greg Bacigalupi, RLPM, Express
Fritz Martin, Security Director, Coronado Mall and his entire staff
Don Moore, Security Captain, Coronado Mall
Anchor Store LP Teams from Kohl’s, Macy’s, Sears and JC Penny’s
Nelson Harrah, ORC Director, Gap
Wanda Rodgers, Corporate Security Specialist, Gap
Jason Heisser, RLPM, Gap
Krystal Buchanan, ORCS, Gap
Jerome Smith, LPS/ORC, Gap
Joe Juarez, LP Investigator, Abercrombie/Hollister
George Perez, LP Investigator, Abercrombie/Hollister

*Special Thanks to all the Detectives and Officers from Albuquerque PD’s Organized Crime Unit, NE Area Impact, NE Bike Units and the Nite team for their "best in class" support during the 3-day operation. You are definitely in step with your community.

Click here for a full recap of the Blitz.

ADP Report # - 120045435
Leyba had been issued a Criminal Trespass notice in 2009 and has several cases currently being worked by APD Officers for Commercial Burglary affecting many stores in the Albuquerque area. Leyba was accompanied by his son Leyba Jr. He was stopped by APD after shoplifting from JC Penney’s and Children’s Place, the vehicle was sealed, towed, and seized.

videoMd. store owner busted selling stolen goods and says he doesn't care if items were illegally obtained Prince George's County organized retail crime detectives say that Jose Molina, who owns a store in Elkridge, made his place of business a "one-stop shop" for stolen goods. "He was bringing in stolen stuff, buying it and giving orders to the busters, telling them what items he preferred," Prince George's County Police Sgt. Aubrey Thompson said. Molina, though, says the cops have it all wrong, despite Thompson saying that police sold items to him that they clearly indicated were stolen. The items, some of which still had stickers from Target on them, included razors, shampoo, hair coloring, air fresheners and Tide detergent. (Source

Shoplifting spree gets four women busted wheeling out two shopping carts full of merchandise at the Wal-Mart store in Oswego, NY. You never get caught the first time. So they were probably very active in the area. FYI (Source


videoThe Lego King - A Silicon Valley SAP VP software executive put fake bar codes on Lego sets at various Target stores, bought the toys at a steep discount, then sold them online for thousands of dollars Authorities say Langenbach bought Lego sets at Target stores but covered their original bar codes with his own bar-code stickers to get a cheaper price. When police obtained a search warrant for Langenbach's posh $2M home in San Carlos, they said they found hundreds of sets of the colorful toy bricks, many of which he sold on eBay under the name "tomsbrickyard." Authorities say Langenbach's house also was filled with Lego creations he had built himself. Langenbach works for German software giant SAP. His LinkedIn profile lists him as a vice president in a Northern California division. He was already under surveillance by Target security officers who suspected him of the scheme when they spotted him at the chain's Mountain View store May 8. After he completed his purchases using the bogus bar codes, the store called police and Langenbach was arrested, authorities said. "This particular crime, the way it was done, the sophistication, the amount of expenditure in time and money to do it, suggests there's something way beyond money that motivated him to do it," Hendrickson said. (Source  (source


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Vendor Spotlight

CargoNet - Holiday Advisory

Dear Valued Colleague,

As you prepare to spend this upcoming holiday weekend with friends and family, please keep in mind that cargo thieves will not be taking any time off.

CargoNet's analysis of historical cargo theft data shows that the rate of cargo theft increases over holiday weekends.

With that being said, we ask that you remain vigilant by paying special attention to the steps below, which may already be included in your company's list of security protocols. These eleven steps can help your company prevent theft, as well as recover stolen cargo in the event that you suffer a loss.

1. Ask local police agencies to make routine checks of facilities during holiday down time.

2. Avoid having loaded trailers sit unattended over the weekend. If loaded trailers do need to sit unattended, be sure they are parked in secure areas.

3. Make sure that both security managers and drivers have accurate license plate, VIN, and descriptive information for tractors, trailers, containers, and container chassis'. Police agencies will need this information to open and investigation in the event of an incident.

4. Consider deploying covert tracking devices in product and on trailers. If using tracking devices, be sure to geo-fence all stationary trailers that are not being actively monitored.

5. Secure all tractors with high-security locking devices, such as, air-cuff and tractor steering joint locks.

6. Secure all trailers (loaded and unloaded) with high-security ISO 17712 compliant barrier seals in combination with hardened padlocks. Utilize king pin locks for unattached trailers.

7. Check to make sure that facility lighting, back-up generators, alarm system(s) and surveillance equipment are all in good working order.

8. Never treat any alarm signal as a "false alarm". When targeting warehouse locations, cargo thieves tend to trip facility alarm systems multiple times before breaking-in to give law enforcement and facility managers the impression that the alarm system is malfunctioning.

9. Remove keys from all facility equipment, especially motorized pallet jacks and forklifts.

10. Document and report all suspicious activity that occurs in and around a facility to security personnel & the CargoNet operations center. This information can be critical to law enforcement in the event of a cargo theft incident.

11. If you are a victim of a theft, immediately notify local law enforcement, and call the CargoNet operations center.

To report a cargo theft, call 1-888-595-CNET (2638).

From all of us at CargoNet, have a happy, safe and healthy Memorial Day Weekend.

Best regards,
Anthony Canale
General Manager

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Kmart Spring Valley, CA Sears Holdings Corp.

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Dept Mgr Store LP & Safety Lowe's Olympia, WA Lowe's

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Lowe's Lansing, MI Lowe's
Dept Mgr Store LP & Safety Lowe's Metairie, LA Lowe's
District LP Mgr Big Lots! Baltimore, MD Big Lots!
AP Business Partner Target Massachusetts Target
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Regional Investigation Mgr - ORC TJ Maxx New York, NY The TJX Companies, Inc.

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On the Move: Home of the Industry's Original - Sponsored by Cival Demand Associates

Elizabeth (Christensen) Brooks, CFI was named Director of Human Resources, Operations & Loss Prevention for Diane's Beachwear.
William Gravelyn
was promoted to Corporate Investigations Manager for Orchard Supply Hardware.
David Damaska was named Regional Manager Global Security Integration for Walmart.

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How To Be Happier At Work: 3 Tips Google's chief happiness officer, Chade-Meng Tan, shares some of the wisdom that has made the company's employees more content and productive. Here are three mindfulness skills Tan recommends for every leader.  (Learn to be a "level 5 leader")

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