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videoInternational fraud ring busted in Quebec with 45 people arrested, 12,000 counterfeit bank cards seized in raids and losses of over $7.7 million - and could go as high as $100 million. Based in Montreal and working with accomplices around the world including the UK, New Zealand, Malaysia, Tunisia and Vancouver the ring cloned cards and stole cash from over 22,000 people. The RCMP say 61 arrest warrants have been issued on charges including gangsterism, manufacturing of forged cards, fraud and identity theft. steady stream of vehicles carrying suspects flowed into Montreal police's northern operational headquarters Wednesday morning. More than 30 arrests had been made by 9 a.m. ET. police in Quebec are working with international authorities to help identify accomplices outside of Canada. (Source

Third Point hedge fund that owns a significant stake in Yahoo calls for CEO's termination because he lied about having a second degree in computer science. Even with some of the Board of Directors trying to squelch the damage Mr. Loed, Third Point's leader, sent a letter to the Board calling for Mr. Thompson to be fired. He also was upset that the Director who "botched the CEO hiring process" intends to serve out her term. Sounds like she had a relationship with the search firm Heidrick Struggles who had placed the CEO in his last job and therefore had a conflict of interest in their search and someone simply failed to check with the school to confirm Thompson's degree. Once again this is one of the biggest areas where people misrepresent themselves and it comes back to haunt them. It always does sooner or later. (Source

Nordstrom ranked #1 with shoppers who earn $150,000+ According to the 2012 Luxury Consumer Experience Index, which ranks retailers based on customer's evaluations of a brand's store personnel, shopping environment and degree of satisfaction with the total experience, Nordstrom earns the top overall score of 8.41 out of 10. (Source

A China-based espionage operation has infiltrated the computer systems of at least 22 organizations in the government and private sectors in the U.S., Europe and Asia. A cybersecurity consulting firm, Cyber Squared, has documented the existence and notified the companies. The victims included U.S. public policy think tanks, North American technology companies, European food safety, environmental and maritime organizations, East Asian economic policy and diplomacy groups, and international mining organizations and law firms. What was stolen from these organizations is not known. (Source

Mastercard launches their digital PayPass Wallet Services. American Airlines and Barnes & Noble are two of the first major brands to offer the payment feature. MasterCard will roll out the service to banks, merchants and other businesses in the U.S., Canada, U.K. and Australia in the third quarter. (Source

Will Google and Facebook disappear in the next five years? We think of Google and Facebook as Web gorillas that will be around forever. But at one time, didn't we think the same about MySpace? With the rate the tech world is moving now, there are both good reasons and academic theory to back the idea that both Google and Facebook may be completely gone by 2017.  (Source

Wal-Mart attorney argues Shopkeeper’s Privilege statute in Ohio. Wal-Mart believes it made a good stop on two suspects accused of stealing an external computer hard-drive. They also believe that the Loss Prevention Coordinator had the right to detain the suspects till police arrived. The Judge in Athens, Ohio believes all of that information will be up to a jury. Wal-Mart was seeking the Athens County Common Pleas Court to grant the company summary judgment in a lawsuit filed last year by a suspected shoplifter, who believes he was wrongfully detained and claims excessive force was used to keep him from leaving the Loss Prevention office. Wal-Mart’s attorney said, "This case, quite frankly, is ridiculous". (source

Grocery bagger comes to the assistance of Loss Prevention. The bagger, Robert Bradford was upset when he witnessed the suspect strike the female store detective in the face and reacted quickly. Robert who is 17 years old is also a Covington Police Explorer. The suspect was arrested and charged with shoplifting, public drunkenness, battery and violated his probation. (source

Armored truck rolls over, spills money across Interstate-77 and passing motorists help themselves. (Source

The Feds dig up mobster's yard looking for art work from the 1990 largest art robbery in history from Boston Museum. FBI agents on Thursday searched the property of a reputed Connecticut mobster who is suspected of withholding information about an infamous unsolved art heist in Boston. Dozens of agents dug in the yard and removed boxes of evidence from the ranch-style Manchester home of 75-year-old Robert Gentile, who has been detained since February on federal drug and weapons charges. They've already searched his residence once and his lawyer said "This is the FBI. Are you trying to tell me they missed something the first time? They're trying to find $500 million of stolen artwork. All they're going to find is night crawlers." (Source Associated Press)

Upscale Dallas Mall - NorthPark Center adopts teen curfew - 17 and under must be accompanied by adult after 6 p.m. except employees and kids going directly to movies. (Source Associated Press)

Free ice cream for life to anyone who finds the missing truck. The owner of Jaxon's Ice Cream Parlour and Restaurant in Dania Beach, Florida is offering a life-long supply of free ice cream to anyone who can help find their missing delivery truck. Broward Sheriff's deputies are investigating the theft of the freezer truck early Saturday from the 56-year-old ice cream shop located south of Fort Lauderdale along Federal Highway. The truck is easy enough to spot. It has an image of owner Monroe Udell in a red apron gesturing toward photos of some of the treats offered at Jaxon's. (source

Quarterly Same Store Sales Results

Kohl's Q1 up 0.2% with net sales up 1.9%

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California Department of Justice thanks ORC team

May 9, 2012

RE:    Driscoll, John Joseph, et al. (People v.)
         San Diego Superior Court, Case No. CD237395

To Whom It May Concern,

It is with deep gratitude that I write this letter in support of the team of investigators who brought "Operation National Boxstuffer" to fruition. In particular I commend San Diego Police Detective David Iorillo, Bed Bath and Beyond Loss Prevention Expert Jake Wilson, Target Loss Prevention Investigator Grady Gopez, and Target Loss Prevention analyst Ricardo Escalante for their detailed investigation on this complex retail fraud case. Essentially, they took a 1,000 piece puzzle, spread all over the country, and put together something that truly showed the complex and unique nature of sophisticated retail theft.

In essence, the team was able to identify a crew of conspirators, who to the less trained eye, would appear to be committing petty shoplifting, and build a seven codefendant multi-million dollar conspiracy case. Due to the diligent efforts of Detective Iorillo, he was able to track and substantiate beyond reasonable doubt the crimes of the conspirators. The crew was sophisticated in its methods including using aliases, moving frequently, and masking how they fenced the stolen property. Loss prevention officers Wilson, Gopez, and Escalante tracked and coordinated all video related to the suspects from stores all over the country and individually tracked hundreds of retail items that had been stolen and fenced online.

Due to their efforts all of the arrested defendants have pled guilty (with two conspirators still at large), including prison sentences for the most culpable leaders of the crew.

            Tawnya Boulan
            Deputy Attorney General

For       Kamala D. Harris
            Attorney General

ORC ring of three busted with one still on the loose hitting high-end retailers throughout the country. Two New York men were arraigned this afternoon on felony charges alleging they stole more than $23,000 in clothing from Michigan outlet malls. Livingston County sheriff’s officials said the two men and an unidentified female from Miami, Fla., stole high-end clothing from retail stores throughout the country, including Abercrombie and Fitch, Ralph Lauren, Tommy Hilfiger, Pacific Sunwear of California, and Victoria's Secret. Police also found in the luggage devices to remove the anti-theft tags on new clothing. Investigators believe the trio has hit Tanger malls throughout the country. Sheriff’s officials said the trio flew to Michigan Friday specifically to steal. (Source

Huntsville, AL police sting busts convenience stores selling stolen merchandise from Publix and Kroger. Kroger and Publix Loss Prevention contacted the police there and coordinated a three week sting that led to the arrest of four individuals from "several businesses" selling items from baby formula, alcohol, cigarettes and more. Sgt. Mark Roberts of the Huntsville Police Department said this was a "well executed" three-week operation. (Source

3 thieves hit Daytona Beach area Walmart 4 times, over $5,000 in missing electronics. Volusia County (Daytona Beach) detectives say three suspects stole thousands of dollars worth of video-game systems and other electronics from a Walmart over several days. Surveillance video from the Walmart showed James Keena stealing a desktop computer Friday. Detectives said Keena returned to the store Saturday and stole three PlayStation Vita game systems. On Monday, the 37-year-old stole five Xbox 360 game systems from the same Walmart. During the most recent theft, Keena and Stephanie Campaign, 23, stole nine PlayStation Vita game systems, five Nintendo DS 3D game systems, three Nintendo DSI game systems and several PlayStation Vita games. Surveillance video showed Keena using a key to unlock the cases where the electronics were stored. (source


Austin, TX duo using counterfeit credit cards hitting multiple retailers. Target, Walmart, H-E-B, Walgreen's and Academy stores in the area have already become the latest victims losing thousands. Police say they believe the men are creating counterfeit credit cards and are using stolen credit and debit cards to buy gift cards. (source

Macy’s in Salem, NH hit with a $10,000 grab and run. The associate showed one solid gold bracelet with studded diamonds, comparing it to a gold plated bracelet. Once the suspect determined it was indeed solid gold, taking both bracelets he ran for the doors. The clerk gave chase and followed the suspect into the parking lot. The suspect got away in a mini van with New Hampshire Purple Heart license plates. (source

Two Staten Island suspects Indicted for theft of thousands in baby formula. Apprehended at a Target store in New Jersey, the couple was tied to thefts in North Carolina, South Carolina, Kentucky, Georgia, Tennessee and Virginia. The suspects collected the stolen product in rented storage units in North Carolina before transporting it in bulk to a small grocery store in Union City, New Jersey. (source

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6 Secrets to Hiring and Retaining Great Employees Do you have a problem with picking a good employee out of multiple interviews with potential bad employees? Once you have a good employee on staff, do you have a problem keeping them there?  (Six tips to follow)

Breaking Through Communication Barriers Every organization has its formal communication channels, whether it be intranet sites, e-mail distribution lists, etc. But the truth is that the real communication that happens within and organization is typically through informal networks, such as person-to-person talks.  (Don't let them turn into rumor mills)

Leading Those Who Would Undermine Your Leadership The number one thing experienced leaders regret is not moving faster on people. Even so, many leaders are reluctant to make early people moves for fear of upsetting the apple cart. (It's better than letting apple rot spread)

Great Bosses Don't Go Undercover
  If you need a disguise to learn the truth about your company, you're doing something wrong. When you have to don a fake name and disguise to fully gauge where your business is failing, how your people are feeling, and how to swoop in and save everything, you know you have a problem. (Don't play Batman)

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