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Moving Up

Chris Hinger returned as Senior Director of Asset Protection for Polo Ralph Lauren. Chris previously worked at Polo Ralph Lauren for seven and a half years as the Director of Asset Protection, before working at Golf Galaxy as the Director of Loss Prevention for a year. He also spent a year at Dick's Sporting Goods as the Director of Loss Prevention, Operations before returning to Polo Ralph Lauren. Chris has also held a Regional Manager of Loss Prevention position with Mars Music, which he held for 5 years. Congrats Chris!

Visa, Master Card and Discover - putting the fraud loss right on the retailers. Over the last several months the credit card companies have put the burden of fraud right back on the retailers lap if they don't upgrade their equipment to allow the use of smart cards. Credit cards embedded with computer chips that are much less susceptible to fraud. N.F.C. (near field communications) could be completely mainstream within five years. And everyone is trying to get into the payment game with Square - a free credit card swiper that attaches to a smartphone or tablet called Pay With Square. PayPal is beginning to pass the Square-like devices, although its version is triangular. The payment world is changing rapidly and who knows where it will end up but one thing is sure, N.F.C. is at the door. (Source

Talbots receives $211M buyout offer The womenís clothing company has struggled for some time, posting annual losses in four of the past five years. For 2011 they lost $111.9M and same store sales dropped 5%. It plans to close 110 stores in total and they're searching for a new CEO. (Source

Amazon to open two DC's in California with 3 to 7 more expected With 69 fulfillment centers in operation worldwide, growth will continue if they keep having back to back 35% quarterly sales increases it'll never stop. (Source

MasterCard to host 10th Annual Americas Global Risk Management Conference in Boca Raton, Florida from May 7-11, 2012. The event will focus on Consumer Protections, Cyber Security Trends and Threats, and Cutting-Edge Payment Card Data Security Technologies. The keynote speaker will be Misha Glenny, world-renowned author and former UK Information Security Journalist of the Year. Mr. Glenny, a former BBC Correspondent in Eastern Europe, has written extensively about organized crime and its role in cybercrime and hacking syndicates. (source

videoSimon Property Group becomes nation's largest real estate company. Malls are alive and kicking, but Simon admits growth in the United States is limited, even going so far as to say some lower-end malls around the U.S. could close. The nation's largest shopping mall operator is now also the country's largest real estate company. Simon spokesman says the enterprise its estimated value is $85 billion, making the worth more than Starbucks ($42 billion) and Nike ($48 billion). In April, the company reported a 9.7 percent increase in revenue, to $1.12 billion. (source

Indiaís battle is rising against rising cyber crime wave. Number of people subjected to cyber crimes globally in 2011 was 431 million. Cost of cyber fraud globally is up to $388 billion a year. According to the Minister of State for Communications and IT, more than 100 Indian government websites were hacked in the first three months of 2012. (source

Kohl's Credit Card Call Center Employee Accused of Identity Theft. The suspect now faces five counts of identity theft and faces up to 30 years in prison. The associate took down information from customers calling the Credit Card Call Center and used it to open fraudulent accounts. (source

Jewelry store employee steals $211,000 in gold bars. Police closed a six month investigation with the arrest of Daniel Knaack, who had a prior conviction on his record for stealing from another Chicago jeweler. It is believed that the total weight of the stolen gold was nine pounds. Knaack also had a record for writing phony prescriptions for codeine and impersonating a doctor. (source

Two arrested for the theft of $4000 in bras from Victoria Secret, also charged with $2000 of cologne from Ulta. The two residents of Columbia also face false identification and identity theft charges which could lead to their possible deportation from the United States by Homeland Security. (source

videoTalk about background checks - Wells Fargo fires an employee when a background check revealed she shoplifted in 1972 - 40 years ago. Her supervisor walked her out the door last week after more than five years of service at Wells Fargo. "We are bound by federal law that generally prohibits us from hiring or continuing the employment of any person who we know has a criminal record involving dishonesty or breach of trust," a spokesman for Wells Fargo told the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. (Source


Former Old Navy employee who shot and killed a Brinks security guard "at Old Navy in 2008" sentenced to life in prison without chance of parole. Shot and killed right before Christmas when making a pick up at the Old Navy store in Greensboro, NC. (Source


Today's announcement about a major retailer's new structure - delayed until Friday.

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Video: texting scam"Smishing" the new texting scam on your cell from a retail store saying you've won a gift card - Yes it happened and it used Best Buy's name and it's hitting the Heartland. Itís called "Smishing" and itís an identity theft scam similar to "Phishing", which uses emails to trick people into giving up their personal information but it's used in text messages. Criminals are targeting shoppers at retail stores who fill out the survey at the bottom of their receipt for a chance to win a gift certificate. They use random generated texts to make you feel like you won big. They then send it out and there's nothing you can do to stop it. Best Buy is aware of the scam and has information on their website on what to do if you do receive a text. Their corporate office also sent us this response. "Best Buy continues to pursue the individuals and entities responsible for using Best Buyís trademark without authorization. We share the frustration of our customers, and are taking efforts that will put an end to this unauthorized use." The fraudulent text messages are not just targeting Best Buy shoppers. Weíve also received complaints about messages claiming to be from Wal-mart and Starbucks. (Source


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videoChili's waitress in Coral Springs, FL found with illegal credit card scanner skimming customers numbers. Chili's loss prevention department had received numerous complaints from customers and conducted an investigation between February and April and found the waitress skimming at least three or more a day or as many as she possibly could during a shift. She gave the credit card info to an unknown contact at her apartment. Anyone with information is asked to contact Detective Ames of the Coral Springs Police - 954-346-1281. (Source

Midwest fraud ring on the loose with police looking for 5 members hitting several retail chains. One member may already be in custody but 5 others are on the loose. Cincinnati police say the suspects used fraudulent checks and credit cards to buy Nordstrom gift cards from several chain stores, including Kroger Co. through most of 2011. Police said Friday that one suspect is in custody. Officials say the suspects used the cards to buy merchandise and return it for cash refunds at Nordstrom stores in Cincinnati, Columbus, Cleveland, Atlanta, Pittsburgh, Chicago, Detroit, St. Louis, Indianapolis and Charlotte, N.C. They say retail stores that accepted the fraudulent checks and credit cards lost more than $150,000. The suspects have been indicted on 68 counts of money laundering, theft, telecommunication fraud, identity fraud and receiving stolen property. (Source

Washington state ID theft ring busted after making expensive purchases with forged ID's and the victims real credit cards and washed checks. Two women, including the ringleader, and three men were arrested in Lake Forest Park this week. The investigation uncovered evidence of the Bellevue-based, organized identity theft ring. The woman who led the ring received mail and personal financial documents obtained by her crew through car prowls, mail thefts, and residential burglaries in Bellevue and the greater Eastside. After getting the financial documents, the ringleader would use computers, digital cameras and imaging software, air brushes and laminating supplies to produce legitimate looking Washington Driverís Licenses, the Bellevue Police reported. The forged IDs and the victimsí real credit cards and washed checks would be used to make expensive purchases at stores and to cash large checks at local banks, the Bellevue Police reported. The ringleader and her associates would split the proceeds and the associates would also receive meth from the ringleader, according to the press release from the police department. She and one of her associates got involved in an ID theft and assault at an AT&T store in Kirkland on March 30, but fled the scene before law enforcement could arrest them, according to Bellevue Police. (Source

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Spotlight on Leadership

In case you missed it
I'll Have Another
Protecting the Kentucky "Crown"
Kroger's LP Team & The Kentucky Derby

By Katie Tuttle
Content Manager
I'll Have Another, the 2012 Kentucky Derby Winner, heads to the Winner's Circle with the Garland of Roses on his back.
On May 5, millions of people tuned in to NBC to watch 20 horses run a mile and a quarter in the 138th Kentucky Derby. When I'll Have Another, this year's winner, arrived in the Winnerís Circle, fans cheered as a blanket of roses was placed on his back.

First run in 1875, the Kentucky Derby is known as "The Greatest Two Minutes in Sports." It is also known as the first jewel in the prized Triple Crown. Another, more common name for it however, is the "Run for the Roses," so named because of the rose garland that has been awarded to the winner since 1896.

Since 1987, The Kroger Company has been the official florist of the Kentucky Derby, supplying Churchill Downs with the well-known garland, as well as a 60-rose bouquet for the winning jockey. Each year, Kroger florists at the Middletown, Ky., Kroger sew together some 550 roses to create the symbolic garland. When the garland is completed, it weighs roughly 40 pounds.

The garland is adorned with a "crown" of roses, green fern and ribbon, and sewn into a green satin backing with the seal of the Commonwealth on one end and the Twin Spires and number of the raceís current renewal on the other. The "crown" is a single rose placed in the center of the garland pointing upward. This rose symbolizes the struggle and heart necessary to reach the Derby Winnerís Circle.

Don Stearns, LPM, Mid South Division for Kroger, standing in front of a display at the Kroger OfficesThe roses, shipped all the way from Ecuador, arrived at Kroger the Tuesday before the race. They arrived in a refrigerated tractor trailer that was required to stay at a strict 34 degrees. Upon arrival, Kroger loss prevention staff were with the roses 24/7 until they were placed on the winnerís back Saturday evening.

Don Stearns, Loss Prevention Manager, Mid South Division for Kroger has been in charge of overseeing security for the roses for 21 years.

"[We] provide loss prevention staff 24 hours a day to monitor the temperature of the trailer and also to prevent anyone from tampering with [the garland]," Don said. "Itís a one shot deal. If something were to happen to it, everyone would look to the loss prevention team."

Don explains that the LP staff werenít there in an aggressive way; they were just there in the chance someone would try to do anything. The garland is such an iconic symbol for the Kentucky Derby and they only have one chance to make it right. The LP staff was just there to make sure anyone thought twice before trying to touch the famous roses.

On Friday the Kroger florists began assembly of the garland. Since this procedure was open to the public, at least four loss prevention staff were on site the entire time. At any given time, there were up to eight LP staff with the garland, something which may seem a tedious task. However, the LP team doesn't look at it that way.

"They all just love to do it, they volunteer to do it," Don said. Typically, the same people volunteer for the job every year.

On Saturday morning around 9 a.m., the Garland of Roses was loaded up into a trailer and taken to Churchill Downs, complete with a police escort. Along with the florists who worked on the garland, four LP staff also rode in the trailer.

from left to right (all Loss Prevention Specialists unless noted otherwise) Matt Beach, Mozell Axson, Lee Stewart, Don Sowards, Carolyn Ives (Produce Merchandising), Sara Carter, Barbara Ison, and Jessica Reid (District Loss Prevention Manager).In preparing for the garlandís arrival, Don said they coordinated closely with police at Churchill Downs to ensure everything ran smoothly. However, in this instance the LP team had to do a lot more than just protect the roses from people; they also had to protect the roses from the elements.

"We donít want to get them there too early because of the temperature of the roses," Don said. They also didnít want to get them there too late.

Upon arrival at Churchill Downs, the garland was displayed in a 12-foot glass case until the end of the race, when it was carried out and draped across the back of I'll Have Another, the 138th Kentucky Derby winner.

So when you sit in front of your TV screen next May for the 139th Run for the Roses, take the time to appreciate everything that goes into getting that winnerís garland to the track, from beginning to end. Itís not just about the winner who wears it, or the florists who put it together, itís also about the Kroger LP team members who spent their week watching over each tiny rose.

*Photos courtesy of Don Stearns, Cindy Pierson Dulay, Mendy Hill, and

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Chris Hinger returned as Senior Director of Asset Protection for Polo Ralph Lauren
Hal Parker
was named Retail Loss Prevention Specialist for New Balance Inc.

Burlington Coat Factory Promotions!

Steve Prescott was promoted to Regional Loss Prevention Manager, Region 17 for Burlington Coat Factory.    
Jennifer Brown was promoted to Asset Protection Specialist for Burlington Coat Factory.
Karen Hennessy was promoted to Internal Investigations Trainer/Auditor for Burlington Coat Factory.

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Leadership Advice: Strike a Pose We know how leaders are supposed to look. They stand straight and tall. They are physically expansive, radiating confidence and power. In fact, taking on such physical attributes can actually make people feel more leader-ish, says Amy Cuddy, an assistant professor at Harvard Business School. (Power Posing)

Why Taking on Your Employees' Goals Pays Off We all encourage our employees to dream big, but did you ever consider that helping them achieve those dreams could go far in achieving your own goals? Basically, if you focus on your employees' personal goals instead of the work they do at your company, they'll do just about anything to help you succeed. (Put it into motion)

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