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May 6, 2011

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May 16-19, 2011
National Level Exercise

May 11-13, 2011
International Anticounterfeiting Coalition
2011 Annual Spring Conference

The St. Regis
San Francisco

August 7-10, 2011
National Food Service Security Council
32nd Annual Meeting

Hyatt Grand Champion
Indian Wells, CA

October 4-6, 2011

CLEAR/Coalition of Law Enforcement and Retail
2nd Annual Training Conference
Peppermill Resort/Casino
Reno, NV





eBay Aggressively Tackles Counterfeits

Ebay, which boasts over 200 million active listings every day, relies on its Verified Rights Owners (VERO) program to weed out fake goods. "If a right's owner sees a counterfeit listing, we take it down -- usually within four hours," Senior VP Alan Marks explained. New algorithms instantly track "red flag" listings -- such as those with ambiguous contact information and/or suspicious product origins, often Nigeria or China. New York City introduced an aggressive new anti-counterfeiting bill that holds serious consequences for anyone caught purchasing fake goods in NYC -- a fine of $1,000 or even jail time. While public reactions seem to range from annoyance to indifference, the response at Harper's Bazaar's 8th Annual Fakes Are Never in Fashion Anti-counterfeiting Summit couldn't have been more supportive. Frank Abagnale, the reformed ex-con turned counterfeit authority whose troubled life is well documented in the Oscar-nominated film Catch Me If You Can, served as the event's keynote speaker and encouraged the crackdown. "Buying fake goods is the same as buying stolen goods," he declared, an assertion that seemed to echo the sentiments of everyone else including eBay's Alan Marks, Portero's Susan Engel, and Levi Strauss & Co.'s Thomas M. Onda.
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With North American sales continuing to struggle, The Gap dismissed the top business-side executive overseeing its Gap division a month ago and this week dismissed its star designer while naming a new global chief marketing officer for the Gap brand.  Lots of changes -- but in retail that's what you can expect if performance isn't there.  Some talk about the turnover issues in LP, but speaking quite frankly we're not alone because at the end of the day its all about what have you done today.  (Source 

While it appears retail had a great April with same store sales up 8.9% overall, which was one of the biggest increases in years and mostly because of a late Easter, the gas prices and raw materials increases may now start showing their impact.  (Source

MasterCard reports online shopping increased 19.2% in April, the sixth straight month of double-digit growth.  (Source

New England fake-credit-card ring shopping at Wal-Marts and possibly other stores may have been identified when one suspect in Portland was apprehended and appeared in court yesterday who had racked up close to $100,000 in bogus charges.  A vehicle pulled over in Dove, NH with New Jersey plates had fake cards in the suspect's name and merchandise from Wal-Mart and other retailers.  (Source

Target's strong 13% same store increase for April was driven by its grocery category 30% increase.  Now that's growth.  (Source

With the new NYC bill that would make buying counterfeit illegal, two reporters from Business Insider took a shopping trip down Canal Street in NYC and found street vendors in the back streets all ready to sell them counterfeit bags.   The city councilwoman whose district includes Chinatown says the counterfeit industry costs the city $1 billion in tax revenue annually. (Source  Another article: (Source

The U.S. Chamber of Commerce has launched a "name and shame" list of sites that host counterfeit goods and pirated content, NFL jerseys being the first up!     (Source

With this past Wednesday being World Intellectual Property Day, the U.S. Commerce Secretary Gary Locke warned the Chinese regime about counterfeit goods and said "When over 80 percent of all software installed on computers in China is counterfeit and when first-run movies continue to appear on rogue websites as soon as they show up in the theaters -- then we know the problem is still grave."  (Source

The first two new food safety rules under the U.S. Food and Drug Administration Food Safety Modernization Act will go into effect on July 3rd.  The rule will allow the FDA to keep food off the marketplace for 30 days if it believes the food is possible adulterated or mislabeled and determine if federal enforcement action is needed.  (Source

Amazon's e-reader the Kindle to be sold along side Barnes & Noble's Nook at Wal-Mart stores.  (Source

Canada and the U.S. have the world's largest two-way trade relationship valued at $645 billion a year representing three-quarters of all of Canada's exports and one fifth of all U.S. exports.  But border delays are costing billions each year with conflicting regulations in areas such as product standards, safety requirements, testing facilities, and customs procedures and documentation.   With the American push north, Obama and PM Harper of Canada have launched two initiatives to ease cross-border trade and travel and set up two working groups to lead the efforts that are holding public consultations to produce detailed action plans, the most ambitious being non-stop border crossing for trusted manufacturers that have been screened by security agencies in both countries.  This will take time to unfold, but with the U.S. explosion northwards it might go faster than one would expect which could increase security risks, drug trafficking, and counterfeit goods movement.  (Source

With HBC's sale of Zellers to Target, they plan on using those funds to open two new upscale home-goods stores called Lord & Taylor Home in New Jersey and some industry observers envision more than 100 U.S. stores eventually.  Already owning Canada's HBC's 69 Home Outfitters and turning them in the black since 2008, they have the experience and knowledge.  This would create more LP jobs eventually.  (Source

Amazingly "importation of counterfeit items is not a criminal offense in Canada."  A Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) report says the Canadian Border Service Agency does not have the legislative authority to target, seize, and destroy counterfeit goods.  A real issue given the above mentioned news item regarding improving cross-border traffic
and something that needs to be addressed and represented by our trade associations during this time when both federal governments are looking for input, guidance, and development of new standards.  However another problem indicated in this same RCMP report is that the Mounties say they don't have the resources to investigate but a "mere fraction" of the counterfeit cases.  The RCMP actually said their resources "are not sufficiently significant" to deter all perpetrators, making the counterfeiting trade "an attractive criminal undertaking."  With only investigating 1,500 cases from 2005 to 2008 and seizing only $81 million in that period, they don't even have the storage space for it and are now renting public storage space.  (Source

Sony finds a file on their servers named "Anonymous" with the words "We are Legion" in it, which is the unofficial slogan of the unofficial group.  They are the hacktivist group causing problems everywhere and were responsible for supporting Wikileaks by hacking all the banks that cut them off months ago.  But Anonymous comes up short of denying they hacked the 90+ million, but rather said others performed the attack trying to make Anonymous look bad.  The heat is on!  Especially with Congress looking at it, the estimated $2B price tag, and new legislation coming.  Anonymous may be a little concerned now.  We're talking federal time if one gets busted.  (Source   Two articles:  (Source

CVS 1Q reports same store sales up 2.6% with retail stores revenue up 4.4%
Domino's 1Q reports U.S. same store sales down 1.4% and international same store sales up 8.3%

Destination Maternity April same store sales up 2% with overall revenue up 23% with online sales driving the huge increase.
Stages Stores April same store sales up 15.1%

Upcoming event!
May 16-19, 2011
National Level Exercise





For more than a century, Detex has earned the trust of millions of property owners to secure and protect their people and property.  From our newest innovations in life safety and security door hardware, integrated door security systems, and guard tour verification technologies to our original Watchman’s clocks, Detex, a USA company, designs, manufactures, markets and ships our products from New Braunfels, TX and is recognized as a best-in-class life safety, security and security assurance manufacturer, worldwide.

Detex offers a wide range of life safety and security door hardware products that are guaranteed to be the most durable, easiest to install, innovative, technologically advanced and architecturally beautiful products available on the market today.  From multipoint locks, to delayed egress to economical locks and alarms, Detex has been helping retailers and restaurants for decades.  Detex manufactures a wide variety of security hardware designed to prevent shoplifters from using emergency exits as escape routes, thwart break-ins and stop dishonest employees from sneaking out a locked door. 

Detex provides everything you need for a customized, integrated door security system.  Easy to specify, easy to order, easy to use, easy to install, and easy to maintain, Detex EasyKits are field-proven, code-compliant and will meet all of your requirements for worry-free, safe and secure control of building entry and egress.  Detex has built specialized weatherized delayed egress systems for outdoor garden centers, and systems that automatically lock or unlock doors with the push of a button.  You might only need to add a strobe light to an alarm, or prevent a propped door, but regardless of your challenge, give us a call, we can provide several answers.

For more than a century, Detex has been the world leader in Guard Tour Verification products and systems.  Setting the standard with the widely used, reliable, and rugged mechanical watchclocks and continuing with the innovative GCS ProxiPen electronic guard tour verification systems, Detex is recognized worldwide as the leading solution provider.

Detex provides toll-free phone support, Monday through Friday, 8AM until 5PM Central Time.  Technical support is available to anyone with questions or issues, just call 1-800-729-3839, and press 2 to speak with a technician.  Detex products can be purchased from a variety of distributors, dealers, installers and integrators. 

Contact Detex or one of our many representatives to discuss your challenges and applications.   A complete list can be found at

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AP Business Partner Target Charlotte, NC Target
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Asset Protection Mgr The Home Depot Atlanta, GA The Home Depot
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Regional LP Mgr Limited/Bath&Body Works Dallas, TX Indeed
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