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Retail Alert! - Robbers Wearing Painters Masks Targeting Retail Businesses Throughout Los Angeles, South Bay Police are searching for a pair of suspects responsible for at least six armed takeover robberies in Los Angeles, Gardena, Hawthorne and East LA. Their method of operation is to target retail businesses, like auto parts stores or a pharmacy, at around closing time and take cash from registers and safes as well as the personal property of store employees. (Source

Mexico's Attorney General's Office now says it's opening a preliminary investigation into the charges against the country's largest private employer - Wal-Mart The Attorney General's Office said Thursday it will look into potential wrongdoing by individuals, business and government officials. The government's anti-corruption office has said it will look into federal permits granted to Wal-Mart. (Source Associated Press)

Recognition is the "greatest motivator of all," and If you want your employees to be energized and work their hardest, you have to fulfill this need What motivates people? Anders Dahlvig spent a decade as CEO of IKEA (from 1999 to 2009). He learned a lot while at the helm of the retail giant, and revealed all of it in his book, "The IKEA Edge: Building Global Growth and Social Good at the World's Most Iconic Home Store." Remember French police just searched their Risk Manager's home and office this week looking for evidence of illegal surveillance operations on employees and "angry customers." (Source

JCPenney hires another Apple executive as EVP real estate, store design and development joining Ron Johnson CEO - another former Apple senior executive charged with transforming JCPenney into the "store of the future." Fay will guide the development of the all new jcp store of the future intended to create an entirely new interface for retail. Additionally, he will be responsible for the implementation of the Shops strategy, as well as the remodel and maintenance of all existing jcp stores. Talk about raiding Apple; this is the second Apple executive Johnson has recruited. They also added a new EVP, chief supply chain officer, a SVP communications, a VP of events, and a VP philanthropy. "We are assembling a world-class leadership team that will come together and re-imagine a store experience that is not only exciting and relevant today, but will inspire future generations of jcpenney shoppers," said Ron Johnson. Added to the other new senior executives brought in over the last six months this gives them virtually an entirely new management team. In 18 months the world will see their end result. (Source

Weis Markets to invest $125 million in 2012 store growth , 2 new stores and 18 major remodels, up 25% for 2011 They're performing well and Mike Limauro, VP of AP just picked up the safety responsibilities for the company. (Source

The House passes CISPA cyberthreat bill that encourages intelligence agencies and businesses to share information about threats to computer systems This ncludes attacks on American Web sites by hackers in China and other countries. The government will be able to share classified information with private companies and in turn companies can share information about cyber threats with the government and be protected from lawsuits. The White House opposes the bill and has threatened to veto it. Stay tuned as this will heat up and will not go away. (Source

Another 34% increase in sales at Amazon for Q1 Sales of books, music and videos jump 19% while sales of electronics and other merchandise increase 43%. And all of this comes right out of the brick and mortars, after a 30%+ increase in Q4 2011. (Source

MICROS Systems, Inc. (owner of XBR) to acquire Torex Retail Holdings Ltd. to support their international expansion Micros systems are currently installed in table and quick service restaurants, hotels, motels, casinos, leisure and entertainment, and retail operations in more than 180 countries, and on all seven continents. Torex has operations in the UK, Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands, the Nordics, and the US. Torex provides outlet and head office technology through a mix of software, hardware, consultancy, implementation and maintenance and services.  (Source

Is There Such a Thing as Only a Little Fraud? The employer knows the claim is fraudulent. However the cost of contesting the claim, and the extra time that will be required of the risk manager or workers comp coordinator, makes it seem like a good idea to let the employee 'get away with it.' Why spend $5,000 in legal fees on the workers comp claim, complete the investigation needed to defeat the claim, and risk a wrongful discharge claim, when the employee will be back at work in a couple of weeks? However, if the ‘little fraud” is not contested, there will undoubtedly be more little frauds. (Source

According to the National Safety Council, more than 80,000 office workers were injured in a recent year The four most common office hazards: falls, ergonomic injuries, being struck-by or striking objects, and electrical incidents. (Source

Shoplifting suspect in custody after shooting at LAPD officers Los Angeles police officers responding to a shoplifting call encountered a suspect who ran from the location. During the brief foot chase, the suspect turned toward the officers and fired several shots in their direction. (Source

Man who cut off Fred Meyer security guard's ear with hatchet sentenced to 35 years in prison At his sentencing Wednesday, Adrian Jess Kramer of Longview apologized for the attack last December at a Fred Meyer store and said his only intent was a theft to support a drug habit. The security guard had testified that he's had health and mental problems ever since and that if he had not dodged the swing it would have been much worst. (Source

SOCA and FBI take down 36 criminal websites selling stolen credit card and bank account details SOCA, working with the FBI and the US Department of Justice, identified the web domains as specializing in selling stolen payment card and online bank account details. The sites used e-commerce type platforms, known as Automated Vending Carts (AVCs), which allow criminals to sell large amounts of stolen data quickly and easily. They recovered 2.5 million items of illicitly obtained personal and financial data.  (Source (Source

Women's specialty stores getting robbed in Virginia - Cato Fashion store in Henrico, Va., was robbed at gunpoint yesterday at Oak Hill Plaza It's happened before. In February, a man wearing a mask robbed Dot's Clothing store also located in Henrico. There were hold ups that month for a Cato's in Richmond and the Dress Barns in Henrico and Hanover. All women's retail stores -- all robbed at gunpoint. Police are still looking into if the robberies are connected. (Source

In Maryland cigarette smuggling has become an epidemic with street gangs turning to it - saying there's more money in it then heroin and the penalties are insignificant So far in fiscal 2012, Comptroller agents have confiscated nearly $1.7 million worth of contraband cigarettes and arrested 166 individuals throughout the state. A carton of cigarettes that costs $41 in Virginia, where taxes run about 30 cents a pack, can be sold in Maryland for $62 and in New York for $112. (Source

Jewelry store employees at Jones and Jones Jewelers, Yadkinville, N.C., tied up and feet bound while 3 suspects rob the store Police described the suspects as one man and two women who appeared to be in their mid 20s. The suspects left the store in a black, late ’90s-model Honda traveling south on Highway 601, police said. (Source

Colorado Safeway Pharmacy burglarized while the store is open Over $12,000 / 3400 pills of Vicodin, Percoset and Oxycodone, stolen by one suspect in a wig and glasses. Police have suspected that the thief may have had a key to the secured area.  (Source

Quarterly Same Store Sales Report

Tractor Supply Q1 up 11.5% with net sales up 22%
Cabela's Q1 up 4.2% with total revenue up 6%
Safeway Q1 up 1.6% with revenue up 2.4%


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Counterfeit check ring leader pleads guilty to making $227,000 of purchases at large retail stores across Louisiana From December 2008 to November 2009, according to court documents, Bryant and his associates made fraudulent transactions totaling nearly $227,000. He faces a maximum term of 10 years in prison, a fine of $250,000 and three years of supervised release following any term of imprisonment on each count. (Source

Burglary gang hits Daytona Best Buy, makes off with $45K in electronics
An organized crime ring believed to have burglarized stores from Miami to as far north as Connecticut may have struck the city's Best Buy on Thursday, making off with thousands of dollars worth of electronic merchandise. Two men were arrested by Daytona Beach police but as many as 10 people are believed to have participated in the heist that took place at the Best Buy.  (Source

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April 24, 2012

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Changing culture isn't easy, and it takes a tremendous amount of creativity and patience, but it is the essential driving force of any successfully executed plan. Creativity is hard to learn, unless you pour your absolute heart and soul into whatever it is that you want to achieve. If you live by the mantra, "Anything worth doing, is done with Passion and Happiness," creativity will flow and culture will change. Reducing shrink, you'll find, isn't the only success you will gain.

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The Retail Council of Canada reports that retailers coast-to-coast collectively lose $3 billion The Atlantic branch of the national industry association hosted a workshop on risk assessment and loss prevention Monday to which about 30 local retailers attended. Stephen O’Keefe, Retail Council of Canada vice-president of operations, and formerly VP of LP for Wal-Mart Canada, said there are four things a shop owner must do first. "We want to give members an understanding of what they can and cannot do," O’Keefe said Monday. "They can identify the risk, transfer the risk by purchasing insurance, accept that risk — still open their doors knowing that there is a criminal element out there — and mitigate the risk. What tactics retailers employ to mitigate the risk is up to the retailer and typically depends on the type of products for sale," O’Keefe said. "People steal for three reasons: need, greed and opportunity," he said. "So what is the opportunity in the minds of a criminal? It’s typically being able to get away with something without being exposed." Items deemed high in value, and most notably those that are easy to resell, remain top picks for shoplifters. Meantime, increased violence is an alarming trend reported in recent shoplifting cases, which has spurred the council to consider drafting a victim impact statement to be presented in court, O’Keefe said. "It would give more attention to what really is a theft and sometimes a robbery," O’Keefe said. "The term shoplifting downplays the magnitude of the crime - so this would give our members a tool to go to court with." The council is also considering lobbying government for stiffer sentences for repeat and violent offenders. (Source

"Thousands" of Canadian retailers are already ready for mobile sales - They're leading the way All that's needed is an agreement between banks, credit card companies and telecoms, and that appears to be coming soon, promising to transform how Canadians pay for everything from their morning coffee to a tankful of gasoline. If consumers embrace the system - and that's still a big "if" - clip-and-save coupons, transit passes, library cards and perhaps even driver's licenses could become things of the past. They have been way ahead of us in the states with debit cards and cashless transactions. So this comes as no big surprise that they may be ahead of the U.S. in this arena. (Source

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The NRF Leaders - 3 part series
Filmed during the NRF's Big Show in NYC in January. This three-part episode includes Rich Mellor, VP of LP for the NRF; Joe LaRocca - Senior Asset Protection Advisor for the NRF; and Gary Johnson, VP of LP for Vitamin Shoppe and current Chairperson for the LP Advisory Council for the NRF.

This series is truly about educating and informing the Loss Prevention community as a whole about the NRF's LP efforts and how over the years they've developed the largest LP show in North America. Over the last 25 years the conference has grown from 400 attendees to over 3,000 and is supported by an LP Advisory council comprised of 28 senior Loss Prevention executives. These executives volunteer their time to work on various industry issues and spend a considerable amount of time coordinating and managing their annual Loss Prevention Conference held every June. Their 10 Loss Prevention committees cover a wide range of industry initiatives and efforts and help steer the direction of the LP industry.

As part of our commitment of "educating today for growth tomorrow" we're pleased to provide you with this series as every Loss Prevention executive from the single unit world all the way up to the senior roles should be aware of the National Retail Federation's Loss Prevention efforts.

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Part Two
Part Two: NRF Leaders video

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