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April 24, 2012 SUBSCRIBE

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News Brief - Sponsored by WG Security Products

Wal-Mart stock drops 5% on Mexico bribe scandal and any settlement would likely include large fines and any executive found guilty of a crime could face jail time. Wal-Mart hired the law firm Jones Day to look into the bribery questions. It also hired the law firm Greenberg Traurig to conduct a worldwide review of the company’s compliance with Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA), as well as KPMG to handle forensic accounting. According to the Times article Michael T. Duke, Wal-Mart's current CEO was told about the allegations in 2005 when he was given responsibility for all foreign subsidiaries. The internal investigation was ended after the chief executive at the time, H. Lee Scott Jr., now a Wal-Mart board member, rebuked internal investigators for being overly aggressive, the article on Sunday said. Eduardo Castro-Wright, the former head of Wal-Mart’s United States operations who was promoted to vice chairman in 2008, was identified by a former company lawyer in Mexico as the driving force behind years of bribery when he was in charge of Wal-Mart de Mexico. This could have a significant impact on their management team. In recent years, the U.S. government has stepped up enforcement of the 1977 FCPA, which bars U.S. companies from bribing foreign government officials or companies to secure or retain business. Numerous corporations have been ensnared by the law, including Johnson & Johnson, which agreed last year to pay $70 million to settle charges that it bribed doctors in Europe and paid kickbacks to the Iraqi government. Avon Products Inc. fired its vice chairman in January as part of a long-running probe into allegations that bribes were paid in China. A former chief executive of engineering and construction firm KBR Inc. was sentenced to 2 1/2 years in prison in February for bribing officials in Nigeria to win contracts. (Source (Source

After numerous complaints of illegal surveillance from customers and employees by Ikea executives - French police search the Risk Manager's (the LP exec's) office and home looking for anything to substantiate the allegations. Reportedly background investigations were being conducted on customers who complained and employees working for Ikea have previously filed a complaint against the company for allegedly spying on employees. In addition Ikea allegedly used secret French police files without authorization which is an offense under French law. A series of internal emails published by Le Canard Enchaîné allege that, starting in 2003, the head of security at Ikea’s French operation regularly asked for checks on employees and clients. Checking out over 200 people for criminal records, vehicle registration checks and affiliations with political organizations. Another email reportedly requested information on someone who was thought to have made "anti-globalization remarks”" and could even be an "eco-terrorist risk." (Source

Updated from yesterday: Wal-Mart shoplifter killed with his own gun after scuffling with security agent. Brazos County District Attorney Bill Turner said his office will review the incident to determine if charges are merited, a standard practice for shooting cases. "When the police complete their investigation, we will review it and decide if the officer was acting in self-defense as asserted," Turner said. (Source (Source

New York ORC bill makes it to the Senate that defines ORC and makes it a grand larceny in the 4th degree. For every item stolen, New York state and our local governments lose out on sales tax revenue- again, adding up to millions annually. Organized retail theft is the most serious security issue facing many retail merchants, including apparel and accessory retailers, mass merchandisers, do-it-yourself stores, drug stores, and supermarkets. It's a crime that has grown substantially over the past decade and has continued to grow at unprecedented levels. (Source

New Pew report shows that most believe that by 2020 most people will have embraced and fully adopted the use of smart-device swiping for purchases they make, nearly eliminating the need for cash or credit cards. These experts feel that the explosive growth in the use of smartphones and other mobile devices, combined with the convenience, security, and other affordances of mobile payments systems, makes these systems an obvious choice to replace established modes of payment in day-to-day commerce. (Source

Amazon moves up to 13th largest retailer in the U.S. from 19th in 2010 and owns 36% share of online sales and Best Buy is paying the price - Will they survive? The two "A’s": Amazon and Apple, digital mega-stores that have wiped out, and continue to decimate entire industries: books; TV shows; magazines; newspapers; music and movies. Is Best Buy next up on the chopping block? For that matter, are some of its other brethren such as hhgregg, Comp USA, Radio Shack and others? (Source

2.5M deceased American's identities being used every year to apply for credit and services. New survey showed 800,000 deceased Americans are intentionally targeted for misuse on applications for credit products and cell phone services by fraudsters each year. In approximately 1.6 million applications annually, an identity manipulator inadvertently used the SSN of a deceased person. Several hundred thousand potential misuses of dying people's identities each year. They won't stop at anything. (Source

Russian-speaking hackers earned $4.5B globally in 2011 and account for 36% of total world hacking crime of $12.5B In the 28-page report the researchers estimate that the total share of the Russian cybercrime market alone doubled to $2.3 billion, while the whole Russian-speaking segment (not living in Russia) of the global cybercrime market also almost doubled, to $4.5 billion. The market was embraced by traditional organized crime groups that are trying to control the entire theft process, which led to the merging of two criminal worlds and a refocusing of the Russian mafia's traditional emphasis on crimes such as drug and arms trafficking to cybercrimes, according to the report. The cybercrime market has consolidated, with the rise of several major groups that operate on a consistent basis. These groups are also linking up and working together, sharing compromised data, botnets and financial scams. (Source

Mexican drug cartelsMexican drug cartels get into the counterfeit and pirated merchandise market and were charging vendors "quota's" at an El Paso flea market that the Feds busted. The biggest bust Homeland Security has made in El Paso uncovered the Mexican drug cartels involvement in a flea market. "It's become such a lucrative business that our El Paso HSI agents have information that the drug cartels are now investing in this type of crime," said Leticia Zamarripa, a spokeswoman for ICE. In Mexico, drug cartels are thought to have muscled into the "pirated" goods market. It is part of a pattern in which cartels have diversified beyond drug trafficking to other criminal ventures, including extortion and immigrant smuggling. (Source

Video: Operation "Knock Out Knockoffs"

Operation "Knock Out Knockoffs" yields $1.7M - 45,000 counterfeit goods seized in Mississippi by state attorney general's Consumer Protection Division.
The operation was funded by a federal grant and 31 arrests have been made. (Source

2 1/2 year Federal sting targeting merchants selling counterfeit and pirated goods resulted in a raid Sunday on Baltimore marketplace - Patapsco Flea Market.
With 70% of the merchandise being counterfeit or pirated the Fed's also said "In order not to compromise this ongoing enforcement action, no additional information can be disclosed at this time," said Nicole A. Navas, a spokesperson for Immigration and Customs Enforcement. (Source

Meat in UK supermarkets is the new target for ORC with a 9.5% increase in shrink over 2010 according to the Global Retail Theft Barometer and hits 2.89% shrink. Professor Joshua Bamfield, director at the Centre for Retail Research, speaking to the FT, said his talks with supermarkets indicate that meat is being stolen as part of a professional operation for an organised market. "The quantities being stolen, all at the same time and of the same type, suggest that it's being done to order," Prof Bamfield said. (Source

Police make additional arrests stemming from Dec. 26th disturbance at Mall of America Mall security responded to a large fight in the North Food Court around 4:21 p.m. that day. Initially, 12 people were arrested for disorderly conduct and/or trespassing offenses. Since then, officers have continued to investigate the incident using interviews and video surveillance. Ten others were charged with disorderly conduct and/or trespassing. It's great that the police are continuing to follow up and send the message that such incidents will be prosecuted. (Source

Indiana C-store Association, State Finalize Anti-Violence Agreement The Indiana Petroleum Marketers and Convenience Store Association (IPCA) signed an agreement with the Indiana Department of Labor (IDOL) to join the state's INSafe program that seeks to reduce late-night retail workplace violence. The agreement will remain in effect for two years, during which participants will meet at least twice per year, formally or informally, to track and share information on activities and results in meeting the goals of the agreement which has specific objectives. (Source

Video: S. Carolina gun store burglary

South Carolina gun store burglary; $90,000 worth of shotguns, handguns and rifles were stolen in less than a minute. (source

Video: Florida McDonal's Mgr attacked

Florida McDonald’s Manager attacked with a baseball bat. The customer believed he was skipped in line, twenty minutes later he returned with a baseball bat. (source

Stolen Goods

Michigan Mom Who Sent Daughter on Shoplifting Spree Given Probation. The mother charged with retail fraud and contributing to the delinquency of a minor after sending her 11-year-old on a shoplifting spree at Kroger has been ordered to serve 12 months of probation and counseling. Police said the woman waited in the parking lot with her two other children, ages 5 and 8, for her daughter to return. (source

Quarterly Same Store Sales Results

Coach Q3 North American stores up 6.7% with total revenue up 17%
Radio Shack Q1 down in company-operated stores and Target Mobile centers 4.2% with a net loss of $8M

Loss Prevention Audi & Safety 2012 - Strengthening the Enterprise

RILA Educate. Innovate.Advocate.

Submitted by Suzie Squier, SVP, Membership & Marketing, RILA

Loss Prevention, Audit & Safety 2012: Day 1 -
See what you're missing!

"When I reflect on today's session content, speakers and the sheer number of loss prevention executives in attendance, I come away with a great sense of pride in the commitment of loss prevention professionals to advance the industry through education. The energy and enthusiasm is inspiring," concluded Lisa LaBruno, vice president of loss prevention and legal affairs.

Day one was kicked off by Mark King, CEO of TaylorMade-adidas Golf, who shared a unique and inspiring keynote address about his professional journey. He shared that a key to company success is an inspired workforce in which every employee takes responsibility for creating the company's future.

The morning's momentum continued when Susan Williams, PhD and professor at the Massey School of Business at Belmont University, presented on the art of negotiation skills in the corporate environment. Attendees learned the keys behind this integral business strategy including: Negotiating inside and outside the organization using a "mutual gains" or "principled" method; Using tactics for making better deals; Dealing with gender differences in negotiation; Maintaining and enhancing relationships; Breaking through conflicts, win-lose situations, and controlling negotiations.

The day continued with an unprecedented line-up of LPAS breakout sessions including: Using the RICO Statue to Prosecute ORC Cases; Leveraging and Integrating Technology in Asset Protection; Strategy & Planning Roundtable; Investigations Roundtable; Transitioning from LP Tactician to Strategic Visionary; Properly Disposing & Recycling Hazardous & Non-Hazardous Wastes to Minimize Risk & Liability; Managing Video as a Service to Drive Loss Prevention Results and Deliver Demonstrated Profitability Improvement.

Peter Sims, best-selling author of "Little Bets," joined attendees for lunch to share how executives can learn to think and work like great innovators to turn their own bets into big successes.

Finally closing out the day were insights and analyses on the future of the Retail Industry from William Freund, chief economist emeritus for the New York Stock Exchange. Freund discussed not only how developments in the recovery will alter the U.S. economy in the short term, but also the longer-lasting impact on the consumer and on the retail sector.

For comments please contact Suzie Squier, SVP, Membership & Marketing, RILA at suzie.squier@RILA.ORG

RILA Educate. Innovate.Advocate.

Submitted by Liz Benson

Tapping Into Future LP Talent at RILA LPAS:
2nd Year of Student Program A Hit

Tapping into the best and brightest talent from Northern Michigan University and the University of North Texas, this year’s seven select outstanding student participants were assigned a project focusing on a process, program, or strategy currently in place or under consideration at the sponsor company. The project’s primary objective was to measure the effectiveness of the process, policy or strategy, and identify any opportunities for enhancement that will maximize the company’s profitability.

We’d like to thank the support of 7-Eleven, Aspect Loss Prevention, JCPenney, Loss Prevention Foundation, PCG Solutions, The Home Depot, and VF Corporation. A majority of the student participants will be graduating this year, and all are on track to earn their LPQ designation in the coming months. If you would like to learn more about these outstanding students or the outcome of their research projects, please contact Liz Benson at

Learn about facial surveillance in modern security in a new brief from 3VR, the video intelligence company. To learn more about getting the most from your video system, please visit 3VR's RILA Booth, #213.


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eBay Supported Theft Investigation Leads to Guilty Plea

eBay Global Asset Protection team supported investigation into theft of funds from a law firm leads to guilty plea by former employee in $30K loss matter. The female suspect processed her employer’s customers payments through PayPal Virtual Terminal and then exited to a bank account and debit card. The employer, a law firm, noticed the discrepancy when some clients were billed for services that were already paid and sought assistance of local law enforcement who then engaged eBay investigators. Fourth District Judge Timothy Hansen will sentence the suspect in June. Grand theft is punishable by up to 14 years in prison; the plea agreement did not include a deal on a recommended sentence. The suspect was stoic and composed during her court appearance, answering all questions with simple yes or no. The suspect is also a witness in the alleged shooting of former boss by her husband in a jealous rage incident.
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ORC News - Sponsored by Universal Survellience Systems

ORC Trio targeting Wal-Mart stores in the Carolinas and hit four counties. Spartanburg Public Safety says the group pretends to check out. Then they run when their debit card doesn't work. They're getting away with thousands of dollars in clothes, games and electronics. Spartanburg Public Safety investigator John Burgess said that officers arrested and charged a man they say was involved in the theft rings at several local Walmarts. Burgess said that Tyler Renaldo Wilson, 24, of Spartanburg, was arrested and charged Sunday with two counts of shoplifting less than $2,000. Wilson was released Monday from the Spartanburg County Detention Center on $10,000 bond. (Source

Video: Houston Footaction armed robbery

Houston Footaction armed robbery ends with four arrested. Deputies are tipped off while having dinner at a restaurant three stores away. One store associate was injured and one suspect is still at large. (source
Ohio is joining the fight against Organized Retail Crime!

The Ohio Regional Organized Crime Coalition (OROCC) is holding its 1st Annual Ohio Crime Symposium. Through the efforts of retail and law enforcement, a one day training event will be held to provide education to partners across the state about Organized Retail Crime. The first conference will focus on the importance of partnerships to combat ORC, real case studies, training and leveraging resources. Ohio marks the 3rd state to join the Midwest fight against ORC alongside Cook County Regional Organized Crime Task Force (CCROC) and Indiana Retail Organized Crime Alliance (IROC).

The conference will be held at the Columbus Police Academy, 1000 N Hague Rd Columbus, OH on June 6th, 2012 and will include refreshments, lunch, and a raffle with proceeds going to Ohio Concerns of Police Survivors (COPS).

Pre-registration is required as space is limited! The conference is free to Law Enforcement Leadership interested in joining to fight Organized Retail Crime, Law Enforcement Officers with current Retail Crime Focus and Retail LP/AP Investigators and Leaders with multi-store/jurisdiction ORC focus. The link to register for this event is at the bottom of the flyer or click here.

Do you have an ORC case to share? Publishing it educates the LP & retail community which might fuel even more jobs and funding.
Share your ORC news and help the industry grow

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3VR Video Intelligence Platform3VR's CrimeDex Partners with
Wireless Loss Prevention Council
to Tackle Retail Crime

Competitors Team Up to Protect Employees and Products

SAN FRANCISCO, April 23, 2012 - 3VR, the video intelligence company, today announced that the CrimeDex online collaborative network of more than 3,000 fraud, loss prevention and law enforcement professionals has partnered with the Wireless Loss Prevention Council (WLPC), a network of retail wireless loss prevention professionals, to facilitate the sharing of information related to organized retail crime syndicates and serial retail criminals.

CrimeDex is a criminal investigation collaboration network that allows law enforcement and business communities to share business-related crime information. Alerts are created and sent to the CrimeDex network to identify criminals wanted for a variety of crimes from check fraud to shoplifting to more serious violent offenses. All data within CrimeDex is user-shared and authorized and owned by the person or company that inputs the data.

Leading national wireless and consumer electronics retailers have long known that they are all often affected by the same criminals perpetuating the same types of crime, from simple device theft to cash armed robbery.

"We are competitors but all of us are in the business of protecting people and making sure our employees have safe work environments. We owe it to the people that work for us to do everything we can to solve and prevent crimes," said Kevin Trimble, president and co-founder of the WLPC. "This partnership with CrimeDex will allow us to expand our network and bolster our awareness of retail criminals in a way that still protects our competitive information and differentiators."

CrimeDex now houses information on more than 16,000 suspects and more than 200,000 crimes in 42 countries and provides the opportunity for members to broadcast information on wanted criminals to its entire user base or to smaller groups such as the WLPC. CrimeDex members can search open case files using search and watch list capabilities as well as post and share video images to maximize criminal apprehensions.

"CrimeDex will enable the WLPC to scale and expand its operations," said Jim "Gator" Hudson, vice president of CrimeDex services. "Ensuring the safety of employees and product is a responsibility that all organizations should embrace. We welcome the WLPC to the CrimeDex family and look forward to helping it realize its full potential."

Media Contact:

Joshua Zecher
463 Communications
Phone: (202) 463-0013, ext. 206
3VR Video Intelligence Platform

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Vendor Spotlight
Save the Date: USS - The 1st Global Organized Retail Crime Conference. March 25 - 26, 2013 Las Vegas, NV. Featured Keynote Speaker: Rudy Giuliani or Colin Powell - You Decide!

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