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Wal-Mart sat silent about wide-scale briberies in Mexico The New York Times reports Wal-Mart Mexico executives paid $24M in brides to obtain building permits to open stores and that when internal investigators reported it back in 2005 then CEO H Lee Scott Jr "rebuked internal investigators at one meeting for being to overly aggressive." Shortly thereafter, the newspaper said, the investigation was turned over to the general counsel for Wal-Mart de Mexico, who himself was alleged to have authorized bribes. He swiftly exonerated his fellow executives. The newspaper said that only after learning of its investigation did Wal-Mart inform the U.S. Justice Department in December 2011 that it had begun an internal investigation into possible violations of the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act. Under that law, it is illegal for U.S. corporations and their subsidiaries to bride foreign officials. Their growth in Mexico has been so rapid that one of every five Wal-Mart stores is now in Mexico and they’re Mexico’s #1 employer with 209,000 employees. Wal-Mart said its latest, ongoing investigation is being handled by outside lawyers and accountants who are experts with the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act. The company also said it has tightened procedures and expanded training in Mexico to ensure compliance with the law. (Source

Canadian, Jean Coutu Group has sold $56 million of its approximately $234.4 million shares in Rite Aid. The sale reduces its stake in the U.S. drug store chain to 19.85 per cent. Jean Coutu acquired its stake in Rite Aid in 2007 in exchange for its chain of 1,854 Brooks and Eckerd drugstores and six distribution centers. The company received $2.36 billion in cash plus the shares in Rite Aid. (source

New Mexico court finds Barnes & Noble owes sales tax for Online Sales. The New Mexico State Court of Appeals has found that Barnes & Noble owes the state more than a half-million dollars in uncollected sales tax interest for a 7 1/2-year period during which the retailer was audited between 1998 and 2005. (source

Mobile ads spending $784 million last year to grow to $5.01 billion by 2016. Research indicates four distinct formats: search, display, text messages and video. Search is growing the fastest and is the biggest driver of growth in mobile local advertising, the study says, in part because mobile paid search ads perform better than the other formats, search ad spending hit $390 million in 2011. (source

Benetton founder steps down for son. Luciano Benetton will hand over the helm of the Italian fashion clothing company he helped found 47 years ago to his son this week. Benetton and his family turned the company into one of Italy's best known brands with more than 6,500 stores in 120 countries. (source

Trojan hits hotel payment apps. Criminal underground peddles sub-$300 spyware installer. The malware targets hotels' front-desk computers. Once installed, it downloads spyware that captures screenshots from point-of-sale applications to sniff out credit card numbers and expiration dates. (source

NYPD reporting 44% jump in iPhone & iPad Thefts. Over 1,100 thefts have been reported already this year, Police commissioner Raymond Kelly and Sen. Chuck Schumer last week announced a deal with mobile phone carriers and federal regulators to build a worldwide database of unique ID numbers assigned to cell phones so stolen devices can be tracked. (source

Three of NYPD's finest tied to $1 Million dollar crime spree. Kelvin Jones was an undercover NYPD officer, but this story reads more like an episode of 'Law and Order'. Three NYPD officers bust into a legitimate luxury goods distribution center in New Jersey and tie up the employees. (source

Video - College Station Walmart apprehensionCollege Station Walmart apprehension ends in violence; suspect armed with a gun and knife. Michael Allen Bradshaw was pronounced dead Friday about four hours after entering the store on Brothers Boulevard. College Station police said he tried to leave the store without paying for a cart full of items. Investigators were told Bradshaw, while in the office, began to struggle with employees and pulled a handgun from the pocket of his pants. During the struggle, the handgun discharged, with the round striking a filing cabinet. A loss prevention officer was able to take control of Bradshaw’s gun. Bradshaw then pulled a knife and began approaching the loss prevention officer, who then fired a single shot hitting Bradshaw. (source

Video: Teens Took Customers Hostage in Dollar Store Holdup
Teens Took Customers Hostage In Dollar Store Holdup. Two teenagers are now in police custody after allegedly holding up a Dollar Store Sunday night and taking customers hostage. Police said that just before closing time, two teens entered the Dollar Store in the Detroit area with guns drawn and demanded money from the till. A customer was able to escape out the back and called police, who rushed to the scene. (source

Picture of Pier 1 Imports Storefront

Barricaded Manhattan Beach robbery suspects arrested. Two robbery suspects believed to be armed barricaded themselves in a Pier 1 Imports store in Manhattan Beach on Sunday night. (source

Florida man could face five years for stealing cup of soda from McDonalds. Deputies arrested 52-year-old Mark Abaire after the restaurant manager told them he had asked for a cup of water and then filled it with soda from the fountain machine. Abaire was sitting outside the restaurant when the manager asked him to pay a dollar for the soda. Abaire refused, and then would not leave the premises. Police arrived and arrested him. The charge is petty theft, but it was increased to a felony because Abaire has previous petty theft convictions. In Florida, a third-degree felony can result in a sentence of up to five years and a $5,000 fine. (source

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Picture of recovered merchandise
$30,000 of Wal-Mart merchandise recovered from a former Associate’s basement. Blackman-Leoni officers searched two homes Monday and found merchandise which may end up totaling nearly $100,000. A 24-year-old man, who had been employed by Wal-Mart but was fired due to his alleged involved in the fraud, was arrested. He remains in jail and has not yet been arraigned, according to court and jail records. (source


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Second member of the Aoun Organization, convicted on Counterfeit Goods charges. As part of their convictions, said the Department of Justice, the defendants forfeited a 2006 Bentley Continental automobile, a 2002 Toyota Sequoia, and $61,384 in currency, that were either the proceeds from the scheme or used to support it, as well as over 1,000 shipping boxes filled with counterfeit merchandise. (source

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