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Lee Bland has been promoted to Vice President of Loss Prevention for Stage Stores. Lee has worked at Stage Stores since 1997. Congratulations Lee on your promotion!

Piotr Rzepka
was promoted to Manager of Corporate Asset Protection for The Great Atlantic & Pacific Tea Company. Piotr has a Bachelor of Arts degree in Political Science and Criminal Justice from Rutgers University and has been with the Company since 2010. Prior to coming to A&P Piotr held various positions in Asset Protection and Merchandising with The Home Depot. In his new role Piotr will ensure continued cost savings by implementing processes to control service expenses, coordinate Asset Protection capital projects, assess ORC vulnerabilities and expand strategies to address them and develop plans that mitigate risk within supply chain inventory and physical security. Congratulations Piotr!

40% increase in fraud complaints registered with Federal Trade Commission last year - with 1.8 million - the #1 being identity theft which represented 15% of total. The top ten states = 1- Florida, 2- Colorado, 3- Delaware, 4- Maryland, 5- Nevada, 6- Arizona, 7- Virginia, 8- Georgia, 9- Washington, 10- New Jersey. (Source

Flash mob theft at Lloyd Center Nordstrom Friday night is second such incident in Portland in a little over a week 10 African American male teenagers began taking items and putting them in bags about 8 pm and ran outside the doors. Police who checked the area recovered some of the stolen clothing, but did not find the teens, who are ages 13-19 years old and all wearing hats and hoodies with their faces covered. (Source

Identity theft is starting to trump drug dealing in New York City as grand larceny is up 10.2% this year so far and dumpster divers are are gleaning sensitive financial information from documents tossed by some of Manhattan’s richest residents. "We found reams of personal and financial information along with scales and other drug-dealing supplies, in one suspect’s home," said one law-enforcement source. "We asked about the scales, and he said, 'Oh, I don’t do that anymore. This is easier, and I make more money.' " Aside from identity theft, police and prosecutors said several other factors are to blame for the jump in grand larcenies — including skimming devices and sticky-fingered house help. (Source

March retail sales hit record high of $411.1B - 24% higher than the recession low hit March 2009 The 0.8% increase was slightly below Feb.'s 1% gain as a healthier job market encouraged more consumers to shop. Retail merchants reported a 4.1 percent increase in sales in March compared to a year ago, according to a tally of 22 retailers by the International Council of Shopping Centers. (Source Associated Press)

Saturday morning murder-suicide at San Jose shopping center and last Thursday double murder - suicide in Cleveland at Cracker Barrel in Cleveland. All family disputes that turned out bad right in the retail world. Sad - but true. A few weeks ago the Northern California Christian College murderer turned himself in basically to Safeway employees by walking up to their customer service desk and saying he had shot people. These incidents seem to be increasing. (Source

Secret Service scandal - of "close to all" 11 agents sent home after a night of drinking and bringing women "presumed to be prostitutes" back to their rooms in Cartagena, Columbia before Obama arrived Friday for a Summit of the Americas. Three waiters interviewed by the AP at the hotel described the agents as drinking heavily during their stay. They were staying at a five-star hotel along with White House staff and press corps. Five military service members assigned to assist the Secret Service may have also been involved in the incident. (Source

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics there are 46,000 information security analysts which is an 11% increase over 2010 and interestingly enough their reporting methodology shows the industry has 0 unemployment. The retail loss prevention industry is still not recognized by the Bureau of Labor Statistics and recognizing IT security is new within the last year or two. (Source

How data talking to data is changing retail and every other business Business intelligence software is changing the landscape and this article is a good article that'll help you understand the basics of how streaming information coupled with advanced data-analytics allows companies to link what they already know with what is happening real time and the benefits that come with it. (Source

American Trucking Association calls for more action as theft rises 8.3% The chairman of the American Trucking Associations’ Supply Chain Security and Loss Prevention Council has called for more action to prevent theft, as figures reveal cargo thefts in the US rose 8.3% in 2011. Schneider National, Walter Fountain, Loss Prevention Director, said communication was the best way to reduce crime and that moving high-value loads with teams of drivers would ensure freight was moving constantly and thus less vulnerable to theft. Holiday thefts alone increasing by 61% in the US over the past year. With electronics theft still representing one-fifth of all theft. (Source

Police seek Smash and Grab suspects in watch-store robbery at Plaza at King of Prussia. A group of five men armed with guns and sledgehammers stole an undetermined number of watches from Tourneau in the King of Prussia Mall Plaza Friday evening. The store was open late Saturday afternoon, but one room was roped off with caution tape. The guard sustained a minor injury. In July 2011, three men robbed Tourneau with a handgun and a hammer, escaping with 18 wrist watches worth $576,000. (source

Nassau Co. man accused of a CVS pharmacy burglary. A Long Island man is under arrest after he allegedly broke into the pharmacy section of a store and removed several prescription medications. The suspect entered the pharmacy which was closed with a locked pull down gate, which he allegedly managed to push open. The suspect then removed several bags of prescription medications, took them to his car and then returned to the store and pulled the fire alarm to create a distraction to remove more medications. (source

Toronto Police taking a pro-active approach to cell phone theft. Working to try to get the carriers to disable stolen phones is still the goal, but now it is being suggested that Canadians register their electronic communication gear with Police. Toronto area police have had a reported 1,800 cell phone thefts last year. (source

Quarterly Same Store Sales Results

Tractor Supply 1Q up 11.5% with sales up 22%
Talbots' 4Q flat and loss $53.2 million
Duckwall-ALCO 4Q down 0.6% with net sales up 1%

Last week's most popular news article --

West Phoenix Wal-Mart Supercenter assistant store manager shot and killed while trying to stop an overnight robbery shortly after midnight Saturday Two employees were collecting cash from the registers when a man with a handgun grabbed the cart and headed for the doors. The assistant store manager was just outside the store and approached the robber. The suspect shot Marquez, then escaped after grabbing some cash from the cart. The suspect got away. (Source



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2012 Thought Challenge Awards Committee

The Kentucky Derby & Kroger's LP Team

by Katie Tuttle


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Neil Watanabe, The Journey from LP to CFO - Leadership & Development Series           April 16, 17 & 18                 --                      The ORC Leaders Panel Discussions -  #1 - The Drug Store Industry's ORC Leaders             #2 - The Big Box & Specialty ORC Leaders               Coming soon!

The Journey from LP to CFO - Leadership & Development series -

Neil Watanabe, CFO for Anna's Linens This three part interview follows Neil Watanabe's career from an entry level management position through the control and loss prevention field all the way up to CFO. It explores exactly how he progressed and what elements played the biggest part in his climb up the ladder. Defining the path and understanding the steps allows the viewer to learn how one executive was able to navigate their way all the way up to the top. Stay tuned tomorrow for part two.

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Durham, N.C., police and Fed's bust 11 businesses selling stolen goods from Walgreens, CVS, Kroger, and Food Lion stores and bust 10 people Raiding 11 businesses after receiving complaints that stolen goods were being sold at each police and ATF agents found weapons, drugs, merchandise and $14,000 in cash. Being Durham's third "large-scale" operation against ORC since Feb. 2011. (Source

ORC team of two both get 11 to 23 months in prison for multiple box-stuffing thefts from Wal-Mart stores in Upper Moreland, PA. Breaking locks on video game displays they'd stuff boxes - re-seal them and pay for the item all the while stealing video game systems and video games. (Source

Rental car GPS shuts down getaway vehicle of three ORC thieves and police recover stolen merchandise in Havelock, NC Hitting a Wal-Mart store for three computers loss prevention officers provided police with the license plate number which led to the rental car company shutting the car off and locating it. Police found "several fishing rods" that had been stolen from other stores which they are trying to determine. The investigation is ongoing. (Source


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12 month Study on Self Checkout shows that
Shrink is not an issue!
                                                          When properly managed

Article submitted by Derek Rodner, VP, Marketing & Product Strategy

While recent news has focused on growing losses arising from the use of self checkout lanes, a 12 month sample of data across 26 customers and nearly 1000 self checkout lanes shows that properly managed self-checkout lanes are a benefit to both consumers and retailers. Agilence, the leader in POS Video Auditing, has been advising retailers on the best practices for self checkout for many years and helping develop solutions to counter any issues as they occur.

The evidence from our auditing across multiple chains shows that self-checkout can actually have far less shrink than the manned checkout lanes. In addition to providing incidents to our customers, we perform a root cause analysis to determine what factors lead to losses. At the self-checkout, our analysis proves it all comes down to the SCO podium clerk.

Consider these actual results for one Agilence customer who was experiencing high transaction cancels at self-checkout. Over the course of a single month, our auditing found that their SCO podiums were unmanned 70% of the time. When a transaction was cancelled, 75% of the time the customer left without purchasing anything (a serious customer service issue), the other 25% of the time, the customer walked out with the product!

Another example demonstrating the importance of a properly manned podium to the success of SCO is found in the table below.

• Grocer A had 22% podium coverage resulting in a weekly SCO loss of $1,340.

• Grocer B had 81% coverage and a weekly SCO loss of only $130.

  Grocer A          Grocer B
Number of SCO Transactions              3,655 3,570
Average Transaction Value $33 $30
Podium Coverage 22% 81%
Void-Cancel Percent 3.3% 1.0%
Weekly Walkout Loss $395 $33
Weekly Abandoned Orders $995 $97
Per Store Total SCO Loss $1,340 $130

We found that too many times, the store was understaffed and the self-checkout podium clerk was pulled away to do other tasks. But, its more than just putting a body at the self-checkout. The person working the self-checkout must be a senior person. They must be able to multi-task and they must engage the customers coming through self-checkout. Majority of the time frustration leads to customers walking away when SCO lanes are not properly staffed. We have found that if the podium clerk simply says hello to the customer and engages them for even a few seconds, the customer is far less likely to steal. In fact, in our analysis, engaging a customer directly and making eye contact reduces theft even more than a public view monitor.

Next, the podium clerks too often never look at the alarms and simply clear them. They need to question the alarm quickly. Do a very quick analysis and then clear the alarm. In fact, our best practices show that podium clerks should even go over to the customer and help them scan if they are having an issue and pay attention to what is happening.

When a podium clerk understands the importance of their role, when they are able to multi-task and when they engage the customer the self-checkout becomes a profit center for the retailer and a pleasant experience for the customer.

Don't get rid of your self-checkout. Staff them properly.

For more information contact: Pedro Ramos, VP Sales at 856-366-1200

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National Accounts Mgr Universal Surveillance Systems Kansas/ Nebraska Universal Surveillance Systems
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Regional Loss Prevention Mgr Charming Shoppes Livingston, NJ Charming Shoppes
Data Loss Prevention Mgr Dice Park Ridge, NJ Dice
Regional Loss Prevention Mgr Bob's Discount Furniture Glendale, NY Bob's Discount Furniture
Loss Prevention Mgr Sears Tukwila, WA Sears Holdings Corp
Mgr Assets Protection Target Minneapolis, MN Target
LP & Safety Mgr of Manufacturing Michaels Coppell, TX Michaels
Regional Asset Protection Mgr Toys R Us Chicago, IL Toys R Us
Asset Protection Mgr Home Depot Flushing, NY Home Depot
District Loss Prevention Mgr Sport Chalet Sacramento, CA Sport Chalet
Loss Prevention Manager Kmart Strafford Wayne, PA Sears Holdings Corp
Loss Prevention Manager Sears Jacksonville, NC Sears Holdings Corp
Loss Prevention Manager Kmart Key West, FL Sears Holdings Corp
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Loss Prevention Manager Sears Las Vegas, NV Sears Holdings Corp
District Loss Prevention Mgr Kmart Charleston, SC Sears Holdings Corp
District Loss Prevention Mgr Sears Canada Winnipeg, MB, Canada Workopolis

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Lee Bland has been promoted to Vice President of Loss Prevention for Stage Stores.
Piotr Rzepka was promoted to Manager of Corporate Asset Protection for The Great Atlantic & Pacific Tea Company.
Bobby Spruce was named Region Operations & LP Manager for Orchard Supply Hardware.
Tim Robinson was named Region Operations & LP Manager for Orchard Supply Hardware.

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It always boils down to the people – the team. No matter how sophisticated we become or how fast and efficient our systems are, it's always the people that make it work or not work for that matter. So many hide so much behind the technology that I wonder if we the people are losing ground at times. It's easy to sit back, get work done, shuffle our emails and feel like we accomplished a lot. But at the end of the day have we really?

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