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Out of 21 top retailers - Amazon was named "America's most relevant retailer" even without having any stores. The study, "Brodeur Partners' Retail Relevance Top 10," asked shoppers to look at 21 of the nation's top retailers and select the "most" and "least" personally relevant retailer in four specific areas: practicality, values, sensory appeal and social appeal. What they found was the was considered America's most relevant retailer and was given the highest ranking in the area of practical value, despite it not having a real-world storefront shoppers can visit. (Source

Ex-Tyco CEO Kozlowski denied parole due to 'concern for public safety' Dennis Kozlowski -- the Tyco marauder who infamously spent millions of dollars in looted corporate funds on such bizarrely profligate home furnishings as a $6,000 golden shower curtain-- must stay in prison for now, according to state parole officials. Kozlowski's bid this week to be released from prison after 83 months was denied as not compatible with "the welfare of society at large," according to the parole board. The ruddy robber baron and co-defendant ex-CFO Mark Swartz had been sentenced back in 2005 to serve at least 8 1/3 years behind bars. Their pillaging of the giant, home security and electronics conglomerate resulted in a $76 billion loss for shareholders, prosecutors said at the time. (Source

Online shoppers will spend $224.2B up 15% this year. Every dollar of that comes out of the brick and mortars and every retailer will be looking to make that connection between their online presence and their stores as seamless as possible. Last year e-commerce sales increased 16.1% over 2010. This trend will continue long term thereby putting more and more pressure on the stores. (Source

The Best Buy - Amazon battle - New survey sayssss - "Best Buy better work on its pricing." Best Buy's prices were an average of 4.2% higher, and it could beat Amazon on only 4% of products. Amazon had lower prices on 54% of items, and the sites tied on 42%. Adding insult to injury, offers less free shipping and charges more taxes. (Source

Two more gift card companies pull out of New Jersey unless they reverse the new law set to go into effect in June. Blackhawk Network, a third party provider of 175 gift card brands, and InComm, another third party provider, supplying 2,500 retail stores with gift cards for Visa, MasterCard, iTunes, Macy's, and Subway will pull out. The law requires gift card sellers to obtain ZIP codes from buyers so the state can claim the value of unused cards after two years. Without such information, the value of unused cards would revert to the company or to the state in which the company is incorporated. American Express pulled out already so there's lots of pressure on New Jersey right now and their Governor has a reputation for standing his ground and using a state helicopter to go see his son's baseball game. (Source

Counterfeit chips: A $169 billion tech supply chain headache Counterfeit semiconductors -"fake chips" are popping up everywhere from our cars, consumer electronics, wireless and networking gear and computers, and even in our planes which could cause plane crashes, medical issues, and billions of dollars in returned merchandise. And the mere percentage is staggering - as much as 25% of all analog IC chips are fake and 85% of the Microprocessor IC chips found in computers are fakes. The numbers are alarming. (Source

And counterfeit drugs are a world-wide problem as well - that's reaching a point of actually delivering cancer drugs with no active ingredient The problem lies with the "middlemen" the licensed wholesalers. In the UK alone there's 1,800 and in Germany there's 3,000 - simply too many to properly supervise, according to drug manufacturers, who complain its to easy to ship medicines across borders. And the drug route begins in the Middle East goes through Europe and hits the U.S. With a recent cancer drug shipment found to have absolutely none of the active drug needed for the patient. The global supply chain for medicine is extremely vulnerable. (Source

Intoxicated shopper in a Wal-Mart store this morning in Austin, Tx., shoots and kills an Austin police officer near the front door The officer was shot point blank in the neck and died at the scene. Police say just before the 2:30 a.m. shooting officers were sent to the store after a report via 911 of an intoxicated person inside the store. Immediately upon the officers' arrival the suspect "engaged the officer in a fight." The suspect shot the officer with a semi-automatic pistol. (Source

Police Arrest Suspect In Robbery Spree At Big Retail Stores in Colorado Springs - Hitting Wal-Mart, Target, Natural Grocers, and Kohl's over three months. Colorado Springs police have arrested a suspect whom they believe is connected to five armed robberies at major retail stores. (Source

Wal-Mart shoplifter who last Saturday "pulled out a sawed off shotgun and shot the security guard and then stabbed another person assisting the guard" was arrested in Mexico and is being returned to McAllen police. Police arrested Solorzano in Nuevo Progreso, Mexico and then he was transferred to McAllen police. Both victims are expected to make a full recovery. (Source

Two robbers in hoodies smash jewelry cases in Tacoma Discount World store scooping up gold rings and made off in getaway car while security officer shoots one time. All three robbers wore gray hooded sweatshirts, white gloves with writing on the top, sunglasses and bandanas over their faces. (Source

13 Californians indicted for running an ATM skimming identity theft scheme on ATM devices in Las Vegas. Installing devices on JP Morgan Chase bank branches ATM machines with pinhole cameras allowed them to capture all the info they needed to manufacture and use counterfeit credit cards. (Source

A Mac trojan horse found infecting 600,000 Apple computers - and they said an Apple would never be hacked - and Apple only patched the vulnerability this week. More than 56 percent of the infected computers are in the U.S., almost 20 percent in Canada, and almost 13 percent in the U.K. Other European countries, as well as Japan and Australia, reportedly have infection rates of below 1 percent. (Source

Greenville, AL., police arrest two robbery suspects and are looking for two more who came back into the store and pepper sprayed employees at Burke's Outlet. (Source

The UK's Serious Fraud Office (SFO) is in serious trouble for being unable to track the information it used to obtain a search warrant when it made a dawn raid last year on a property magnate over his dealings with the collapse of Icelandic bank Kaupthing. It's apologized for relying on "misinformation" for the warrants and earlier this year also had to abandon the development of a new case management system. They have "no clear record of the precise materials that had been relied upon" for the warrants. They're being sued obviously and the judge in the case blasted the "sheer incompetence" of the organization. "When I was at school, I used to claim the dog had eaten my homework," he said. "It's fine for a schoolboy, but pretty feeble from a publicly funded regulator." (Source

7-Eleven plans to open 600 stores this year and just reported an "all-time high operating profit" for the year. Their parent company Seven & I Holdings in Japan has 14,005 stores in Japan and opened 1,201 last year there as well. Mark Stinde, their Vice President of Asset Protection, is adding 11 new positions in their U.S. AP operations. (Source

March Same Store Sales results

Zumiez Inc. up 14.1%
TJX Cos. up 10%
Nordstrom Inc. up 8.6%
The Buckle Inc. up 6.4%
Saks Inc. up 6.3%
Cato Corp. up 5%
Fred's Inc. flat
Bon-Ton Stores Inc. down 0.1%
Stein Mart Inc. down 0.3%
Walgreen Co. down 6.8% This has a lot to do with dropping Express Scripts in January - they're the third party prescription insurance provider - which also shows in Rite Aid's gain of being up 3.6% in pharmacy business. Last month Walgreen was down almost 5% (Source
Wet Seal Inc. down 7.8%



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ORC ring leader and two gang members of foreign nationals (Central & South America) busted that had hit 70 Home Depot Stores, mostly in New Jersey, and two others are wanted. Active on more than 150 days in a recent 6 month period the ring performed more than 500 illegal transactions valued at more than $100,000. They are believed to have stolen items by under-ringing them through self-checkout areas, according to the attorney general. Ring members allegedly used various tactics to hide their activity from security cameras and, in some instances, distracted store employees until their transactions were finished. Attorney General Jeffrey Chiesa said "Our investigation uncovered a ring of foreign nationals who we allege were highly systematic and prolific in their thefts from Home Depot stores in New Jersey and five other states." (Source

South Florida Victoria's Secret still getting nailed by ORC Two separate incidents of suspects stuffing plastic bags with panties with one apprehension and one dropping a bag filled with sweatpants, T-shirts and tank tops when being chased and getting away. (Source
Excerpts from GAO-11-675:  Efforts to Combat Organized Retail Crime

The U.S. Government Accountability Office ORC report June 2011

Leading Online Marketplaces Have Taken Steps to Combat e-Fencing, but It Is Unclear If Additional Federal Action Is Warranted

eBay, the Largest Online Marketplace, Has Recently Taken Steps to Deter e-Fencing, but Varying Business Models and Available Resources Impact Efforts of Other Online Marketplaces

Continued from yesterday

Law enforcement from four local agencies, three retailers, and one retail association also indicated that some criminals are using Craigslist to sell stolen merchandise, and some of them would like to see increased information sharing from the site. However, Craigslist provides an online classifieds service which functions similarly to the classifieds sections of newspapers. As such, Craigslist provides a service through which sellers of goods can meet potential buyers, but—as with newspaper classifieds—Craigslist has no involvement in any actual transaction. Craigslist does not charge for listings in its “for sale” categories, nor does it make any money from a completed transaction, should one occur. Since buyers and sellers deal with each other directly, company representatives noted that there is no way for Craigslist staff to know whether any transaction—lawful or unlawful—has even occurred. Additionally, Craigslist does not require registration to use its site and does not collect personal information, such as name or address, about the seller who posts an item for sale. According to the company, its 32-member staff could not reasonably vet sellers, as it receives approximately 1 million free “for sale” listings each day. Given the overall volume of listings, Craigslist representatives indicated that they feel illegitimate use of the site is rare. However, the company does provide a flagging feature on every ad, so that Craigslist users can flag ads that appear problematic. Ads receiving a sufficient number of flags are automatically removed. Craigslist also captures some electronic information, such as IP address and email address, which Craigslist provides to law enforcement when served with appropriate legal process, such as a subpoena.

Each of the four internet marketplaces that we reviewed, including eBay, prohibits a range of specified products from their sites. Some of these prohibitions are due to federal regulations, such as those related to the sale of firearms, alcohol and tobacco products, or other items unlicensed for sale in the United States. However, other voluntary product restrictions may be identified in each site’s internal policy guidelines, and the development and implementation of these policies is generally at the discretion of the individual marketplaces. While all of the online marketplaces that we reviewed utilize a combination of mechanisms to identify policy breaches, including technology filters, it is unclear to what extent other existing or emerging marketplaces will also implement such efforts, potentially leaving them vulnerable to being used for e-fencing.


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June 19, 2012
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Universal Surveillance Systems and The USS Foundation is very excited to be hosting the Fourth Annual USS charity golf event on June 19, 2012, to benefit the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children.

We would like to invite your company to become a sponsor at the event, and enjoy the day with us out on the golf course, along with NRF Loss Prevention conference attendees. This event presents a unique opportunity for you to spend a full 18 holes of golf with a member of the LP community. You will be guaranteed one-on-one time with retail loss prevention professionals as each foursome will consist of only 1 sponsor vendor player and we will do our best to accommodate any requests you have to spend time with a specific retailer.

Your participation also helps support NCMEC to prevent child abduction and sexual exploitation; help find missing children; and to assist victims of abduction and sexual exploitation, their families, and the professionals who serve them.

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USS Charity Golf - Sponsorship Opportunities

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If you have any questions regarding this charity event, please contact Rod Holm, VP Global Sales. 800-488-9097
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National Accounts Mgr Universal Surveillance Systems Oregon/ Washington Universal Surveillance Systems
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National Accounts Mgr Universal Surveillance Systems New York Universal Surveillance Systems
National Accounts Mgr Universal Surveillance Systems Boston, MA Universal Surveillance Systems
National Accounts Mgr Universal Surveillance Systems New Jersey Universal Surveillance Systems
National Accounts Mgr Universal Surveillance Systems Houston, TX Universal Surveillance Systems
National Accounts Mgr Universal Surveillance Systems Minneapolis, MN Universal Surveillance Systems
LP XBR Analyst Urban Outfitters, Inc. Philadelphia, PA Urban Outfitters, Inc.
Account Program Coordinator Vector Security Northern New Jersey Vector Security

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Dir of Loss Prevention Confidential Southern Florida Downing & Downing
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Asset Protection Mgr The Home Depot Metro Northern  The Home Depot
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Regional LP Director Confidential Los Angeles, CA Downing & Downing

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Loss Prevention Mgr Kmart Chesapeake, VA Sears Holdings Corp.
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Dept Mgr Store LP & Safety Lowe's Cedar Rapids, IA Lowe's
Dept Mgr Store LP & Safety Lowe's Queensbury, NY Lowe's
Area Mgr AP Walmart Williamsport, MD Walmart
Mgr Merchandise Protection Walmart Bentonville, AR Walmart
Security Analyst Walmart Bentonville, AR Walmart
Asset Protection Mgr Home Depot Green Bay, WI Home Depot
Mgr, Investigations Macy's Secaucus, NJ Macy's
Loss Prevention Mgr Macy's Plymouth Meeting, PA Macy's
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5 Things Great Bosses Never Do A few issues ago we posted an article that described what remarkable bosses do. As a leader, what you don't do can sometimes make as much or even more impact than what you do. Here are five things remarkable bosses never do.
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Positioning Yourself for Career Advancement Given the fact that traditional career paths are extinct in most industries, managers have few guideposts for advancing to the executive level. Only a distinct minority of companies are truly adept at succession planning and career development.  (We're here to help)

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Over the years, we've heard a number of CEOs at failing companies remark that the #1 cause for the company's demise, other than competition, was the acceptance of substandard performance on the part of the employee population. A tough comment to make and a difficult thing to change. Motivating and developing your team should be a priority for every executive at every level. The real challenge becomes how do you modify substandard performance and when do you draw the line. Every leader is measured by the success or failure of their team and every leader has a responsibility to maximize performance. If a team member is failing, a leader has to call it out for the good of the team and the company. And at the end of the day, it may be the best thing for that team member as well.

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