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Lowe's says they could reach 100 stores in Canada, up from their current 31, which are now mostly in Ontario. Investors have suggested that Lowe’s buy Canadian rival Rona, if the company is put up for sale. Trailing Home Depot the last 11 quarters in same store sales growth Lowe's "doesn't want to take it anymore." (Source

Dick's Sporting Goods may be crossing the pond as they invest $20M in "struggling" sportswear retailer JJB Sports. As part of the deal, Dick's will have the right to appoint up to two non-executive directors to JJB's board. May be their first step to a bigger involvement long term. (Source

J.C. Penney to cut 13% of corporate staff - 600 jobs and 300 more Customer Call Center positions In January they told investors they planned to reduce layers of management and were targeting $900 million in expense cuts over the next two years. (Source

Rhode Island Law Enforcement agencies to get $230M from $500M forfeited by Google for allowing online ads from Canadian pharmacies illegally selling prescription drugs to American consumers. Various Rhode Island law enforcement agencies had participated in the investigation that resulted in Google's fine. U.S. Attorney Peter F. Neronha said it may be the largest sum ever distributed among law enforcement groups under a program that allows forfeited funds to be shared with agencies that participate in federal probes. The funds will be distributed to the local and state agencies after they submit spending plans, officials said. There are rules in place governing how the money can be used. Law enforcement investigations, training and equipment are among the items that can be paid for with the funds. (Source

The Director of the Department of Agricultural Office of Rural Development, that oversees millions of dollars in New York economic development money, has pleaded not guilty to shoplifting charges and resigned her position Harvey was in court Wednesday to answer a misdemeanor petit larceny charge filed after the owner of a Syracuse salon said she was caught putting several bottles of hair care products and a bracelet in a bag without intending to pay for them. (Source

UK hacker that went on a "stunning 2-month hacking spree" and stole 8M UK identities, the details for 200,000 PayPal users, and the details of 8,000 Nokia employees gets 2 1/2 yrs in jail. There have been a number of high-profile hacking cases in recent years but the scale of the data theft executed by York-based Edward Pearson, 23, sets a new benchmark for the UK. (Source

Anonymous hackers go after Chinese government sites in protest to internet restrictions. China denied the sites were hacked but Anonymous listed the websites and on one left the message "Dear Chinese government, you are not infallible, today websites are hacked, tomorrow it will be your vile regime that will fall," the English-language message read. "What you are doing today to your Great People, tomorrow will be inflicted to you. With no mercy." (Source

Unemployment claims hit 4 year low last week. Suggesting employers kept hiring in March at a healthy pace. (Source

With the increasing mobile payment trend there lots of R&D going into fingerprint-scanning technology as the fool-proof answer and with increased mobile payments comes less cash changing hands which decreases cash losses. With the consumers #1 concern being security and the loss of their phones retailers have to eliminate that concern to truly unlock the sales potential. Until now biometric technology has been primarily used for access control but now we may see it much quicker at the check out stands if it means increasing sales. And with the ability to influence customer behavior through measures such as mobile coupon campaigns, efficient use of mobile scan-able QR codes, and by providing a mobile optimized website the retailers will be there quick enough. Some in the UK are saying that this trend will also decrease cash theft at the registers because more customers will be using their mobile to pay as opposed to cash. (Source

Michigan couple "Tide" to attempted theft of detergent. Flushing Michigan Police have arrested a middle aged couple of repeat offenders at Kroger. Store officials say this is not the first time the two individuals were suspected in the theft of detergent. The couple had already loaded a shopping cart with Tide and was waiting for a quick exit. The female suspect was arrested for possession of marijuana, other charges are pending. (source

March Same Store Sales results

Ross Stores up 10%
Limited Brands up 8%
The Gap up 8% (the best performance in a long time, with Feb. up 4%)
Target up 7.3%
Macy's up 7.3%
Costco up 6%
Stage Stores up 4.7%
Kohl's up 3.6%
Rite Aid pharmacy up 3.2% with rest of the store up (front end) 4.6%
Duckwall-Alco up 2.3

Quarterly Same Store Sales Results

Pier 1 up 10.3% with revenue up 12%
Ross Stores up 4.6% with revenue up 15%



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Final Episode: LAAORCA Session - Retail Loss Prevention & Asset Protection; So, what do we do?

Suni Shamapande - Divisional Vice President Loss Prevention, Sears Holdings Corp., and President of the IOBSE (the International Organization of Black Security Executives). In this session Suni talks about the history of how retail evolved from Security to Loss Prevention and Asset Protection. He clearly defines the roles and differences and bridges the gap between the public and private sector. Suni presents a clear and precise case on how the public sector's response to property crime directly correlates to other, more serious crime trends and makes a great case for why the public sector law enforcement industry should indeed take retail-property crime seriously. It's a great model to use for any retail LP executive that's trying to increase their local law enforcement's involvement. It’s worth showing to your local law enforcement partners.

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Two men busted in California for more than a dozen cell phone store robberies in Houston Nelvin Cook and Randolph Long were picked up after an attempted robbery at an Orange County jewelry store. Police say, between February and March 19, they hit at least 14 stores across our metro area. Surveillance video helped investigators link the pair to the crimes. Police say they used the same small revolver with a red laser light attachment in each robbery. (Source

Counterfeit credit card gang member pleads guilty to purchasing $28,000 in gift cards from Giant Eagle and Wal-Mart stores in western PA. Robert Gardner faces up to 21 years in prison and a $1.25 million fine or both for using stolen information to make $28,000 in purchases of gift cards in 2010. (Source
Excerpts from GAO-11-675:  Efforts to Combat Organized Retail Crime

The U.S. Government Accountability Office ORC report June 2011

Leading Online Marketplaces Have Taken Steps to Combat e-Fencing, but It Is Unclear If Additional Federal Action Is Warranted

eBay, the Largest Online Marketplace, Has Recently Taken Steps to Deter e-Fencing, but Varying Business Models and Available Resources Impact Efforts of Other Online Marketplaces

Continued from yesterday

While eBay is the domestic online marketplace most commonly cited by stakeholders, other online marketplaces, such as,, and Craigslist, could also be potential outlets for stolen merchandise. Like eBay, these marketplaces forbid the sale of certain goods on their sites and, to varying degrees, undertake some review of listings. However, these other marketplaces operate differently and some do not have the resources nor conduct the volume of transactions as eBay, which could make it difficult to implement the kinds of initiatives that eBay has started. For example, and are primarily online retailers, directly selling goods to consumers. In addition to selling directly, these sites offer a way for other merchants, individuals or small “storefronts” to sell to their customers. This sales stream accounts for approximately 30 percent of units sold on in 2010 and about .5 percent of’s overall business. Even though these third-party sales are not their primary business, both Amazon and Overstock have taken steps to ensure the integrity of their sites. All sellers on Amazon must first register with the site, providing name, address, and an active credit-card number. In addition, sellers must provide a telephone number to finalize registration, which is only complete when a personal identification number is entered during a call to the given number. In certain product categories—such as clothing and accessories, electronics, and watches—Amazon limits the addition of new sellers and closely monitors their performance to ensure products are delivered in a timely manner and in the condition described. According to Amazon, the company guarantees the condition of the item and its timely delivery when customers purchase products through third-party sellers on its site. Amazon also monitors the rates of customer complaints, claims, disputed credit-card transactions and other metrics in an effort to ensure that sellers are maintaining a high standard of fulfillment and customer service. Sellers who fail to meet performance requirements are blocked from selling. In addition, Amazon has security processes in place to flag suspicious activity, which may include changes in seller activity. Furthermore, like eBay, all new sellers on Amazon are subject to payment holds. Amazon disburses seller funds every 14 days.

Like Amazon, Overstock requires registration from all buyers and sellers, and verifies registration details through a credit card verification process, affirming that the registrant reported information matches credit-card-billing information. In addition, the company officials stated that staff manually reviews listings, going through every listing category daily looking for fraudulent auctions. When Overstock flags suspicious listings, it is to request proof of ownership of the offered goods from the seller. As with Amazon and eBay, Overstock also places limits on the amount of product being sold by new sellers until they have established a favorable seller rating. Both Amazon and Overstock indicated that they are willing to work with merchants and law enforcement partners as needed to address potential e-fencing activities, and they have done so in the past.

Continued tomorrow

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Don't Wish For Obedient Employees When Fred was a lieutenant colonel, the Army sent him to business school. As the class explored leadership issues, it was clear that to these executives, military command must make leadership issues easy. But Fred thought leadership was far more complicated.  (Is he right?)

6 Ways Successful People Stand Out Bosses spend the vast majority of their time helping other people succeed: employees, customers, vendors and suppliers -- the list goes on and on. Helping other people succeed is your job, but it's also your job to focus on yourself, at least part of the time. (Sometimes it's all about you)

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