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Kirby Sabey was promoted to National Loss Prevention Manager (North America & Australia) for the Fossil Corporation. Before his promotion, Kirby was the Senior Regional Loss Prevention Manager of Fossil for almost three years. Previously, Kirby spent almost five years with Target, working as first a Loss Prevention Manager, then a Market Investigator for Organized Retail Crime. Congrats Kirby!

The Apple mojo - changing retail forever. Part library, part community center, part coffee shop (without the coffee) and occasionally a concert hall for Mac-loving musicians. And experts say this blend of commercialism and community is influencing everything from the Disney Store to AT&T retail outlets. Meticulously designed with stone floors imported from the same Italian quarry, custom made maple tables made to conceal cash drawers, and stainless steel wall panels imported from Japan (see Uniglo's use of stainless steel) - the level of detail is incredible. Using the Ritz Carlton customer service guidelines as their model the Apple philosophy is simple: If people are going to spend a lot of money, they want to be treated well. (Source

From time-delay lock safes to facial recognition Colorado businesses are taking steps to prevent robberies. Walgreens recently installing 149 safes that can't be opened immediately at its stores in Colorado and Wyoming in an effort to reduce robberies. Reducing robberies in other markets by 85% as a result of these new safes Walgreens is expanding the program. Banks are starting to use facial recognition software and the article points to 3VR's program and their Crimedex collaborative online network as a tool. This article covers a wide range of suggestions and comments from Joe LaRocca, Senior Advisor for Asset Protection for the National Retail Federation. (Source

The Department of Homeland Security is building an "All-Star Cybersecurity Team". "You don't build a championship team with double-A ball players; we're recruiting a team of major leaguers," remarks Mark Weatherford, Homeland Security's deputy undersecretary appointed by Secretary Janet Napolitano last October. He discussed this aspect of his approach and more at the recent RSA Conference. (Source

April Is Distracted Driving Awareness Month And the National Safety Council has an urgent request for all drivers: Make April the month you ditch the cell phone – and distracted driving – while behind the wheel. Employers can celebrate Distracted Driving Awareness Month by implementing total bans on cell phone use while driving for all employees. Employers can access NSC's free Cell Phone Policy Kit for help enhancing their policies. (Source

The Port Authority of New York is hiring its first Chief Security Officer (CSO) to oversee a new stand alone security department. The department will be in charge of security at all the agency's facilities, from the World Trade Center to John F. Kennedy International Airport, according to a news release. "The Port Authority is responsible for some of the world's most critical transportation assets," said Port Authority Chairman David Samson. "Our creation of a centralized security department, overseeing the Port Authority's policing and our other security resources, will enhance our billions of dollars of investment in security infrastructure, improve security communications and responsiveness, and add to our security efforts." (Source

Tiffany celebrates its 175th anniversary, opening new stores and growing in the world markets. Tiffany is looking to increase sales in the UAE by five or six times, increasing advertizing, renovations and new stores. Global sales increased at Tiffany by 18 per cent, net profits increased 19 per cent compared to last year. (source

Gap opening 2 stores in Africa. The Gap will establish its first presence in Africa, opening new stores in Johannesburg and Cape Town. Gap is counting on marketing themselves to the high end consumer, the same pants here in the United States costing $60 will be priced at $130. The Gap believes that part of the increased pricing strategy is to cover the cost of shipment and import duties; they have used the same strategy in the emerging Asia market. (source

Shoplifter who shot two Kmart Loss Prevention agents, slightly injuring them, in Roseville, MI., last week has been identified. Ernest Willie Ford , who is 5-foot 10-inches tall and weighs 210 pounds, walked into the store and started stealing DVDs and other miscellaneous electronic devices. He hid them beneath his sweat shirt, police said, and was about to leave the store when he was stopped by store security agents who tried to take him into custody. "While they struggled Ford pulled out a silver-plated revolver from his pants and shot one time at one of the store security," Berlin said. "The bullet hit the floor near the loss prevention agent and fragmented. Ford shot again and two of the agents were struck, slightly injuring both of them, Berlin said. Ford then ran to a Chrysler Sebring which was driven by a black female and they fled at a high rate of speed. The women was apprehended and the male suspect got away. (Source

Cyberattacks are starting to eclipse terrorism as a threat to the country, say top officials from the Federal Bureau of Investigation. "You'll see a greater prevalence of cyber-related offenses, including cyber-terrorism," predicted Ralph Boelter, assistant director of the counterterrorism division at the FBI. There has not yet been a major cyber-terrorism attack in this country, he said, adding, "But that's not to say we're not preparing for it." (Source

$480,000 jewelry store burglary at Apex Jewelers, in Parker, Colorado, last week with the suspects going thru an adjacent vacant business to gain entry through a common wall. Parker Police detectives have recovered still images related to that store burglary. (Source

Bergner’s Associate involved in the theft of $16,000 of merchandise. Quincy, Illinois Police arrested an employee of Bergner’s as well as a male suspect in connection to a series of theft over the past 30 days. (source

Quarterly Same Store Sales Results

Pep Boys 4Q up 0.8% with sales up 5.9%



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eBay Supported Investigation Leads to Employee Arrests

eBay Global Asset Protection team supported criminal investigation leads to arrest of Utah based Pawn shop employees. The three suspects were charged in 3rd District Court with engaging in a pattern of unlawful activity, a first-degree felony, and money laundering, a second-degree felony. According to court records, the group worked at Fast Cash Pawn, Salt Lake City and they would buy items from the public that they knew were stolen and either re-sell them in the pawn shop or put them up for sale on eBay, said Sandy Police Sgt. John Arnold. In some cases, the group took stolen merchandise in exchange for gift cards that were also stolen, Arnold said. On several occasions in 2011, detectives came across suspects who were accused of stealing from retail stores "and either exchanging the stolen merchandise for store gift cards, which they subsequently pawned, or pawning the merchandise directly". Investigators determined that Fast Cash had purchased 2,567 gift cards, but only 22 of those purchases were recorded in a statewide database as required by law. Click here for full article.

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WG Security Products - Learn about your external business partners series --  Coming next week.          Neil Watanabe, CFO for Anna's Linens - The Journey from LP to CFO  -- Coming next week.

Part Two: LAAORCA Session - Retail Loss Prevention & Asset Protection; So, what do we do?

Suni Shamapande - Divisional Vice President Loss Prevention, Sears Holdings Corp., and President of the IOBSE (the International Organization of Black Security Executives). In this session Suni talks about the history of how retail evolved from Security to Loss Prevention and Asset Protection. He clearly defines the roles and differences and bridges the gap between the public and private sector. Suni presents a clear and precise case on how the public sector's response to property crime directly correlates to other, more serious crime trends and makes a great case for why the public sector law enforcement industry should indeed take retail-property crime seriously. It's a great model to use for any retail LP executive that's trying to increase their local law enforcement's involvement. It’s worth showing to your local law enforcement partners. Stay tuned tomorrow for the final episode.

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Kirkwood, Mo., police bust ORC fencing operation that hired drug addicts to steal merchandise from retailers. Detective Dave Smith said warrants are pending for receiving and possessing stolen property on a man in his 50s who was arrested after he allegedly hired drug addicts dependent on heroin to steal merchandise from area businesses. Various retailers, most of which were big box stores such as Target, TJ Maxx, Shop-N-Save and Walmart, were targeted by the thieves on an almost daily basis, Smith said. One allegedly posed as a store employee in uniform to gain access to the rear stock rooms of one of the businesses to commit thefts, Smith said. The investigation is still ongoing. (Source (source

Excerpts from GAO-11-675:  Efforts to Combat Organized Retail Crime

The U.S. Government Accountability Office ORC report June 2011

Leading Online Marketplaces Have Taken Steps to Combat e-Fencing, but It Is Unclear If Additional Federal Action Is Warranted

eBay, the Largest Online Marketplace, Has Recently Taken Steps to Deter e-Fencing, but Varying Business Models and Available Resources Impact Efforts of Other Online Marketplaces

Continued from yesterday

eBay has also created tools to aid in providing law enforcement with access to information. eBay’s Law Enforcement Portal allows state, local, and federal law enforcement to request information from eBay on users suspected of selling stolen merchandise. The company allows all vetted LE agencies to use the Portal to investigate possible illegal activity on the site, including the sale of stolen goods, and eBay reviews all requests to ensure they comply with eBay’s privacy policy. According to eBay officials, it approves about 99 percent of requests, responding within 48 hours with the name, address, Internet Protocol (IP) and email addresses, any additional contact information, shipping information, listing and sales data, and user history over the last 2 years. In 2010, eBay received 603 requests through the portal. eBay also built the Law Enforcement eRequest System to allow law enforcement to submit requests for information and court orders electronically. Since inception in November 2010, 1,601 requests or court orders have been submitted by law enforcement in North America. Additionally, all law enforcement can access eBay information through LeadsOnline, an online, property-crimes database. eBay provides access to listing and sales data through LeadsOnline automatically, providing law enforcement with another investigative tool. Through the database, law enforcement users of the system can get basic seller information from the past 3 months. In 2010, 2,090 law enforcement agencies conducted 12,990 eBay related searches on LeadsOnline. For more detailed information, law enforcement agencies are to contact eBay directly.

In addition to its retail and law enforcement efforts, eBay has also implemented and improved a series of procedures designed to verify seller information, proactively flag suspicious listings, and further protect buyers. These efforts are independent of retailer or law enforcement requests. These efforts include:

• Enhanced seller vetting: Starting in October 2010, eBay verifies users’ names, addresses, and phone numbers, and restricts new seller activity until the seller builds a good business record on eBay.

• Filters: eBay utilizes thousands of rule-based filters that search for suspicious listings. Filter variables can be seller based (financial, user information, feedback), item based (category, pricing, keywords), or risk based (internal losses, risk models).

• Exception reporting: eBay runs 17 monthly exception reports on over 100 categories of commonly stolen products such as gift cards, health and beauty aids, and infant formula. These reports are designed to identify sellers who may have a high volume of sales in several retail high-theft categories for further review or monitoring by eBay. From January 2010 through March 2011, eBay has proactively reviewed 490 sellers, 237 of which were deemed "bad actors," compared with 2,870 requests received from retailers and law enforcement, 220 of which were deemed "bad actors."

• Payment holds: Through PayPal, eBay has instituted a 21-day hold on funds to new accounts so that proceeds from the sale of merchandise are not available until the hold expires. eBay believes this is an effective deterrent to the listing of stolen merchandise online as thieves generally look for a quick way to convert merchandise into money.

• Seller messaging: To remind sellers of eBay’s rules related to certain products, such as infant formula, eBay provides specific messaging if a seller is trying to list the product. For example, sellers of infant formula are reminded that they must include the expiration date of the formula in the listing and that it is against eBay’s policies to sell expired infant formula. These efforts are intended to protect consumers from purchasing potentially expired products but may also provide an additional deterrent to those knowingly selling expired products.

Retailers and law enforcement alike indicated that eBay’s recent efforts have been effective at facilitating information sharing during ORC investigations. Three of the 5 retailers and 6 of the 10 state and local law enforcement agencies we interviewed are members of their respective eBay programs, as are members of FBI and ICE. Several indicated that the company is timely and effective in providing requested user information, and both groups commented that eBay’s commitment to information sharing is a significant change from a more contentious relationship previously. eBay’s recent efforts to increase its cooperation with retailers and law enforcement have been voluntary on the part of the company. Several retailers, and eBay itself, credited its Senior Director of Global Asset Protection—an individual with a retail loss prevention background—with developing the more open environment at eBay. Two retailers we interviewed—one PROACT member and one non-member—as well as two retail associations, cited specific concerns about eBay’s maintaining its long–term corporate commitment to the PROACT program. In response, eBay officials reiterated the company’s long-term commitment to PROACT, noting that the program maintains buy-in from senior corporate officers and is part of a larger effort to enhance working relationships with retailers.

Continued tomorrow

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Kirby Sabey was promoted to National Loss Prevention Manager (North America & Australia) for the Fossil Corporation.
Robert Hernandez
was named District Loss Prevention Manager for National Stores.

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