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Joseph Ortega was promoted to Director of Loss Prevention for Old Navy, a division of The Gap. Joseph previously held the title of Sr. Regional Loss Prevention Manager with Gap Inc. since 2010. Joseph was also the Assistant Manager - Access Control for the Walt Disney Company for three and a half years. Other positions he has held include Regional Investigator with the TJX Corporation and Field Loss Prevention Manager with Mervyn's. Congratulations Joseph!

Amazon is worrying Wal-Mart as 50% of Wal-Mart customers say they've shopped at both - making Amazon a massive online competitor that is too tough to ignore. Threatening Wal-Mart’s dominance are two trends: The discounter’s traditional customers—bargain hunters making less than $50,000 a year—are getting more tech-savvy, and more-affluent shoppers who began frequenting Wal-Mart during the recession are returning to Amazon as their finances improve. And with a 35% increase in sales in the fourth quarter Amazon is gaining ground. Just look at Best Buy's recent announcement and you see the direct impact. (Source

Visa drops Global Payments, that helps process transactions for merchants, after huge data breach Friday that compromised up to 3 million credit card accounts. Global Payments is among a group of companies that act as the plumbing in the electronic transaction chain, authorizing millions of transactions a day. That makes the companies prime targets for data thieves looking to steal richly detailed financial information. Their data breach could prove to cost millions and they've announced that 1.5 million records were indeed hacked. The hackers gained access to what is known as Track 1 and Track 2 data, which includes names, card numbers and validation codes. (Source

MasterCard releases tool that predicts ecommerce fraud their "Expert Monitoring Fraud Scoring for Merchants". The new tool enhances insight into card behavior beyond a merchant’s website or a cardholder’s shopping cart. The service provides merchants with a predictive fraud score for Card-Not-Present transactions in real time to measure the likelihood that a transaction is fraudulent. (Source

Police Are Using Phone Tracking as a Routine Tool Law enforcement tracking of cellphones, once the province mainly of federal agents, has become a powerful and widely used surveillance tool for local police officials, with hundreds of departments, large and small, often using it aggressively with little or no court oversight, documents show. Big business for cellphone companies with some even marketing a catalog of "surveillance fees". This is going to bring the legislators here soon enough. (Source

Things Remembered, which is based in Cleveland, has completed the purchase of Key Man Engravables, a 37-store family owned company that specializes in engraving gifts. The chain is based in Toronto, Ontario Canada and has stores stretching from Ontario to Canada's west coast. Things Remembered has 617 stores from coast to coast in the USA. More U.S. growth in Canada.

China police bust underground counterfeit designer handbag factory of 60 workers and seize $9.6 million in purses (Source

House GOP Says 'Not So Fast' to Bill on Facebook and Job Applicants Late last week Democrats inserted an amendment into a Federal Communications Commission bill that would have prevented employers from asking applicants for their logon's and passwords. But Republicans blocked it. The U.S. Senate has also asked the Attorney General to investigate whether employers asking for passwords in job interviews is a violation of federal law and they're asking the EEOC to begin an investigation as well. This is a hot topic and won't go away until it's resolved. (Source

Cybercrime is now the #2 major cause of losses in the financial sector ahead of accounting fraud, bribery and corruption and even money laundering according to new survey. However "too few organizations are investing in the response mechanisms needed to cope with it. Tellingly, almost a third of staff in financial services had not received any cybersecurity training. Many financial organizations still prefer to draw a veil over the issue of cybercrime losses because of the technological 'lack' it suggests in their operations. (Source

True Religion wins $864 million court judgment against Chinese counterfeiters operating 282 websites originating out of China. The defendants were a no-show in court, so the New York federal judge handed down a default judgment this month. The websites were shut down. Each defendant was also ordered to pay $8.15 million and any similar websites they created in the future will also be closed. Collecting the money will be another thing entirely. (Source

Game Stores in the UK saves half their stores in weekend deal that saves 3,200 jobs. OpCaptial, a private equity group, jumped in and the details were not released. Game Group has 609 stores in the UK and Ireland. It immediately closed 277 of them, losing 2,104 staff. The company also lost 15 head office employees. The agreement reached will allow OpCapita to buy the 333 stores that remained open — stores which were making profit, while those in the red were immediately shuttered — but many Ireland and European stores remain closed as buyers are sought. (Source

Facebook is the new wanted poster with police using it to post pictures of thieves so the public can identify them is catching on. Police departments throughout New Jersey are increasingly using Facebook to identify thieves successfully. (Source

Interface Security buys Westec Intelligent Surveillance and becomes major independent managed service provider. Bundling their services will mean more capabilities for their customers which include a number of retailers. Founded in 1996, Westec is based in Coppell, Texas and is considered a pioneer in bringing interactive video and audio monitoring to the market. Today it offers interactive monitored video solutions and virtual business management tools at 20,000 customer locations across the country. Last fall, Interface announced a huge managed cloud services deal with 9,500 Dollar General stores that was expected to generate more than $100 million in "top line revenue for interface." The combination of Interface and Westec creates the only nationwide managed service provider of security solutions (alarm, video, access control) along with VoIP and secure broadband in a cloud based architecture,” Interface. (Source security

ADT Commercial Security rebrands and is now "Tyco Integrated Security". Tyco is making progress in its planned split into three independent publicly traded companies. After the split, the three independent companies will be: Flow Control, ADT Residential, and Commerical Fire & Security. "Tyco Integrated Security" is commercial security business unit of "Commercial Fire & Security." (Source

Less then 24 hours Kelihos botnet system is stronger then ever. Last week we reported that Microsoft had identified a cybercrime operation and took down some very powerful servers, well within 24 hours the Kelihos cybercriminals are back in business. Facebook believes already 70,000 accounts have been compromised. (source

Ireland’s National Police bust country’s largest counterfeit operation. Raids throughout the country have recovered nearly $800,000 US dollars worth of high end counterfeit labels, such as Tommy Hilfiger, Adidas and Nike. The product was purchased legally and imported to the country without brand logos and labels and then 'finished' in warehouse throughout the country. (source

Calgary jeweler loses $500,000 in silver. Eight cases or 1,000 pounds of sterling silver pieces were stolen from a jewelers’ van while parked in the Chinatown area of Calgary. The pieces were settings, earrings and pendants by designer Kibela, which police feel that may have already been melted down at this point. (source

Identity theft 'felony lane gang' targets female customers. The 'felony lane gang' has been recently tracked to Kansas City, but law enforcement believes the group travels around the country and is already responsible for $10 million dollars in losses. Staking out parking lots outside day care or fitness centers, they look for women getting out of their cars and walking into the businesses without purses. They count on the habit of people who leave purses and wallets in their cars at such locations. (source

Three arrested for selling nearly $25,000 of fake 18k gold. Gold market prices bring out the best in the criminal world. And it is believed that the Russian made combination of elements tested as 18k, but was really worthless. (source

Ukrainian Identity thieves busted by Thai Police. Victims of the identity theft were Canadian, US and European. Over 30 credit cards were found at the time of arrest. (source

Fire at O'Reileys Auto Parts destroys strip mall in Columbia, Missouri, loss estimated at $6.5 million. The fire was reported at 4:45 Sunday morning, no one was injured and was the first ‘multiple alarm’ fire in the city in years; over 30 firefighters were on the scene. According to the Fire Marshall, there were no smoke alarms and no sprinkler system in the building. Dollar General also has a store in that strip center along with several small retailers. (source

Miami’s Papa John’s to reopen after Domino’s Managers burn down their business. According to police, the two Domino’s managers (now charged with felony arson) were upset at seeing the Papa John’s delivery guys driving past their business. Worried about the competition, they burned it down. (source

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Women stabs CVS Loss Prevention officer with a pair of scissors. The 32 year old Pawtucket woman is being held without bail, she was attempting to steal $130 worth of products. The Loss Prevention officer wasn’t seriously injured. (source





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South Florida is an uphill battleground for the U.S. Secret Service fighting increasingly high-tech credit card crime. Two men were indicted for ripping off $600,000 from Apple stores around the country by using counterfeit credit cards. Florida topped the nation with 33,595 identity-theft complaints in 2011. Hackers and credit card "skimmers" sell stolen bank and credit-card information from unsuspecting users, then make fake credit cards linked to real accounts. Counterfeit-credit-card trafficking rings make it easy for criminals to get everything online. On March 16, federal authorities busted alleged members of a nationwide fake credit card operation on racketeering charges. The 19 people arrested, including three men from Florida, allegedly ran a large-scale network of complex financial scams. It's a constant battle," said Lynch. "[Criminals] can get on Interstate 95 and hit a lot of places in a weekend." (Source

Northeast Portland fencing operation busted this weekend that employed so-called "boosters" An apartment raided by police last week resembled a mini-mart, with tubs of diapers, lotions, toilet paper, shampoos and bottles of Tide detergent stacked in closets, stashed in cardboard boxes covered with blankets and even stuffed in drawers and shelves of a living room entertainment center. Investigators say they're finding these fencing operations popping up in apartment complexes across the metro area, particularly in east Multnomah County. They estimate this one caused more than $200,000 a year in losses for Safeway, Albertsons and Fred Meyer stores. (Source

ORC ring member in Tennessee turns herself in to police after hitting T.J. Maxx stores in Nashville and Middle Tennessee. Nance is believed to be one of four suspects involved in the shoplifting ring. The remaining three suspects are not yet in custody, police said. (Source

Preventing Organized Retail Crime. This nine minute video explains ORC and what retailers and law enforcement should know about this increasing trend. The video includes interviews with LP professionals, as well as past crime ring members, making the video a well-rounded look into the world of organized retail crime.  (source



Excerpts from GAO-11-675:  Efforts to Combat Organized Retail Crime

The U.S. Government Accountability Office ORC report June 2011

LERPnet Provides a Mechanism to Share Data Nationally, but Stakeholders Report That Use of the Database by Retailers and Law Enforcement Has Been Limited

Continued from Friday

In April 2011, LERPnet was acquired by ISO Crime Analytics, a data-management company with experience running large information-sharing databases for the retail, insurance, and banking industries. LERPnet 2.0, as it is being called, is intended to address some of the criticisms leveled at the original LERPnet when it becomes operational sometime in the summer of 2011. For example, the system is to have link analysis tools to help identify potential patterns of criminal activity and enhanced notification mechanisms for retailers. Additionally, ISO Crime Analytics is planning to hire a full-time data analyst to supplement the automatic tools. Working with a retail advisory board of 15 to 18 members, ISO Crime Analytics is to address standardization of data entry, including providing uniform definitions to aid in consistent reporting of incidents. The company is also working to simplify data entry of theft incidents, in part, by further enabling direct uploads from retailers’ existing case management systems. While the CEO of ISO Crime Analytics acknowledged that it will take time for the alerts to be "real-time," the goal is to get incident information uploaded into the system as quickly as possible to enhance alerts available to retailers and law enforcement that want to receive them. LERPnet 2.0 will be capable of linking to other crime databases such as the National Crime Information Center, but the specific databases are to be decided by the retail advisory board, which the company said was to be formed in June 2011.

ISO Crime Analytics indicated that the system is first and foremost a retail tool, since retailers are the entities most responsible for identifying stolen product, inputting incident details into LERPnet, and using that data to make links with other retailers and build potential ORC cases. An FBI official responsible for coordinating ORC investigations similarly stated that retailers are best suited to use LERPnet to help identify patterns of ORC activity, make links between stolen merchandise and goods being sold online, and identify major cases that may merit federal involvement. For example, one retail investigator noted that certain brands or products may be store-specific, making individual retailers the most appropriate stakeholder to identify which of those products could be potentially fenced online. The FBI official further indicated that the value of LERPnet is in making it easier for retailers to aggregate cases—thus demonstrating a bigger impact with a federal nexus—and that the agency typically relies on retailers to bring them ORC cases because of the FBI’s limited resources and other threat priorities. He noted that once an ORC case is presented to the FBI for potential involvement, agents would be able to use the FBI’s internal case management system to identify if any other cases involving the same criminal suspects or organizations were open nationwide, potentially linking ORC to other crimes. ISO Crime Analytics hopes that the new system will also eventually be of use to local law enforcement. For example, a company official noted that law enforcement may benefit from retailer alerts for areas within their jurisdiction or could potentially match stolen goods discovered to reported thefts. Since LERPnet 2.0 has yet to become operational, it is unclear how widely it will be used by law enforcement.


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National Accounts Mgr Universal Surveillance Systems Ohio Universal Surveillance Systems
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National Accounts Mgr Universal Surveillance Systems Oregon/ Washington Universal Surveillance Systems
National Accounts Mgr Universal Surveillance Systems Kansas/ Nebraska Universal Surveillance Systems
National Accounts Mgr Universal Surveillance Systems New York Universal Surveillance Systems
National Accounts Mgr Universal Surveillance Systems Boston, MA Universal Surveillance Systems
National Accounts Mgr Universal Surveillance Systems New Jersey Universal Surveillance Systems
National Accounts Mgr Universal Surveillance Systems Houston, TX Universal Surveillance Systems
National Accounts Mgr Universal Surveillance Systems Minneapolis, MN Universal Surveillance Systems
LP XBR Analyst Urban Outfitters, Inc. Philadelphia, PA Urban Outfitters, Inc.
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District Mgr, AP Ralph Lauren Corp. New York, NY Ralph Lauren Corp.
Asset Protection Mgr Ralph Lauren Corp. Orlando, FL Ralph Lauren Corp.
Loss Prevention Mgr Kmart West Long Branch, NJ Sears Holdings Corp.
Loss Prevention Mgr Kmart Jackson, WY Sears Holdings Corp.
Loss Prevention Mgr Sears Des Moines, IA Sears Holdings Corp.
Loss Prevention Mgr Sears Bakersfield, CA Sears Holdings Corp.
Loss Prevention Mgr Sears Fayetteville, NC Sears Holdings Corp.
Loss Prevention Mgr Sears Forth Worth, TX Sears Holdings Corp.
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Asset Protection Mgr Home Depot Kingston, NY Home Depot
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Regional LP Mgr Dollar General United States Dollar General
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Executive Team Leader - AP Target Allentown, PA Target
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Executive Team Leader - AP Target Richmond, VA Target
Retail LP Mgr Younkers Omaha, NE The Bon-Ton Stores, Inc.


Joseph Ortega was promoted to Director of Loss Prevention for Old Navy, a division of The Gap.
Dennis Douress
was promoted to Regional Loss Prevention Manager for RadioShack.
Brian Thompson was named District Loss Prevention Manager for Hastings Entertainment.
Troy Oberg was named Loss Prevention Manager for Bloomingdale's.
Sam Honeycutt was promoted to Regional Director of Loss Prevention for Kohl's Department Stores.
Stephen Leach was promoted to Regional Director of Loss Prevention for Kohl's Department Stores.

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