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March 21, 2011

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Paul Jones
Head of Global
Asset Protection,
eBay, Inc.

Dan Provost
VP US Retail Store and Distribution Center LP,
Staples, Inc.

LP Program Spotlight
eBay's PROACT Team

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Women in LP Caucus
Mentor Program
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March 30-31, 2011
RILA Disaster Recovery & Preparedness Committee Meeting
Washington, DC



October 4-6, 2011
CLEAR/Coalition of Law Enforcement and Retail
2nd Annual Training Conference
Peppermill Resort/Casino
Reno, NV






Canada Safeway grocery chain is alerting customers in Western Canada about a phone scam that targets their Safeway Club Card holders where they receive calls from either automated or live callers claiming to represent Safeway and tell them they've won bonus points or a large prize and then ask for personal credit card information.  (Source

Three of the five ORC gang members who stole over $300,000 from Ross Stores in San Diego over a two-year period were sentenced Friday.  Two received 2 years in prison and one 1 year in county jail.  (Source

Canada will be introducing a new series of "polymer" currency this November which is less expensive to produce then paper currency and has some "very robust security features" which will reduce the counterfeit problems that Canada appears to experience more so than the States.  Australia introduced plastic money in 1988 and, since 1996, all of their currency is plastic.  It will cost an extra $200 million to add the polymer security features to the paper currency.  With the States talking about eliminating the $1 bill, certainly they're probably also considering going polymer as well.  (Source

The book store industry's problems are worldwide with Australia's REDgroup retail, which has 260 Borders, Angus & Robertson and Whitcoulls stores in Australia, New Zealand, and Singapore, filing for bankruptcy last month and now starting to announce store closings.  (Source

With Japan's unfortunate circumstances, most U.S. retailers closed their Tokyo stores this past weekend and the 12th annual Japan Fashion Week in Tokyo scheduled to begin this Friday has been canceled.  A few stores that were opened in Tokyo on Sunday reported foot traffic was down 80%.  (Source

IBM has agreed to pay $10 million to settle accusations by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission that it gave cash and gifts to Chinese and South Korean officials in exchange for computer contracts.  (Source

A new first-ever study published by the U.S. Social Science Research Council about worldwide internet piracy concludes that governments cannot effectively legislate consumers into getting their online media legally.  It found that anti-piracy education has done little to stigmatize illegal downloading in emerging economies and that market conditions are directly to blame.  The council's data shows that a decade of increased copyright enforcement has not slowed piracy. It suggests that piracy rates as high as 90% will continue until better competition pushes prices down.  (Source

F-Commerce is here and Facebook with over 500 million members, the third largest nation - if it were a country, may even start using their own currency.  The trick now is offering the retail experience inside Facebook so they never have to leave and some are already doing it, thus creating an entirely new world for Loss Prevention.  The consumer - the employee population - and the retailer all in one virtual world doing virtually the same things they'd do in the real one.  (Source

Wal-Mart Express is coming to a town near you soon enough.  How this impacts the specialty store, grocery store, and even automotive parts store retailer is anyone's guess, but it will certainly have an impact.  Hundreds of them are coming and so are LP jobs as well.

Insofar as Loss Prevention industry sectors are concerned, the Food Service group has probably been hit the worst in the last 3 years with LP job reductions, reorganizations, downsizing, and a few even transitioning to more franchise operations with Jack in the Box, Burger King, Yum Brands, Wendy's - Arby's, McDonald's, and even Starbucks reducing LP headcount more drastically then mainstream retail and quite frankly many of these jobs may never come back, especially with the increased utilization of remote video monitoring.

Upcoming event!
Southeastern ORC Conference
Sponsored by the Georgia Retail Association
Loss Prevention Council
April 20, 2011
AmericasMart, Atlanta, GA


eBay Partners with Retailers & Law Enforcement Leads to Arrest in Stolen Goods Case

eBay Fraud & PROACT Investigators supported retail investigators and Seattle, WA law enforcement agency with inquiries that led to the arrest of four family members in a beauty products stolen goods ring. "This was a big deal," said Seattle police spokeswoman Renee Witt. "They stole large quantities of these items over a two-year span. We're talking about more than one and a half million dollars," she said. Witt says the theft ring targeted stores like Safeway, QFC, Fred Meyer, and Top Foods. Police say the owners of GMS Market hired drug addicts to steal expensive health and beauty products from other stores, and then bought them for $1 or $2. Click here for full article

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Job Opening




Asset Protection Investigator e-Bay, Inc. San Jose, CA e-Bay
District Loss Prevention Mgr Sears Holdings Corp. Washington DC Sears Holdings Corp.
District Loss Prevention Mgr Sears Holdings Corp. Honolulu, HI Sears Holdings Corp.
District Loss Prevention Mgr Sears Holdings Corp. Redwood City, CA Sears Holdings Corp.
Regional LP Mgr Sears Holdings Corp. Atlanta, GA Sears Holdings Corp.
Divisional LP Director Confidential Chicago, IL Downing & Downing
Director of Investigations Confidential Central US Downing & Downing
Director of Loss Prevention Confidential Midwest Downing & Downing
National Account Sales Mgr Confidential New York City, NY Downing & Downing
Asset Protection Manager The Home Depot Phoenix, AZ The Home Depot
Asset Protection Manager The Home Depot Metro Northern NJ The Home Depot
Asset Protection Manager The Home Depot Sacramento, CA The Home Depot
Asset Protection Manager The Home Depot Salem, OR The Home Depot
Asset Protection Manager The Home Depot Detroit, MI The Home Depot
Director of Loss Prevention Confidential California Downing & Downing
District Loss Prevention Mgr Confidential Los Angeles, CA Downing & Downing

Today's Daily Job Postings from the Net - Appearing Today Only

Job Opening




Mgr, Field Asset Protection Advance Auto Parts Orlando, FL Juju
Regional LP Mgr 99 Cents Only Stores City of Commerce, CA Juju
Loss Prevention Mgr Amazon Fulfillment Svcs Lexington, KY Juju
Loss Prevention Mgr Atrium Staffing New York, NY Indeed
Loss Prevention Mgr Sears Holdings/Sears Orlando, FL CareerBuilder
Loss Prevention Mgr Sears Holdings/Sears Brooklyn, NY CareerBuilder
Regional LP Mgr Express Houston, TX SimplyHired
Loss Prevention Mgr Sears Holdings/Big Box Pittsburgh, PA Sears Holdings Corp
District Loss Prevention Mgr Sears Holdings/Kmart White City, KS SimplyHired
Loss Prevention Mgr Apple Cupertino, CA Juju
Loss Prevention Mgr Apple - France Petal, MS Juju
Store LP and Safety Mgr Lowes Companies, Inc. Cross Lanes, WV Indeed
Loss Prevention Mgr United Supermarkets Lubbock, TX SimplyHired
Loss Prevention Mgr Sears Holdings/Kmart Wall, NJ Indeed
Loss Prevention Mgr Sears Holdings Corp Tuscaloosa, AL LPJobs
Loss Prevention Mgr Sears Holdings Corp Minneapolis, MN LPJobs
Loss Prevention Mgr Sears Holdings Corp Lanesboro, MA LPJobs
Loss Prevention Mgr Sears Holdings Corp Lewiston, ME LPJobs
Loss Prevention Mgr Sears Holdings Corp Natick, MA LPJobs
Loss Prevention Mgr Sears Holdings Corp Valley Stream, NY LPJobs
District Loss Prevention Mgr Sears Holdings Corp Woodbridge, NJ LPJobs
Area Loss Prevention Mgr Family Dollar Must sit in NC LPJobs
District Loss Prevention Mgr TJ Maxx Fort Walton Beach, FL LPJobs
Loss Prevention Mgr Sears Roebuck & Co Pueblo, CO CareerBuilder
Loss Prevention Mgr Atlanta Marriott Duluth, GA SimplyHired

None to report.

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