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Feds bust 19 in 8 states in Nevada debit and credit card identity theft and trafficking ring based in Las Vegas with upwards of 50 involved. Prosecutors allege they used an Internet site called "" to buy and sell stolen information. Bogden says federal agents arrested five people Thursday in Las Vegas and 14 more in California, Florida, New York, Georgia, Michigan, New Jersey, Ohio, and West Virginia. Leaders of the organization allegedly tested and provided reviews of services including money laundering, and products like fake identification documents and stolen credit card account data lists from Europe, the Middle East, Asia and the U.S. In a statement Friday U.S. Attorney Daniel Bogden in Las Vegas characterized the extent of the theft and sale of personal and financial information as "astonishing." (Source huffingtonpost)

Orlando Best Buy robbery of $1 million in Apple products by employee & friend foiled by heads up deputy in an unmarked vehicle. The sheriff's office says 24-year-old Jasmin Roman, a current Best Buy employee, and 26-year-old Juan Carlos Ortiz Valez, a former employee of Best Buy, bought guns, handcuffs, black clothes and other items to rob the Best Buy store near Orlando's Florida Mall early Thursday. Roman knew two employees would be opening the store, so the couple went to the house of one of those employees and cut their car tires so they couldn't get to work. The plan was to take the Best Buy manager at gunpoint. But the plot was foiled by a deputy patrolling the area in an unmarked vehicle. The deputy became suspicious after spotting a U-Haul. The couple eventually told arriving deputies of their plan to rob a shipment of Apple's newest iPads. Deputies found two handguns, eight handcuffs, chains, a lock, masks, gloves, binoculars, mace and a knife in the U-Haul. (Source

Kohl's shoplifter attempts to grab police officer's gun in parking lot struggle and gets shot Saturday night in Phoenix. Store security chased the suspect into the parking lot and a policeman attempted to help. The suspect tried to get into his car and fight broke out with the suspect trying to grab the policeman's gun which went off, hitting the suspect. (Source

Protection 1 on March 12 announced that it had acquired Camtronic Security Integration, a retail-focused security systems integrator based in Wilmington, N.C. The deal, which closed on Feb. 29, is part of Protection 1’s stated focus on national accounts, said Jamie Haenggi, Protection 1 chief marketing and customer experience officer. Camtronic’s client list includes Winn-Dixie, Coach, Saks Fifth Avenue, Safeway, Louis Vuitton and Whole Foods, among many other well-known retail outlets. (Source

J.C. Penney adds another top Target and Apple executive to their senior team. After taking top executives from Apple and Target last year, they hit them again. This time to take Target's top fashion and design executive- Brain Robinson, the man who led the "site-breaking Missoni for Target brand," and Apple's veteran Mie Fisher as senior vice president of visual presentation. Looks like Target and Apple should be making calls about now and asking them to stop recruiting. Makes one wonder about their contracts. (Source

Wal-Mart agrees to pay $1.25 million in Missouri disposal of hazardous waste case. The contractor they used lacked the necessary permit for treating, storing or disposal of hazardous waste so the company was accused of failing to properly manage the waste materials. Under the settlement, Wal-Mart will pay about $214,000 in civil penalties and spend $1.05 million to sponsor pesticide collection events in rural Missouri. (Source

Female shoplifter pulls knife on Macy's Minnetonka, Minn., employees and swings it in front of them, refusing to go with them. Officers got a description of Hudson and arrested her on mall property. Hudson had an existing felony warrant. Police say they recovered a knife from Hudson’s jacket pocket. (Source

Quarterly same store sales results

Kohl's Q1 revenue up 3%

In case you missed it last week's most popular news article --

Gun wielding shoplifter on the lose in Albuquerque, N.M., hitting Wal-Mart stores multiple times and stealing flat-screen TV's in one hand and a gun in the other. Police are seeking the public's help in finding a man who they said was caught on tape stealing a flat-screen television. Detectives with Albuquerque Police Department's Organized Crime Unit said the man already hit twice in just a week. (Source



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ORC couple with duct tape-lined shopping bag busted stealing $6,000 in jeans from True Religion at Wrentham Village Premium Outlets in RI. Howard Watson, 54, and Teandra Rose, 50, were arrested on Interstate 495 by local and state police after they were allegedly caught in the act of stealing jeans from True Religion, a clothing store in the outlet mall. (Source

Omaha, Nebraska serial shoplifter with nine shoplifting busts is busted again with thousands of dollars of stolen merchandise in his vehicle
. Hitting the Hy-Vee store they found dozens of batteries-razors-and assorted stolen merchandise in his car which he was probably selling. (Source
Excerpts from GAO-11-675:  Efforts to Combat Organized Retail Crime

The U.S. Government Accountability Office ORC report June 2011

Law Enforcement Agencies Collaborate with Retailers to Investigate ORC, and Federal Agencies Are Taking Steps to Improve ORC Case Tracking

State and Local Efforts: Continued from Friday - Although retail crime is primarily prosecuted under state criminal laws, the monetary thresholds required for theft to be considered a felony vary from state to state. For example, in Illinois the felony threshold is $30010 and in Wisconsin it is $2,500. Retail and law enforcement officials we interviewed noted that professional shoplifters involved in ORC are typically aware of these thresholds and often steal at levels below these amounts to reduce the risk of felony prosecution. While two retail stakeholders we spoke with noted that reducing the felony thresholds may provide a limited deterrent to ORC, they also recognized that law enforcement already faces resource constraints with existing retail theft cases. In fact, some states have increased the thresholds in recent years, potentially to focus available resources on higher-priority cases. For example, in Maryland, the state felony threshold has increased twice since 2000, from $300 to the current level of $1,000. In January 2011, California also raised the threshold for grand theft in that state from $400 to $950. However, officials in California indicated that prosecutors often try to develop a charge of “conspiracy” or use other criminal statutes, such as those involving false pretenses, in conjunction with major theft provisions to build a stronger case. Similarly, officials we spoke with in Maryland noted that multiple theft incidents may potentially be linked together through the state’s “scheme” statute if substantial evidence exists to identify an ongoing course of conduct, and some other state laws may allow for aggregation of thefts to meet the threshold.

In recent years, many states have also developed legislation that specifically targets ORC-related offenses. Examples of provisions outlined in state legislation include defining retail theft and ORC, prohibiting certain high-theft items from being sold at flea markets or similar venues, and establishing felony offenses for multiple thefts occurring within a specified time frame or for specific activities, such as box stuffing or possessing items used for overcoming security devices. Several retail and law enforcement stakeholders noted that ORC statutes in most states are relatively new and, according to three law enforcement authorities we spoke with in states that had ORC laws, there is not yet broad awareness of these provisions by many detectives or prosecutors. As a result, it is too soon to tell what the impact of these statutes may be in terms of providing an additional deterrent to ORC and assisting investigators and prosecutors in building successful cases.

Tomorrow - Federal Efforts

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Carlos Perez, Sr. Director, Global Marketing, Checkpoint Systems

Formerly Director of Marketing Alpha High Theft Solutions (a division of Checkpoint Systems)

Passion - Focus - Reinvention

With 20 years of very successful international experience Carlos was recently promoted to Senior Director, Global Marketing, for Checkpoint Systems. An accomplishment very few reach and one that his colleagues and customers resoundingly responded to with applause and absolute confidence that he'll deliver Alpha's trusted "A" game to the Checkpoint Systems global brand.

Moving from Costa Rica in 1988, and not speaking English fluently, to attend Clemson University, where he earned two bachelor degrees in business management and marketing in 4 years, showed early on that Carlos' determination and focus was clearly set on excelling at whatever he does. His professional career started with 6 years of international product marketing experience at Sensormatic and 8 years of successful global sales and marketing experience in the medical device industry Carlos returned to our industry and joined the Alpha team because he saw a great opportunity, with a great company, and a very passionate leadership team.

Quickly realizing Alpha's strengths on innovation and customer responsiveness Carlos took on the challenge, which Larry Yeager, Alpha’s VP and General Manager, posed in the beginning, of taking the "Best Kept Secret in the LP Industry" and bringing it to life in everything Alpha does. From new product development process - to product launches - to marketing campaigns that focuses on Alpha's brand promise of increasing a retailer's sales, reducing shrink in their high-risk merchandise and delivering an ROI within 12 months. Retailers today are looking for proven products from a company they can trust, and Alpha’s campaigns reflect that guiding principal that we've been seeing in everything they create, publish and do since Carlos joined them.

As part of a "world class team" Carlos speaks to how they've created a culture that demands your "A" game every day and reflects Larry's absolute commitment to get the best out of each individual that ultimately drives the results for their business partners. This challenging group of "A" players comprises a team that's driven by the strengths of each individual, united by the same sense of accountability, motivated and supported by their "collective shoulders" - supporting each other - relying on each other and knowing that the team is focused on investing their best each and every day.

One merely needs to look at last week’s Tide theft news sweeping the nation and Alpha's quick and best-in-class solution response to see how this team delivers to the nation’s retailers. This testament alone shows a market sensitivity unmatched in the industry and led by a marketing executive who understands what's needed, when it's needed, and where it's needed. And when coupled with all we've mentioned above we're confident in saying that we'll be hearing a lot more about the Checkpoint Systems brand in short order.

"Checkpoint is one of the pillars in our industry, with over 40 years of history developing technology to help reduce theft at retailers worldwide. But reducing theft is no longer enough – our innovation has to focus on helping increase sales at the retail store while protecting its merchandise. It’s a worthy and exciting challenge," remarks Carlos about his new role.

Managing and developing a "brand" is a serious obligation and Carlos has dedicated his career to understanding his environment and being able to translate a message in such a way as to accurately reflect the real benefit and long term impact of specific subject matter in the most professional light, while at the same time integrating the desired corporate image. An art that is not easily mastered but one Carlos obviously has. And when asked about his philosophy, it was no surprise to hear such a well grounded response that's based in driving value for his business partners:

"Think Globally - But Act Locally"

Speaking on behalf of our team here at the Daily we'd like to wish him the best of luck in his new global position, however knowing that he may not need much of it, because he is a true professional and as Patrick Henry once said about Luck:

"Funny thing about luck - The harder I work the more I find I have it."

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