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Retailers in Virginia get huge win last week on Amazon paying sales tax and on being allowed to pursue both criminal and civil cases against shoplifters. Their bill SB 961 passed the full Senate and allows retailers to pursue both criminal and civil cases against shoplifters in order to ensure the business owners receive restitution. Currently in Virginia if a retailer chooses to press criminal charges, they are not allowed to initiate civil proceedings if the criminal case is terminated for any reason. This bill would allow retailers to initiate civil cases against shoplifters regardless of the outcome in criminal court as long as the criminal proceedings are completed. On the Amazon bill it has cleared the House Finance committee and has more steps to go. Thanks to Frank Luciano, President of Civil Demand for providing this information and he'll be writing an article with the details once the governor signs this Civil Recovery act into law. Of special note is that Frank has been working on this closely with the Va. Retail Merchants in helping to get passage. (Source

Bill Boodie, President and CEO of Boodie-Noell will be one of the keynote speakers at the 33rd National Food Service Security Council's annual meeting, August 5-8, in Baltimore. Boddie-Noell is one of the nationís largest privately held restaurant companies and the largest franchisee of Hardeeís restaurants. Ted Polensky, their Dir of LP, who comes out of Auto Zone, really built their first LP program about five years ago and has done a great job and obviously with his CEO speaking at the NFSSC shows the level of support they give LP.

Long Island pharmacies step up security in wake of 6 fatal shootings Some pharmacies are making it clear to the public that they do not carry any oxycodone products which have been the target of the robberies. Other pharmacies, such as Linden Care in Syosset, have installed new security features. "I have an armed security guard; I have video surveillance; I have buzzers," said Jordan Fogel, supervisor of Linden Care. "You canít just walk right in; you have to be buzzed in and buzzed in again." Officials in both Nassau and Suffolk County held summits in early February to discuss pharmacy safety in the wake of increasing attacks on pharmacies. (Source

FBI Seeks Tool to Keep Tabs on Social Media In a move that has alarmed some privacy advocates, the FBI has begun scouting for a tool that will allow it to gather and mine data from blogs and social networks, including Facebook and Twitter. The goal is to keep on top of breaking events, incidents and emerging threats, the agency said in a recent request for information (RFI) sent to IT vendors. (Source

GPS "Jamming" is becoming a huge problem in the UK - blocking anti-theft systems and locations on delivery trucks. Funded to look into the issue of GPS interference in a systematic way by the Government's Technology Strategy Board, the Sentinel project discovered evidence of a surprisingly large underground of GPS jamming across the country after starting monitoring in January 2011 using a network of 20 road sensors. On one sensor they picked up 60 jamming incidents over a six-month period and ten per month across the whole network. If it's happening over there it's happening here and probably even more so. (Source

Itís estimated that 600 billion cigarettes, or 11 per cent of the worldís total consumption, are smuggled annually with some saying the cigarette companies themselves are involved. Investigators claim the illegal trade in cigarettes is causing a generation of young people world- wide to become addicted, under- mining health campaigns to cut smoking and costing governments billions in lost taxes. Itís the involvement of the big tobacco companies which has been most alarming. "We know that the tobacco industry has been strongly involved in smuggling in the past," says Luk Joossens, international expert for the Framework Convention Alliance, an organisation campaigning for a new global treaty to impose much stricter controls on the trade of cigarettes. (Source

The Laredo, TX., police department press release - "LPD "lifts and separates" a million dollars worth of lingerie from two Un-Angel like crooks" in Victoria's Secret cargo theft bust. After seeing the goods for sale online the police set up sting, offering to buy some of the goods and arrested two men and recovered nine pallets of 111,000 pieces of Victoria's Secret lingerie that had been stolen off a truck from Ohio. (Source

Drones are coming to a sky near you soon - as pressure is building to give drones the same access as manned aircraft to the sky at home. They're in demand by police departments, border patrols, power companies, news organizations and others wanting a bird's-eye view that's too impractical or dangerous for conventional planes or helicopters to get. Privacy concerns, collisions with passenger planes, and just plain crashing to the ground have slowed to widespread adoption. But it may be here sooner than you think. (Source

Cargo theft in West Memphis, AR is rising to such an extent that Sangar Cargo Security is opening an additional 15 acres of High Value Cargo parking. For more details contact Bob Phifer at

The FBI's financial crimes division convicted 241 "corporate criminals" last year and had $2.4 billion in restitution. For other types of financial crime, the bureau said Monday that it obtained 1,082 convictions and $1.38 billion in restitution from mortgage fraud criminals, and 429 convictions and $1.38 billion in fraud cases against financial institutions. It also secured 736 convictions and obtained $1.2 billion in restitution from health care fraud criminals. (Source Associated Press)

Quarterly same store sales results

Lowe's up 3.4% with annual revenue up 3% (Source


In case you missed it last week's most popular news article --

American Apparel Cracks Down On Shoplifting, second only to Wal-Mart in RFID tagging. Employees state that in the early years of American Apparel shoplifting was almost an accepted practice. The merchandise was getting into the hands of the people they wanted wearing the brand. Tao Lin was inspired to write, Shoplifting from American Apparel, regarding stealing from a corporation in Vice Magazine. Now, American Apparel tracks everything and shrink has dropped 75 percent. (source


Doug Marker
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LP, Risk and Audit
Michael Stores, Inc.

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LAAORCA Speakers - These episodes of opening speakers at the Los Angeles Area Organized Retail Crime Association's 3rd annual conference in Feb 2012 represent the 2nd largest city in the U.S. and are comprised of senior public officials that have been heavily involved in the ORC efforts throughout Southern California. Their speeches show how important the public and private partnerships are in combating this national problem. Their comments and predictions are extremely important to hear and shed light on how effective LAAORCA has been and how important LAAORCA's future role must be. Established in 2009, LAAORCA now stands as a perfect role model for all ORCA programs in North America and these episodes are being brought to you for just that purpose. Educating today for growth tomorrow. Make sure you watch them and if you're trying to form one in your city feel free to share them with your public officials and make sure you watch the LAAORCA Leaders episode as it gives you an inside look at how it got started and how it operates.

LAAORCA -- Councilmember Dennis Zine, Third District, City of Los Angeles and 30 year police veteran
His comments during the opening ceremony from the LAAORCA conference February 16, 2012 stressed the importance of the public - private partnership between law enforcement and the private sector.

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Detective Dave Iorillo and Jake Wilson -
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The U.S. Government Accountability Office ORC report June 2011 The Definition of ORC -In their report they defined ORC which we feel is important information for everyone involved in ORC efforts to read and be aware of.

ORC Definition Although the term ORC is commonly used among the retail industry and state and local law enforcement, it remains difficult to clearly define because it can be comprised of several underlying crimes and is subject to different interpretations by retail and law enforcement stakeholders. While there is a federal definition for "organized retail theft," we use the term ORC to refer to a broader set of crimes that can affect retail stakeholders, such as fraud associated with gift cards or product returns. Specifically, under federal law, organized retail theft means

(1) the violation of a state prohibition on retail merchandise theft or shoplifting, if the violation consists of the theft of quantities of items that would not normally be purchased for personal use or consumption and for the purpose of reselling the items or for reentering the items into commerce;

(2) the receipt, possession, concealment, bartering, sale, transport, or disposal of any property that is known or should be known to have been taken in violation of paragraph (1); or

(3) the coordination, organization, or recruitment of persons to undertake the conduct described in paragraph

We will be publishing additional information from this report as it is critically important for all retailers to understand where our federal government is on understanding the issues and what actions they're taking to assist the industry. Tomorrow's article will be on - Why the GAO did the study.

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Ken Scheirer was named Loss Prevention Manager for Bloomingdale's.
Tommy Conaway, CFI was promoted to Regional Director of Loss Prevention for Dick's Sporting Goods.

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