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More than 100 sheriff's deputies in riot gear broke up an out-of-control crowd waiting outside a mall to buy a limited edition Nike basketball shoe Authorities say there were no injuries or arrests outside the Florida Mall late Thursday. The crowd began getting unruly as hundreds packed the parking lot, waiting to buy the $220, limited-edition shoe that was timed to be released during the NBA All-Star Game in Orlando. (Source Associated Press)

7-11 Loss Prevention is adding 11 positions to their department - 4 Zone Asset Protection Managers and 7 Zone Asset Protection SpecialistS around the U.S. This is major growth for their program and shows how Mark Stinde, their Sr. Director of Asset Protection has truly added value and proved the ROI on making such an investment. Additionally, they're putting a major push in opening stores in NYC over the next 5 years.

500 Blockbusters to close - 1/3 of what's left - how much longer will the other 1,000 last? Dish Network wiped out the LP department a few weeks ago and now they're closing a third of what's left. At their peak they had over 4,000 in the U.S. alone. Purchased in April 2009 from Blockbuster and the online business recently sold to RedBox. Dish Network just walked right into this one. Late last year the movie studios forced them to cash out their Canadian business as it had been used as credit for over $100 million loan. Just last summer they made attempts to even fill a Director of LP position but never followed thru. (Source

American Apparel's old "pro-shoplifting policy, explicitly asking managers to turn a blind eye" has gone full circle with RFID possibly chasing the "Hipster Fans" away. Thieving hipsters, take note. American Apparel will be tagging every neon legging, velvet bodysuit, V-neck t-shirt and iconic hoodie with a RFID sensor. (Source

TJX Cos. Inc. plans to get back into e-commerce and hit $40 billion in total sales They shut down their e-commerce sites six years ago after reporting $15 million in operating losses in 2005 and have been investing heavily of late to get back in the game. With hitting $23 billion in sales last year the $40 billion is a big goal and they are looking at e-commerce to play a key role. (Source

Wal-Mart distribution employee shoots his boss and then kills himself as deputies approached him. Witnesses said the man went to lunch at 11 a.m., walked to the back of the center and shot his 40-year-old manager in the shipping department in the leg. Deputies who were summoned to the center along rural U.S. 460 shortly after noon encountered a 32-year-old man standing outside the entrance. When deputies approached, he shot at them with a handgun, then fatally shot himself in the chest. (Source

Office Max to close 35 stores in the U.S. in 2012 (Source

Two men get 30 months & 20 months in prison for selling counterfeit "ticking time bomb" electrical circuits to U.S. military. They ran a "highly sophisticated fraud scheme to import, sell, manufacture and distribute, in interstate and international commerce" electrical circuits manufactured in China bearing military-grade markings. (Source

ATM Skimming - Bulgarian Crime Boss sentenced to 41 months in U.S. federal prison. The Bulgarian crime boss, connected to two crime rings, plead guilty to leading several ATM skimming schemes in Las Vegas, New York, Miami, San Francisco, and Seattle has been in jail since May 2010 and will serve the rest of his 41 months and three years of supervised release. Netting over $700,000 Dimitrov ran elaborate and connected rings that were all Eastern Europeans with four suspects still at large and five others in custody - serving time. Over the last three to five years, skimming attacks have dramatically increased in the United States, as well as in New Zealand and Australia. Part of the problem is outdated magnetic-stripe card technology, which is easy to copy and duplicate. The other part of the problem: the ease with which fraudsters can buy and sell skimming equipment over the Internet. (Source

North Korea's $25 million a year "super dollars" the perfect counterfeit U.S. currency. For over a decade the Secret Service has known that North Korea has been producing perfect counterfeit $100 and $50 U.S. bills. The regime apparently possesses the same kind of intaglio printing press (or presses) used by the U.S. Bureau of Engraving and Printing. The high-tech paper is just about the same as what’s used to make authentic dollars, and the North Koreans buy their ink from the same Swiss firm that supplies the US government with ink for greenbacks. Producing counterfeit currency has been done over the decades by enemies dating back to the revolutionary war as an act of economic warfare, but Pyongyang’s motive is probably more mundane: The regime is broke. And the $25 million estimate could be much higher reaching the hundreds of millions. According to the House Task Force on Terrorism and Unconventional Warfare, "superdollars" may be part of the regime’s effort to acquire materials for nuclear weapons. Regardless of the reason they could and probably have made it into our cash flow here in the states without detection. So if you ever run into a counterfeit case make sure you ask the Secret Service agent you deal with if they could be North Korean. Just for your information. (Source

Hacker Steals One Million User Logins From YouPorn Website The hacker posted much of the database featuring usernames and passwords on the Pastebin web site. "You can imagine how employers and marital partners may be less than impressed to find you are registered for a website like YouPorn. And their discovery of your porn penchant is only a search and a click away," said Graham Cluley of Sophos. (Source

Quarter same store sales results

Dollar Tree up 7.3% with net sales up nearly 18%
Limited Brands up 7% with revenue up 8%
Loblaw, Canada's largest grocer, reports revenue up 3.6%
Office Max up 0.2% with revenue up 3.9%
JCPenney down 1.8% with sales down 4.9%
The Gap down 4%



Doug Marker
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LP, Risk and Audit
Michael Stores, Inc.

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Kelly Gorman
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ORC ring of four Polish Gypsies based in Chicago busted in Boulder, Colorado stealing expensive fishing rods and possibly hitting Bed Bath & Beyond stores as well. According to the arrest warrant affidavit, Boulder police believe Dytlow was part of a group of four people -- two men and two women -- who stole 13 fly-fishing rods and other equipment worth roughly $11,500 from area angler shops. Police believe the same group also stole four electric razors valued at $200 each from Bed, Bath and Beyond, 1741 28th St., Boulder. The razors were later recovered in a duffel bag set out for trash pickup in Longmont, along with one of the fishing rods. The thieves also are suspected of hitting stores in Denver, Littleton, Highlands Ranch and Parker. In an interview, Dowd said these groups operate professional theft rings that often resell stolen property out of makeshift stores in residential neighborhoods in Chicago. In other cases, stolen goods are smuggled back to Europe. (Source

West St. Paul, Minn., ID theft ring busted for credit card fraud, theft, and counterfeit checks - as well as buying gift cards. Donald Allen Ellis, arrested Wednesday by Hennepin County sheriff's detectives, has been charged with identity theft and racketeering in connection with a large-scale crime operation. (Source

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Zone Asset Protection Mgr 7-Eleven, Inc Multiple 7-Eleven, Inc
Zone AP Specialist 7-Eleven, Inc Multiple 7-Eleven, Inc
Asset Protection Manager Walmart Multiple Walmart
Director of Asset Protection Saks Fifth Avenue New York, NY Saks Fifth Avenue
Exec Team Leader - AP Target New Mexico Target
Exec Team Leader - AP Target Albuquerque, NM Target

Director of Loss Prevention



Downing & Downing

National Account Sales Mgr


Chicago, IL

Downing & Downing

Asset Protection Manager

The Home Depot

Phoenix, AZ

The Home Depot

Asset Protection Manager The Home Depot Metro Northern NJ The Home Depot
Asset Protection Manager The Home Depot Salem, OR The Home Depot
Regional LP Director Confidential Los Angeles, CA Downing & Downing

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Dir. Asset Security & Emergency Mgmt Brookfield Renewable Power Ottawa, ON, Canada Workopolis
Dept Mgr Store LP & Safety Lowe's Manassas, VA Lowe's
Market AP Mgr Walmart Wooster, OH Walmart
Market AP Mgr Sam's Club Forth Worth, TX Walmart
District Operations Mgr Home Depot Plano, TX Home Depot
Executive Team Leader AP Target Massachusetts Target
Loss Prevention Mgr Bloomingdale's Chicago, IL Macy's
Loss Prevention Mgr Bloomingdale's Short Hills, NJ Macy's
District LP Mgr Sears Dallas, TX Sears Holdings Corp.
District LP Mgr Sears Fresno, CA Sears Holdings Corp.
District LP Mgr Sears Sacramento, CA Sears Holdings Corp.
District LP Mgr Sears Seattle, WA Sears Holdings Corp.
District LP Mgr Sears Dallas, TX Sears Holdings Corp.
District LP Mgr Sears Baltimore, MD Sears Holdings Corp.
Loss Prevention Mgr Sears Houston, TX Sears Holdings Corp.
Loss Prevention Mgr Sears Jonesboro, AR Sears Holdings Corp.
Loss Prevention Mgr Sears Palm Desert, CA Sears Holdings Corp.
Loss Prevention Mgr Sears El Cajon, CA Sears Holdings Corp.
Loss Prevention Mgr Sears Fairbanks, AK Sears Holdings Corp.
Loss Prevention Mgr Sears Aurora, CO Sears Holdings Corp.
Loss Prevention Mgr Sears Colorado Springs, CO Sears Holdings Corp.
Loss Prevention Mgr Sears Annapolis, MD Sears Holdings Corp.
Loss Prevention Mgr Sears Atlanta, GA Sears Holdings Corp.
Loss Prevention Mgr Sears Cary, NC Sears Holdings Corp.
Loss Prevention Mgr Sears Fort Worth, TX Sears Holdings Corp.
Loss Prevention Mgr Sears Austin, TX Sears Holdings Corp.
Loss Prevention Mgr Sears Orlando, FL Sears Holdings Corp.
Loss Prevention Mgr Sears Rochester, NY Sears Holdings Corp.
Loss Prevention Mgr Sears Camp Hill, PA Sears Holdings Corp.
Loss Prevention Mgr Kmart Manassas, VA Sears Holdings Corp.


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The Problem with High Expectations High expectations can have a positive effect; people need a high bar to stretch towards. But many of us take it too far. We slip so easily into criticisms of ourselves and those around us that we no loner expect people to be human beings. (Have some compassion)

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All interviews have long range implications on your career. The executives interviewing you are part of a community and you'll run into them again at another company. So if you do get involved and go for an interview, commit yourself all the way and play to win. It doesn’t mean you’ve got to take the job. It just means you have to perform at 100%.

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