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The fraud rate per order for online merchants in the United States and Canada decreased in 2011 to 0.6% from 0.9% in 2010, according to CyberSource, But the dollar losses grew as criminals stole higher-priced goods and stole an estimated $3.4 billion from the U.S. and Canadian e-retailers compared to $2.7 billion in 2010. (Source

Arizona issues $53 million - sales tax - bill to Amazon for sales from March 1, 2006 through Dec. 31, 2010. In September 2010, Texas issued Amazon a bill for $269 million, including interest and penalties, related to uncollected sales tax for the period from December 2005 to December 2009. Amazon is fighting both. (Source

Fashion industry experts say cheap fakes have exploded in recent years, especially in California. The economy has driven counterfeiters to start coping even the less expensive lines. No longer is it the world of the high enders but now its invaded virtually every designer out there and they can copy it in a week and slap labels on it. There are several other factors driving the low-rent-counterfeit trend, including the Internet, a changing consumer mind-set and beefed-up anti-counterfeiting efforts by the giant apparel companies. (Source

New York City's counterfeit industry reaches $23 billion with Canal Street being a focal point according to the International Anti-Counterfeiting Coalition. The organization says research shows this money "often supports organized crime, drug trafficking, child labor and terrorist activity." On a recent weekday afternoon, about 30 men displaying counterfeit handbags, watches and other illicit merchandise lined Canal Street between Mercer Street and Broadway. (Source

"Operation Fake Sweep" seizes $6.4 million in counterfeit NFL and other sporting merchandise days before the Super Bowl. The fed's also seized 307 web sites, including 16 sites that illegally streamed NFL games and other pay-per-view events. (Source

Symantec reveals the Chinese have hacked into a "large number of Western companies, including major U.S. defense contractors." According to findings published Thursday by Symantec's research team, a "staging server" used by the attackers is based in the Beijing area, and is hosted by one of the country's largest Internet service providers, or ISPs. (Source

Redbox locations a new trend in robbery. Like an ATM machine, you are standing with your back turned, wallet in hand and focused on the screen in front of you -- take a look around. A growing number of Redbox customers have found themselves victim of armed robberies. Redbox stated that the company averages 59 million transactions a month and only a small percentage result in crime. (source

Wal-Mart to change the role of the ‘Greeter’. Nationwide, the role of the Wal-Mart greeter will change between the hours of 10pm and 7am, moving that position to focus on customer service throughout the store. Retail Market analysts look upon the move with mixed reviews. (source

Federal court sentenced a man to 7 years form credit card skimming at the Norfolk Naval base. It is estimated that Tiquan Savary and his associates skimmed the credit cards of 185 victims, while employed at a restaurant on base. Savary now faces 7 years for conspiracy to commit access device fraud, access device fraud, aggravated identity theft and possession of 15 or more stolen credit and debit card account numbers. It was estimated that Savary used the credit card numbers to purchase $163,000 in gift cards. (source

Two bicycle thieves from a Target in Glen Burnie, Maryland tracked down with K-9 units and helicopters. The two 14 year old boys are now being charged with second- and fourth-degree burglary, theft, and destruction of property. (source

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Policy question has 9 employees in hot water at AAFES Starbucks. Nine Army Air Force Exchange Service Starbuck employees have been told they owe up to $13,000 for products consumed while working. AAFES's policy states that while employees are on shift, they are authorized to have unlimited brewed coffee, tea, and fountain soda. However, Starbucks' policy allows just one free beverage during work hours. (source


Dollar General hosts RILA’s Asset Protection Leaders Council

Members of RILA's Asset Protection Leaders Council, leading product manufacturers and respected academics convened in Goodlettsvile, TN last week as part of a continuing effort to drive the APLC's process driven shrink initiative. Steve Deckard, VP of Shrink Improvement and Loss Prevention at Dollar General, kicked-off the meeting by sharing the company's success story and how his team has reduced shrink through operational awareness. The Home Depot and Walgreens discussed their experiences with mobile POS and Petsmart shared how they have successfully engaged their buying function in shrink mitigation. The back-and-forth dialogue among attendees demonstrated a spirit of collaboration that is clearly present in the retail LP industry. A special thanks to Checkpoint for sponsoring the meeting.



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Colorado television station focuses on the impact of ORC. Great video with John Lites, Safeway's Div. Director of LP explaining the problem. Includes an interview conducted with a 'beauty supply booster' who hits for $300 dollars per day. Chris Howes of the Colorado Retail Council sees the bigger shoplifting problem; estimating the loss of $15 million in lost state sales tax revenue. (source

Michigan State Police busts two leaders of an ORC ring. Jennifer Ann Sanborn, 39, and Jeremiah Jason Grose, 33, of Cadillac were arrested on Jan. 25 after a five month investigation into tens of thousands of dollars of theft from Cadillac area businesses. Investigators learned that the suspects would target high dollar tools, equipment, and sporting items and would often walk right out the front doors of the victim businesses. The suspects were also known to alter their appearance using wigs and other techniques. After the thefts, the suspects would sell the stolen property and pocket the cash. The investigation also led to the recovery of thousands of dollars worth of stolen property in addition to the criminal charges. (Source

Spokane police bust "prolific" thief that had been hitting Best Buy for months and charge him with Organized Retail Theft. On January 13th officers responded to a call from the store about a shoplifter. Employees told officers the shoplifter had been stealing things from the store for months. Best Buy has a “no hands” policy for shoplifters meaning they can’t physically stop a theft. A week later officers located 49 year old William S. Neis. After further investigation they were able to connect Neis to multiple other thefts from the same store. Neis was booked on 14 counts of 2nd Degree Burglary and 1 count of Organized Retail Theft. He currently has 19 felony convictions. Was he hitting your stores there as well? (Source

Jewelry thieves hit a Boscov’s Department store for $100,000. It only took thieves only a few minutes to conduct the over night break in of the Boscov's in the Colonial Park Mall in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. Police believe the merchandise is being moved to the larger cities in the area to be pawned or re-sold. This latest robbery is part of a string of jewelry thefts in southeastern Pennsylvania. (source

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Listening and hearing what your internal customers are saying is critical if you expect to be successful with any program or project. Oftentimes, the speed of delivery negatively impacts the process of success and keeps us from hearing exactly what we need to hear when we so passionately roll out our programs and projects. After testing and reviewing our plans and being so committed to our beliefs, we oftentimes don't hear our retail partners once we've committed ourselves to a specific path. And sometimes it's not what they say that's important as much as what they don't say or as much as what they quietly say beneath their breath or maybe even how they react. Whenever you're rolling out a new program or project, use those interrogative skills, in a positive way, and read the reactions of your internal customers because they will determine the success regardless of how good it is.

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