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Amelia Fusaro was named President and COO of Wren Solutions. Prior to working at Wren Solutions, Amelia was the owner of Consultant-Emerging Technology Companies. She has also been VP of Marketing for Technology, Inc. and Director of Marketing for Datastream Systems, Inc. Congrats Amelia!

Mark Lummus was named VP of Operations for Wren Solutions. He is also currently the owner of and Mark has previously worked at Nokia, Intellisync Corporation, AppForge, Inc. and Ratio DesignLab, Inc. Congrats Mark!
Robert Holm was named Senior Director, Security US Operations for McDonald's Corporation. He previously worked with the McDonald's Corporation for four years in 1998 as the Director of Global Security. Prior to working with the McDonald's Corporation, Robert worked with Navistar for over a year, as their Regional Security Manager. Before his job with Navistar, Robert held security positions with Tribune Company, APEX, Imation Corporation, 3M and Honeywell Incorporated. Congrats Robert!

Tysons Corner Mall at Christmas: Identity Theft, Nearly 100 Arrests for Stolen Goods Fairfax County police patrolling both Tysons Corner Malls in plain clothes during the 2011 Christmas holidays made 83 arrests and recovered nearly $45,000 in stolen merchandise. But they discovered that identity theft --- someone else using your credit card information to buy merchandise-- is a larger problem than shoplifting. "The biggest thing we saw in the mall was credit card fraud," Lt. Jeff Powell, deputy commander of the McLean Police District, told the monthly meeting of the Citizens Advisory Committee last week. "One guy had 27 credit cards on him." (Source

Canadian mastermind who gained access to commercial data providers, including LexisNexis and ChoicePoint, and ran a high-tech identity theft operation gets 18 years in prison. Adekunle Adetiloye was accused of organizing a scheme to open nearly 600 fraudulent bank accounts and bilk 22 major banks, potentially costing credit card firms and banks up to $5 million. Assistant U.S. Attorney Nick Chase in North Dakota, where the case was handled, said the 40-year-old had an "insatiable hunger for other people's money." Investigators said Adetiloye incorporated two different companies in Delaware — Syspac Financial Services and Commet Consultant Inc. — that claimed to be debt collection companies. He gained access to commercial data providers, including large-scale outfits LexisNexis and ChoicePoint that only allow access to law enforcement, financial services and debt collection companies. With access to those data providers, Adetiloye and others obtained the personal identification information to about 38,000 people, most of whom were medical professionals, and used that information to open credit card, debit and checking accounts, prosecutors said. Brett Bogan, the security investigations manager at Reed Elsevier, the parent company of LexisNexis and ChoicePoint, told the court that data breaches of this type are extremely rare and knew of only one other case like it. He said the company sent out notices to more than 32,000 people whose personal information was compromised by the scheme. (Source associated press)

Weis Markets has been upgrading their Loss Prevention effort over the last year with hiring their first Vice President of Loss Prevention in company history- Mike Limauro. Since joining Weis Markets Mike has brought on two new Regional Director's of Loss Prevention, Rob Wynn and Chris Detray and they're upgrading their LP program significantly.

South Carolina gives in to Amazon and gets a second fulfillment center in Spartanburg County. Last year South Carolina agreed to let Amazon open its first fulfillment center in Lexington County and not require Amazon to collect state sales tax even with a physical presence. So Amazon confirms it a second time and now is opening another one. That means LP jobs as well. (Source

Home Depot and PayPal team up and change the way customers pay for merchandise. Being piloted in 51 stores Home Depot is letting customers use their PayPal accounts to pay at the register. (Source

The Winn-Dixie and Bi-Lo merger is moving forward with integration teams named & Winn-Dixie's President saying he'll resign once the merger is complete. They've created functional integration planning teams and it's expected to close within 60-120 days. (Source

Supreme Court ruled unanimously Monday that police must get a search warrant before using GPS technology to track criminal suspects. The Court ruled that the installation of a GPS device, and its use to monitor the vehicle’s movements, constitutes a search, meaning that a warrant is required. The American Civil Liberties Union declares this an "important victory for privacy." This "is a land mark ruling in applying the Fourth Amendment's protections to advances in surveillance technology", according to one Washington attorney. Some were hoping for a deeper dive by the Supreme Court that would also address other new technologies such as facial recognition. However this is a major blow for law enforcement and sends a warning to the private law enforcement community as well. (Source

Dallas trafficker of counterfeit merchandise gets 18 months in federal prison Also ordered to pay $136,397 in restitution. The 40 yr-old suspect and his girlfriend operated AnteUp Sales which distributed counterfeit merchandise to online stores and sold directly online as well. The feds raided their home and found $9,400 in cash and 33 boxes containing 661 pieces of counterfeit apparel and jewelry. He admitted that he was not authorized by trademark holders to sell or distribute any of it. (Source

LA ringleader of international identity theft ring gets 40 months in federal prison. The suspect was arrested in the Fed's round up of 100 suspects during "Operation Phish Phry" a multi-national effort to stop a 100 member gang that had Egypt-based hackers that would send out bogus emails that looked like they came from banks, tricking victims into entering their passwords. Runners in the U.S. would then set up bank accounts where the funds stolen from the compromised accounts could be transferred and withdrawn. The investigation brought in the largest number of defendants ever charged in a cybercrime case, according to the U.S. Attorney's Office. (Source

WOW - Anonymous goes one step further and hacks the U.S. federal gov't's online security website to protest the SOPA and PIPA legislation. They also threatened to dump emails, passwords, bank accounts, and other information from the hacked websites. "We are sitting on hundreds of rooted servers getting ready to drop all your mysql dumps and mail spools," the Anonymous-affiliated hacker group said. Meanwhile in Poland they also hacked that Gov't's webs sites to protest their signing of the international Act against online piracy that many say goes to far as well. (Source

According to The Street, 5 million retailers have filed an anti-trust lawsuit against Visa, MasterCard and 13 other large banks, over the 2 percent interchange fees they charge retailers on credit card transactions. The outcome could cost the defendants billions of dollars and force them to lower the fees. The suit argues that the banks, Visa and MasterCard have illegally colluded to charge fees for credit card transactions that are far higher than an open, competitive market would dictate they should be. (Source

US counterfeit drug seizures up 200 per cent in 2011 Seizures of counterfeit pharmaceuticals by US customs tripled in 2011 compared to the previous year, with a domestic value of $16.8m, some $11m higher than in 2010. Overall, pharmaceuticals were in third place behind consumer electronics (with $39m-worth of seizures) and footwear ($26m), just ahead of optical media ($15.6m) and clothing ($14.7m). Fake medicines accounted for 1,239 seizures by customs, 28% of the total number of cases in the consumer safety and critical technology category, and 9% of the 24,792 seizures in total. (Source

Splinter group of Anonymous hacks T-Mobile and releases 80 T-Mobile employees names, emails, phone numbers, and passwords. Most of the T-Mobile employees have the same password, 112112 – TeaMp0isoN professed that the company's weak password management motivated its action. The group also claimed it acted out of displeasure with the company's support of "the Big Brother Patriot Act law." (Source

Coach Q2 reports North American same store sales up 8.8% with revenue up 15%
Tuesday Morning Q2 reported revenue down 2.2%




Doug Marker
Vice President
LP, Risk and Audit
Michael Stores, Inc.

Stephen O'Keefe
Loss Prevention and
Risk Management
Wal-Mart Canada

Coming in February

Kelly Gorman
Vice President LP



Richard C. Hollinger, PhD


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More on Yesterday's $6M Box Stuffing Crew Bust with Video

$6 million multi-state box-stuffing ORC crew busted in San Diego Five people are in custody and two others are being sought in what authorities described as an interstate shoplifting ring that netted as much as $6 million. In November 2008, police began investigating a crew that would enter a store like Target and head for the electronics department. According to documents obtained by 10News, once in the electronics area the group would employ a box-stuffing technique -- removing an item from a large box and then refilling it with thousands of dollars worth of electronic items. The group would then reseal the box and either pay for the original item or somehow take the box out of the store. Once removed from the store, the documents said the group would sell the items on eBay or to people who would frequently buy from them. Arrest warrants indicated surveillance video captured the crew in the act at dozens of stores a day across several states. (Source

11 more members of the identity theft ring that used their fake documents to purchase expensive items and gift cards from retailers in the Mid West indicted bringing the total to 17 now. A 26-year-old Richfield man was federal indicted for his alleged role in an identity-theft ring that the feds say is responsible for the loss of more than $2 million from financial institutions and retail businesses in at least 14 states. The indictment also outlines what the U.S. Attorney’s Office called a complex plot to defraud banks and retail businesses, primarily in the Midwest. The U.S. Attorney’s Office alleges that some of the members of the theft ring were at work when they stole the identification information of other people—and then provided it to co-conspirators who used it to create fake driver’s licenses and identification cards, along with counterfeit checks. Identification information was stolen through other means as well, including mail theft, vehicle break-ins and business burglaries, the indictment alleges. Some of the information was even reportedly purchased from other criminals. The fake documents and counterfeit checks were then used by the alleged fraudsters to purchase expensive items and gift cards at retail stores. Later, but often that same day, after the receipts had been altered, the items were allegedly returned for cash that was divided among those involved in the theft ring. (Source

Skimmer pleads guilty to using fake id's to buy $200,000 in Apple iPads and iPhones. A Houston-area man was on supervised release for access device fraud when he was arrested Aug. 7 in the Houston area. The credit card the suspect tried to use was linked to fraudulent purchases at other Apple stores in Louisiana and Texas and the credit card numbers had been skimmed from an Austin business. (Source

"One-woman shoplifting spree" sounding like a one person ORC operation - busted in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada. Police said reports of shoplifting incidents had been pouring in from around the city. Security said staff at several stores had seen someone cutting off theft prevention tags before fleeing with clothing items. Victoria police Const. Mike Russell said a large amount of stolen goods has since been recovered "yielding thousands of items." Russell said officers have spent four days cataloguing all of the evidence and are only halfway through. (Source

New Jersey State Police Cargo Theft Unit busted an organized theft ring last week breaking into a warehouse and using tow motors to load their stolen trucks all the while police were video taping them. (Source


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Loss Prevention Mgr Sears Brooklyn, NY Sears Holdings Corp.
Loss Prevention Mgr Sears Mayaguez, PR Sears Holdings Corp.
Loss Prevention Mgr Sears Greeley, CO Sears Holdings Corp.
Loss Prevention Mgr Sears Colorado Springs, CO Sears Holdings Corp.
Loss Prevention Mgr Sears Laredo, TX Sears Holdings Corp.
Dept. Mgr. Store LP and Safety Lowe's Beaumont, TX Lowe's
Area Mgr- AP All Facilities Ochelata, OK Walmart
Market AP Mgr Walmart Ware, MA Walmart
Market AP Mgr Walmart Pico Rivera, CA Walmart
Market AP Mgr Walmart Little Rock, AR Walmart
Market AP Mgr Walmart Oklahoma City, OK Walmart
Asset Protection Mgr Walmart Bentonville, AR Walmart
Asset Protection Mgr Sam's G1 Mishawaka, IN Walmart
District LP Mgr Abercrombie & Fitch Houston, TX Abercrombie & Fitch
District LP Mgr Abercrombie & Fitch Orlando, FL Abercrombie & Fitch
LP Mgr- E-Commerce Kohl's DeSoto, TX Kohl's
Retail LP Mgr Bloomingdale's Bergen County, NJ Macy's
Retail LP Mgr Bloomingdale's Orlando, FL Macy's
Mgr, LP & Investigations North West Company Winnipeg, MB, Canada North West Company
Assistant Mgr, Security & LP Purolator Inc. Toronto, ON, Canada Workopolis
Regional LP Mgr CVS Caremark Las Vegas, NV CVS Caremark
District LP Mgr DWS Inc. New York, NY DSW Inc.

Amelia Fusaro was named President and COO of Wren Solutions.
Mark Lummus was named VP of Operations for Wren Solutions.
Robert Holm was named Senior Director, Security US Operations for McDonald's Corporation.
Todd Scott was named District Loss Prevention Manager for National Stores Inc.
Keith Farszmil was promoted to Regional Human Resources Manager for Sears Holdings Corp.
Dan Hornickel was promoted to Regional Logistics Loss Prevention Manager for Sears Holdings Corp.
Joe Oliveira was named Regional Loss Prevention Manager for Eye Care Centers of America.
David Seidler was named Loss Prevention Manager for Apple.

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