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Dave Homolka
was promoted to VP of Human Resources and Asset Protection for Cabela's. Dave has worked at Cabela's since 2004 when Downing & Downing placed him as their first Director of Asset Protection. Dave has also worked for Pamida, Inc and ShopKo Stores. Congrats Dave!
Bill Nichols was promoted to Corporate Director of Loss prevention for Christmas Tree Shops. Prior to working with Christmas Tree Shops, Bill was Regional Loss Prevention Director with Bed Bath & Beyond. Congrats Bill!

Anthony Rodriguez
was named Corporate Manager of Loss Prevention for The Children's Place. Congrats Anthony!
Juan Ospina was named Corporate Loss Prevention Manager for Michael Kors. Juan has previously worked with Polo Ralph Lauren as their District Manager of Asset Protection. He was also a Regional Loss Prevention Manager at New York & Company and has held Manager positions in the LP field at both Circuit City and Nordstrom. Congrats Juan!

Forever 21 Class Action law-suit filed by employees over working off-clock without pay and also attacking their LP bag check policy Five employees filed suit last Wednesday - using the same law firm who beat Polo Ralph Lauren in 2010 for $4 million, over the same issues of working off the clock and not getting paid and claim in court filings that they were frequently kept at stores during lunch breaks and after the ends of their shifts while they were searched for stolen merchandise. Because the employees had already clocked out, this amounts to unpaid labor. The law firm wouldn't disclose exactly how many employees his team had contacted, but noted he expects the case to be even larger than the one he helped bring against Polo Ralph Lauren Corp. The Polo Ralph Lauren class action, which involved 6,700 California employees, was settled out of court for $4 million in 2010. The Polo Ralph Lauren case also involved un-clocked hours where bag checks were performed on employees. According to Kitchin, the settlement ended up changing the loss prevention practices of many retailers around the country. (Source

Union lock-outs are on the increase as the economy forces companies to tighten their belts America’s unionized workers, buffeted by layoffs and stagnating wages, face another phenomenon that is increasingly throwing them on the defensive: lockouts. Lockouts have grown to represent a record percentage of the nation’s work stoppages, according to Bloomberg BNA. Last year, at least 17 employers imposed lockouts, telling their workers not to show up until they were willing to accept management’s contract offer. And while we've seen a significant number of threats from unions in the grocery industry over the last year all appear to have been resolved. However we never know what tomorrow brings in this tough economy. And the LP ramifications are obvious if corporate America makes the decision to lock-em-out and there is a tide now. (Source

Cameras May Open Up Your Board Room to Hackers One afternoon this month, a hacker took a tour of a dozen conference rooms around the globe via equipment that most every company has in those rooms; videoconferencing equipment. Businesses collectively spend billions of dollars each year beefing up security on their computer systems and employee laptops. But rarely do they give much thought to the ease with which anyone can penetrate a videoconference room where their most guarded trade secrets are openly discussed. Companies spent an estimated $693 million on group videoconferencing from July to September of last year, according to Wainhouse Research. But administrators are setting them up outside the firewall and are configuring them with a false sense of security that hackers can use against them. With videoconference systems so ubiquitous, they make for an easy target. Is your Board room protected from hackers? (Source

Wal-Mart must be staffing up their Distribution Asset Protection team with the posting of 18 Area Mgr. - AP positions stating "All Facilities." Posted on the internet on 1-13-12 and 1-11-12 these positions have to be for the Distribution centers and indicates they're staffing up in that world. New Jobs? Great news for the industry - to start the year off with - especially after Home Depot added 68 District AP investigator positions to end 2011. Good sign.

Rumor has it Blockbuster is eliminating the rest of the LP positions that are left after Direct TV bought them. Mid year last year they poked around looking to hire a Director of LP and interviewed a few executives in the Dallas area. But that fell threw and it went dark over their for that job. Now we learn this development last week. One must admit going into a Blockbuster store now feels like you're one of the last of the Mohicans looking at their bare shelves.

U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) shuts down $175 million piracy site Megaupload. Not a part of the Fed's "Operation In Our Sites" bust of 350 sites since June 2010 Megaupload was operating on a different scale entirely and generated over $175 million and caused $500 million in harm to copyright owners. A founder of, one of the websites snared in the first phase of "Operation In Our Sites," was sentenced to 14 months in prison Friday for allowing illegal downloads of copyright-protected movies and TV programs. (Source

1 day after Feds shut down Megaupload hackers Anonymous claims it hacked U.S. Justice Department websites and slapped denial-of-service malware on them. Anonymous, in a posting on Pastebin, said: "We Anonymous are launching our largest attack ever on government and music industry sites." Besides the Justice Department's main website,, and its and sites, the hackers also claimed they attacked (music licensing),, (French copyright law), (motion picture industry), (recording industry), and (Warner Music). As of midday Friday EST, only remained shuttered. (Source

Walt Disney plans to launch 25 to 40 Disney Stores in China by 2015. This growth strategy could cause major problems for the specialty retailer, because China is known for counterfeit goods. It's estimated that Chinese knock-offs cost foreign businesses around $20 billion in profits each year. (Source

Old Country Buffets restaurants goes back into Chapter 11 and is closing 81 locations. Being the second time in Chapter 11 in four years this retailer with 500 buffet restaurants nationwide operated by Buffet Inc. is struggling. (Source

With Children's Place and Michael Kor's adding Corporate Loss Prevention Manager roles there's two new corporate jobs in the northeast that didn't exist last year.

Retail Equation's 2011 Consumer Returns in the Retail Industry report shows 9% increase in forged receipts. The report which analyzes results from the National Retail Federation’s annual survey on merchandise returns and provides insights for retailers to minimize the effect of return fraud and abuse on their business. "In the competitive world of retail, it is critical to understand how returns and return fraud impact customer service, reduce net sales, and contribute to inventory shortage – clear causes of lost profits," said Mark Hammond, chairman and CEO of The Retail Equation. "This report is intended to offer keen insights into merchandise return policies and procedures, as well as potential fraud and abuse. It is designed to help loss prevention professionals compare and contrast their own results against their peers with the intention of reducing losses." (Source

Man caught shoplifting at Best Buy admits to violating parole in 1983 murder A man who was caught shoplifting at a Houston Best Buy store was arrested for violating his parole on a nearly 29-year-old murder. Authorities investigated and discovered Mendiola had been convicted of murder in October, 1983 and was sentenced to 35 years in prison. He was released on parole in 1999 and has been wanted on a parole violation. (Source

The biggest uproar in tech history may have squashed SOPA and PIPA last week - but here comes the next one - the OPEN Act. Rep. Darrell Issa (R-California) introduced H.R. 3782, the Online Protection and Enforcement of Digital Trade Act in the U.S. House of Representatives on Wednesday, the same day as an Internet protest when a number of high-profile websites such as Wikipedia went dark. Issa says the new bill delivers stronger intellectual property rights for American artists and innovators while protecting the openness of the Internet. Senator Ron Wyden (D-Oregon) has introduced the OPEN Act in the U.S. Senate. (Source

The Food Marketing Institute urges the adoption of PIN option chip-based credit cards. "With recent announcements by the card networks, and more anticipated this spring, it is evident that chip cards are coming to the United States," said Liz Garner, director of government relations for FMI, in a statement. "Any investment in chip card technology that doesn’t require issuers to enable a PIN option on their cards would be of great concern to our industry." The grocery industry accounts for 39% of PIN debit volume in the United States, according to FMI research. Food retailers have consistently argued that the PIN number is crucial to validating a customer’s identity in the checkout lane. (Source

Why dollar stores are booming - Consumers are so broke and busy that 10 minutes and 10 bucks closer to home is the way they shop now. According to ITG Investment Research analyst John Tomlinson. He said that the typical dollar store is "close to home and one tenth the size of your average Walmart. Most shoppers spend just 10 minutes and 10 bucks in the store. In 2012, this is how we prefer to shop." And the big manufacturers have noticed by making smaller sizes just for them. (Source

Cargo theft rises 8.3% in 2011 and hit all time high. 2011 US Cargo Theft Report, published 19 January by Freightwatch, reported that the number of incidents of theft hit the highest level since records began. In incident terms, there were 974 thefts in 2011 compared with 899 in 2010, while the average value per incident dropped from $468,500 in 2010 down to $319,000, a year-on-year reduction of 31%. (Source

In case you missed it last week's most popular news article --

Best Buy announces leadership changes. Shari Ballard, 45, has been appointed president of Best Buy International, effective immediately, while Michael Vitelli, 56, will become president of Best Buy U.S. (source




Doug Marker
Vice President
LP, Risk and Audit
Michael Stores, Inc.

Stephen O'Keefe
Loss Prevention and
Risk Management
Wal-Mart Canada

Coming in February

Kelly Gorman
Vice President LP



Richard C. Hollinger, PhD


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$6 million multi-state box-stuffing ORC crew busted in San Diego Five people are in custody and two others are being sought in what authorities described as an interstate shoplifting ring that netted as much as $6 million. In November 2008, police began investigating a crew that would enter a store like Target and head for the electronics department. According to documents obtained by 10News, once in the electronics area the group would employ a box-stuffing technique -- removing an item from a large box and then refilling it with thousands of dollars worth of electronic items. The group would then reseal the box and either pay for the original item or somehow take the box out of the store. Once removed from the store, the documents said the group would sell the items on eBay or to people who would frequently buy from them. Arrest warrants indicated surveillance video captured the crew in the act at dozens of stores a day across several states. (Source
Another example of cooperation between Retailers and Law Enforcement in Combating ORC in South Florida

submitted by Anthony R. Sheppard, CVS/Caremark, Nationwide Mgr, ORC Team

On Tuesday, January 17, 2012, CVS LP Director James Lynch and Walgreens ORC Supervisor Ben Dugan presented members of the Broward and Palm Beach Sheriff's Office with awards for their exemplary investigative efforts in a September 2011 investigation named "Operation Tooth Decay." During this investigation by Law enforcement and Retail investigators it was determined that seven professional boosters would travel to multiple counties and professionally shoplift power tooth brushes, replacement heads and Crest white strips. The investigation determined that in a ten day period, the boosters struck in excess of 200 retail stores in S. Florida to include CVS, Walgreens, and several other retailers. The Broward and Palm Beach County Sheriff's Offices were able to indentify an e-commerce fence who sold the stolen product throughout the US. In September 2011 the Broward and Palm Beach Sheriffs Offices executed a court authorized search warrant of the fence location which was a Boca Raton pawn shop. During this search warrant, $80,000 in stolen product was recovered and a significant amount of assets were seized. This investigation is a superb illustration of the cooperation between law enforcement and retail investigators in combating ORC. The following ORC Detectives were recognized for their superior investigative work in identifying, penetrating, and dismantling a multi-million dollar ORC group in S. Florida, and impacting retailers throughout South Florida.

Broward County Sheriffs Office Sergeant Richard Rossman, and Detective Ronald Faircloth. Palm Beach County Sheriffs Office Sergeant Keith Conley, Detective Robert Banuchi, Detective John Giufree, and Detective Ryan Miller.


3 ORC ring ripping off 23 Wal-Marts in the Houston area busted for over $250,000 in stolen merchandise Houston Police officers have arrested three people in connection with high-dollar shoplifting sprees at area Wal-Marts. Wal-Mart cooperated with the investigation conducted by the regional Major Crimes Task Force and circulated a sort of wanted flyer to all area Wal-Mart stores. "Their lookouts worked. They put them out to the stores and those employees recognized the suspects when they came into the store and knew that they were involved in other crimes," said Sgt. Scott Atwood with the Houston Police Major Offenders Unit. (Source

11 more indicted in Mid-West identity theft ring operating our of the Twin Cities The ID-theft ring involved "a complex plot to defraud banks and retail businesses, primarily in the Midwest," the Justice Department said. Earlier this month, prosecutors said nearly 100 people were involved in the ring in some fashion. (Source

Highway Interdiction Unit intercepts Miami shoplifting crew with over $17K in stolen property An organized Miami shoplifting crew on a return trip from an Interstate fueled shoplifting adventure was intercepted during an I-75 traffic stop Thursday afternoon. Three suspects, apparently targeting numerous clothing outlets along the Interstate corridor were arrested with an entire van full of stolen clothing with anti shoplifting devices still attached. (Source

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Axis Introduces
AXIS Q60-C Series PTZ Dome Network Camera and

the AXIS Q7424-R Video Encoders


1. Axis Announces Market’s First PTZ Network Cameras with Active Cooling for Surveillance in Desert-like Environments: AXIS Q60-C Series (aka the "cool domes"):

The AXIS Q60 Series PTZ domes are the most advanced PTZ products that we offer. The outdoor-ready AXIS Q60-E products have been a great success for almost all weather conditions, especially thanks to Arctic Temperature Control that enables the cameras to work down to -40° F. But what about for installations in the southern US states and Mexico where temperatures often top out over 100° F, especially in direct sunlight? That’s where the AXIS Q60-C PTZ Dome Network Cameras leverage the integrated Peltier cooling element to keep the cameras running in high performance up to 165° F!

What’s new:
Three separate cool dome products:
o AXIS Q6032-C with Extended D1 resolution and 35x optical zoom; ($3,699)
o AXIS Q6034-C with HDTV 720p and 18x optical zoom ($4,099)
o AXIS Q6035-C with HDTV 1080p and 20x optical zoom ($4,499)
Operate in temperatures from -4° F all the way up to 165° F
Same performance and features as other AXIS Q60 Series cameras, with a military grade MIL-STD-810G enclosure rating.
Ideal for use at construction sites, mining, oil and gas facilities, and along remote pipeline installations, country borders and atop buildings for city or commercial surveillance.
Anticipated availability date is March 2012.

2. Axis Introduces Rugged Video Encoder for Extreme Environments: AXIS Q7424-R Video Encoder (aka the "hardened encoder")

While we all believe in the power of IP surveillance, the market is still 70% analog. We can’t forget about that segment of the market - which needs a migration strategy from analog to IP. We’ve made great strides in our video encoder portfolio to bring high performing products to the market at a lower price (see: P72 and M70 Series Video Encoders release from June). Today’s announcement of the ruggedized AXIS Q7424-R Video Encoder expands that portfolio even farther and provides an analog-to-IP conversion strategy for security practitioners in the city surveillance and transportation worlds who deal with much harsher conditions, like vibrations, electrical shock, and extreme temperatures.

What’s new:
Four-channel ruggedized encoder designed to withstand vibration, shock and extreme temperature
Features include intelligent video, PTZ support, two-way audio, edge storage and multistream H.264 and Motion JPEG compression
Ideal for traffic monitoring, city surveillance, airport terminals and railway stations
Expected to be available in March 2012, MSRP of $1,199.

More details can be found by accessing our North American Press Center page.

Matt Flanagan
fama PR, Inc.

Domenic Locapo
Axis Communications Inc.

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Asset Protection Manager The Home Depot Metro Northern NJ The Home Depot
Asset Protection Manager The Home Depot Sacramento, CA The Home Depot
Asset Protection Manager The Home Depot Salem, OR The Home Depot
Regional LP Director Confidential Los Angeles, CA Downing & Downing


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Area LP Mgr Lowe's Spokane, WA Lowe's
Dept. Mgr. Store LP and Safety Lowe's Atlanta, GA Lowe's
Dept. Mgr. Store LP and Safety Lowe's Silverthorne, CO Lowe's
Dept. Mgr. Store LP and Safety Lowe's Wichita, KS Lowe's
Dept. Mgr. Store LP and Safety Lowe's Flowood, MS Lowe's
Dept. Mgr. Store LP and Safety Lowe's Strongsville, OH Lowe's
Dept. Mgr. Store LP and Safety Lowe's Frankfort, KY Lowe's
Dept. Mgr. Store LP and Safety Lowe's Martinsburg, WV Lowe's
Dept. Mgr. Store LP and Safety Lowe's Madison, MS Lowe's
Area Mgr- LP All Facilities Bedford, PA Walmart
Market AP Mgr Walmart Lafayette, LA Walmart
Market AP Mgr Walmart Laurel, MS Walmart
Market AP Mgr Walmart Cleveland, MS Walmart
Market AP Mgr Walmart Pearland, TX Walmart
Asset Protection Mgr Staples Chambersburg, PA Staples
Loss Prevention Mgr Big Lots Rancho Cucamonga, CA Big Lots
Asset Protection Mgr Home Depot Flushing, NY Home Depot
Asset Protection Mgr Home Depot College Point, NY Home Depot
Loss Prevention Mgr III AAFES Charleston, SC AAFES
Area LP Mgr dd's Discounts Phoenix, AZ Ross Stores
Sr Loss Prevention Mgr JC Penney Henderson, NV JC Penney
Loss Prevention Mgr Macy's Silverdale, WA Macy's
Loss Prevention Mgr Bloomingdale's White Plains, NY Macy's

Dave Homolka was promoted to VP of Human Resources and Asset Protection for Cabela's.
Bill Nichols was promoted to Corporate Director of Loss prevention for Christmas Tree Shops.
Anthony Rodriguez was named Corporate Manager of Loss Prevention for The Children's Place.
Juan Ospina
was named Corporate Loss Prevention Manager for Michael Kors.
John Roaix
was promoted to Regional Loss Prevention Director for Bed Bath & Beyond.

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