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Bill Titus, the VP of LP for Sears HC is being honored by the NRF LP Advisory Council on Jan 16th in NYC at the annual Downing & Downing NYC dinner party. This is in recognition for his leadership and efforts during his two years as Chairperson for the Advisory Council and for his many years of service to the NRF LP efforts. Gary Johnson, VP of LP for Vitamin Shoppe and current Chairperson for the LP Advisory Council, Joe LaRocca, NRF senior advisor, and Rich Mellor, Vice President of Loss Prevention for the NRF will be expressing their appreciation along with a few others.

"Within a whisker of giving the USA its first ever majority-female workforce men claim 2/3's of the private sector jobs created in the last year" ending Nov. Nearly 1.28 million men gained jobs in the 12 months that ended in November, compared with 600,000 women, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS). Retailers have added 216,900 men — about five times as many as have been added by traditionally male financial services companies — vs. about 9,000 women. Also, manufacturers have added more than 250,000 men and cut 33,000 women. There are still 4.5 times more unemployed people than U.S. job openings. "Men are taking jobs you wouldn't think they would." (Source

Skimming Scams are evolving with some actually transmitting data information to the scammers cell phone via Bluetooth. Pinhole cameras, false keypads, phone lines, wireless transmissions, swapping pads and it's going to continue. The anatomy of the skimmers isn't hard for most pro's to see but it's the stores you've got to worry about with those line of registers that aren't used early in the morning. It's a new year and the skimmers will hit. (Source

Family Dollar to open 450 to 500 new locations and enter California right behind Dollar General With 7,100 stores and 4.1% same store sales increases last quarter Family Dollar is still growing rapidly along with Dollar General. Strangely enough no word out of Bentonville on how Wal-Mart Express is doing. One thing for sure this industry is still booming and will so for some time. Offering growth for the LP community. (Source

The 2011 holiday shopping season will go down in the record books as the year the Grinch stole stores' profits Many retailers sacrificed their bottom lines by pushing heavy discounts to shoppers bent on getting a good deal in a challenging economy. That created a sharp divide between stores that won the battle for wallets, and those that didn't. That two week slump in December certainly didn't help. Causing many to give merchandise away just to get customers in their doors. It doesn't look good for 2012 as it relates to new jobs and LP growth as capital budgets will most likely remain tight. (Source Associated Press)

December same store sales results
Zumiez up 10%
Ross Stores up 9%
TJX up 8%
Saks Fifth up 5.8%
Dillard's up 4%
Macy's up 6.2%
Nordstrom up 8.7%
Rite Aid up 3.6%
Toys R Us up 1.2%
Hot Topic up 1.2%
Walgreen up 0.4%
Stein Mart 0%
Fred's down 0.4%
Cato down 1%
Best Buy down 1.2%
Gap down 4%

RILA Asset Protection Leaders Council Meeting - January 31 and February 1, 2012

RILA member retailers and product manufacturers will gather at Dollar General’s headquarters in Goodlettsville, TN January 31-February 1. The primary objective of the meeting is to drive the group’s research agenda (which they identified at the October meeting in Minneapolis) addressing the most pressing process-related challenges causing shrink. The meeting will kick off with a store walk led by Steve Deckard (VP of LP) and his team at Dollar General. During the balance of the day, retailers will be presenting on several topics including the next generation of self scanning (e.g. mobile scanning, mobile scanning and paying, etc.), the true cost of shrinkage and engaging the business in LP. Thirty RILA member retailers and product manufacturers will be in attendance for a day of collaboration for the benefit of the entire industry.

Contact Lisa LaBruno at if you are interested in attending.



Doug Marker
Vice President
LP, Risk and Audit
Michael Stores, Inc.

Stephen O'Keefe
Loss Prevention and
Risk Management
Wal-Mart Canada

Coming in January

Kelly Gorman
Vice President LP

LP Program Spotlight
eBay's PROACT Team




Richard C. Hollinger, PhD


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NRF 2011 ORC Survey

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eBay CEO Discusses Getting to Next at PayPal

eBay Inc, Chief Executive Officer, John Donahoe discussed the recent announcement and departure of PayPal President Scott Thompson, to include a committed focus of the companies leadership team to exit strategic plans. In an interview , Donahoe confirmed it was indeed a "shock" after returning from a long New Year’s weekend, to learn that the head of one of the online commerce giant’s key divisions was leaving to be CEO of Yahoo. "Scott is a great guy, and he did a great job at PayPal, and I am one of his biggest supporters," said Donahoe — known at the company for his even-handed demeanor — despite being blindsided by the longtime eBay exec and also Yahoo. "I told him, 'I hope you are very successful at Yahoo.'" But the eBay leader, who noted that he prefers to avoid corporate drama, shrugged off the suggestion that there would be any animosity going forward with Yahoo. "I won’t worry about what’s next until we’ve made it a couple weeks into the year and are hitting our milestones," said Donahoe, who noted that the company’s vision was shared by the management team, and even though Thompson was the one communicating externally, "It was not a one-person plan whatsoever." Click here for full article.

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D&D Daily Canadian Push

It's going to get tough in Canada. With consumer spending expected to worsen as debt in Canada is at record level and the global economy weakens it's not going to be easy to steal market share for any new retailer. Canadian retailers are preparing and getting their houses in order as the U.S. push is just getting started. Wal-Mart Canada is speeding up the conversion of more of its Canadian outlets to Supercentres with full supermarkets, along with 40 new outlets (former Zellers stores) in 2012 (that Target actually sold to them interestingly enough). This is going to be a fight to the finish over the next 5 years. (Source

Target announces their first 24 stores in Canada and all of them are in Ontario. Target has purchased the leasehold interests of 189 sites currently operated by Zellers Inc. and about $10 million to $11 million will be invested to remodel each facility. Each location will employ between 150 to 200 workers, with hiring slated to being in 2012. According to sources Asset Protection will be managed from the corporate office in Minneapolis at the senior group level and will not have a Canadian senior AP executive for some time. (Source

At the end of the day, the Canadian retail sector looks promising for job growth in 2012, so workers can be fairly certain that there will be a positive hiring atmosphere for the year ahead. With some areas feeling "a little bit of a challenge in terms of candidate flow" filling all of the new jobs coming with the new store growth may be challenging for many. Which at the end of the day will drive wages and payroll up. (Source

Pity the poor retailer who fails to keep up. Just like their U.S. counterparts the Canadian consumer is time starved and technology driven and know what they want and where to get it at the best price. They expect convenience, speed and service. And they’re willing to adopt whatever technology helps them achieve that. And that's going to increase significantly in 2012. You think online and mobile were hot in 2011 - well just wait for 2012. Guess the same is true in the U.S. as well. (Source

Increasingly bold thieves hurting trucking industry across Canada A $5-billion-a-year problem for the trucking industry across the country. Since 9/11 the trucking industry has made huge investments in security, but the crooks are getting smarter. Organized crime hires helicopters to follow equipment leaving facilities (where they know high-value loads, like electronics, are being shipped), then go after them," said Garth Pitzel, director of safety and driver development at Winnipeg's Bison Transport. Police across the country work closely with the industry, but the Criminal Code does not differentiate truck-cargo theft from any other robberies -- it's just over or under $5,000. The industry would like to see harsher penalties against the perpetrators of truck-cargo crime. The trucking associations across the country have recently teamed up with the Insurance Bureau of Canada to implement a new cargo-crime incident-report form. The idea is to allow for an anonymous forum where incidents can be documented without requiring either insurance companies or police to be involved. The study conducted earlier this year found that about 60 per cent of incidents are not reported. (Source

Le Chateau reports same store sales down 8.4% last quarter. (Source

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Here's a great video of a booster using her dress -
All in the Family.
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Director of Asset Protection Saks Fifth Avenue New York, NY Saks Fifth Avenue

Corp LPM of Analytics & Exception Reporting



Downing & Downing

Director of Loss Prevention



Downing & Downing

National Account Sales Mgr


Chicago, IL

Downing & Downing

Asset Protection Manager

The Home Depot

Phoenix, AZ

The Home Depot

Asset Protection Manager The Home Depot Metro Northern NJ The Home Depot
Asset Protection Manager The Home Depot Sacramento, CA The Home Depot
Asset Protection Manager The Home Depot Salem, OR The Home Depot
Regional LP Director Confidential Los Angeles, CA Downing & Downing


Today's Daily Job Postings from the Net - Appearing Today Only

Job Opening




Regional LP Mgr Bed Bath & Beyond Westbury, NY Bed Bath & Beyond
Regional LP Mgr Bed Bath & Beyond Elmsford, NY Bed Bath & Beyond

Store LP and Safety Mgr

Lowe's Monroeville, PA Lowe's

Loss Prevention Mgr

American Girl Place Chicago, IL Mattel
Loss Prevention Mgr Office Depot Boca Raton, FL Office Depot

Asset Protection Mgr

Sam's G1 Cape Girardeau, MO Walmart

Division LP Mgr

Napa Auto Parts Middletown, CT Napa Auto Parts
Loss Prevention Mgr Napa Auto Parts South Plainfield, NJ Napa Auto Parts
Loss Prevention Mgr Napa Auto Parts Jefferson, LA Napa Auto Parts

Robert Robertson was promoted to Loss Prevention Supervisor for Central Grocers, Inc.
Sean McNamara was promoted to Loss Prevention Supervisor for Central Grocers, Inc.
John Judge was promoted to LP Logistics Investigator for Central Grocers, Inc.
Brian Aquilina was named Senior Manager, Investigative & Safety Center for Ross Stores, Inc.

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Who Should You Be Thanking? For good executives, it's second nature to show appreciation toward clients and staff. But often, we overlook less obvious people who have made a difference in our professional lives. Here's a list of suggestions on who you might forget to thank. (Get your note cards ready)

Start the Year in the Right Rhythm We don't often think about it, but life is based on natural, recurring rhythms: days, years and even our own lives have predictable cycles that allow us to navigate through time. Without these cadences the music of life would be chaotic, and it would be hard to build a common social experience with other people. (You don't have to know your musical notes)


When to Give Someone a Second Chance "Everyone deserves a second chance." It's a sentiment that embodies our deepest hopes: connection, achievement, and salvation. We all have an innate desire to help. We believe we have others' best interests at heart. But be realistic about what you expect to accomplish by extending a second chance.   (Have you hired a Brett?)

9 Surefire Ways to Destroy Employee Morale
There's more to being a boss than just telling people what to do. It's about building a rapport and fostering a real relationship with your employees, so that you trust each other and can get things done. Unfortunately, many managers don't care about doing that. Here are nine ways to completely ruin employee morale. (Remember the Golden Rule)

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The first week back from the holidays can be challenging and almost disappointing. As we've all made our New Years resolutions and now facing the reality of where we left off and where we have to go we find that just getting back up to speed is a feat that can be more daunting than starting on our resolutions. Thus our resolutions begin to fade merely because all of our effort is focused on just getting back up on the horse. And while it's an absolute necessity, once you're back up and running that's the time to remember those resolutions. Because it's the one time of the year when everyone is literally forced to reflect on the previous year and resolve themselves to improving. The key is not allowing yourself to minimize, rationalize, or simply forget your resolutions. Yes, they're difficult and some may even be impossible. But the fact is you thought of them and you know them and now you've got to have faith in yourself to reach a few, even if it takes all year to do it. The great thing is you don't have to tell anyone about them. But the fact is some people who already know you, probably know what they are, and you may hear a few of them during your next review. So do yourself a favor - don't brush them off - get proactive and remember everything begins with small steps.

Just a Thought,
Gus Downing

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