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March 3, 2011

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Rosamaria Sostilio
Sr. Vice President
Corporate Asset Protection,
Saks Fifth Avenue

Paul Jones
Head of Global
Asset Protection,
eBay, Inc.

Dan Provost
VP US Retail Store and Distribution Center LP,
Staples, Inc.

LP Program Spotlight
eBay's PROACT Team

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Women in LP Caucus
Mentor Program
Register Here



March 30-31, 2011
RILA Disaster Recovery & Preparedness Committee Meeting
Washington, DC


Jewelers' Security Alliance
March 9-11, 2011
Flamingo Hotel
Las Vegas, NV for info on registering


October 4-6, 2011
CLEAR/Coalition of Law Enforcement and Retail
2nd Annual Training Conference
Peppermill Resort/Casino
Reno, NV






Every new smartphone rolled out is aggressively tested by hackers with some taking less than 24 hours to find vulnerabilities and companies are rushing to this new m-commerce channel with security very low on the agenda of most IT directors and many companies will end up being blindsided.  (Source

Microsoft's new adaptation of a formalized program in 2004 called "Security Development Lifecycle" has had a significant impact on their program rollouts and cut their security flaws by 50%.  This corporate mentality and complete process involvement extended the security mindset throughout the organization and incorporated security and privacy training at the entry developer level and into each product's requirements.  Their success and process can be duplicated in the retail environment and is an excellent case study, especially with m-commerce emerging so quickly.  Do you have security processes integrated into your rollout of mobile payment programs?  (Source 

February Results

Limited Brands same store sales up 12%
Nordstrom same store sales up 7.3%
Wet Seal same store sales up 7%
J.C. Penney same store sales up 6.4%
Cato same store sales up 5%
Walgreen same store sales up 3.1%
Ross Stores same store sales up 3%
Destination Maternity same store sales up 2.6%
Target same store sales up 1.8%
Fred's same store sales up 0.9%
The Bon Ton same store sales down 0.5%
Hot Topic same store sales down 2.6%
Gap same store sales down 3%
Stage Stores same store sales down 7.1%

Quarter Results

Pier 1 4Q reports same store sales up 8.9% with revenue up 8%
Foot Locker 4Q reports same store sales up 7.3% with revenue for the year up 4%
Kroger 4Q reports same store sales up 3.8% with revenue up 7.4%
Collective Brands 4Q reports same store sales up 0.4% with net sales up 4%
Big Lots 4Q reports same store sales flat with net sales up 3.8%
Wendy's/Arby's 4Q reports revenue down 7% and lost $10.8 million

The U.S. Gov't has labeled China's top search engine, Baidu and Taobao, a popular Chinese-based e-commerce platform, as "notorious markets" linked to sales of pirated and fake goods.  China is the leading source of fake and counterfeit goods.  They named 33 websites or public markets in China, Russia, India and other countries that facilitated commerce in music, clothing, and other goods that were fake or unauthorized copies.  (Source

C&S Wholesale, the nation's largest food distributor, has built one of the largest environmental health and safety departments in the industry over the last two years and their accident frequency rates have improved significantly.  Having closed 5 union facilities earlier this year in New Jersey without losing any business, they've been successful in redistributing the work flow thru other facilities without impacting their accident frequency rate.  Their EHS team has been working double time this year and Steve Mills, their Sr. Dir. of EHS, has been leading the effort.  Great Job C&S EHS Team!

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Vector Securitys Michael Grady

We're increasing our value added services to our customers, simply because they are no longer viewed as intangible."

As Grady puts it, the word intangible now plays a new role in the ongoing success of LP service vendors to meet their customers" ever changing needs.  "When you review the definition of that word (intangible), it unfortunately includes terms like elusive, vague and indefinable; and retailers are generally not that comfortable with those types of terms.  By contrast, they're looking for concrete evidence of ROI, not pie in the sky, but easily discernible value."

However, Grady goes on to say that value added services such as false alarm reduction and national compliance management programs are quickly moving from the intangible column to the real value column.  "That change has to do with retailers looking at the real costs of undermanaging these programs.  In days gone by, false alarm fines and complex permitting policies simply didn't exist to the extent they do today, or retailers just paid up with little questioning.  Fines were relatively inexpensive and they didn't want to tarnish their reputation with authorities, but today it's a far different environment."

What Grady is referring to is a growing number of municipalities that are passing and enforcing highly complex and financially punishing regulations. "Name me a city that does not have a budget crunch, reductions in law enforcement personnel and higher crime rates to deal with?  Now pile on increasing alarm usage, higher false alarm rates and increasing response costs, then see what you get; the perfect storm for costly regulation."

Vector, which began its quest to reduce false alarms for retailers seven years ago, now operates one of the most respected false alarm reduction programs in the industry and has received commendations from the electronic security industry, false alarm reduction groups and even the police department groups such as The Association of Public-Safety Communications Officials - International (APCO), which is the spokesperson group for 911 centers across the country.  "Now we're attacking the second part of the costly equation, namely national compliance management."  In fact, Vector now has a department whose sole responsibility is managing their customers' compliance programs. "It's the type of thing you don't do well at unless you do it every day, and our customers are ill prepared to manage through the complex and oftentimes frustrating process."

Stats at a Glance

      Estimates indicate that over 2,500 individual permit and compliance regulations are enforced across the country

      NEW permit and compliance regulations are appearing with greater frequency, sometimes ten or more per month  

      The average time span between applying for and receiving permits is four weeks

      In many municipalities, operating a non-permitted commercial alarm system is unlawful

      False alarm fines for permitted alarms begin at $50 per event and can grow to $500 or higher for repeat offenders

       False alarm fines for non-permitted alarms begin at $300 with NO grace period and can grow to over $1,000 per event for repeat offenders

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Job Opening




National Account Mgr (NAM) Vector Security Pacific Northwest Vector Security
District Loss Prevention Mgr Sears Holdings Corp. Washington DC Sears Holdings Corp.
District Loss Prevention Mgr Sears Holdings Corp. Honolulu, HI Sears Holdings Corp.
District Loss Prevention Mgr Sears Holdings Corp. Redwood City, CA Sears Holdings Corp.
Regional LP Mgr Sears Holdings Corp. Atlanta, GA Sears Holdings Corp.
Divisional LP Director Confidential Chicago, IL Downing & Downing
Director of Investigations Confidential Central US Downing & Downing
Director of Loss Prevention Confidential Midwest Downing & Downing
National Account Sales Mgr Confidential New York City, NY Downing & Downing
Asset Protection Manager The Home Depot Phoenix, AZ The Home Depot
Asset Protection Manager The Home Depot Metro Northern NJ The Home Depot
Asset Protection Manager The Home Depot Sacramento, CA The Home Depot
Asset Protection Manager The Home Depot Salem, OR The Home Depot
Asset Protection Manager The Home Depot Detroit, MI The Home Depot
Director of Loss Prevention Confidential California Downing & Downing
District Loss Prevention Mgr Confidential Los Angeles, CA Downing & Downing
District Loss Prevention Mgr Confidential Stanton Island, NY Downing & Downing

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Job Opening




Analyst, Emergency PI/Dis Rec Giant Eagle Pittsburgh, PA Giant Eagle
Loss Prevention Mgr Macy's Galleria Dallas, TX Indeed
Loss Prevention Mgr Atlanta Marriott Duluth, GA Indeed
Loss Prevention Mgr Macy's Chapel Hills Colorado Springs, CO Indeed
District LP Mgr Big Lots, Inc. Winston-Salem, NC Indeed
Regional LP Mgr Mid-Atlantic Energi Holdings, Inc. Staten Island, NY Indeed
Loss Prevention Mgr Macy's Ross Park Pittsburgh, PA LPJobs
Loss Prevention Mgr Macy's Woodbridge Center Woodbridge, NJ LPJobs
District LP Mgr Walgreens New York, NY Monster
LP and Safety and Hazmat Lowes Companies, Inc. Baybrook, TX Lowes

Don Pelliccia was promoted to Regional Loss Prevention Manager at Beall's.
Matt Custer was named District Loss Prevention Manager for Sears.
Matt Brendel was promoted to Loss Prevention Manager for Macy's.
Kyle Graham was promoted to Loss Prevention Manager for Macy's.

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The 2011 LP Show season is here and so it begins.  The inevitable, who's going where with whom and how many are you bringing.  The Vendors with new product rollouts, new services, and hopes to spend as much time with people as they can.  The LP executives searching for new ideas, new products, hoping to see old friends and making a few new ones.  It's a small industry, a short season, and only a few shows, all of which play a huge role in the greater scheme of things and all of them having one thing in common -- it's all about the people coming together as an industry and learning how to make it stronger.  Every show can help you do that and every executive has the responsibility of making sure they bring something positive back that helps them strengthen their organization, whether you're a vendor or a retailer.  Because at the end of the day, it's all about improving industry performance.

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Gus Downing

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