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November 5, 2010

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According to a recent survey released by the National Retail Federation, holiday shoppers are expected to flood malls, shopping centers and retail stores en masse looking for bargains.  Along with this energy and excitement, loss prevention and security associates are preparing for the oncoming crowds.

Today the NRF released its second version of the Effective Crowd Management white paper.  After consulting with retailers, mall security and public officials, the document provides guidelines and considerations for both retailers and mall management officials when planning special events, including Black Friday, product launches, celebrity appearances and promotional sales.  LINK:  Effective Crowd Management

Canada's Lululemon is growing faster than virtually anyone else in North America with 31% same store sales increase and share prices up 80% over the last 12 months.  With sales of $2,000 a square foot, this company is on fire.  (Source

Tom Horton's is opening 300 more stores in the U.S. over the next 3 years and last Friday launched their e-commerce site in the U.S.  (Source

The Square, a small plastic card-reader that plugs into the iPhone, iPad, or Android phone and allows a customer to sign for a card payment, has no rules yet and PCI DSS 2.0 doesn't address mobile payments technologies.  No one knows if it's secure and there are no standards.  We're on the "bleeding edge of technology."  What are the fraud implications?  (Source

While the big labels are going online, the retailers swing to private labels are increasing with a new Deloitte LLP survey showing 90% of retail executives expect market share for private-label products to continue to increase as it has 31% from 2008.  (Source

The Partnership for Food Safety and Education along with a number of other groups is releasing a "My Food-Safe Holiday" video contest where consumers are encouraged to share stories about their food traditions and safe preparation in home videos and win $250.  (Source

Europe's cyber security experts staged "Cyber Europe 2010" yesterday in their first ever pan-European cyber-attack simulation exercise to test Europe's preparedness against cyber threats.  (Source

Federal Judge upholds Amazon users' privacy and stops North Carolina from collecting personally identifiable information about customers linked to purchases.  (Source

Starbucks 4Q reports domestic same store sales up 8% with revenue up 17.2%

Federal jury fines Minn.'s Jammie Thomas-Rasset $1.5 million for illegally downloading 24 songs, or $62,500 per song.  The Recording Industry Association of America says they found she shared 1,700 and had tried to settle it with her for a mere $5,000, but she refused.  This has been going on for years and is back under appeal.  (Source Associated Press)

There are 8 senior LP positions available in the U.S. presently.

440 people have died from Tasers used by Law Enforcement and now they have The Taser Cam to help with law suits.  (Source

With losing billions at Caremark, eliminating 300 jobs, closing 3 operating Areas what else is in store at CVS?

$9.6 billion in Fraudulent returns in 2009
22nd Annual Retail Theft Survey = 1 million shoplifters in 2009
NRSS Survey: Retailers lose $91.8 million a day & $3.8 million an hour in shrink

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eBay PROACT Investigators Support Leads to Arrest in Theft & Possible Murder Charges

eBay Asset Protection PROACT investigation team supported Federal and Local Authorities into the theft of a comic book collection valued at nearly $100K in which owner subsequently died of a heart attack. Six people accused of the home invasion robbery of a 77-year-old Medina man who died after the break-in could face murder charges if authorities can link the crime to his death. Federal authorities this week arrested 41-year-old Rico Vendetti of Irondequoit, alleging that he had enlisted individuals to break into the victim's home for the robbery. Vendetti previously contracted with thieves to steal goods from stores and homes, then sold the loot on eBay, an affidavit from an FBI agent alleges. A serology expert, examining enzymes in the blood that police say Marciniak shed after being hit in the face by robbers that day, may be able to determine whether the cardiac problem started during the crime, according to Assistant U.S. Attorney Anthony Bruce. If authorities tie the death to the crime, federal prosecutors say they may charge the accused with racketeering murder a federal crime that can lead to capital punishment.

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Neil Watanabe, Chief Financial Officer, Anna's Linens

Committed to Excelling

With a BA Degree in Social Sciences, Neil started his career at Montgomery Wards, like so many other successful executives that are well documented in Dave Myers' newsletters for the Ward's Alumni.  Neil started as a floater working in every department and his approach, which is still true today, was characterized by "never saying no" to any opportunity.  Which led him to being asked by his Store Controller, Bill Titus, the current VP of LP for Sears Holdings, to join the controllers team and help find shortages and conduct store audits at the age of 25.  Quickly becoming a Store Controller himself and subsequently being promoted to District Controller, Neil was then promoted to corporate where Bill Titus was managing the Loss Prevention efforts. 

During his seven years at Montgomery Wards corporate office in Chicago, Neil rotated thru various departments.  From Store Automation, to Audit, to Operations and to Loss Prevention and all under the premise of always being committed to learning more and not being afraid of taking on new responsibilities.  This approach and his performance led him to his first officer's position with Filene's Basement as the Vice President of LP & Controller in Boston.  With a passion for LP and Accounting, Neil went back to college and earned his CPA, all the while delivering exceptional numbers at the Basement and raising a family. 

His passion and commitment to excel was coupled with his personal understanding that in order to truly progress one must be flexible and not afraid to move for the right opportunity and move he did.  With his first Chief Financial Officer's position at Motherhood Maternity, Neil helped successfully position the company for sale and then moved to Kay Bee Toys and then to Pick N Save as the VP Controller having Loss Prevention reporting to him and helped both of those retailers sell their companies as well.  As the VP Controller with Loss Prevention reporting to him at PetSmart and later at Elizabeth Arden, Neil helped reorganize their strategies and continued to develop and expand his professional "tool kit."

Now at Anna's Linens as their CFO, Neil once again is responsible for the LP efforts and has delivered best in class results even during this tough economic period.  One of his professional operating goals has always been to exceed the dates of his deliverables and get it done earlier than expected and to not let his people or team down.  He recognizes the importance of getting things done on time and hopefully early even if it's not perfect.  As Ken Blanchard says in his Raving Fans book; Expecting perfection can get in the way of getting things done.

Neil believes, and rightfully so, that an executive should not be shy about their desire to excel and succeed.  It merely requires the ability to learn how to articulate it to your supervisors once you've defined it for yourself.  At one company, Neil asked his supervisor what he needed to do to be rated exceptional and asked if they could develop a plan to get him there.  He then took the list and a year later accomplished it.  Certainly, he was assertive and held his supervisor accountable which required confidence and commitment.  But the fact is he reached his goal and he added value to the company.

With his background, education and experience, Neil represents an excellent role model for any retail executive, especially a Loss Prevention executive.  He believes that knowledge is the most valuable asset an executive has and that expanding your tool kit is a life long journey that never stops.  The key is learning beyond your current role and understanding the entire retail business.  It's all about showing and sharing your passion about what you do and making a contribution to the team because people want to work with positive, passionate people who are well rounded and credible. 

Lastly, Neil firmly believes that an executive must always maintain their composure, be professional and not personalize issues.  Emotions should never get in the way of decisions and judgment because it's a recipe for disaster.  Retail is a people business where emotions can run high and it's critically important that the leaders always show an inner calmness that allows you to make good decisions and inspires the team your leading.

Neil personifies the expression "Build the field and they'll come and play" because throughout his career he's always had faith in "let me do the work first and the title and remuneration will come."  Great example Neil!


Job Opening Company Location Origination

District Loss Prevention Mgr

Sears Holdings Corp.

Boston, MA/Nashua, NH

Sears Holdings Corp.
District Loss Prevention Mgr Sears Holdings Corp.

Pittsburgh, PA

Sears Holdings Corp.
District Loss Prevention Mgr Sears Holdings Corp. Charleston, SC Sears Holdings Corp.
Asset Protection Manager The Home Depot Phoenix, AZ The Home Depot
Asset Protection Manager The Home Depot Metro Northern NJ The Home Depot
Asset Protection Manager The Home Depot Sacramento, CA The Home Depot
Asset Protection Manager The Home Depot Salem, OR The Home Depot
Asset Protection Manager The Home Depot Detroit, MI The Home Depot
Director of Loss Prevention Confidential


Downing & Downing
Assistant VP Security Confidential

Southern CA

Downing & Downing
District Loss Prevention Mgr Confidential San Antonio, TX Downing & Downing

Today's Daily Job Postings from the Net - appearing today only

Job Opening




Area Loss Prevention Mgr Lowes Companies, Inc. Oklahoma City, OH LPJobs
Regional LP Mgr The Cotton On Group Carson, CA LPJobs
Loss Prevention Mgr Macy's Memphis, TX SnagAJob
Loss Prevention Mgr Limited Brands New York, NY Indeed
Regional LP Mgr Limited Brands Connecticut Indeed
Loss Prevention Mgr Limited Brands Chicago, IL Indeed
District LP Mgr Kohl's Illinois Indeed
Area Loss Prevention Mgr Ross Stores Atlanta, GA Indeed
District LP Mgr Kohl's Milwaukee, WI Indeed
Loss Prevention Mgr Macy's Manassas, VA Indeed
Loss Prevention Mgr Sears Holdings Pueblo, CO Indeed
Area Loss Prevention Mgr Bed Bath & Beyond Long Island, NY Monster
District LP Mgr Kohl's Bloomington, IL Monster
District LP Mgr Kohl's Davenport, IA Monster
District LP Mgr Gap, Inc. Fort Lauderdale, FL KODA.US
Regional LP Mgr Abercrombie & Fitch Columbus, OH Monster
Regional LP Mgr Company Confidential Cleveland, OH Monster

Asset Protection Mgr

The Home Depot Staten Island, NY AssetProtectionJobs
Asset Protection Mgr/Multi-site The Home Depot Philadelphia, PA AssetProtectionJobs

Joe Ringer, Dir of LP at Goodwill of Orange County in Los Angeles, was given the Risk Management responsibilities.
Randy Hall was named Regional Loss Prevention Manager for CVS.

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Negotiating is the delicate art of bringing two groups together on the fifty yard line and making sure everyone feels like they won, especially the spouse and the new boss for it is those two people who have the most influence on your life. The spouse has to feel like the new employer really wants you and is concerned with your career, while the boss has to feel like they've made a great investment in a future star that will deliver results and has a supportive spouse. How you manage that process will determine how the first year goes. Remember, it's not just about getting the best deal, it's also about how you manage the two most important influences in your life.

Good Luck

Gus Downing

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