The D&D Daily's Publicly Reported 2017 ORC Report

13% Drop From 2016
Overall Cases Up 170% Since 2012
Average Case Value Increased 36% Over '16

& Quarterly Comparison
2016 vs. 2017

There were 1,390 publicly reported ORC cases in 2017, an overall decrease of 13 percent from 2016. The graph below compares each year, breaking it down into quarters.


Cases Since 2012 - Up 170% Overall

Despite the 13% drop in cases this year, there has been a sizable increase in the overall number of publicly reported cases since 2012, as the graph below shows.

ORC Cases by Average Dollar Amount

Below is a breakdown of the total dollar amount reported each year, as well as the average dollar amount per case. While we included all cases in the total dollar amount reported, we removed some big dollar ones when factoring the average to avoid skewing the numbers. Overall, the average dollar amount per case has remained relatively steady since 2013, as the chart below shows.

Year # of Cases $ Amount Reported $ Average Per Case
2013 893 $301,839,481 $108,442
2014 1,200 $681,802,614 $194,002
2015 1,480 $515,088,741 $112,222
2016 1,590 $514,285,830 $71,877
2017  1,390  $389,445,396 $97,658


ORC Cases By Type

Of the 1,390 total publicly reported ORC cases in 2017, the most popular method used was shoplifting/theft (929 incidents), which represented 67 percent of all cases. Burglary/robbery and employee theft (a combined 17% with 236 incidents) were also common in 2017 cases.

The chart below shows these and other methods used in ORC cases reported by the D&D Daily in 2017.  


ORC Cases by Merchandise Stolen

Of the most common types of merchandise targeted by ORC suspects in 2017, electronics, clothing and jewelry rank highest, as the graph indicates. Baby formula, alcohol/tobacco, guns and drugs are also common items.

ORC Suspect Comparison

Year 2017 Suspects Male Female Unreported % Male % Female
2013 3,149 1,155 788 1,206 59% 41%
2014 3,235 1,764 1,048 423 63% 37%
2015 3,528 1,843 1,097 588 63% 37%
2016 3,682 1,687 1,006 989 63% 37%
2017  3,225 1,319 901 1,005 59%  41%


ORC Cases by State

The five states with the highest number of cases in 2017:
1. California (88)
2. Florida (82)
3. Pennsylvania (68)
4. Texas (59)
5. Illinois (54)

*The Daily started tracking state data in May 2017

ORC Cases By City

Cities with the highest number of cases in 2017:
Houston, TX & Milburn, NJ (9)
2. Memphis, TN & Columbus, OH (8)
3. Louisville, KY & Lexington, KY (7)
4. Polk County, FL, Oklahoma City, OK & New York, NY (6)

*The Daily started tracking city data in May 2017



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