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D&D Daily Live in NYC and Live at NRF Protect
> Live in Philadelphia at NRF Protect - 2016
Broadcast Kickoff
Introduction with Gus Downing

LPNN Quick Take #1
- Prescriptive Analytics Strategies to Reduce Total Loss

LPNN Quick Take #2
Meeting LP Demand Through Technology
- Sponsored by WG Security

LPNN Quick Take #3
Crime Accountability Partnership
- Transforming Enforcement with Leading Edge Technology

LPNN Quick Take #4
Axis Communications
- Innovating for a smarter, safer world

LPNN Quick Take #5
The NRF LP Protect 2016 Effort & Impact
- Sponsored by Crime Accountability Partnership

LPNN Quick Take #6
Protection 1
- A better choice for retailers

LPNN Quick Take #7
- Sponsored by Cam Connections

The NRF's ORC Efforts
- Sponsored by The Zellman Group

LPNN Quick Take #11
The Zellman Group
- From LP executive to service provider

LPNN Quick Take #9
Active Shooter Response: Are You Ready?
- Sponsored by Protection 1

LPNN Quick Take #10
- Industry Veterans Solving Inventory Challenges

LPNN Quick Take #8
Tensions are Bubbling. Are You Ready?
- Sponsored by NuTech National

LPNN Quick Take #12
- Sponsored by Iverify

Se-Kure Controls
- Technologies That Display Products

LPNN Quick Take #13
WG Security
- Innovators in EAS, Video, and RFID

LPNN Quick Take #14
Survey Says! 2015 Shrink Data Results (NRSS)
- Sponsored by CONTROLTEK

LPNN Quick Take #15
NuTech National
- Retailer Call to Action - Loss Prevention Simplified

2016 Group LP Selfie Awards - Pizza Party Drawing
Creating a Powerful Personal Brand
- Sponsored by WG Security

LPNN Quick Take #16
Delivering Results & Combating Challenges Through Public-Private Partnerships
- Sponsored by Axis

LPNN Quick Take #17
The New Face of Fraud: Preventing Loss in a Mobile and Digital Age
- Sponsored by Profitect

LPNN Quick Take #18
Eyes Forward: The Future of LP and Using Social Media
- Sponsored by Se-Kure Controls

Final Sendoff/Event Closing
- LPNN Quick Take #19


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