2023 Holiday ORC & Crime Reporting - December 23 through December 31

28 Retail Fatalities - 25 ORC Cases - 104 Robberies/Burglaries

Increases from 2022 Holiday Week: Fatalities Up 87% - ORC Cases Up 67%

Robberies / Burglaries Drop 15%


Los Angeles, CA: Over $1 million in beauty products seized during California raid, woman arrested

El Paso, TX: Man steals $300K in jewelry from J C Penney

Los Angeles, CA: Suspects in Los Angeles-Based Gang Arrested for Stealing Over $200,000 in High-End Alcohol and Prescription Drugs in Riverside County

Portland, OR: $100,000 recovery of merchandise in Holiday Operation

Memphis, TN: Cell phone store loses $25K in damages after latest smash-and-grab

Cerrillos, Chili: $50K Robbery at Chilean Sporting Goods Store ‘The Line’

Folsom, CA: Suspects wanted in $17,000 theft of sunglasses at Folsom Premium Outlets

Brooklyn, NY: $17,000 worth of merchandise stolen from Lululemon

Memphis, TN: Man steals over $16K in power tools from Home Depot

Colma, CA: Woman allegedly steals $15,00 worth of products from Ulta

Glendale, CA: 2 Suspects wanted in $8000 theft of sunglasses from Bloomingdales

DuPage County, IL: 15 charged with stealing from various DuPage County stores, valued at $6800

Saugus, MA: 4 wanted in $2000 Vape Store Burglary

Sacramento, CA: Police hold ‘blitz operation’ at Arden Fair Mall, recover over $2k in stolen merchandise

Horry County, SC: More than 70 vapes stolen after a Socastee man broke into a Myrtle Beach area smoke shop

Fond du Lac, WI: 3 men plead not guilty to stealing over $3k Apple watches from Walmart

Nazareth, PA: Suspect charged in $3000 theft from Rite Aid

Spring Hill, TN: 2 wanted in $1500 theft from Kohl’s

Salma, KS: $1500 of cigarettes stolen in early morning Smash and Grab

Reading, MA: 2 Charged With Stealing $1,200 Of Merchandise from Home Depot

Selinsgrove, PA: Troopers Charge Woman They Say Stole $1,000 of Items from Store

Mesquite, TX: 3 in custody after $1000 Dick’s Sport theft

Clovis, CA: $700 Baby formula theft in Clovis ends in crash, arrest

Clovis, CA – Suspect sought in $500 Theft at Old Navy

The Villages, FL: Huge shoplifting list: Entered Walmart with $80, tried to leave with 114 items worth $891




Colfax, NC: Sheetz responds to killing of Sergeant Philip Dale Nix inside store in Colfax

Oakland, CA: Oakland police officer killed in ‘ambush’ shooting at Embarcadero

Lompoc, CA: Suspect killed in officer-involved shooting during Lompoc convenience store robbery

Beckley, WV: One woman dead after shooting in Beckley shopping center

Los Angeles, CA: 1 killed, 5 wounded in Hawthorne strip mall shooting

Waterville, ME: Female employee killed at Maine liquor store is IDed as murder suspect remains sough

Boston, MA: Two teens killed in shooting near Lynn gas station

Oklahoma City, OK: 2 Identified SW OKC Murder-Suicide shooting outside 7-Eleven

Portland, OR: Video shows moments leading up to robbery suspect fatally shot by police at Mall

Colorado Springs, CO: Shooting leaves one dead after fight breaks out during Christmas Eve shopping

Ocala, FL: A man is killed and a woman injured in a ‘targeted’ afternoon shooting at a Florida shopping mall

Memphis, TN: Man killed in shooting outside C-Store near Memphis airport

Memphis, TN: Man found beaten to death behind Cordova Kroger

Delhi Township, OH: Delhi Vape store manager argues self-defense after burglary turns deadly

Yukon, OK: Police investigate what led to 7-Eleven parking lot shooting that killed 2 people

Dallas, TX: Shooting outside beauty supply store leaves 1 dead, 1 critically injured

Birmingham, AL: Customer dead after shooting at Dollar General

Pompano Beach, FL: Two killed in Christmas Day shooting at convenience store

Darlington County, SC: 1 killed after convenience store shooting

Atlanta, GA: Woman shot, killed in Atlanta McDonald’s; 19-year-old arrested

Des Plaines, IL: Man fatally stabbed at Des Plaines Burger King

Westborough, MA: Worker crushed to death by trailer that collapsed on him

Hamilton, OH: 1 dead after vehicle crashes into Hamilton restaurant



Auto – Brooklyn, NY – Armed Robbery
C-Store – San Antonio, TX – Robbery
C-Store – Pinole, CA – Armed Robbery
C-Store – Chicago, IL – Armed Robbery
C-Store – New York, NY – Armed Robbery
C-Store - Baltimore, MD – Armed Robbery
C-Store – Dumfries, VA – Armed Robbery
C-Store – Denver, CO – Armed Robbery
C-Store- Rapid City, SD – Armed Robbery
C-Store – Norfolk, VA – Armed Robbery / Owner killed
C-Store – Vicksburg, MS – Armed Robbery
C-Store- Los Angeles, CA – Armed Robbery
C-Store- Berkshire, VT - Burglary
C-Store – Montgomery County, MD – Armed Robbery
C-Store – New Orleans , LA – Burglary
C-Store – Paterson, NJ – Armed Robbery
C-Store – New Orleans , LA – Burglary
C-Store - Memphis, TN – Armed Robbery / Customer killed
C-Store – Salt Lake City, UT – Armed Robbery
C-Store – Holland, MI – Robbery
C-Store – Las Vegas, NV – Armed Robbery
C-Store – Las Vegas, NV – Armed Robbery
C-Store – Las Vegas, NV – Armed Robbery
C-Store – Jonesboro, GA – Burglary
C-Store – Los Angeles, CA – Armed Robbery
C-Store - Salma, KS - Burglary
C-Store – Gainesville, FL – Armed Robbery
C-Store – Huntington Station, NY - Robbery
CVS – Binghamton, NY – Armed Robbery
Cellphone – Memphis, TN - Burglary
Clothing – Chicago, IL – Armed Robbery
Clothing - Brooklyn, NY - Robbery
Collectables – Sterling, VA – Armed Robbery
Collectables – Cape Coral, FL – Burglary
Costco – Austin, TX – Armed Robbery
Dollar – Lowndes County, GA – Armed Robbery
Dollar – Huntington Station, NY – Robbery
Dollar – Beaufort County, SC - Burglary
Eyewear – Folsom, CA – Robbery
Eyewear – Glendale , CA – Robbery
Fireworks – Dorchester County, SC – Burglary
GameStop – Memphis, TN – Burglary
Grocery – Bethpage, NY – Robbery
Grocery – Columbus, OH – Robbery
Guns – Oklahoma City, OK – Burglary
Hardware – Bowling Green, KY – Robbery
Hardware - Memphis, TN - Robbery
Hardware – Baton Rouge, LA – Burglary
Hardware- Chicago, IL – Armed Robbery
Hardware – Arroyo Grande, CA – Robbery
Hardware – San Luis Obispo, CA – Robbery
Jewelry – Riverside, CA - Robbery
Jewelry - Palmdale, CA – Armed Robbery
Jewelry - Kennewick, WA - Robbery
Jewelry - Fresno, CA - Robbery
Jewelry - Torrance, CA - Jewelry -
Jewelry - Muskogee, OK - Robbery
Jewelry - Braintree, MA - Robbery
Jewelry - Waldorf, MD - Robbery
Jewelry - Auburn, WA – Burglary
Jewelry - Keizer, OR - Robbery
Jewelry - Wauwatosa, WI - Robbery
Jewelry - Pooler, GA - Robbery
Jewelry - Phoenix, AZ - Robbery
Jewelry - Fresno, CA - Robbery
Jewelry - Brownsville, TX - Robbery
Jewelry - Grand Rapids, MI - Robbery
Jewelry - Elmhurst, NY - Robbery
Jewelry - Las Vegas, NV - Robbery
Jewelry – New York, NY - Robbery
Jewelry – Pleasant Hill, CA – Burglary
Jewelry – Washington County, OR - Burglary
Jewelry – Fairfield, CA – Robbery
Kohl’s - Spring Hill, TN - Robbery
Liquor – Oakland, CA – Burglary
Mall – Torrance, CA – Armed Robbery
Mall – Chicago, IL – Robbery
Mall – Portland, OR – Robbery / Susp Killed
Marijuana – Manor, TX – Burglary
Marijuana – Everett, WA – Burglary
Medical – Joplin, MO – Burglary
Motorcycle – St Paul, MN - Burglary
Restaurant – San Mateo, CA- Burglary
Restaurant – Staten Island, NY – Armed Robbery
Restaurant – Memphis, TN – Robbery
Restaurant – Charlotte, NC – Burglary
Restaurant – Tulsa, OK – Armed Robbery
Sam’s – Medford, NY - Robbery
Specialty – Oakley, CA – Burglary
Sport – Cedar City, UT – Burglary
Sport – Fort Myers, FL – Robbery
Sport – Mesquite, TX – Robbery
Target – Austin, TX – Robbery
Tobacco - Fort Worth, TX – Armed Robbery
Vape – Omaha, NE – Burglary
Vape – Round Lake Beach, IL - Burglary
Vape – Saugus, MA – Burglary
Vape – Framingham, MA – Burglary
Walgreens – Enosburg Falls, VT – Burglary
Walmart – Anderson, CA – Robbery
Walmart – Fond du lac, WI – Robbery
Walmart - The Villages, FL – Robbery
Walmart – Mount Laurel, NJ – Robbery
Walmart – Warner- Robbins, GA – Robbery


Holiday Totals:
• 75 robberies
• 29 burglaries
• 3 shootings
• 3 killed